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The making of a Femboi

by Sandra Steeple-Langford

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© Copyright 2019 - Sandra Steeple-Langford - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cd; M2f; smoking; anal; toys; chastity; cons; X

Chapter 1

Our son, Steff, is so cute. When he was younger, my wife, Angela, always dressed him in white or pink but now, with his permed, blonde, pixie cut hairstyle and his pierced ears, he looks like a real pixie cherub. The female hormone regime Angela prescribed nine months ago has softened his curves and given him rosebud breasts with large nipples that poke out amusingly under his shirts and his tight high waisted pants emphasise his growing hips and sliming waist lines.

Girls love the way he looks and he relates more closely with them than to alpha males but it is clear that such men fancy him and he loves their attention.

Some of his girlfriends are encouraging him to develop his femininity even further by using makeup and growing and painting his nails. Last weekend, they dolled him up using makeup, including long lashes and acrylic nails. He looked quite adorable. We felt so proud of him, my wife went out and bought him some pink stiletto heels to wear with his new look and we took him and his girlfriends to a gay club to celebrate. The heels made his pale pink ultra-tight jegging clad legs look even longer and all eyes turned towards him when we entered the club.

We were not sure which way he wants to swing and we were keen to observe whether he wanted lesbian, homosexual or heterosexual relationships.

He started by dancing with his girlfriends and copied them in the way they moved with great skill and effect. Soon, an elegant tall middle-aged woman asked him to dance and held him close when a slower number was played. He didn’t seem particularly interested in her. Later, a man asked him to dance and, although Steff draped himself around the chap, again, there seemed to be no visible empathy.

Later, we caught him, with his girlfriends, smoking in the outside area. We were not very happy about this but said nothing because he is old enough to make his own decisions.

When we returned to our home, Angela asked whether he would like to borrow one of her baby doll nighties to sleep in now that he looked so girlie. He jumped at the idea. When she later went into the pink girlie bedroom she had designed for him with the nightie, she found him standing in his heels, but otherwise nude, in front of the full length mirror preening and admiring his girly curves. She said that he looked so sweet that she held him close and kissed him passionately on the lips. He responded to that embrace but his cockette remained limp and hanging down uselessly with no substance. She said it was like a 4-centimetre long worm lying against his bunchy very small ball sack rather than the erect chipolata that she had hope to see.

She took his winkle between her voluptuous lipstick coated lips and sucked gently. She saw that this was clearly pleasurable for him but he remained soft and useless so she licked her index finger to add lubrication and slipped it into his anus to rub his prostate. There was still no erection but he began to moan with pleasure so she pushed him onto the bed and began again.

After some time and after she had encouraged him to play with his nipples, his semen began to flow and continued to dribble out for about 5 minutes before he pushed her away.

She helped him into his nightie and gave him a cumy kiss thank you. Angela told me that it was clearly a new and pleasurable experience for him as he had asked if they could do it again.

Chapter 2

The next morning, when he came down for breakfast, Steff still had his long nails and earrings but had put on no makeup.

He had his girlie handbag and his gold jewelled iPhone with him but, otherwise, he was back to wearing his sneakers and men’s shirt with skin tight girlie white pants. He started to text his friends about his experiences the previous night while eating his cereal.

When he had finished, Angela asked if he had enjoyed his evening and we were keen to know how he felt about sex with men or women. He lit one of his long white ciggies, which had suddenly become part of his life, and said, “I just do not feel sexy at any time or in any situations.” “I love the way that homosexual men fancy me but they prefer me to look like a feminine man than a full girl and I prefer looking like a girl”. “Girls, on the other hand, feel threatened by me as I often look more attractive than they do themselves”. “As they know I am a man and they are real girls, they feel that they should look better than me”. “It is only the older lesbian mistresses that fancy me as a girl and I do not fancy that kind of dominant woman at all”. “I love to kiss and cuddle beautiful heterosexual girls and I feel good in the arms of a strong handsome man but neither option turns me on sexually!”

