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My Favourite Outfit

by Tightlatextights

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My wife is a perfectionist, and if she does something she does it properly

We have a hobby that has turned into a lifestyle and we love it.

What follows is an account of a rather exciting Saturday in our lives.

We woke up at around 7am and as soon as my eyes were open, my wife Nat told me that we were going to have a lot of fun that day. She instructed me to go and shower and shave my entire body. Shaving was not too much of a chore, as I keep my body shaved anyway. I emerged from the bathroom and she was waiting for me, lying on the bed. She was stark naked, which was rather unusual for her as she loves lingerie and sexy underwear. Before I could say or do anything, she pushed me onto the bed and immediately took my penis into her mouth. It quickly hardened and she licked and sucked it for all it was worth. In less than a minute I ejaculated into her mouth. She quickly composed herself and went for a shower.

After she had showered she put on the tiniest g-string and nothing else and told me it was time to get ready. She creamed my entire body with one of her moisturisers. I smelled just like her and felt silky smooth.

Next she instructed me to dress in my two base garments. These were garments that I wore whenever we played our games and were basically compulsory before I got started. The first one was not actually a garment, but was a 15cm long butt plug with a flared end. I lubed it up and slowly inserted it into my arse. It took a while for my sphincter to dilate but once it did the plug slipped in easily enough and the flared end ensured that it would not come out nor slip in. I felt wonderful already.

The second item was my black boned underbust corset. I had been tightlacing for a while now and could get my waist down about 15cm from my size when I was not wearing a corset. The tightness of the corset around my waist was a real turn on. I pulled the laces as tight as I could and then handed over to Nat. She stood behind me and pulled even tighter, so that I took on an hourglass shape. She then tied the laces at the back and I was locked in.

The corset came with 8 suspender straps, 4 on each side. Nat opened an pack of ultra sheer  6 denier stockings and slowly rolled them onto my legs. I had to stand as the corset restricted my ability to sit. Once they were up she slowly and deliberately fastened all 8 suspender clasps and straightened my stockings. They felt amazing on my legs due to the extreme sheerness of the weave. By now I was rock hard and Nat advised that my erection was getting in the way of preparation. She took me in her mouth again and in a few minutes I had climaxed once again. I felt slightly awkward afterwards, as one does after having an orgasm and the fun is over. However I was not getting out of this.

Next Nat opened a package which I found to contain a pair of shoulder length latex gloves. She slowly worked them all the way up my arms and onto my fingers, taking care to get rid of all of the air pockets that can get trapped in between the skin and the latex. Once they were on, she polished them to a shine with some latex spray.

I could see she was enjoying herself as much as me but we were far from ready. She disappeared to the kitchen and returned with some ice in a dish towel. She instructed me to lie on my back on the bed and pull my knees up towards my face. I did as told, whereafter she held the ice up against my testicles and they started retracting up into the cavity above. She slowly worked them into the cavity until they were no longer in my scrotum. My penis was now flaccid after orgasming twice. She tucked my penis upwards and then secured it in place just beneath the corset with some tough plastic tape and an old stocking of mine. It was going nowhere.

She then pulled out an extraordinary item. It was a g-string type contraption, but instead of a pouch at the front it was fashioned from hard plastic into the shape of a labia. The g-string itself was very tight fitting and Nat pulled it into place and adjusted it so the labia sat where a labia should sit. Over that she slipped on a pair of crotchless latex panties. The labia slipped through the opening but the tightness of the latex held the whole thing in place.  

The next item was a pair of House of Holland 50 Denier black satin tights. I had always wanted to try on satin tights due to their lovely smooth finish. She rolled them onto my legs, over the 6 denier stockings, being careful to ensure that the suspenders on the stockings all remained in place.

Once they were smoothed over my legs she pulled the waistband up as high as it could go and tucked it into the bottom of my corset. She also folded the gusset of the tights in so that the camel toe of my labia was visible.

It was now time to dress me on top. Over the corset she fitted a semi transparent long sleeved chiffon top. The sleeves were very transparent and the latex gloves were visible all the way up to my shoulders. The top was not very long and barely went down over my arse cheeks.

I was fitted with a blond shoulder length wig and a black headscarf, that was loosely wrapped over my head and around my neck. Red lipstick, eye liner, makeup and a pair of oversized dark glasses completed the look.

The only item that was missing was my footwear. Out of the cupboard Nat pulled the most exquisite pair of black patent leather boots I had ever seen. The heel was about 15cm and the boots had a small 2cm platform. They fitted my calves perfectly once zipped up.

