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The Love of a Woman

by Sandra Steeple-Langford

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© Copyright 2016 - Sandra Steeple-Langford - Used by permission

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My awakening

I thought that we were ideally happy, in love and fully fulfilled in our regular sexual encounters but then they became less frequent and one night over a glass of wine I asked Angela why this was. She was pretty sanguine in her reply. She said that she did not feel wooed, the lovemaking was not tender and she yearned to be touched by a soft body not a rough hairy ape. I was dumfound as I am not naturally hairy but I do not always wash and shave before seeking passion with her. Indeed, if I were to do so the passion of the moment would no doubt pass and lovemaking would become a prescribed and pre-planned function without any spontaneity, not my idea of passion.

We discussed my points but she could not explain why she had changed. She just said she had always felt that way but now she was not going to put up with my lack of consideration any more.

Hell, what could I say? I thought that everything was going OK and now it appears that all our lovemaking was a sham.

I thought long and hard, refilled the drinks and said “what I can I do to put things right?”

The solution seemed to be pretty straight forward. I would need to keep myself free of body hair, my skin washed and perfumed and rub with oils every day so that I would always seem sweet smelling and soft to touch. Shaving would not be enough. I would need to use a hair remover cream at least weekly and bath and oil daily. Not too much to asked for but total hair removal including my bottom, genitals and underarm as well as my small amount of leg and body hair seemed a bit unnecessary However I decided to comply and the next day did so with my normal early morning bath. Angela gave me some oil to rub in and afterwards inspected me all over declaring that I might become half soft to touch if I kept up the system for a week. In the meantime she would need to rid me of nose and ear hair and tidy up my eyebrows.

So that became the daily job, foam bubble baths oiling plucking and then more chemical hair removal later in the week.

I have to say that my skin did become nicer to touch, my face was smoother and the plucking of nose ear and eyebrow hairs made my face altogether more attractive to look at. Actually I thought Angela had gone a bit too far with the eyebrows. Each time she did them they seemed to get a bit thinner but somehow a shaped brow seemed to suit my face.

My reward came after my first week of the regimen. She gave me a pair of real silk pyjamas in black with pink piping to put on and she took me to bed for the first time in months. She kissed me tenderly, caressed my body all over then played with my nipples through the silky material. They stood up like coat hangers. I had never felt so turned on before. I was begging for her to satisfy my cock that had never felt so urgent in its life.

She rolled away from me and said that she wanted to show me how girls masturbated as she thought I might like to try it. What do you mean I said? Well, you haven’t been doing much for me for some time and I have to have a sexual outlet so I masturbate when you are not around. What I would like is for us to masturbate together she said. Take off your pants and lay besides me on the bed with your legs apart.

Pointing, she said, down there is my clitty and although most men do not realise it they have a clitty too. Let me show you. She peeled back my foreskin and pointed to the knob of skin just under the pee hole. She said if you think of your penis as a giant clitty, just like mine, the foreskin is the hood just like the one I have. When I seek inside the hood I can awaken the end of my clitty which grows to look exactly like your cock but in miniature. What you need to do is to moisten your finger in your mouth then rub that bit of skin in a gentle circular motion. It is a sensitive area.  While you do that use the other hand to squeeze your nipple.

Look, watch me first then I will watch you. She rubbed herself for a few minutes while playing with her nipple and the sight excited me even further. She stopped abruptly and said now it is your turn to show me. I lay back and relaxed. She came closer and I could smell her perfume. She was such a feminine person, soft sweet and gentle. She tickled my right nipple and took my left hand and put it on my left nipple. It felt good.

Before you begin she said, having a ciggy while you are masturbating is a great relaxer and intensifier. I did not even know that she smoked but there was so much that I seemed not to knowabout her. With that she lit a long while cigarette, leaving deep pink lipstick marks on the end. She inhaled deeply then let out a steam of smoke slowly. Wet you finger and start tickling your clitty now and I will feed you with some ciggy to help it all to work out for you so that you can have a totally girly cum that you will never forget for the rest of your life. I did as I was told.

Masturbating gently at first I inhaled the smoke deeply and when I exhaled each time the pleasure got greater and my pressure on my clitty became harder until I was almost coming. She said now you need even more cigarette, suck and inhale, then again, then again and hold all three drags while you reach your climax and then let it out with your cum for a total girly experience. I did it and I cannot describe the feeling that it gave me. I felt relaxed, gentle and complete and I loved her as I have never loved before.

My stomach was covered with my cum which she lapped up with her tongue then came to me with her mouth full and kissed me deeply, entwining our tongues and letting our soft smooth bodies writhe together in the aftermath of my passion.

Now darling, I think we should go down stairs for an after sex ciggy with a glass of wine and talk about how we can develop and improve what we have experienced today.


The beginning of the rest of my life

Don’t put on your pyjama bottoms, just slide into my silk dressing gown, I want to be able to see your lovely smooth legs she said as she walked to the dressing table to repair her make up. Now come and sit beside me she said making room for me on the stool. I watched her intently as she applied some foundation, mascara, blending powder and lipstick. She looked perfect again.

Stay there she said as she left to put on a balcony bra and matching panties under a see-through robe I had never seen before. Returning to the stool she said softly, would you like me to put some lipstick on your mouth for you so that you will be able to leave some pink marks on the end of your after sex ciggy? I just had to go along with it but when she had put on the lipstick she said, that doesn’t work. You look like a man wearing lipstick, we will need to do your whole face and she did.