What a dilemma, I thought, and turned to my wife to reply as I defer to her as the head of the household.

Now, Angela, who is what you would call a “Hot Wife”, with an insatiable sexual appetite and the looks and demeaner that ensures she can satisfy her needs with copious boyfriends. What she does when she goes out with her friends, I do can only guess but the slutty way she often looks is clearly aimed at attracting alpha black men and she always comes home with a pussy load of cum for me to enjoy while I give her the bed-time orgasm with my tongue that she always demands.

She picked up one of Steff’s ciggies and lit it saying that he looked so sexy smoking that she was going to take it up herself. She then sat with legs open and invited Steff to return last night’s favour by giving her a cum with his tongue while she thought through what to do about him. I was upset as this new development reduced the potential of the only sexual contact I am now allowed to have with my beautiful wife. However, I dare not say anything for fear of being severely punishment. As a reward for keeping quiet, I was allowed to release her breasts from their bra captivity and to play with her nipples to enhance her pleasure and the intensity of her orgasm as her son did his new and enjoyable work.

“May I kiss you while I am playing with your nipples”, I asked, but received a lashing verbal rebuff. She then ordered me to stand behind her so that we could both look at our beautiful son and watch what he was doing to his sexy mother”

Angela smoked deeply and her juices flowed to such an extent that they dropped onto the floor from between her open legs. As she had her cum, she held Steff’s head in her hands then pulled him up to kiss him so that they could enjoy her musky juices together. Again, I had been cheated out of my occasional slippery pleasure.

When she had finished, I was ordered to lick the floor clean before laying on it so that I could act as her piss pot. I love the way she uses me as a piss pot and I gulp down ever last drop. It makes my little cock so hard and wanting. I usually run off to the toilet to masturbate afterwards. I was prevented from doing that on this occasion because Angela invited Steff to use me in the same way that she had just done. “Sit on his face”, she said, “he loves it and you will be able to feel what a girlie pee is like”. Having his little male clittie in my mouth added to my enjoyment and I hoped that he would use me as a piss pot in the future.

With two loads of pee now inside me I had to run to the toilet to empty my bladder urgently but I did finish off with an exceptional cum.

By the time I returned, Angela was sitting on the sofa cuddling and caressing Steff. They looked so erotic together that my cock immediately sprung to attention again. “Look at my cuckold”, she said to Steff, “he is all spunked up and is ready to go again after his bathroom wank”. “I will have to put him back in his cock cage to control his behaviour if this continues”. “his appetites are getting to be more like a girl’s than a man”.

Angela then announced that she was going to take Steff out to buy him some sexy gear so that he could go out with her that night to have sex with a real man, to see if that would turn him on.

I was told that I had to be chauffeur, as usual, for the night so that they could both have a drink. However, as a special treat, I would be allowed to peep into the club from the vestibule and see what was going on.

“While we are out shopping”, Angela said,” you must go shopping for long white Virginia Slim ciggies”. “With both of us now smoking regularly, I need you to buy a carton of 200”.

Chapter 3

When Angela returned, she looked triumphant and, looking at Steff, I could see why. Although he was still in his incredibly tight white jeans, everything else had changed, so much for the better, that my cock sprung to attention at the sight of him.

Steff’s hair had been steaked, gelled and spiked so that curls tumbled down over his right eye while the curls on the top gave height in a sculptured way and the close tapered sides emphasised his enormous gold earrings that hung down towards his bare shoulders. His eyebrows had been micro bladed in the modern chiselled brow way and his lips had been plumped and had a light tattoo outline. His eyes had permanent lash extensions which made them look erotic, even without makeup.

On his torso he wore a Bardot cropped topped in red patent vinyl that had built in bra cups that accentuated his small breasts and revealed his navel which had been pierced for a teardrop jewel.

His nails had 1 inch long crimson extensions, some of which had been drilled to secure small chains and jewels and on all his fingers he wore rings in gold or jewels. They looked wonderful and intoxicating when he held his long white ciggie close to his beautiful face, as all girls do.