I was now ready and admired myself in the mirror. I noticed that the chiffon top was a bit shorter than I would have liked, but I knew Nat had done that on purpose. The satin tights were being worn as leggings. I prefer wearing tights to leggings as I like having my feet encased in the same material as the rest of my legs. The heels pushed my hips and my labia out and I felt rather naked from the waist down, despite being encased in two layers of hose.

I asked Nat why she had made me wear stockings and suspenders under the tights. She explained that the lines and bumps from the suspender clasps were easily visible through the satin tights and she wanted whoever saw me later to see this detail and admire the details. I found that extremely sexy. Also, the stockings rubbing against the tights when I walked was an amazing sensation. So now I was ready but Nat was not. I could sit down if I was careful, so planted myself on the end of the bed and waited for her to get dressed.

She showered and seemed to take forever. When she came out I could see why. She was also cleanly shaven everywhere. First she put on her overbust corset and I helped lace her into it. That was no easy task considering I was wearing latex gloves, but I finally got it right. She also had 8 suspenders attached to her corset and between the two of us we managed to roll a pair of ultra tight latex stockings onto Nat’s legs. Latex stockings have to be the sexiest stockings ever invented. They encase the leg completely and extremely tightly. We fastened the suspender clasps to the stockings and ensured they were straight.

Now for the most fun part.  Nat lubed up a long string of anal beads, squatted and slowly inserted them one by one. Once that was done, the inserted a small vibrating egg into her vagina and gave me the remote control. She ensured that both toys would stay in place by pulling on a pair of very tight latex panties.

She then pulled on a tight black long sleeved fitted top and put on a long flowing black maxi skirt. She put on a pair of black boots identical to mine. Once she was dressed she took a look at me, a look at herself and proclaimed that we both looked damn good. We could feel the sexual tension between us and a part of me didn’t want to touch her for fear of me getting out of control. I did try to compose myself though and gave her a long, sensuous kiss, halfway through which I cheekily switched on the remote control vibrating egg for a short while. Her legs buckled but she quickly composed herself.

We spent the day in the shops and markets in our home town. At first we just wandered around enjoying the warm spring sunshine, and the attention we were getting from people. We were both wearing extremely high heels and I was wearing a rather revealing outfit. We were holding hands and kissing each other quite often, as a couple in love does.

After a while we entered a ladies clothing shop. Nat called the assistant over. The assistant, a lovely looking young lady who was most likely a university student, asked whether she could help. My wife confidently told her that she was looking for a black pencil skirt for her husband, indicating to me. The poor girl was slightly taken aback but composed herself quickly. She asked what length we were looking for and Nat forced me to take on the conversation. I stumbled at first but then said that I preferred knee length skirts. The assistant pulled out a tape measure to measure my leg and couldn’t help notice the suspender lines on the inside of my tights. She admired that I certainly took a lot of care in dressing and she loved the fact that I was wearing suspenders. I could feel that I was blood red but I was extremely turned on at the same time.

We finally bought a skirt and moved on. Nat was hungry so we stopped for a bit to eat and I decided to get my own back. I waited until she was eating her meal and then I turned the vibrating egg on. The restaurant was quite full and noisy so the sound of the egg was not audible, however she soon became excited and started writhing and wriggling in her chair. She was obviously trying to hide the fact that she was having an orgasm but that was no easy task. Just as I thought she was climaxing I turned the egg off. She wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or angry at me for stopping her fun. I continued to play with the controls all afternoon until eventually she had to stop walking and held herself against a park bench where she had a shuddering but silent orgasm.

The rest of the day was most enjoyable although my heels did start to hurt me towards late afternoon and I did need a pee but couldn’t have one due to my penis being trussed up. We got home in early evening and Nat helped me get my tights down enough for me to remove the tape and have a pee. However once that was done she strapped me up again and we retired to the living room to talk about the day. She said it was finally time to reward me for being such a good girl. I had been extremely turned on all day but had tried to block the thoughts out of my mind due to my circumstances.

However I now let my mind take over and contemplated by situation. I had been dressed up in extremely sexy clothing all day with a butt plug up my arse. I had worn my favourite items of clothing, namely stockings, heels and a corset and had watched my wife orgasm in public. It was too much to bear and I could feel my erection coming. Nat sensed it too. She put me over the living room chair and pulled my tights and latex panties down to my knees. I really thought my chance was coming and she instructed me to wait where I was.

She returned a minute later and cuffed my hands behind my back. I saw she had put on the largest strapon I had ever seen. She lubed it up and then slowly pulled the plug out of my arse and inserted her strapon. She started pumping me for all she was worth and found the remote for the vibrating egg. She fucked me harder and harder in the arse until she had another climax from the vibrating egg. As she climaxed she pulled the anal beads out of her arse which sent her into a wild frenzy. Eventually she collapsed and she left me there, unsatisfied and very horny…


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