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I was Controled

by DLmaz

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© Copyright 2010 - DLmaz - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; D/s; diapers; cd; fem; shave; bond; toys; oral; anal; cons; X

This story is about diaper bondage ( Gay Themed )

First alittle back story. I was about 9 or 10 years of age when i discovered diapers again, i'm 43 now. So i have been wearing diapers off and on for a long time. In my late teens early 20's i found adult diapers like attends. Well to say i liked diapers is a understatement i love the way they feel dry and wet. When i moved out on my own i found that i was a bit subbmissive feeling when diapered then i got a computer and the internet. I began to find porn sites and diaper sites and well you can guess what happened. I found that looking at bondage pics i would dream that it was me tied up but diapered.

Well after chatting in many chat rooms i started to chat with a DOM and on one day we agreed on a meet. He told me to wear a diaper and shorts and t-shirt, i said Yes Sir and that i would also be wearing a plain camo ball cap so he would be able to find me in the coffee shop we agreed to meet in. The time we were to meet was 1 o'clock it was 11:30.

I went to shower and as a suprise i was feeling a bit daring if we hit it off i shaved my diaper area front and back. As i got out of the shower the cool air hit my fun zone and i got hard fast. Well that wasn't going to do so i rubbed it out and went to get dressed. I picked out the shorts a little baggy for diaper room and a nice shirt, got out a depends overnight and laid on the bed. Up with the butt dreaming that it was the Dom telling me to do it and then down on the soft diaper. Again i was starting to get hard so i quickly pour on some baby oil and pulled up the fornt and taped it tightly in place. As i got up the oil was running down over my balls and all i could think was is this going to happen meeting a Dom.

Well i finished getting dressed shorts t-shirt, flip flops and hat checked the time 12:15, the coffee shop is only 25 minutes always good. One last check in the mirror and i thought yeah you can tell if you look hard for a diaper, grabbed a few more diapers, oil and powder threw them in a gym bag and out the door i went.

Well traffic was a bit heavier than expected and i got to the coffee shop at 12:50 looking at my watch i was early but was still hoping i beat the Dom there. I went inside and got in line to order and a pleasent slightly older man came in and got in line behind me. The line moved slowly i kept looking around back at the door then it was almost my turn when the man behind me leaned in and spoke in my ear. Put your money away boy. Looking around behind me he spoke again.

"Are you dry boy?"

"yes sir!" i said.

"Good now move that little diapered ass up and tell the young lady what your drinking."

Well i got a black coffee and he got a latte, he paid we went to sit down and chat.

"My name in Trent but if we are alone you will address me as Sir or Master got that".

"Yes Sir". I said. He asked again if i was dry and again i said "yes Sir".

"Well we are going to sit here till we're done and you're wet is that ok?"

"Fine with me".

Well we chatted drinking our drinks then i started to fidget and he asked, "What's wrong?"

Ii said i have never wet in public before and i was worried about a leak from my diaper. Too bad he said if you leak then its your fault for diapering yourself poorly. It was too late i was peeing and peeing and he could tell.

"Feel good?" he said.

"AHHHHH" was all i could say.

We got up to leave and thankfully the seat was dry but my diaper was now swelled and pulled my shorts tight. Anyone could tell i was diapered and wet if they looked.

As we walked to the parking lot i started to pee again and felt a small drip on my leg.Well i stopped and Master asked why so i told him and he said did i bring any supplies i said yes sir in my car.

"Go get them and meet me at my van i will change you then you can follow me home".

So i got my (diaper) bag and waddled to his van, got in and closed the door, I saw that he already had a blanket laid out. "Lay down", he said.

I did up just as my dream i raised up down came my shorts. Then off came the wet diaper and i was there naked from the waist down shaved and getting hard.

"Did I say you could get hard" and I felt a smack on the end of my cock i wanted to cry.

"Well soft again, up" he said, then he grabbed my legs and up in the air they went he took the oil bottle out flipped it open and squirted a lot in my ass crack then let my legs down. Next was the powder as he squeesed the bottle the smell filled the air of fresh baby powder, up came the front and tapes just as skilled as a dad of many children. Master said, thats it, he would pull around by my car and let me out so i could follow him home. i ask about my shorts he said i would get them back if i followed him home and was good.

Looking around as he pulled up to my car the lot was mostly empty of people and full of cars if i'm fast no one would see, so i got out and in my car fast as i could, backed out and followed him home.

We pulled in he into the garage got out and motioned me in too. As i got out he was closing the door and told me to lose the shirt, as a sub i did as told no thought about it. He came over and said, "I like that you shaved and now you're going to shave your legs". So into the shower we went i started to reach for the tapes and master said, "No leave it on and shave your legs."

"Yes sir" i said. After shaving with the water running down the front and back of my diaper it was full, well beyond full as i stepped it gushed water out the leg holes and rubbed me just right, 'damn!' i thought, 'hard again thats going to get smacked when he see it!' Well i was so turned on by what was happening i took another step and i was cumming, holy crap i thought. 1 2 3 4 5 spurts and i just about fell over. Just then Master returned with a few thing for me little did i know.

