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My New Boobs

by Sandra Steeple-Langford

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© Copyright 2018 - Sandra Steeple-Langford - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; ts; cd; breasts; bar; chatup; M/m; D/s; tease; kiss; denial; mast; oral; dildo; insert; climax; cons; X

Chapter 1

My new tits look wonderful. They are still a little tender as the job was only done a month ago but they are now full, round and a generous E cup which helps balance my wide male shoulders. I do not need to wear a bra as they are perfect and high but they look so much better framed in a low-cut bra which holds them together and provides a better cleavage. Something I did not even contemplate before they were made is that I can no longer see my cock, except in the mirror. Even before, it had been difficult as the hormones that had given me small boobs had also shrunk my cock but, now, unless I felt down to find it, my mind could pretend that it did not exist.

I lifted myself onto the stool at the end of the club bar so that I could admire my new appendages in the mirror behind the bar. With my hair now growing and the hair extensions adding length and volume, my top half looked like the sexy MILF I wanted to be. I put one of my long white ciggies between my red lips and revelled in the fact that this private member club still allowed smoking in the bar. I inhaled deeply and watched my breasts rise then fall as I exhaled. “You sexy bitch”, I thought, if you had a pussy it would be dripping wet and hungry for stiff cock.

The problem was that my cock thought so too. It was straining to stiffen in the tight confines of the surgical tape that held it between my legs in a perfect tuck. The tight elastic pants I was wearing also helped keep my outline smooth and girly. As my mind began to control the stiffening, I thought, I am still a man inside, and that’s what will make me such a good fuck. I know what men like and can give it to them.

If only my waist, hips and bum looked more girly, I could be even more convincing. I need to save up for some more surgery if I am to win the right sexy heterosexual male to be my lover and even husband.

Chapter 2

Is that guy at the other end of the bar eyeing me up, I thought? He isn’t the normal shaven headed gay in jeans and tee shirt. More a normal hetro-type and quite hunky. I looked at him while I inhaled deeply and saw him watching my titties rise and fall. I wanted to feel him fondling them while he kisses and cuddled me. I wanted to look deeply into his brown eyes as I lifted my arms to encircle his neck so that he would have full access to my body. I wanted to kiss him deeply and feel his manhood grow and press into my stomach. My body was aching for him and I felt sexier than I had ever done before in my new female role. A real man wanted me!

I was positively drooling at the mouth as I took the last drag at my fag and leant forward provocatively to stub it out, revealing my now ample cleavage.

I was rewarded. As I recovered to my erect seated position I found him standing in front of me. My gaze moved upwards from a substantial bulge in his skin-tight trousers across a firm body, which was not over muscly, to his long neck, chiselled jaw and then into his deep brown eyes. I parted my lips a little and then lowered my eyes as I fluttered my long false lashes at him.

Wow! You look fantastic, he said. My name is Ian. Can I buy you a drink?

I was in extasy. A man wanted me as a woman and was not just a gay who tolerated sissy clothes in order to get a bit of sub cock.

Of course, I said. I’ll have a large slimline G&T. I have to watch my figure. You certainly have plenty to watch he said with a smile. He ordered and I lit a ciggy so that I could entrance him with the rise and fall of my cleavage. These boobs are worth their weight in gold, I thought.

When the barman placed my drink in front of me, I caught Ian’s arm and pulled him closer so that I could whisper in his ear. I know that you find my titties attractive but they are still a little new and tender so you will have to be gentle with me. If his bulge was large before, it was positively enormous now as he thought about fondling my boobs. As he was close enough and we were well behind the end of the bar, no one could see what I was about to do. I felt for his cock with my right hand while I put my left behind his neck, pulled his face towards mine and kissed him.

He was a good kisser but his face was not smoothly shaven and that took some of the pleasure away. If it had not been for my excitement and anticipation for what I had in my right hand, I might have gone no further.

