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Kathy's 24 Hours

by Kathy Bond

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© Copyright 2012 - Kathy Bond - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; D/s; tv; cd; maid; collar; bond; hotel; display; toys; insert; gag; bdsm; paddle; enema; hum; cons; X

Part 3 now added.

Kathy recieved the email she had been waiting for it was from her TV Mistress. It simply said, "Be at the DeVere Belton Wood Hotel, room 224 at 12 noon Tuesday 22nd January prompt".

Kathy was excited yet nervous about this. She had been emailing and chatting with her prospective Mistress for several weeks but had no experience of TV's and had certainly never considered it in the past, yet here she was about to meet this Mistress. She had been intrigued by transvestites in the past, but that was all it had ever been just the odd thought. Kathy had met this TV Mistress in a chat room and had become more and more interested and horny at the thought of submitting herself to her and now she had actually agreed to meet. For the next few days Kathy opened and re read the mail and thought about what it was going to be like.

The day finally arrived Kathy put on her smart business suit, her subtle but sexy high heeled court shoes and of course her sheer pantyhose and set off for her "date"! She was very nervous as she drove, what would happen to her? What if she didn't like it? What was she prepared to let this Mistress do to her? All these thoughts were running through her head as she walked down the corridor towards room 224. Kathy checked her watch, it was exactly noon and with a deep breath she knocked on the door.

The door opened and Kathy saw Mistress for the first time. She was tall, about 6' Kathy reckoned with shoulder length brown hair, brown eyes which looked friendly but somehow strict and a slim build. Mistress was wearing a short tight black rubber dress, glossy sheer black back seam pantyhose and elegant strappy heels. "Come in Kathy I've been expecting you". The words snapped Kathy out of her trance for a moment, she looked at Mistress and walked in the room. The door closed behind her and Kathy thought to herself, "This is it I am committed".

Kathy walked into the room and put her bag down in a chair, as she leant forwards to put her bag down Mistress walked behind her and playfully yet firmly spanked her bottom, Kathy inhaled sharply as the smack smarted a bit.

"I have some things I would like you to put on Kathy," Mistress said, "I have laid them out on the bed for you and that is all I want you to wear".

With that Kathy moved round to the bed, on it lay a pvc maids outfit, a pair of Pretty Polly Italia sheer gloss tights which had had the crotch removed and some 6" heeled black court shoes.

"Hurry up Kathy I have some jobs I want you to do".

Kathy stripped off, sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the pantyhose on. A little tingle went through her, putting pantyhose on to Kathy was always a pleasurable experience. She slipped into the maids outfit and put on the heels. "Stand up Kathy I will fasten you up" with that Mistress pulled up the zip and straightened the outfit.

"Thank you Mistress" Kathy said.

"Good girl Kathy you are learning how to address me correctly".

"I have ordered lunch and drinks from room service, I have however instructed them not to enter the room and that you will go out and collect the items from them" .

"Yes Mistress", replied Kathy with that there was a knock on the door, Kathy was nervous about letting the staff see her dressed like this but realised saying "no" was not an option. Kathy walked over to the door and opened it, the maids eyes widened when she saw Kathy, but she did nothing except give Kathy a rye smile as she handed over the tray.

"Put the food on the table please Kathy, I just need to get something from my case".

With that Kathy laid the food and drink out on the table. Mistress came over with a collar that had a tray attached, some ankle spreaders and cuffs. Kathy felt the collar go round her neck and it felt uncomfortable with the weight of the tray, next her hands were cuffed behind her back then the ankle spreaders attached.

"I would like you to kneel here at my side Kathy".

"Yes Mistress" came the reply. Kathy knelt beside her Mistress. Mistress put her glass of wine on Kathy's tray and started to eat and drink. Every so often feeding Kathy some of the gorgeous food. Kathy felt uncomfortable in the position she was in but some how felt honoured to be serving this special Mistress.

After lunch Mistress asked Kathy what toys she had brought with her. "Let me see what you have brought Kathy" with that Mistress brough Kathy's bag over and unpacked the toys. A largish red ball gag was first out. "That will suit you lipstick Kathy" Mistress said. Next out was an inflatable butt plug, "I like your choice Kathy," Mistress said with a smile finally some vibrating eggs and various lengths of rope. "You have come prepared kathy".

"Thank you Mistress" Kathy replied.

Mistress removed the Tray collar from Kathy and put the ball gag in her mouth, the size of it caused Kathy to gag a bit. Next the cuffs and ankle spreaders were removed. "I'd like you to sit in this dinning chair with your legs up on the arms and your arms down the back". Kathy assumed the position, she felt her arms be tied to the back legs of the chair, then her legs be tied to the arms and then front legs of the chair. Kathy was now bound tightly and very exposed.