I sat there mesmerised as she applied foundation, face shaper, blending powder, eye liner and darkened my already thin eyebrows and then finished with the lipstick including a little gloss to give me a pouty look. My hair wasn’t long so she put on some gel and created a spikey female look but it was not perfect. She finished the task with a spray of her scent behind my ears and on my wrist pulses. She then stood back and looked at her work and said that I did make a passable woman but she could improve on it next time with a little help from some additional things, perhaps including a wig.

As I sat opposite Angela, both in our girly night clothes, but now in the lounge, sipping my wine and inhaling only the second cigarette I have ever smoked in my life I contemplated on the last of her bedroom words, “she could improve on it next time” I had to ask her what she meant and her reply was unequivocal. Bed now young lady, we will talk about it tomorrow and with that she led me up the stairs and we lay shaped into each other. She was behind me but with one arm around me. She kissed the back of my neck and promptly fell fast asleep.

I awoke feeling sublime, gentle and more and more in love with my lovely wife. She kissed me gently and smiling said right, bath, hair removal and plenty of oil. Take this makeup remover and clean your face and when you have finished put on some of the perfume you liked so much last night, it will make you recall the fun you had and get you ready for the fun we will have today. I did as she said and took particular care with my cleansing. I stood in front of the mirror to admire my handiwork and couldn’t help myself from fondling my nipples they felt so erect and turned on.

I slipped back into last night’s robe and returned to the bedroom smelling strongly of Angela’s perfume. She was already dressed in a casual top and some leggings and high heels.

You look pretty in that robe but your face spoils it she said. She plucked even more of my eyebrows then said that I should learn how to put on my own make-up as I really couldn’t expect her to my maid for the rest of my life. Steady on I said. You want me to wear make-up today as well as yesterday.

Yes, of course, and for as long as you want our sex life to grow from the new start we began yesterday. Didn’t you like how you felt yesterday? Didn’t you like how you looked? Has it all been for nothing, she said. I thought that we could go out together today and buy the things we need to make you look even more attractive and completely feminine. Then we could try some new and even sexier adventures tonight and every night from here on?

Again, I was dumfound and did not know what to say. I just said how can I go out with make up on. That is easy, she said. After breakfast I will find you some of my stretchy tight jeans and an oversized top. If you wear one of my bras with a little padding, you will look just like any other girl going out shopping. You will need to wear my old wig though, at least until we can get you a new one that suits your face better.

I am going to make breakfast now and am going to leave you trying your first solo attempt at make-up. You have had the opportunity to watch me do it to myself and then to you. Take your time but come when I call you for your breakfast then we will finish you off getting ready together.

I was left sitting at the dressing table pondering what I should do, if anything at all, when she returned with a bottle of foundation she had found in the bathroom. She felt it would be a better colour for my complexion. She dabbed some on my face and said that it would give me a much more natural look. My make-up had been started so I guessed that I should finish it and I did making a passable job of it I say so myself. My eye liner was not too neat and my lipstick was not in such a cupid’s bow as it had been the night before but I looked sort of feminine by the time Angela called.

I went downstairs very gingerly and opened the door to the kitchen. She looked up and said, Good morning Sandra, (that must be my new name for the new sexy days we would have together) breakfast is ready and I have arranged some appointments for us in town as well as some shopping. I guess that we will be out most of the day.

As we ate our croissants and drank our coffee she looked a little too intently at my face before saying that I would need a lot more practice at make-up before I would become proficient enough. She went to her bag and took out a rubber ended stick which she used to smudge my eyeliner, saying that it needed to be either crisp or smudgy but not both. She then put on some darker face shaper but blended it more with powder to soften the look. Finally she used a lip pencil to improve the shape of my mouth. Not a great improvement, she said, but you will do for now.

Go upstairs and put on the bra, knickers, jeans and top I have left out for you. I have been steaming my old wig so that it will look more presentable as you go out to the car but our first stop must be at a shop that sells wigs and I found just the place. There is a transvestite shop near Kings Cross which you can go into and try on various wigs without anyone batting an eye, as all the customers are men.

However, I do not want you to think of yourself as one of those sad transvestite freaks that do not look like real women but men extravagantly clothed men looking like no woman would do. I am going to make sure that you are going to become a pretty convincing women who is my missing girlfriend and my gentle lesbian lover that I love very much she said. I glowed all over when I heard those words and couldn’t wait for the outing she had planned although, by the time we were ready, I was shaking at the knees with fear that I would not pass the female test.

Come into the garden, Angela said and we will have a goodbye ciggy before we go out. That will calm your nerves for the day ahead. We sat on the patio chairs and she schooled me in how to sit with my bottom at the back of the chair, my body slightly forward, my legs tightly crossed and the foot on my free leg with the toes pointing downward. It wasn’t too uncomfortable I had tucked my genitals backward between my legs to give me a smother line in the incredibly tight jeans I had been given to wear.

But, I said, we have a problem, I haven’t got anything for my feet and your shoes are too small for me. Oh yes we have she said without looking up from examining my feet. You have some modern black canvass shoes. While you were getting ready, I stuck some black stones on them and added a bow so that they look a little girly and will go quite well with your casual attire although we will throw them away as soon as we have purchased something more appropriate.