I’m Karen, I said, and I can’t wait to get my red lips round that exciting big bulge you have hidden in your trousers, I said as I gave it another squeeze. Me too he said. I have a tremendous appetite for sex and can promise you a good time too.  You know, I am unusual. I can cum copious amounts more than once so that I will be able to give you a big mouthful to swallow and then still be able to satisfy your succulent pussy afterwards. Would you like that, you sexy bitch.

Now we have a problem, I thought. Wonderful that thought may be, but he actually thinks that I am a girl. How can I tell him that I am not without scaring him away? Anyway, I deliberated, what is a straight guy doing in a gay bar? Perhaps he is exploring his sexuality and I may be the halfway house he is looking for! I must slow down and get to know him better.

Come over here big boy, I said, as I led him to a corner booth where we could talk more privately. I snuggled up next to him, then pushed him away. He was clearly turned on so I felt strong. His brain was now in his balls and he would be putty in my hands no matter what I said or demanded. If we are going to get any closer, I said, you will need to shave. I thought girls liked the macho two-day stubble look, he replied. I shook my head and said, only if they have leather for skin, you will bring me out in a blotchy rash and then you won’t love me anymore. Sit up straight, I said, and tell me why you are in a gay bar when you are clearly heterosexual?

That’s my problem, he said, and blushed a bit. Go on, I said, you won’t shock me.

I like kinky sex and lots of it but my wife says I am a pervert. I eat her pussy and drink her piss and get so turned on I nearly cum hands free. I want her to fuck me with a dildo while she wanks my cock but she won’t do it and calls me a homo. The other day she caught me with her dildo just as it made me cum hands free. She screamed get out here homo and started throwing my clothes out of the window. I had no option but to leave if only to avoid an issue with the neighbours.

I found a room in a cheap hotel and having settled in I decided to go out to find out if I actually am a homosexual and that’s why I came here. I was having a drink and chatting to the other guys at the bar but they did not arouse anything in my loins and they didn’t seem to be interested in me either. Then you came in. I had just come to the conclusion that I had nothing in common with men and certainly did not get a stiffy by being with them, when I sprung to attention on seeing your wonderful boobs and your sexy face. That confirmed to me that I am just a super sexy guy who enjoys everything and anything about sex. Right now, I would explode if your long nails just touched my cock and the thought of filling you up with my cum would be extasy.

Mmm, I said, and how would you feel if I were to put on a dildo and were to fuck your ass in the way your wife would not do, I queried? That would be magic, he said. I am sure that I would have a hands-free cum on the spot. That wouldn’t be any good, I said, I want my men to beg me to let them cum and only to be able to cum when I give them my permission. I must be their mistress and them my sex slave. I had him. He was captivated, hungry for me, and would do anything to get a release of the pressure inside his balls.

I opened my bag, took out my ciggies and some lipstick then made him watch while I applied a thick coat of the latter and then pretended that my ciggy was a cock as I lit it, inhaled, lent forward to give him a good view of my boobs. I then exhaled straight into his face. He wanted to kiss me but I stopped him. Not with that rough beard, I said. Go home and shave and no wanking. I want you extra stiff and all spunked up when I come around in my high heeled thigh boots and mistress leathers. Give me your address and I will be there in an hour. I can’t wait, he said. You had better, I replied.

Chapter 2

I went home to change. It was the first time that I had worn a corset since my boob job and I have to say the smaller waist with the bigger boobs overflowing the built-in cups looked delicious. I put on some extra makeup, a second pair of extra-long lashes and pulled my hair back and up into a bun. I then added a hair piece in front of the bun, which gave even more lift and then cascaded behind to fall in waves over my bare shoulders. I pulled the tape off my cock and stood in front of the mirror in my thigh high boots and corset. Just looking at myself made my cock stiff. You will have to wait I said to my cock. In case it could hear I slipped into my hollow black dildo and strapped it on. It stuck out as a proud 8-inch-long shiny black latex dong and reminded me of how I used to be. My stiffy had firmed inside the dildo which was now holding it tight at its base so that it could not shrink so the dildo felt part of me. It was so long that I could just see the mushroom end sticking out beyond my tits.

