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Life in the Saddle

by Jayne

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© Copyright 2003 - Jayne - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cd; outdoors; caught; emb; M/f; bond; toys; cons; X

It was a game I often played with my girlfriend, but since our split-up, outdoor bondage had been rare for me. This Sunday however, was to be different. I had spent all day Saturday tidying out the garage and one thing I found was our box of various bike saddles. Sara and I had developed quite a passion for bondage in all forms, and outdoor adventures were particularly exciting. One outdoor adventure that we had developed was cycling and I had created a variety of saddles for use by either of us when riding. When I found these saddles I was overwhelmed by the urge to have a trip out for old-times sake. I quickly changed the saddle on my bike for the special I had made. Up early on Sunday morning it was time to start my day out.

After showering, I applied a little make-up, my shoulder-length auburn wig, and then my 36c bra (with suitable padding!).  This was followed by my 3-inch wide locking waist-belt; pulled nice and tight; I quickly snapped the padlock into place on the buckle.  This wasn't coming off without the key. The waist belt had a second buckle hanging from its back for use later. Once downstairs, it was on with my white ankle-socks and white trainers. Everything else was waiting for me in the garage. Straddling my bike I pushed up onto my tiptoes as I moved backwards onto the saddle.  The latex covered saddle had a butt-plug moulded into it and I was forced to spread my cheeks as I settled down and the plug made its way into me.  Once seated, I reached behind and raised the leather strap attached to the back of the saddle and fastened it to the hanging buckle at the back of my waist belt.  This too was locked preventing me from getting off the bike.

At the front end of the saddle there were two small holes either side of the spot where the base of cock and balls would rest.  I picked up a 'u' shaped shackle and pushed it down over the top of my erect cock; through the holes in the saddle, and with one final push. CLICK, it locked into the padlock body welded to the underside of the saddle. I was now secured to the saddle by the root of my cock, and at the back by the leather belt. The last remaining task was to fasten the strap at the front of the saddle over my cock, securing it with a small padlock. Once locked in place, I picked my white polo top from the table next to me and put it on.  Lastly, I wrapped my pleated gym skirt around my waist and buttoned it on.

I picked up the remote for the automatic garage door and opened it. Walking myself outside with the bike then closing the door, I tossed the remote control underneath as it was closing and sealed my fate. locked out. locked on. To release myself and get back into my house I was now faced with a 3-mile ride on the bike to retrieve the spare remote I had hidden last night. It had been about 18 months since my last adventure on the bike, and I had forgotten just how torturous it was. With my weight shifting from side to side as I pedalled along, the dildo was constantly moving inside me as if it were fucking me! And the side to side tugging against the root of my cock was becoming painful. 

My journey was approaching the 2-mile mark when disaster struck in the shape of a patch of broken glass.  I was so engrossed in the feelings the dildo was generating within me; I didn't see it 'til it was too late. I stopped to listen, and sure enough my front wheel was hissing. With a mile to get the spare remote, then 3 miles to get back I knew it would be totally flat before I could make it. It was still fairly early in the morning, and that there was a local park near-by.  I decided that I'd have to find somewhere quiet to fix the puncture. It was a shaky ride into the park and I continued along a cycle path until I found a reasonably secluded patch of grass where I could stop. Though I carried a small tool kit and puncture repair outfit in a frame bag, at this point I hadn't really thought of the fact that I'd have a problem getting off the bike to fix the puncture.

There was only one way I would be able to do this, so with my trusty bike spanner and a lot of fidgeting below me, I loosened the saddle adjusting bolt on the frame and worked the saddle, and myself, free of the frame. This left me standing with a bike saddle locked to my bollocks, a raging sore erection, and the bulge sticking out of the front of my skirt looked fuckin' ridiculous!

I could neither stand nor sit to fix the bike, so I decided to squat on the grass and let my body weight force the tube on the bottom of the saddle into the ground, that way, to any passer-by I'd look ok sitting on my knees. Once done, I turned the bike up side down and started to remove the wheel. Nothing seemed to be going in my favour today, and I was regretting this adventure bitterly when. 'Hello. having trouble?' I looked up and saw a girl walking towards me over the grass with her bike. How much worse can this get I thought. My voice isn't good enough to pass for a woman, I can't move, and now I have a fucking Good Samaritan.

'That happened to me a couple of weeks ago. let me help'

I just smiled and tried to shrug it off like it was ok, but she wouldn't have it. Laying her bike on the ground, she started to muck-in.