She than passed me one of her handbags which she said was now mine to keep. Inside I found, a lipstick, a pack of those elegant long white ciggies, a gold jewelled lighter, some tissues and a Tampax. As Angela said, those are the kind of things one would find in any woman’s bag and that I needed to get used to them being part of my life.

What on earth I am going to do with a Tampax, I said.

We’ll see she said with a smile on her face. Let’s have one of your new ciggies so that you can practice lighting it and smoking it in a feminine way.

I opened the packet and held one out for her to take. Copy me she said, so I did. I found the lighter and held out the flame towards for her. She lit her cigarette and inhaled deeply held it then blew out so slowly and sexily while holding the cigarette delicately between her first two fingers sticking up straight from a semi-closed hand held upwards near her face.

Copy me she said and I did as closely as possible drag for drag until we had smoked our cigarettes. We went into the kitchen and I put on my temporary shoes and left for our adventure in town.


Girls about Town

You drive she said showing me first how I should enter the car, bottom first, keeping my knees together and then swinging round on my bottom to face the wheel. Pull the seat up close and put it upright she said. All women drive close to the wheel. They are generally shorter so that allows them to see better. It felt strange at first but I soon got used to it. While we were driving Angela talked about the clothes we would buy; some for each of us but more for me as I had none. Clearly I needed underwear, shoes and makeup plus some casual clothes and something for going out in the evening.

Wait a moment, I said, I thought this was all about you being turned on in bed, not about me starting a new life. Well she said, after a moment, you cannot become my best girlfriend if you just go to bed with me and you need to become much more feminine and that can only be achieved by practice in the real world.

There are so many things for you to learn like sitting down to have a pee for instance, talking more softly with a higher and more melodious voice doing your hair and make-up plus all the fashion ideas we will need to discuss. With that in mind, please stop at the next news agent and buy us some women’s magazines to read when we get back home.

I can’t do that I said, people will recognise me as a man and I wouldn’t know which magazines to buy.

Well you will not learn by not doing so stop here and do your best. I swung my legs out of the car. Good girl she said, you are learning, and I went into the store, selected a few magazines and went to pay. The assistant scarcely looked up from her mobile phone, to take the money and I left. That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be I said as I swung my legs back in to the car and we were off again, this time to the Kings Cross store.

You know, I never want to go there again. I felt totally out of place although the assistant was very helpful and seemed to give me more attention than the strange looking men poking around looking at absurd lingerie while huddling into their raincoats with collar pulled up, trying to hide who they were.

I sat in front of a hairdresser’s mirror while the assistant fitted me with several different wig styles and colours. Angela watched with interest from behind as the assistant teased the styles and finally declared that none were great but that a brown wavy shoulder length one with blond highlights and a wispy fringe would do. She stepped forward and took the brush and comb from the assistant, back-combed the top a little to give the style height and balance, teased the side curls and applied hairspray to fix the style in place.

She picked up some medium heeled patent boots from a nearby stand and told me to put them on and throw away my temporary shoes then gave me some large gold plated earrings from a nearby display to complete the outfit. I looked in the mirror and was amazed at the improvement. I really was beginning to look the part. Angela kissed me gently on the mouth so as not to spoil our lipstick, said that I had better pay their exorbitant prices and we will be off to do the rest of our shopping at more normal shops.

The next four hours were an exciting blur of discovery. I felt more and more relaxed as my exposure to the world progressed. Perhaps I did not yet look ideal but for the main part I did not raise too many quizzical looks. We were just two girls out together for a day’s shopping.

We went first to the new Victoria’s Secret in Oxford Street and treated ourselves to several bra and pants sets plus some nighties and some robes. Angela also added, for me, some shapewear as she said we had to make sure that I was securely tucked in and we would need to pad out my hips if I was to fill my new clothes with a proper girly shape.

We then went to Zara. I loved the clothes there and found leggings, skinny jeans, several tops, a jacket, two jumpers, two summer dresses and shoes and bags to match the outfits. I felt that I was buying the shop and it was so easy to select the items as the changing room has separate cubicles so that no one can see you undressed but the corridor outside is like a fashion show. All the ladies parade in front of the mirrors looking at their prospective purchases and, if they look good in something, giving the others ideas for what to try on next.

Angela was less extravagant. She used the next cubicle to me and kept popping her head round the curtain to see what I was doing. She ended up buying a summer dress and jacket in a blue white and yellow floral material and some shoes and a bag that matched the blue colour exactly.

We were both weary from our shopping and my feet were killing me but we could not rest as Angela had booked appointments for us both to have our nails done at a shop in Kensington. So it was back to the car with our purchases and off across town to the salon.

I couldn’t believe our luck. There was a meter parking space almost outside the shop so that we did not  have to walk far before we were both sitting side-by-side opposite our technicians who were applying nail tips and then covering the whole creation with gel. Mandy, my technician, said she was going to use slightly longer than normal extensions on my hands as they were quite large and the longer length would help to create a slimming effect.

Angela told her to use a pink polish on my nails and not the red that she was having applied to hers as it would make less of a statement on large hands. When we were both finished, Mandy whispered something into Angela’s ear that I could not hear. Angela replied, you are quite right and she felt that Sandra needed to look her most feminine best.