"Leave the diaper in the shower, wash up and dry off and put this stuff on then come find me in the living room", he said. So i did as told and washed up got dry and out of the shower.

There on the stand was a pile of cuffs, a gag and some womens garmets. On the flooor was a pair of high heel shoes. We had chatted before about fetishes and i told him i would like to try cd and he was thrilled. Little did i know he had this stuff or would go buy it for me to wear. Well i started with the stockings then the shoes thinking that once i had on the corset type thing it would be hard to reach my feet. Boy was i right. Next came the ankle cuffs then the corset, it was a soft one but was still tight it also had boobs built in, 38D i think. Well next was the garters whew what a bitch that was. i picked up a latex hood and a ball gag, well if i put on gag first then i would have to take off hood to remove it so i put on the hood first then the gag. it was a bit of a problem to get it in my mouth but soon it was behind my teeth as i have seen on the internet. Last was the wrist cuffs and this wide belt that had lots of rings on it. I looked in the mirror and saw a passable form looking back except for the cock hangin out. Off to the living room.

i was walking slow not being used to walking in 4 inch heels and such but was making good head way. Master was sitting on the couch in all black latex, he said to come close and i did, he in a swift move grabbed both arms and locked them to the belt behind my back, then he gave me a safe word saying that if i had come this far he assumed i wanted more.

Well the safe word was CAR. Next he told me that he was going to use me many times that night and i would also be pleasured. With that he put me over the back of the couch and started to lube my ass next was some thing being pushed up in me and i felt a slime like fuild filling me he said it was more lube using a large sryringe to put it in. He helped me up then helped me down to the floor. Showing me a large butt plug he lubed it up put a fresh diaper under me then started to push it in. My ass was burning and hurting, in, out, in, out the plug got deeper each cycle. Finally it was so close i was just about crying he just steadly pushed. Suddenly it was in, i felt full like i need a bowel movement, but try as i might it would not come out till it was helped out with a light pull.

My cock was hard and standing tall i thought shit i was about to get it slapped again when a warm wet feeling enveloped it i looked down and i was getting sucked off but before i came he snapped on a cb harness and made it tight as he could. I had for gotten about the diaper i was on till the last thing he did was put a cock vibrator on it and pulled up and taped the diaper up. i was rolled on to my side and my legs cliped together, then the ankle cuffs were tied to my belt so i was diapered, gagged, plugged, vibed, in womens underthings & facing the tv on the floor.

Master got up put in a bi bondage flix and said that was the warm up now break time then the fun begins. All though the movie master was playing with the remote for the cock vib up and up then all stop. Keeping me hard, i had peed 3 times during the movie and was never soft and never got to cum. The movie over i was ready to do anyting.

Master took out the gag gave me a drink and then stuffed my mouth with his hard cock fucking my face slowly, soon the pace quickened and then as he grunted he pulled out and came on my face all the while playing with the remote for my cock vib. After he wiped the cum off my hood. He let me out of the hog tie and let my arms loose he had me tied again over a coffee table on my back. He peeled off the tapes and found i was very wet and said, "I guess no blowjob for you I'll just have to use that some other way".

Rolling a rubber on me i knew where it was going. I was in heaven and hell every time he hit bottom it would put more pressure on the large plug in my ass. After i had cum and was getting softer he got off cleaned me up and untied me. He got out a penis pump and asked if i wanted to try it, i said yes sir he said sir is over now lets just have fun.

Well i got the pump started and my cock grew and grew then the pressure started to build, that's when he said stop stand up i did so and found that it stayed there, i still had the plug in my ass and wanted it out. He said, "Soon, lets take a break get a drink and then I'll show you why I lubed and plugged you".

After we were done with the break and i was pumped a few more times my cock was much thicker and about 1 1/2 inches longer he took the pump and put it on himself and his cock grew faster than mine till it was fully hard and it was 9 inches long and thick. He took my hand and into the bed room we went there on the dresser was toys from small to OMG! and thats when the fun was to start. He took off the pump put on a cock strap and turned me around on the bed. "Slut" he ordered and Sir was back, while on all fours he grabbed the base of the plug and told me to push it out with his help out it came and i felt empty. The lube he put in my ass before the plug slowly drizzled on of me and run down my balls, but that soon stopped as i felt a larger toy find my boy pussy. Grunting and pushing back on it, it finally went in and slid 4 or 5 inches into me before i knew it was in.

And as the night progressed i was taking larger and larger toys till i was being fisted and fucked to Masters content. It was only then was i allowed to get naked, take another shower, get diapered again and allowed to sleep by his side. When i woke in the morning i was wet dirty and slimey in my diaper but was in heaven that i found a dom to use me, diaper me and let me have fun too. Not long after the first meet i moved in with him and i never wore boy undies again and while at home i never wore boy's cloths again, it was diapers or womens clothes and lots of bondage.

BY DLmaz


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