The five-inch red patent stiletto strappy sandals completed the look and emphasised his red painted toe nails.

He looked good enough to eat and, from his demeaner, he knew that was the case.

“He should have been a girl” Angela said, “and I have proved that he looks better as one than he does as a feminine boy”. “Tonight, I am going to arrange for him to be fucked by some big cocks so that he will be turned on sexually for the first time and will realise what I believe about him is true.” “In that way, I will prove to him what his future in life has to be as a sexpot girl and not a gender-neutral boy”!

“Well, my cockette is not sticking up like daddy’s is at the thought of what you are suggesting” Steff replied,” so I hope you are right and that you have not just wasted your time and money” “The closest I get to sexual pleasure is smoking a ciggie” Steff added. “It is like having my very own personal little white cock to slip in and out of my glossy lips and to fill my body with erotic smoky feelings”. “It satisfies all my immediate sexual needs and leaves me content and complete”. “I will be interested to find out if smoking heightens what little sexual arousal you might get me to feel”. “I am sure it will”, his mother replied

Chapter 4

“Come into my room” Angela said to Steff, “and I will get you ready and start to turn you on for tonight”. Turning to me she said, “you can watch through the keyhole, but no wanking, I want to keep you on heat for later”

She took Steff’s long nailed hand in her equally long nailed and decorated hand and like two lesbians, going for a love session, led him to her room. Wow, what a sexy pair they looked. Once inside, Angela decided to be kind to me and left the door ajar so that I could have a better view.

She began by lighting two long white ciggy cocks and passing one to Steff. She then started exchanging smoky kisses with him as she caressed his body, paying particular attention to his breasts. She went on by slowly undressing him and then rubbing perfumed cream all over his smooth body so that his skin was soft and sensitive. She sat him on the front edge of the stool in front of the dressing table mirror, stripped off her clothes and sat behind him with her legs either side of his body and her breasts against his back but with her head to one side so that she could see them both across his shoulder. She put her arms under his and cupped his breasts, then began to tease his nipples as she whispered exotic thoughts into his ear and kissed his neck.

“This is how women make love” she said, “with tenderness and love not pure lust like men do”. She then slid her right hand downwards, caressing his body as she moved until she reached his limp cockette. She was disappointed to find it still useless so paused and reached into her drawer to take out her Hitachi high intensity vibrator and some lubrication, applied the latter to his cockette, while pulling back his foreskin. She then gave him the vibrator.

“Now my sweet”, she said, “hold the vibrator on your frenum, put your head back on my shoulder and look at me loving your breasts while the vibrations spread from your man clittie upwards to meet the sensation in your breasts.” “That should arouse you”.

She kissed his neck and tweaked his nipples as he used the vibrator. It began to have a little effect and he moaned in response.

“There you are my love”, she said, “I knew that I could make you feel good”. “All girlies take time to get turned on and you are such a beautiful girl you deserve to be loved and gradually turned on with love and care”. “As soon as we have unlocked your latent passions, you will be able to move onto other and more intensive pleasures that all hot wives like me enjoy”

“Now light a ciggie and put the vibrator onto its maximum setting”. “we will see if we can take you over the top”

Steff smoked and vibrated and moaned but did not cum. So, he turned around to face his mother to exchange smoky kisses while they played with each other’s breasts and held the vibrator between each other’s clitties. Angela started to respond to the stimulus and both girls began to move as one in joint passion, each exciting the other until they cried out in unison and orgasmed together in each other’s arms.

Angela put her hand between them and retrieved a small amount of cum that had leaked from Steff’s cockette, put it into his mouth and kissed him so that they could share the special result of his first ever man-girl cum.

“That’s my good girl”, she said,” this is the beginning of the new you as my sexy daughter and we will have such fun together developing your new role, lesbian or heterosexual, whichever it is”.