I went red all over and began to tremble. I had clearly been caught out. I was mad to have thought that I would not have been sussed when in such close proximity to a real woman who spends all her time working with other women.

Mandy got up from her stool and said please come with me and Angela and I followed her to a booth at the back of the shop where there were two reclining chairs. This is where we do the more private beauty treatments so if you would both take a seat I will send for Sally who specialises in applying semi-permanent eyelashes for you both. She will also be able to pierce Sandra’s ears and put some Botox into her lips to plump them and into her brows to lift them and create a higher arch with a longer lid.

My mouth fell open and I turned to look at Angela as Mandy left. Angela said Mandy had spotted that you were a man almost as soon as you entered the salon but she frequently had men call in to have their nails done so that she was not at all surprised nor concerned. Indeed she had taken extra care because she thought you made a very nice girl and that is why I should encourage you to develop your feminine side. She suggested the eyelashes and other facial improvements to assist you to look even better. My mouth fell open but I could not speak.

Sally was stunning. She was wearing a black flying suit with high heeled ankle boots, had black hair piled high on the top of her head with some curls cascading down the sides. She had beautiful eyes with long luxuriant eyelashes and pouty red lips. She had obviously done some work on her own face and I could not wait for her to apply the same magic to me.

She started by cleaning the makeup off our eyes then she applied some sort of glue to our lid lines and eyelashes. While this became tacky she started to inject my lips and brows with small amounts of serum, massaging each place after she had finished. In ten minutes she returned to our eyelashes and for each of us in turn she applied small clumps of long lashes starting at the outer side of the lids and working inward with decreasing volume and length as she got closer to the nose. It was a long and tedious job as each clump has to be carefully placed then some more glue was added to it. To complete both of us took an hour and a half. With my feet up for all that I felt reinvigorated so that walking in my heels would again be possible.

But all was not over. Sally returned to her serum injecting. She called Angela over from the mirror where she was examining her new lashes and said, I think I should add some Botox to your friend’s cheek bones. What do you think? Angela agreed and the painful injections continued.

When she had finished she said that it would take a couple of days for my face to settle down at which point it would look less exaggerated but I would need to come back every six weeks if I wanted to retain the look, which I certainly did.

I thanked Sally profusely for her work and was about to get up to pay when she grabbed my ear with a stapler and shot a gold stud through it. God did that hurt. Before I could recover she did the same to the other ear. I am not quite sure why Angela wanted this to be done because I thought the clip on earrings looked quite nice. Angela applied some eyeliner and mascara to her new lashes and Sally said that she had better do mine as my face would be a bit numb for a while.

Then I had the shock of my life. The salon wanted £1100 for their services. It sure is expensive to be beautiful!

Angela was keen to finish our shopping so we drove back to Oxford Street and parked in the underground parking at Portman Square so that we could be close to Selfridges and M&S. As we walked through to the shops we passed Café Rouge. Angela said that we should stop there for a glass of wine and something to eat, which I thought was a great idea. We sat outside at a street table discussing the clothes passer-by’s were wearing and looking for ideas for ourselves. I held my first ciggy since having my new nails and it looked great and very sexy.

While we were eating our very late lunch Angela said that we needed to get me both a wedding ring and an engagement ring plus some other less expensive jewellery. Also and last of all, a cocktail dress to wear when we go out to dinner tomorrow night. Look I said, haven’t we spent more than enough and I thought we were doing this to help with our sex life not to change my life forever. Those are totally the same thing was her reply, let’s get the things we neednow and I can guarantee you will be pleased with the result. We spent £500 on a broad solid gold diamond cut wedding ring but only £250 on a zirconium solitaire engagement ring in a nearby jewellers.

Then I had to dig deep again. Selfridges is not a cheap shop. I tried on about eight dresses before settling on a tight fitting heavy elastic “bodycon” black dress covered with black lace mesh. It had full length sleeves and a clear mesh covering a very low back. The elastic part had a scalloped front in the shape of the top of a bra but the lace covering hid what was underneath sufficiently that the observer could not really be sure if there were boobs there or not.

Angela told me that was definitely the dress for me and said she would have a little number she had found in electric blue with a short skirt as she would be able to wear it with the same shoes and bag she bought this morning. Good I said, that will save us some money; my sex life is becoming very expensive and to add to the money already spent my dress cost £900 and Angela’s cost £1500.

I shall want more than one cum for my money tonight I said as we walked back to the car!


An evening of bliss

Angela cleared out my wardrobe and chest of drawers, throwing all my clothes into two bin bags. What are you doing I said in protest. They will get all creased up and I need them for work on Monday. She did not reply but started cutting off the labels from the new clothes and filling our respective wardrobes & drawers.

Don’t just stand there looking stupid she said, bring up some drinks and we will give each other a fashion show with our new things. Take off your shopping clothes and put on your new robe then come and sit with me and refresh your makeup so that we will be able to appreciate your new beauty.

Bring us a ciggy to have while we are doing that, just one, I want to share it with you as we will be sharing everything together from now on. I lit the ciggy, sat down with her and held the ciggy to her newly painted lips. She drew in heavily and held the smoke for what seemed ages before exhaling. Wow that felt good she said. I have missed smoking, since we have been married I have only been able to smoke when you are out. For me smoking and sex are intertwined. Sex without smoking is incomplete and sharing a cigarette with you turns me on.