'Hi. my name's Jenni, don't worry I'm good at this' she said as she started to help me with the wheel.

About my age, Jenni was dressed just the same apart from the fact that she was wearing cycle shorts instead of a gym skirt.

'I come riding here every Sunday morning but I've never noticed you here before. are you new to the area?'

'Yes' I tried to whisper 'I've never been here before'

That was it, she looked a little puzzled as if there was something wrong.

'Sorry, I didn't catch that' she said forcing me to speak again.

'Look. please. I'm really stuck' I said. 'I didn't want any of this to happen, and I certainly don't want to upset or frighten you, but I'll be ok if you want to leave, just please don't tell anyone.'

She just stared at me for what seemed to be an eternity, and then her face broke into a smile.  That felt re-assuring in a funny way.  At least she wasn't screaming for the police!

'Well,' she said, 'This is a first. you'd better tell me what you're up to while I fix your bike?'

The next half-hour was unreal. here we were, a couple of girls fixing a puncture, and me telling Jenni how much I enjoyed cross-dressing. Jenni had taken her time repairing the wheel and seemed to be enjoying chatting as much as me. She certainly seemed very interested in hearing about my cross-dressing.

'That's it' she said as she sprang to her feet.

Jenni gripped the bike and turned it right way up again. 'Where's the saddle Jayne? She asked.

During our chatting Jenni had found out that my female half was called Jayne. 'You'd better sit down again Jenni'.

She lay my bike down and dropped to the grass, sat cross-legged in front of me and with a strange smile on her face said, 'Sounds like you have more to tell?'

As soon as I started to tell Jenni about my passion for bondage as well as dressing, she was even more interested. Then when I started to tell her about the bike saddles and my adventures with my ex-girlfriend, she quickly lunged forward and lifted my skirt catching me totally off guard.

'Fucking hell!' she exclaimed, 'Jayne this is incredible'. She started to analyse the saddle. 'Fucking hell' she said again as she was running her fingers over the strap that ran over my cock, then the shackle at the base. She shifted behind me to lift the back of my skirt. 'Shit, you can't get off this thing can you? She said.

Now red with embarrassment (and I doubt the little make-up I was wearing could hide that), I continued to tell her the details of today's adventure. 

'Right then Jayne,' she said, 'We'd better go and get your keys'.

I looked at her.

'Come on girl. I'm coming with you she said'

With that, she came over to me and started to help me get the saddle free from the grip of the soil. It took a bit of wiggling, but eventually, the tube slide free of the ground. Jenni went to pick my bike up for me, and when she turned around to see me, she let go with a bout of laughter. 'I'm really sorry Jayne. but you've got to see the funny side' she said, pointing to the front of my skirt.

Instantly, like a shy schoolgirl, I tried to hide my face, the bulge, the metal tube hanging between my legs, but I just didn't have enough hands!

'Oh Jayne, I'm sorry. let's get you back on the bike and we'll go get your keys.

It was a lot harder getting the saddle/me back onto the bike as it was getting me off. But after some more wriggling, we managed it (boy was my cock getting sore!). As I stood straddling the bike, Jenni reached up under my skirt and tightened the bolt to hold the saddle in place. Jenni walked the short distance to the cycle path with me then went back for her bike. 'Right' she said, 'You lead the way Jayne'. (I loved the fact that she had instantly started called me Jayne, and referring to me as a female).

Sometimes she would ride along side me, though mostly she was behind. We didn't say much for the next mile; I think we were both taking in what had actually happened over the last hour or so. We arrived at my hiding place, and the spare garage remote was just where I left it in a hole in the trunk of a tree just by the road.

Now standing right beside me. 'That's not a key' Jenni said.

'No, you missed the point Jenni. This is just the remote control to open my garage at home. The keys to everything are in the garage, so I won't be able to get free 'til I get home'.

'Cool, an automatic garage door, can I have a look?'

I handed the remote to Jenni, who quickly took it out of the plastic bag I had put it in, looked at it, then pushed it up one leg of her cycle shorts. 'We'd better get to your place then,' she said. ' You'd best lead the way again!'

I had no option but to head for home.

An uneventful trip got us to my drive where Jenni removed the remote from her shorts, and after a little teasing, got me to agree to make her a cup of tea, show her my clothes, and most importantly, my bondage stuff. She pressed the remote and the garage started to open. Once inside, I started to release myself from my torturous restraint. When free, I went to the toilet to relieve/wash myself, put on a pair of panties, and went back to join Jenni in the garage with her tea. She had found the box of bike saddles, and was examining one that had been my girlfriends favourite. a saddle that had two vibrating dildo's and was covered in latex, with the crotch area having little rubber spikes all over.