Angela then unwrapped a new Bluetooth G spot vibrator that had a remote control. She covered it with lubrication and popped into Steff’s mangina. Picking up her iPhone, she tapped the app and switched it on. “Can you feel that my darling”? she said, and the new shemale nodded so she switched it off. “Go and get yourself ready for our night out”, she said. “keep the vibrator safely inside you as I will turn it on using my phone every time I think you should be feeling sexy so that you will be on heat when either men or women make advances to you.” “You will be an electronic sex slave and I will be your mistress”

“Fix your make up in the way the girl in the salon instructed and put on your new clothes; then, come down so that your father and I can make sure that you look perfect”, Angela directed. Steff went off to her room.

Angela came out to me and inspected my cock to make sure that I had not been wanking. She kissed the end so that it left a lipstick mark and then fitted and padlocked my pink plastic chastity cage. She told me to wear my black and pink frilly fuck me knickers with an open heart-shape over my mangina, under the chauffeur’s uniform I was forced to wear whenever I took her to one of her tristes.

Angela added, “I have been thinking that, perhaps, we should make you wear a female chauffeur’s uniform in the future, particularly now that you will regularly be driving two girls to sexy dates, sometimes at lesbian clubs as well as to the Queen of Spades clubs we will be visiting tonight”. “Would you like that”? she asked. As usual, she did not wait for a reply as she knew I had no option but to accept whatever she wanted to do.

Chapter 5

Two hours later, I stood dressed in my cock cage, fuck me knickers and chauffeur’s uniform, waiting at the door for my girls. I was holding two glasses of champagne on a silver tray, which I nearly dropped at the sight of the glamour I beheld as they walked down the stairs towards me.

My lovely wife looked tall slim and elegant and not at all slutty tonight. She was wearing a full-length black form fitting dress with a split up the left front of the skirt. This exposed her black nylon clad exquisitely formed leg. Her black patent strappy stiletto sandals with a diamante strip across the toe strap, emphasised the silver toe nails and I noticed she was wearing hot wife toe rings on both second toes. Sexy bitch, I thought, she is after back cock tonight. She is even confirming this to everyone by wearing her “Queen of Spades” anklet to show that behind her elegant façade, she is available to all black hunks.

As my eyes moved upward, I took in the cute way the dress tucked under her generous bum, squeezing her cheeks together and emphasised her 26-inch waist. The front of the dress had an exceptionally low “V” shape that plunged almost to her waist and exposed both the top and the bottom of her ample cleavage. Her gossamer 34E cup bra was completely hidden except for the link between the cups which was made of diamante and matched a cascade choker that had six rows round the neck and even more that fell downwards in strings with the centre one being long enough to reach her cleavage. The downward “V” shape created a waterfall of diamante pointing to the heaving joys that lay below.

As she took her glass of champagne and lit a long white ciggie I noticed she had done her long nails in a diagonal pattern. They were black on one side and silver on the other with the joint between the colours covered by a diamante stripe. Her wedding finger sported a large diamond queen of spades ring and the nail had a hole in the end through which was a ring with the tiny key to my cock cage dangling from it.

Angela’s makeup was exceptional, she had accentuated her high cheek bones with dramatic use of face shaper and blusher, her eyes had exotic arches in metallic silver and dark grey under chisel shaped micro-bladed brows. She was wearing both top and bottom false eyelashes which gave her a dramatic wide eye look that made her eyes the centre of interest. She had emphasised this by using a light neutral shade of lipstick on plumped up lips and then by framing her face with long straight hair that had been sprayed silver to go with the other accent colours she was wearing.

She looked statuesque, dramatic, beautiful, sexy and commanding. I worshiped everything about her.

By contrast, our new daughter looked slim, young, vibrant, cutely sexy and lovingly fuckable.

She was wearing platform mega high black patent shoes with ankle straps over sun-tan coloured open crotch tights and a black bandage dress with a fitted bodice which cradled her nubile breasts. The off the shoulder neck-line kept her neck available to be kissed while having full-length tight sleeves with points at the wrist. The skirt was so short and tight that it scarcely covered the red thong which held her cockette tightly to her body. With the heels and the short skirt, her shapely legs looked as if they went on forever but everyone knew they were pointing towards the hidden treasures above them.