She took one last puff and stubbed it out, opened a bag and took out the two rings we had bought. Holding them out to me she said will you remarry me as my girlfriend, my lover and my lesbian wife. I took the rings from her put them on my third finger on my left hand, kissed her tenderly on the mouth and said “I do”. It had been so long since we were this close and sharing like this that my heart skipped a beat

Never mind about the fashion show she said, let’s go to bed. We walked arms around each other fondling and kissing towards our bed and lay together in each other’s arms. Suddenly Angela jumped up and said I need to pee. Open your mouth and be my piss pot you sexy bitch. She had never talked like this before and it was far removed from the gentle togetherness we had so far enjoyed. Before I could answer she had her knickers down and she was straddling my face. She pushed just briefly and a seemingly endless stream of hot urine squirted into my throat. My mouth was full. I had to swallow and I did again and again until I had drunk every last drop.

That’s better she said now you have some woman inside you as well as outside. While I am here, you can lick my clitty. Tonight is going to be about me not just about you as it was last night. With that she buried my face in her soaking wet pussy and said lick my clitty until I have had at least 3 cums. She then leant over to the bedside table picked up her ciggies, ashtray and lighter and she began to smoke while I was doing it.

I have to say that I was very turned on by her forceful approach and even more so because of the pheromones in the juices flowing from her pussy into my mouth. She achieved the demanded three cums then demounted from me, put on her gown as said she was going downstairs for her after sex ciggy. What about me I asked. She looked back over her shoulder and said, I showed you how to do it yesterday. You will have to do what I had to do on my own for the last 5 years of our married life. She handed me my bag and said, your ciggies are there and you can use my vibrator if you like. It is in the bedside drawer, and then she left.

I was so wound up and frustrated I just had to do something. I sprayed myself with her perfume, fixed my face and tilted the dressing table mirror so that I could see myself laying on the bed. Vibrator. Why not? They are not exclusively designed for women I thought and I had discovered my clitty yesterday so why not have a girly vibrator orgasm with that today.

I peeled my incredibly stiff cock and covered my clitty with a large amount of spit, lit my ciggy, and applied the vibrator with my right hand while alternately smoking and caressing my nipples with the left. It felt good. I pulled my legs up as if I was opening up my pussy for a cock. I watched in the mirror as the vibrator purred. My clitty became a little over sensitive and needed more lubrication so I put the vibrator in my mouth to moisten it.

My god I thought, I am in a bra and knickers, with female hair, a new female made-up face watching my long painted fingernails rubbing a pseudo clitty with the equivalent of a cock stuck in my mouth. The thought brought me to the point. I ejected the cock, took the important 3 long drags on my ciggy, held and let the moment climax as I exhaled. It was so good that my whole body jerked and shook. The intensity in my clitty was almost unbearable but I managed to keep going and, as I did, more and more cum shot from me. There was so much cum and it shot so far that it covered my face.

My body was still jerking spasmodically as I began to relax and became aware that Angela had been watching me for I do not know how long. That was a good one she said. I think you experienced something special today and that opens up all sorts of ideas for the future. Some dirty old man has covered you with cum, something a woman would not wish to do but it does have the benefit that you can enjoy the after sex desert of eating it all up. With that she scooped up a large glob of cum and put it in my mouth. She then began to lick up some more and, with her mouth full, she kissed me deeply so that we could share the taste and experience. I felt so happy and in love.

It took some time but finally she was finished and said that I looked a mess and should repair my make-up, put on my nighty and robe and come down for an after sex ciggy while we discussed what we were going to do on Sunday, my last day of heaven, as I would need to be at work on Monday, but how could I, looking like I did now?

We cuddled up on the sofa and shared a ciggy together. It was bliss. My whole world had changed. I felt so fulfilled happy and totally in love. I looked at my new wedding ring and wondered who was the wife, me or her?

Angela said that we still needed to buy some things for me; for instance slippers and stockings. Also, we needed to do our toe nails as they would show when we go out in the evening wearing our new high heeled sandals and then she said that we should look at the internet and see if we could find a better wig for me.

With that in mind we trawled through the magazines I had purchased looking at and discussing possible hair styles that might suit me.

After some wine and a night-night ciggy we climbed the stairs to fell asleep in each other’s arms as we did the previous night. It had been a perfect day and I never wanted it to end.


Sunday bloody Sunday

I awoke before Angela and did not want her to see me in less than perfect condition so I slid out of bed and into the bathroom. I took off yesterday’s make-up which was all smudged and admired my new face. It did not look too bad with no make-up on at all. The injections had settled a little. My eyes were not so puffy and my lashes looked superb. The extra work she had done to my cheekbones had improved my facial shape no end and my new lips looked so kissable that I self-embraced using the mirror.

I wanted to be perfect for my first outing in stockings so I covered myself in hair remover cream although that process was not actually due for another three days. I then lay in a perfumed bubble bath for twenty minutes, dried and creamed myself all over before getting back into my robe. I was naked underneath and it really did not hang as well as it should. I bathed my new ear piercings with salt water as I had been told to do, applied a light foundation and some mascara but did not fully complete my face make-up as I felt in need of a bra and pants to enhance my figure and hide my male bulge that was stirring into life again. Back in the bedroom, I found that Angela had already arisen so I could restore my shape before she saw the man that was still hiding inside.