Turning to me with an excited smile on her face. 'My turn' was all she said.

I asked if she meant what I thought, and her face said it all. The sparkle in her eyes, the smile that turned into a girlish grin as she lowered her head yet still maintaining a strange eye contact, and the sight of her tongue gently touching her top lip. I was drawn to her in a way I never thought possible.

'You sure' was all I could say.

'Mmmmmmmmmmmm' was her response!

I had told Jenni quite a bit about the bondage games my girlfriend and I had played and she had taken a keen interest in the idea of being forced to endure the saddle. Still holding the saddle and running her fingers over the dildos, she looked back up at me and said, 'please. let me experience this'

This was all I needed to hear.  I walked to her as she stood to meet me, and held her in a close embrace.  I told her that I would get a real buzz from bringing this experience to her. Jenni seemed to bristle with excitement like a schoolgirl going on a date!

'OK' I said, 'let's get you ready'. Leading her by the hand, I took her to my bedroom and told her to strip down to her socks and training shoes. Reaching into a drawer, her eyes widened as I produced a pair of handcuffs. Walking towards the virtually naked girl standing before me, then gently taking her hands and moving them behind her back I whispered, 'it's OK' into her ear as I held her close for a moment. Feeling her relax into my embrace I wrapped the cuffs around her wrists and listened as they slowly closed. Ratcheting away her freedom with each click.

Stepping back from my bound friend I took a moment to admire her curvaceous body. Her feeling of vulnerability was evident as she squirmed, though this was as beautiful to see as her naked form. Removing my gym skirt I approached her yet again saying 'right then, let's see if this fits shall we'.  Jenni lifted her cuffed hands away from her waist as I wrapped my gym skirt around her.  'Perfect' I said fastening the skirt; and it was to. we must be the same size I thought.  This gave me an idea.

She stood and watched silently as I removed my top and bra then replaced them first with her bra into which I place my breast forms, then her polo top.  I enjoyed this for a number of reasons, not least of which was the aroma of Jenni's perfume, which was very delicate. Dressed in Jenni's bra, panties, and her polo top, I grasped her by the arm and said nothing as I led her to the garage and the fate that awaited her. She watched silently as I changed the saddle on my bike for the twin dildo version that she had previously admired.  Once in place, I removed my gym skirt from her and held a tub of KY jelly out in one hand. 'You'd best lubricate the butt plug or it's gonna hurt' I said with a smile on my face holding the bike upright.

Sheepishly she turned her cuffed hands toward me and reached for the jelly.  Watching Jenni lubricate the dildo that would find its way into her butt was a real turn on for me! 'Shall I do the front one?' she said.

'Yes' I said putting the KY out of reach, 'I think you'll find saliva is a natural lubricant!'

Jenni gave me an awkward look as she realised what I had said, then slowly turned towards the saddle and took the dildo intended for her pussy into her mouth. The sight of her working the dildo into her mouth was incredible. this girl was fantastic!

As soon as she had finished her erotic display I told her it was time to get on. She stood on her toes and straddled the bike.  With the saddle between her legs I told her to lower herself onto it, and with her cuffed hands grasping her bottom and my fingers spreading her lips, she slowly squirmed down onto the dildos.

Once she was in place I told her to remain on her toes whilst I adjusted the saddle height as high as possible. Locking a 4-inch leather belt around her waist I then buckled the straps (front and back) down to the saddle.  Once these were locked in place, she was securely impaled.  I then moved towards her with some rope. It was strange to have done as much in almost complete silence, but when Jenni saw the rope she asked 'what's that for?' Silently I started to bind her breasts with the rope.  With her cuffed wrists unable to stop me, I soon had her breasts tied into a rope harness that made them stand out right in front of her.

Once her breasts were tied I released her from the cuffs and held my polo top out for her to put on.  Raising her arms, she slipped her hands into the shirt as I lowered it onto her.  The breast bondage made her tits stand out so much that the top was straining over them, and her nipples were really prominent. Jenni watched silently as I bolted small 'U' clamps onto the handlebars just to the inside of each brake lever. The 'U' Clamps had short lengths of chain running from them, which in turn, were connected to the shackles I locked around her slender wrists.

Re-wrapping and fastening my gym skirt around her waist, we were nearly ready for our adventure.  I left her in silence for a moment as I went to my room for another gym skirt, which I could wear while out.

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