There was no way that I could wear my leather dress while wearing that dildo and there was no way that I could take the dildo off and refit it while I was with Ian without him finding out my secret. I needed another solution.

I lit a ciggy to help me think and sat with it in front of the dressing table mirror. I needed some accruements for the outfit and then something to cover me up. I found a black PVC neck corset that, when laced on, seemed to give me poise and stature. I put on some long chandelier bling earrings, loads of bracelets and a fake nose ring with a little diamond at the end. I really must get my nipples and my tongue pierced, I thought. Now for my rings. I selected a range and put one on every finger and a gold band on my left thumb.

I finished my ciggy and, as if by magic, had an idea. At the back of my wardrobe I had a black PVC rain coat with a full skirt; the sort of trench coat style that was all the rage some years ago. I put it in on, buckled up tight at my now slimmer waist and flared the skirt out. There was still something poking out at the front but it was not very noticeable so I thought that I would risk it. I looked like a slutty whore, but that is what I intended to be that night. Anyway, that’s what all the men would like to see and any women I passed would probably turn away.

I put some lube in my mangina and stepped into some open fronted black PVC panties before leaving to walk the 200 yards to my car. Perhaps I should look left and right then wait for a quiet moment before leaving my front door, but I did not. Everyone in the neighbourhood talks about me, so let them talk some more, I thought.

As it happened, it was a quiet period. There were just some lads coming out of the pub on the corner who whistled and called out, a tenner for a blow job darling. I turned away and slid into my car.

Chapter 3

The journey to Ian’s flat was uneventful but it felt and looked strange to have the gigantic penis sticking up between my legs and holding the skirt of my raincoat up in a tent like bulge. Inside its constrains, my cock remained hard and wanting. I was really turned on and couldn’t wait to service my new man.

He welcomed me at the door, cleanly shaven, with a big kiss and began groping my tits. Stop, I said. Karen has not given you permission to do that. He hung back sheepish and frustrated but was clearly enjoying his new subservient role. The bulge in his pants was enormous and I was sure that he hadn’t been wanking but felt that he should prove it to me. I sat in an arm chair and lit a ciggy. Take off your shirt, I said and he did what he was told, revealing a well-toned slightly tanned torso which I wanted to run my hands over but I resisted. Now your pants, I said. Both your pants and underpants together as I hate men’s underpants and do not want to see you in them. He unbuckled and slid both down together. His manhood sprung out erect and wanting. His balls were tight and bunchy. He had not been wanking but I asked never-the-less. Have you been a good boy, saving yourself up for me, I asked? Yes Mistress Karen, he said. Come over here and let me check, I said. He stood there with his cock at mouth height as I fondled his balls and blew smoke over his cock. Hmm, I said, it looks and feels as if you have been good so you will be rewarded when I am ready.

I stood up before him and let my mac drop to the floor to reveal my well corseted body from neck to hips and my massive dong protruding at the front. On your knees, I said, and show me what you would like me to do to your cock. I have a lovely treat in store for you, a big black cock to suck. If you blow it well, it might be turned on enough to want your wimpy ass to relieve itself. I can’t wait, I thought.

I did not have to order him twice, he was on his knees sucking within seconds. I reached for another ciggy and guided him towards the chair, cock still in mouth, so that I could relax, smoke and play with my nipples as he sucked. Look at me all the time, I said. Watch me smoking and playing with my nipples but you are not to touch me or your own cock. That is a pleasure for which you will have to wait. I now own your cock and your mind and you are just here to be my sex slave and to look after my pleasure.

I finished my ciggy and decided that I would allow him his first release of stress. That is a good boy, I said. Now I will show you how slutty girls milk their men so that you will be an even better cock sucker next time I allow you to enjoy what all cum sluts enjoy.

I held his cock with my right hand and led him to the bedroom pushed him back onto the bed with his legs open so that I could kneel in between them. I grasped his long cock in two hands and peeled back the foreskin to reveal the tender globe, opened wide and clasped my lipstick lips around it. His cock was like a rod of iron and the globe was glistening and dark purple with the pressure of the blood pumping into it.