I walked up behind her in the kitchen, put my arms round her waist and kissed her good morning on the side of her neck. She responded with a hand caress to the side of my face before turning her head to inspect my new only lightly made up face. Not bad she said. We must keep it at least that good. We could perhaps tattoo an outline to your lips and create some new higher eyebrows and permanent eyeliner but we will leave that for another day.

You must be mad I said I can hardly go back to work as I am now, let alone with more and permanent changes. She did not answer but just gave me a sideways glance.

We took our hand bags with us into the garden to drink our coffee with a ciggy in the warming morning sun. It was nice to feel it on my smooth body and I let the robe fall open to feel the warmth. We will have to get you a bikini Angela said but perhaps later when you have a better shape to fill it. While I am thinking about that point, here are your birth control pills to put in your bag. You do not want to get pregnant do you?

Some chance of that I said but if you think my bag would look better with the pills inside with the Tampax then thank you.

Oh you need to take them she said. I only need to take one a day but you will need to take two, one morning and one at night.

But, I protested, I will grow breasts.

Yes she said and I hope that they will also improve other parts of your figure, then you really will be able to wear a bikini! Feel my breasts she said. Wouldn’t you like some firm mounds with erect nipples to fit into your bra instead of the foam stuffing you have now? I had to say yes but what about work I said again.

I have decided that we have made such progress and we now have a new chance of being ideally happy together which is too good to squander, she said. I will call your office tomorrow and say that you are not well and probably need to resign but we will leave that last point open until you are sure about it.

I have made such a good job of your conversion that I am sure there is a business doing the same thing with other men and I am going to explore this with other ladies I know who feel the same way about their husbands. You can be my advertisement showing what can be achieved and my assistant dealing with bills, quotations and other paperwork plus helping me train the new recruits. How does that sound she said.

It sounded like a job made in heaven to me but my business caution made me concerned that it might not be a financially viable option. However, I could spend a few more days in paradise during which time I could apply myself to deciding how I could modify my appearance so that I could eventually go back to work if I decided to do so.

So we painted each other’s toe nails, shared another ciggy in the sun and then changed to go out for another shopping expedition.

I was pleased that we were going to cheaper shops considering my diminishing bank balance and the potential for being out of work. We first went to Peter Jones in Chelsea and bought slippers some more makeup including concealer, stockings, tights and many other small items. We then went to that dreadful shop I never wanted to see again in Kings Cross where we bought some silicone false breasts and some hip and bum pads as Angela said they would be so much more successful than the foam ones I had been wearing.  

I have to say that I stayed wearing the former after trying them on as they felt so good to touch and gave me some weight in the front. The hips and bums would have to wait till I was at home and had the shapewear available that I purchased the day before. So much for a cheap expedition. It cost me almost £1000 in Kings Cross alone but the tits were great. I loved them and felt that I could not wait till I had grown proper breasts to replace them.

At home we began our preparations for that evening. Angela said we were going to a private club that she knew where we would have drinks and dinner. As a private club, it did not need to conform to the new anti-smoking rules and many members used it because the enjoyed an after dinner ciggy.

I put on new black underwear, my padding and my falsies then wriggled into my dress which was considerably tighter because of my shape change. You are going to need a corset said Angela and produced one of hers as an interim solution. It was too small so that the lacing at the back was far from being closed but it did pull in my waist and the dress now fitted reasonably well.

Wow you look good enough to eat she said as I slid in beside her to do my make-up. We shared the customary ciggy as we did it. She helped me with my hair then sprayed us both with a new and even more powerful scent as a finishing touch.

Angela said that she would drive and I watched her intently so that I could copy her actions in everything she did. She looked so beautiful in her new blue dress and matching accessories, I could have swept her off to bed there and then.

We arrived at the club which was in East London soon after eight. There was no life outside and no evidence that it was a club at all. We rang the doorbell and eventually a man dressed only in a thong, a collar and a bow tie answered it. He had a muscular body and was slightly oiled all over to add to the effect.

What kind of place is this I asked and was told to shut up and behave myself? Angela said with your cock safely hidden away I could be just one of the girls and it would not be helpful if I got a stiffy looking at the all the rippling muscles of the serving boys. Even if I did fancy one of the boys, as some of the members did I would not get far when they discovered that I had a cock!

Daniel, our server, showed us to a table set for four people and Angela said that it would be perfect. She had evidently invited two of her friends, neither of which I knew, to join us for dinner. However, she would first prefer to go to the bar for a drink.

I followed her to the bar where we perched on two adjacent high bar stools. Angela seemed to know quite a few people and there was frequent air kissing greetings as people made their way from one part of the club to another. I could hear music in the background and presumed that there was dancing in another room.

One rather striking but slightly masculine looking women said to Angela, so you have finally done it. He looks darling. You must lend him to me sometime for a little more discipline and training than you are likely to be giving him. He looks too relaxed and at home to be your servant.

Angela laughed and said that she was enjoying me as I was now but she had all sorts of plans for the future. What she needed tonight was to have a nice time, introduce me to my new world and hopefully make plans for our future.

I guessed that she meant for her new business venture but this later proved to be wrong.

We had a ciggy at the bar with our drinks and Angela’s two friends then arrived. They were both attractive in their own ways but were nothing exceptional. They had plenty to say when we sat for dinner. Angela ordered a very light meal for the two of us, saying that we were watching our figures but her friends were not so cautious. I eat while the three of them talked about things I could not fully hear so did not understand.