Every finger sported a glamorous gold or jewelled ring which drew the eye to the extra-long coffin shaped red nails, several of which had jewelled chains dangling from them. As she held her ciggie high near her face, as all girls do, I could not keep my eyes off the exotic sight of her hands but needed to take in the makeup and her pixie like face.

Unlike Mama’s dramatic look, Steff had only a pale and blended complexion that went well with the blonde curls that cascaded over her right eye. She had pouty full red lips with an enhancing gloss on the lower lip to increase the pout. On her eyes, she had used brown shades so that they did not overpower her thick and full lash extensions.

She looked young, cute, kissable and like a cherub, but the sexiness came through because of her dramatic large gold earrings that cried out, “fuck me please.”

I was so wound up looking at them both smoking and sipping champagne, that my cock was weeping precum as I hustled them to the car for their evening out.

Chapter 6

As my girls walked into the club, the bar went quiet as everyone drank in the sight. It then exploded with voices as those already there welcomed them into the throng. There were many air kisses as Angela introduced her daughter. Drinks were served and conversations began.

I did notice several men grabbing Angela’s bottom cheeks and marvelled at the way she responded, initially somewhat wantonly, while then pushing them away as unwanted advances to be taken up later, if she wished. Steff was not with her mother’s group of male fans but was surrounded by both women and men and was clearly enjoying their attention. However, Angela was watching Steff out of the corner of her eye at every turn and kept taking her iPhone from her bag to adjust the intensity of vibrations on the “G” spot vibrator when she felt Steff should be responding sexually to what was going on. Steff always responded to the change in vibrations with a physical jolt followed by an increasing glow in her demeanour. She gestured thank you to her mother by blowing her a kiss on each occasion.

I did not have to wait long before my chauffeuring duties were required again, probably just an hour. The girls came out with their drinks for a quick ciggie and were immediately followed by two tall muscly black guys and a tall elegant woman in a black latex flying suit and patent leather thigh boots. A short somewhat camp homosexual followed soon afterwards.

Talk about a commanding and dominant dyke, the woman who was called Ella, epitomised the genre, from a man’s perspective, if not from a woman’s.

I was glad that we had brought the people carrier with us so that we only needed to make one journey.

Ella couldn’t keep her hands-off Angela during the journey home and Angela seemed to be yielding to her advances. She was letting Ella explore her whole body, even between her legs and I could hear Angela’s juices dripping on the seat. Steff, surprisingly, sat on one of the black guy’s laps and kissed him passionately while he fondled her breasts. Although distracted by Ella, Angela could see what was happening with Steff and turned up the G spot vibrator to maximum intensity to make Steff squirm on her man’s lap. This inflated his cock into a massive bulge to Steff’s delight and Angela’s amusement.

Our homosexual, who was sitting on the other side of the car, was pleasuring the other black guy by sucking his cock. I have to mention that it was a super large cut cock with the mushroom head, so large that Ian, the homo, had difficulty getting it in to his mouth. For my part, I had difficulty keeping my concentration on the road ahead but managed to get us all home without an incident.

The girls went upstairs together to fix their makeup and partially to disrobe. I was delegated to pour champagne, find ashtrays and then strip the men and make them stiff and ready for action. That was a pleasure that I had not anticipated and I set about my task with great relish, first tackling the big cock so that I could go back to it again to be sure it was pole hard after working on the others.

Ian had other ideas about what was going to happen and bent me over the table for a quickie and then had me clean him up and make him hard again for whatever was to follow. The two blacks spurred him on so that the girls did not have to wait long for our arrival and never got to know what had actually happened, although my wobbly legs might have been a give-away.

Ian did not have a long cock but what it lacked in length, it made up for in girth and he stretched my mangina almost to breaking point. However, it was lovely to feel so full and controlled. When he shot his load, he seemed to swell even more before releasing a torrent of cum and jerked and convulsed inside me. I produced a large amount of cum myself which wept out of my caged winkle. It was lovely but I was so disappointed that I did not have enough time to clean up afterwards. However, with his seed deep inside me and leaking from me, I felt warm content and well fucked before I watched the actions that were to follow.