Kathy watched as Mistress started to rub lubrication all over the inflatable butt plug, she knew what was coming. The cold lube made her squirm a little as it pushed against her bum. "Relax Kathy I am sure you have accomodated this before", Mistress whispered in her ear. The plug slid in. Mistress pulled up a chair in front of Kathy then leant towards Kathy and started pumping up the plug. Kathy's eyes widened as she felt the plug expand.

* * *

Kathy was now sat in the chair tightly restrained with the butt plug gently stretching her bum. "Now Kathy its time for the eggs" with that Kathy watched again as the eggs were covered in lube then slowly inserted into her now excited pussy. Kathy felt a little wave of pleasure run through her body as the feel and thought of been filled in every orifice came over her. Mistress then sat back down at the table to finish her glass of wine with a cigarette. Kathy didn’t like smoking at all but found it quite erotic watching her Mistress sitting drinking wine and smoking whilst looking Kathy up and down. When Mistress had finished her wine she walked over to the phone and called reception.

Kathy started to panic after she heard the conversation. Mistress had asked for the same maid to come up to the room to clear the lunch but this time the maid had been told to come into the room to collect the tray but not to be shocked by what she saw. What seemed like an eternity later there was a knock on the door and Mistress let the maid in. Again the maid’s eyes widened when she saw Kathy but she said nothing, she walked over to the table and started clearing the lunch back onto the tray. Every now and then the maid would look Kathy over and gave that little smile, after all Kathy was sat no more than 2 feet away from her, tied to the chair with a ball gag in and her bum and pussy full. Mistress thanked the maid and closed the door after her.

"Now Kathy I think its time for you to have a wash, but a wash with a difference as you are now my Pet!". Mistress picked a collar and lead up from a bag and walked over to Kathy. The collar was attached round Kathy’s neck and the lead left hanging down her front. Mistress then untied Kathy from the chair. "You are my pet Kathy so I expect you to crawl on all fours and to stay at my side". Kathy got off the chair straight onto the floor on all fours by her Mistress’s side.

Kathy was then "walked" into the bathroom, "I'd like you to undress for me Kathy, without getting up".

Kathy did as requested, Mistress took her outfit Pantyhose and shoes back out to the bed. "In you get, there’s a good girl" Mistress said motioning for Kathy to climb in the bath. As she got in Kathy again received a playful but hard slap across her bottom made all the more pleasurable by the toys inside her.

Once Kathy was in the bath on all fours she realised that there was some equipment in the bathroom that she had not noticed, what she saw reminded her of a very large hot water bottle which hung from the shower rail. Hanging down from the bottle was a long rubber hose with a clamp half way down it. "I am going to thoroughly clean you out Kathy and it will be uncomfortable for you!" . Mistress took another butt plug from the shelf and started to lubricate it. Kathy noticed this plug was different to the one she had in. Again the new one was inflatable however it also had a tube running through the middle.

Kathy watched through the mirrors in the bathroom as Mistress removed the plug in her and slid the new one in, she kept watching as Mistress then attached the tube from the hanging bottle to the tube in the plug. Kathy got the familiar feeling as the plug was inflated, it seemed much larger than previous ones Kathy had tried but the feeling of fullness was nice.

"This will be a new sensation for you Kathy, which I think you will enjoy" Mistress said and with that she removed the clamp from the tube hanging down.

Instantly Kathy felt a very weird sensation in her bum.

"Don’t worry Kathy its just the water filling you up," Mistress said while smiling at Kathy.

As the water flowed in Mistress sat on the toilet seat in front of Kathy, she put her hand under Kathy’s chin and said, "You are a pretty little sub Kathy" Kathy kept looking at Mistress’s pantyhose clad legs, thinking how beautiful pantyhose looked, trying to take her mind of the building pressure in her belly and bum.

Kathy started to get stomach cramps from the amount of water in her, it was certainly a new experience which she knew was all part of her training. Mistress got up and started to walk round Kathy, running her hands over Kathy’s back and bottom, down the backs of her thighs then across her breasts and finally over her heavily distended belly. Kathy could only manage a moan with the gag tightly in place. Mistress then re applied the clamp on the tube and started to wash Kathy down ensuring no part of Kathy’s body was missed.

"I am going to dry you off now Kathy," with that Mistress towelled Kathy down as she dried her belly Kathy noticed that Mistress applied pressure to it sending waves of pleasurable pain through her.