As we were finishing, a really ravishing woman arrived. She was tall, beautifully made up and was poured into her shoulder-less dress which cradled an ample bosom. She stooped slightly showing her long stocking covered legs and kissed Angela lovingly deeply and passionately on the lips. I was seething inside and was just about to point out that she was kissing my new wife and lover when Angela said Andrea I am sorry that I have let you down, I’ve missed you so much, come and sit with us. The woman, now know to me as Andrea slid into the banquet next to Angel and Angela cuddled up to her. Val and Jackie got up abruptly, in a huff, and said that they were going dancing. I was left facing the woman of my life who was drooling over another woman.

They kissed again and Andrea said, so this must be the new project you left me for and that I have heard so much about from those two women you call your friends. This is what stopped you from getting a divorce and moving in with me. You must be mad. “It” might have a reasonably girly appearance, except for that wig but when “it” is making love to you all you have is a man with makeup on. “It” has no large firm breasts to caress and no soft wet pussy to turn you into jelly like mine does!

They were talking about me as if I were not there. But, I protested, we have wonderful sex together and Angela replied that actually we had wonderful independent sex in the same room. I was deflated.

Andrea said if you really are convinced that you should continue with “it” you will need to do something to get rid of the padding and replace the hair with real hair, also grow boobs and a figure to match. Angela said she had started giving me hormones but guessed it would take some time for any changes to happen and she had to agree that the interim was not an attractive option.

Andrea said, well if you are certain that you want to see this through and I do not want to lose you to that thing, why don’t you sell up and both move in with me and I will help you to accelerate the transition. We could turn “it” into our maid. I have a spare room that could be hers we can decorate it and turn it into a boudoir and set it up as her new girly home. If she is good, we could even let her watch us in bed and then go back to her room for the girly solos that she seems to like so much.

What a wonderful idea Angela said. I will have both the girls in my life together. That could be bliss.

Andrea said that they would need to hasten my physical changes and the best and first thing that they should do would be to remove my balls so that the maleness would disappear and the hormones would have a better and quicker effect.

Being our maid could work out quite well but, with those long nails, she won’t be able to do many maintenance jobs around the house. We will have to get her to use contractors and, as there will be no money to pay them, she will have to pay them in kind so I think you had better start training her to become a cum slut for men to use. She will probably enjoy that Angela said, I caught her with a vibrator in her mouth the other day while she was masturbating. But, I protested, I was just moistening it, but they were not listening.

The plan had been made, our apartment would go on the market the very next day and we would move in with Andrea as soon as it was sold. In the meantime Angela would hasten my transition.

Angela talked about her wonderful sex with Andrea and how she couldn’t wait to be in her bed every day. She got more and more turned on and when we arrived home she dragged me straight to the bedroom and said your training has begun bitch. Take your panties off so that I can get to you but keep your clothes on so that I do not have to look at your male body, she was right about that. She stripped and strapped on a large black vibrating dildo and said, on your knees and suck my cock slut. If you do it properly you will be able to make it purr and then it will be ready to fuck you.

Now let me teach you how to do it properly and make men go weak at the knees as you used to do when we were first married. You need to suck the globe gently at first and, as you feel the cock stiffen, you need to suck harder until it swells in your mouth. You have two options then, either to finish it off in your mouth or to take it into your pussy and enjoy its stiffness and his orgasm as a union of oneness.

What you must not do is to move your mouth up and down the shaft pretending that your mouth is a pussy like so many woman in porn videos seem to do. It is the sucking that make a cock come not the movement. I looked wide eyed at the dildo which was made of some sort of jelly and gingerly took it into my mouth. Too many porn videos I guess as I immediately began to move my head up and down. Angela gave me a hard slap on the face and said what did I tell you!

I began again and did it as instructed. As I sucked Angela pumped a little ball hanging from a tube at the side of the dildo and it inflated a little in my mouth. Can you feel my cock growing to your command she said. Keep going and it will purr. I did and it did because she switched on the vibrator inside it. Now she said be prepared to be fucked.

I knelt down expecting her to shove it up my ass but she didn’t. That’s not how girls enjoy sex with a man she said. That’s how men have casual sex with people they do not love. Lay on your back on the bed with and spread your legs. You must take your man into you. Look at him as he is entering and tell him how big and stiff he is and how good it feels. When he is in put your arms round him and kiss him deeply pulling his tongue into your mouth as he fills your pussy.

She then covered the dildo with Vaseline, knelt between my legs, and as she moved her body forward to lay on top of me she entered my virgin male pussy. We kissed and cuddled with her deep inside me while I got used to the feeling then she stoked in and out long and slowly  a few time before lifting her body up using her hands so that her thrusting became more upward rather than inward. In this new position I could see her face and her beautiful breasts which made me more excited, able to relax and feel the vibrating cock in its new upward trajectory massaging my prostate. It felt good and I said so. This added to Angela’s enthusiasm. She said, light your ciggy and rub your clitty like a good girl and have your first fuck cum for me.