I wished that I had my tongue pierced so that I would be even better at this but he did not seem to care. He moaned and jerked as I sucked. When he was near, and it did not take long, he put his hands on my head to keep it there. This made me suck even harder and I was rewarded with a gigantic squirt, then another, followed by and seemingly continuous dribble until he was done. Never-the-less, I kept sucking so that I could drain ever last drop. Stop, stop he said, you are hurting me. There is nothing left. I lifted my head and showed him a mouth full of cum, which had begun dribbling down the side of my lipstick coated lips. I said, no, it is all in here so that we can share its pleasure with me and can show me that you like cock just as much as pussy, just like I do.

No way, he said, as I moved up to lay on top of him, pinched his nose so that he could not breath and had to open his mouth, clamped my mouth to his and let his cum flow between us as we kissed.

You cow, he said, as he broke free. Are you trying to turn me into a homo? No. I said, I am just turning you on in ways that you never thought would excite you but clearly do more than you can hide. By the look of your cock, already stiff and wanting, and so soon after a big cum, whatever you say, you enjoyed that cumy kiss and will be hooked on it for ever more

I need an after-sex ciggy, I said. Do you have an ashtray? No, he said, use a saucer from the kitchen cupboard.

While I am away, pour me a G&T and lay on the bed wanking so that I can watch you, but no cuming before I say you can.

When I got back, my drink was waiting and he was doing as he had been told. My you do have a handsome cock, I thought, and just like you said, it was already straining and ready to go for a second time.

I lit a ciggy and stood there watching as I smoked and played with my nipple using my left hand while I lubricated my dong and masturbated it with my right. Look at us wanking together, I said. Does my little sissy boyfriend want his mistresses big cock in his mangina? Oh yes please mistress Karen, he said. Make me squirm under your power. I want you to fill me up with your spunk so that I can have a handsfree when you cum. You never know, I thought, there is a blow hole in the dildo, I might just be able to do that for you.

I lay on the bed with my cock in the air, a new ciggy lit and playing with my nipples. I then ordered him to please me by sitting on my cock and fucking it until I had a cum. Only then, I said, will I allow you to cum

I watched him close his eyes then gasp as he impaled himself on my 8 inch black dong, right up to the hilt. He then stroked away with pleasure on his face and shudders running through his body. It was clearly fulfilling a fantasy for him which I needed to develop over time as I enslaved him even more.

It didn’t feel bad for me either. Every time he went up and down it sort of pulled and pushed on my cock inside it, like a mini wank and when he came down hard on the pelvic bone it was like having my imaginary clitty being pounded.

However, I needed something more if I was to cum so felt in my bag for my mini vibrator and slipped it in my mangina without him noticing. I was sure that he would hear it buzzing but he was so far gone that he did not even notice that.

As my pleasure zones responded to the vibrator, I encouraged him to accelerate and fuck harder. I began to moan with pleasure so I put out my ciggy and pulled him to me so that I could kiss him, wrap my arms around his firm body and get our motions to coordinate.

It worked. Just as he spluttered, “I’m cuming” I did so too. I opened my legs wide and pulled his body against mine and I squirted into the dildo and out of its end. At the same time, I felt a sticky wet patch of his cum flowing between our stomachs. I held him there for a moment then said, look what a mess you have made of your mistress. Lick up all that cum you have wasted. That should have been inside me not outside.

There were no protests this time. He lifted himself off and began alternately licking it up and kissing me so that we could share his seed and pleasure. I had won another battle.

I sort of like this Mistress role, I thought. We must do it again.

I got up and went to the mirror to fix my face. Be ready for me when I come around tomorrow at 8 o’clock, I said. You will need to be extra sexy as my demands will be even higher. Would you like that, I said. Yes please mistress he replied, whenever and whatever you command. I slipped off the dildo to reveal my dripping cock. His jaw dropped. While your mouth is open, I said, you had better clean up my cock before I leave.

As he did so, I knew that he was mine forever and I could do anything I wanted with him. Life is going to be on an improving trend from now on, I thought. The new boobs were really worth it!


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