I served the champagne and laid out the ashtrays so that all three girls could smoke to their hearts content. They began immediately.

Ella, who remained dominantly fully dressed in her PVC and boots was sexually readily available to everyone as the suit had zips through the crotch and in the front to expose her breasts. She just looked and felt more dominant being fully dressed and used that power immediately to seduce Angela who was without a dress but still in her bra, open crotch panties, hold-ups and heels. Angela lay back on the bed smoking while Ella eat her pussy with relish.

Steff was only wearing jewellery and her heels. She looked so smooth and delicate with white flawless skin, rosebud breasts and a tiny limp willy hanging down over a minute ball sack. She looked so lovable and innocent. I wanted to cuddle and comfort her but Angela had other ideas. She aimed to turn Steff into the sexy cock loving whore, just like she was herself.

“On your knees girl”, she commanded, and Steff did not hesitate but fell to her knees in front of the man she had been kissing in the car. He was seated in the bedroom arm chair which had been arranged to allow the occupants to watch Angela enjoying a series of orgasms which were making her cry out with pleasure. Angel had set the vibrator in Steff’s mangina to maximum for the whole session so that Steff was beaming while jerking and twitching with pleasure, but had not yet climaxed.

From my vantage point outside the open doorway, I was able to see everything but, with my cock encaged, I could not relieve myself, although I desperately wanted to do so. My opportunity came unexpectedly when Angel returned Ella’s favours and Steff decided to find out what a big cock felt like in her mangina, while she watched her mother’s lesbian skills. To take in the massive black cock, she expelled the vibrator and I quickly retrieved for my own use. It felt like heaven inside me and my cock instantly started to dribble.

Steff was intently watching her mother at work on Ella while being fucked as a girl for the very first time. Whether it was the preliminary work the vibrator had done on her prostate or the view of her mother giving Ella a squirting orgasm which nearly reached the ceiling, I do not know, but our lovely new daughter began to experience a long slow female orgasm. As the cum began to flow from her still limp winkle she cried out, I’m coming, don’t stop, I need your cock. Her lover kept pounding her and she begged him to go harder, then faster, then deeper as the cum puddle grew larger and larger. Give it to me now you bastard she then cried. Now, now, she cried in a shrill voice as her body convulsed on the floor underneath him. Now she screamed again as she pulled him tighter towards her and dug her long nails into his back. This enthusiasm took him over the top and he obliged her with one final massive thrust, squirting and jerking deep inside her before collapsing panting from his prolonged exertions.

Good girl, Angela cried. Lick up the mess and clean up your man’s cock, then come over here and share it with me as we both enjoy an after sex ciggie while we watch Ella fuck Ian with her dildo! “That would be fun”, our her newly awakened daughter replied.

Ella strapped on a massive dildo, seized a crop and mounted Ian who was bent over the ottoman long ways so that she could sit astride him. We all watched with glee as she rode him like a horse, using her crop with alacrity to spur him on to a tremendous climax, which left him shuddering with pleasure and Ella feeling more powerful than ever.

Angel cuddled Steff close to her as they watched and smoked. I could not help noticing that Steff’s little winkle had become stiff at the sight of Ella and Ian, something we had never seen before and I thought that it needed to be nurtured but Ella did not agree.

Ella thought his cockette looked like a delicious large clittie and this excited her so she was fast to put it between her succulent lips while using a slender finger on his prostate. “Us girls know how to love each other”, she said “I will now show you how to have a wonderful girlie G spot cum” and Steff smiled at the thought of more pleasure so soon after the last explosion. She had begun to understand that men could generally only do it once while girls could keep going for a very long time. Angela assisted progress by kissing Steff and playing with her nipples.