I did as she asked but it was not working like it did before. My clitty was only half hard and rubbing it did not create the intensity of before. As I rubbed it the pleasure inside me increase and took over. I did not need to touch it any more. I was cumming from within. It was not a crescendo but a gradual warmth that grew and grew then spread all over my body which began to jerk and spasm as juice flowed from me and pooled on my stomach in an ever increasing amount. Not a squirt but a steady flow which lasted as long as she kept going.

Abruptly she stopped, jumped up and unhooked the dildo before throwing herself on the bed next to me. Wow I feel horny she said. Now it’s my turn and with that she trust the vibrating dildo into her pussy and said give me that ciggy you did not smoke and proceeded to inhale deeply as she fucked herself. It only took a few minutes before she took her three big drags pulled out the dildo, turned up the vibrator to maximum and put the vibrating cock on her clitty and had her cum almost immediately. If she could have squirted she would have done so as her orgasm was both visual and noisy. She then put her lips to my stomach and sucked up the pool of cum in one movement before sharing it with me in a loving embrace.

Pulling away after a moment she looked at me and said. That was really special for both of us wasn’t it? Just wait till you have a real cock in you. You never know but you might get to prefer it over lesbian love.

Three months went by before the house was sold and we moved in with Andrea and that is where I am now, writing this essay, taken from my journal, so that others can learn from my experiences, both good and bad.

During the time before we removed Andrea sent round one of her friends that had a tight elastic band and a sort of pair of pliers. The band was put round my ball sack. It was incredibly tight and hurt for about six hours then went numb. As the days went by my balls went red then black and after a week finally fell off, leaving a neat closed wound.

During this time I had to endure sitting at home alone while Angela went out with Andrea and returned late at night smelling of the sex I had not had with her.

As the wound healed and the chance of it being re-opened by movement receded, one night, Angela said to me, isn’t it about time my new girl has a sexy night. The absence of my balls had accelerated the growth of my boobs and my hair. Also my hips and bottom began to become shapelier so I hoped that she would begin to love me and desire me again.

The fact was though that I no longer felt very sexy and I wasn’t at all sure if I could do anything anymore. Of course you can said Angela. I have no balls and I can still come. Let’s have a go. We can lay together masturbating like we used to do and I will tell you how it should feel and that will turn you on. I agreed.

We kissed and cuddled while playing with each other’s breasts and I have to say my breasts felt very sensitive and that playing with them started a stirring below. Angela said that she thought my boobs were beginning to look quite beautiful but if they didn’t grow any more before we moved in with Andrea, she would insist that I have implants. Andrea did not like nor tolerate women with less than firm boobs of D cup size or larger and that was why she shunned Jackie and Val, they just did not turn her on.

Angela lit two ciggies and passed one to me. She then found two vibrators and we both lay side by side with our legs spread apart smoking and massaging our clitties with our vibrators.

Angela talked quietly; first telling me what the vibrator was making her feel. Then she said that the juices were beginning to flow in her pussy. She told me to try hard to think of them doing the same thing inside me. The thoughts would be just as good as if it really were happening. She was right. It started to feel good and I said so. Let’s both start thinking of going down on Andrea then she said. She is so strong and passionate and I could eat her pussy all day. I wasn’t so sure about that idea but supposed that I could enjoy Angela’s fantasy with her.

However, as she started talking about the taste and feel of her cunt my mind started to wander. Although I could hear Angela talking in the background, I found myself thinking not about Andrea but about what it would be like to suck a real live cock. If only I had her dildo, I could have put it in my mouth as a substitute. That thought brought me to the boil. I had my three drags, turned the vibrator to maximum and had what could only be described as a disappointing small dry cum.

The problem was that I did not feel as if I had finished and I certainly was not satisfied as I am when I have cum. It was just like an appetiser. Angela noticed what had happened and said keep going and I found that I could. Sure enough I came again and then a third time each slightly better than the one before. I thought about doing it a fourth time but found the feeling was passing so I finished my ciggy and propped myself up to watch Angela. She seemed to have reached the same point in the process, although I am not sure how many cums she had had.

As we lay there together sharing an after sex ciggy I asked her about the different form of pleasure I had experienced. She said it was getting to be more and more like girl sex and I should practice more so that I could get better at it. I did not tell her about my cock fantasy though.


The epilogue

I have a nice room here in Andrea’s apartment. It is all pink and cosy and smells strongly of Angel’s perfume. I spray it around every day so that I can feel closer to her but that is as close to her as I get now. I have a large bed with pink satin sheets which are hell to iron and even more difficult to remove cum stains from. I am frequently beaten by Andrea for being a messy girl. It is not my cum, you understand. I cannot produce anymore. It is the splashes from the odd tradesman I have to pleasure in my room in order to get the work done. I do not really enjoy their advances, particularly because they are all rough diamonds and seem only to care about their own satisfaction and think nothing about mine. I suppose that I used to be like that I no longer get any opportunities to make love to my beautiful wife but I am allowed occasionally to watch the two of them together and then to go back to my room to pleasure myself.

Am I happy? I guess so because if I could go back to day one I would probably do it all again. The journey was the best part, not the arrival. I hope things will improve now that it has been decided I will have implants waist slimming and hip improving surgery. Who knows, a handsome man or a pretty girl may find me attractive and I can start again enjoying that love I found at the beginning.

I lost the husband I had when I became Angela’s new wife and that husband turned into Andrea’s wife. Andrea is such a beautiful and powerful women so I can understand why that might happen.



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