Mistress Pulled Kathy towards the toilet by the lead and said, "You can empty yourself now Kathy I think you are clean enough now!"

Part 3

Kathy returned from her bathroom ordeal feeling excited and clean and couldn’t help but feel tingles at the thought of what this Mistress had in store for her next. "Do you feel better for that Kathy" Mistress asked with a smile.

"Yes Mistress much better thank you" came Kathy’s reply.

"I would like you to put this outfit on for me Kathy", Mistress said pointing to some items on the bed.

When Kathy saw what she had to wear she couldn’t help but smile. Mistress had laid out two pairs of sheer glossy black pantyhose; both pairs had the gusset removed. Kathy sat on the bed and pulled the first pair over her beautiful legs she stood up to adjust them then slipped the 6" heels back on. Kathy then picked up the other pair and slipped her head through the hole in the gusset and slid the legs up her arms. She stood there for a moment feeling excited about been encased in these gorgeous pantyhose. Mistress ran her hands over Kathy’s encased body giving Kathy more tingles of excitement.

Mistress went back over to the sofa and sat down, in front of her was a coffee table with a glass of wine on an ashtray and cigarettes and an assortment of Toys. "I would like you to dance for me Kathy. I want to see your sexy body moving in those beautiful hose"

Kathy was a bit nervous it was like an X Factor audition for pole dancers! She was also in 6" heels which weren’t going to be the easiest to dance in. With that Mistress sat back in the sofa slowly crossing he long legs Kathy could hear that familiar sound of nylon on nylon and it excited her. Mistress then lit a cigarette and took a sip of wine, "Dance for me Kathy"

At first Kathy felt very self conscious and a bit awkward in the heels but she saw the look of pleasure on Mistress’s face and that gave her a lift of confidence. Kathy was now dancing right in front of her Mistress; Kathy was seductively rubbing her hands over her body and up and down her legs which seemed to be getting her more and more aroused. She could feel warmth and tingling in her pussy which she was enjoying. Kathy spun herself round so her back was to Mistress she then leant forward and ran her hands down her legs, when she got to her ankles she held on to them.

"Excellent Kathy, I like the way you are exposing yourself to me, you are offering your self up for me!" Mistress leant forward and smacked Kathy’s bottom then picked up a big glass plug from the table. "Turn around Kathy and put your hands on my legs" Kathy did as instructed, she loved the feel of Mistress’s pantyhose, she could feel the seam running down the backs of Mistress’s legs.

Mistress took hold of Kathy’s hair and forcefully slid the glass plug in Kathy’s mouth. "Keep dancing for me Kathy and make sure you get this plug nice and wet".

Kathy sucked and licked the cool glass plug for all she was worth. "Turn round Kathy and bend forward"

Kathy turned and ran her hands down her legs again grabbing her heels. "Relax my little sub"

Kathy felt the glass plug press against her bottom, Kathy felt a wave of pain as her bottom expanded to accommodate the plug, the pain soon turned to pleasure as the plug slid home. Mistress slapped Kathy’s bottom hard, "How does that feel Kathy?"

"I want more Mistress" was Kathy’s reply.

"Keep dancing Kathy"

As Kathy danced Mistress picked up another plug off the table and stood up. She took Kathy by the hair and pushed the plug into Kathy’s mouth, sliding it in and out and twisting it round. Kathy let out a moan. The plug was then slid into Kathy’s expectant pussy, she couldn’t help but let out a little sigh of joy as she was double penetrated. "Kathy I have this lovely inflatable gag harness I want you to wear" and without a word Kathy felt it enter her mouth. She tried to keep dancing as the buckle at the back was fastened. The biggest thrill was the feeling as the gag was inflated. Kathy couldn’t help but gag as the plug touched the back of her tongue. "Finally Kathy I would like you to put on this pair of pantyhose." This pair didn’t have the gusset removed so they would "hold" the plugs in place.

Kathy felt unbelievable, the plugs in her pussy and bottom filling her up, the plug in her mouth making her gag and the all over feeling of being encased in sheer, glossy pantyhose, Kathy was in heaven. "I would like you on all fours on the floor Kathy"

"Yes Mistress" replied Kathy whilst dropping to the floor. Mistress went over to the table and picked up a studded paddle then walked around Kathy.

The first strike was an amazing feeling for Kathy, the initial sting of the paddle on her behind, followed by the feeling of both plugs pushing further in her then finally the restriction in her mouth making it difficult to breathe and impossible to shout out in joy/pain. Kathy remained in the position as strike after strike connected with her behind, she was starting to feel that familiar burning sensation, but she didn’t want it to stop.



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