“Tense yourself baby and push”, Angela said and Steff sort of complied, but it did not really help. So, Angela demanded that I return the “G” spot vibrator and Ella inserted it into Steff’s mangina. Angela turned it on. The vibrations seemed to be helping and Steff began a spontaneously fucking motion in Ella’s mouth. This clenching and unclenching of her bottom muscles began to increase the “G spot” feeling for Steff. It felt to Steff as if Ella’s mouth was a cock sucking pussy and this soon brought Steff to a climax for the second time that night. However, it was not the sort of climax Ella wanted to give her new lover. It was more male than female and Ella told Angela that she should increase Steff’s hormone dosage and should add some Domperidone so that her titties would grow by starting to occlude milk, making her feel even more feminine. Ella said “we must immediately reduce that male drive tendency that now seems to be in the ascendant”.

Ella hated the taste and idea of male spunk so spat it out on the floor and I was given the joyful task of being able to lick it up.

“Now baby”, Angela said to Steff, “our men are all spent, even though us girls could go on all night”. Jason was the one who gave you the first fuck of your new girlie life. He enjoyed it so much that he wants to take you home with him so that he can service you again in the morning when he is sure he will be able to rise to the occasion. I want to do the same thing with his friend, “Mr super big”, so I am going to keep him here to fuck me when he wakes up. Ella will also stay to see to my insatiable desires tonight. I will require a lot of squirting orgasms before I am complete and she is so good at the finer points of lesbian love that she makes my toes curl up. If I did not also need big black cock so much, I would take Ella as my live-in lover. I know that your father would prefer this outcome to having many male lovers so that is another good reason for not doing it! Girls must keep all their men in their place. Men are useful only when they have large stiff cocks, otherwise they should be feminised and used only to serve their mistresses.

You will find out tomorrow that morning fucks are really special as all virile men wake up with enormous iron hard erections so that they can give you toe curling orgasms before they go to work. For tonight, I will leave the vibrator with you so you can turn it on with your girlie phone and play with your nipples and your clittie for your own goodnight orgasm. Your spent lover will enjoy watching you do that as it will give him sexy dreams about you during the night so that he will awake even more turned on.

“When you have enjoyed your first ever morning fuck experience tomorrow, you can call Daddy to pick you up and bring you home so that we can share our experiences over a late breakfast.” “Don’t forget to use Daddy as your piss-pot before you leave.” “He will love you for that”. “We will both feel excited after reliving our morning fuck events so I will be able to take you to my bed for a ciggie and a girlie climax to complete your initiation into your new future female life”. “We can then go shopping for all the new clothes you will require”.

“Your father will not be able to chauffeur you tonight as I have promised him that he can watch me being fucked by Ella and, in the morning, by my new big cock lover”. “Also, he wants to be able to clean up afterwards”. “Therefore, you will need to ring for an Uber tonight”. “You will have enough time to tart yourself up while it is on the way”. “Take some makeup with you for tomorrow morning but I wouldn’t bother with a nighty, your man will only rip it off you, if you do”.

“While you are away, I will clear out all of your old clothes so that you will be able to forget your androgynous past and we can have fun together filling your wardrobe with sexy new things for an improved future”.

“Have a wonderful time my sweet”, she added, “you do not need me to guide you anymore”. “I have unlocked the girl hidden inside you so we all now know what your true sexuality is”. “We must now encourage you to develop it and Ella is right, we need to review your hormone regime to quell any residual male desires”. “You will love the effect of Domperidone. Not only will your breasts swell and look even more beautiful but they will start producing milk for your lovers to drink”. “You could even give Daddy some to have on his cereal”

As Steff left for the Taxi, I gave her a lingering kiss goodnight while desperately looking forward to the potential of that milky treat. The next phase of Steff’s new life would be alone without Angela or me to support her. I wished that it could have been me that would be fucking her in the morning but I knew that the only place left for me in life was just to watch and worship my lovely wife.

Steff looked so beautiful that I felt proud to have helped to create this new sex goddess daughter out of such a no-hoper androgynous son. He was no good for men, women or for himself. Now, as a new she-male, Steff had a way forward in life and, with Angela’s guidance, this might provide lots more diverse sexy encounters for me to watch.


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