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My New Husband

by Sandra Steeple-Langford

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© Copyright 2018 - Sandra Steeple-Langford - Used by permission

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“Wanted: Tall muscular well-hung man to become the live-in husband for a glamorous crossdresser and a lover for his sexy wife. Please send your details, desires and erect photo”

Chapter 1

What could we lose. We didn’t need to go through with it but my wife needed stiff cock now that the hormones were going to emasculate me. For my part, as I was becoming more feminine as every day passed, I needed a man to love and cherish me and to satisfy my changing sexual needs. But, my wife and I were still desperately in love and enjoyed being more than just lesbian girlfriends so we needed a “Ménage à trois ” to satisfy us both.

Hazel and I go out together shopping, to restaurants and to clubs. She loves to wear extravagant makeup and clothes and looks a “wow” She loves men drooling over her but does not want a full-time lover as we still enjoy each other in bed. She wants us to be together always so has agreed that our advertisement might just find a solution that fulfils both our needs and keeps us together forever.

I owe everything to her as she helped me to discover and develop my latent feminine side from the very start. She said that my girlishness had always been what had attracted me to her. She hated me wearing cotton underpants and soon had me in knickers and satin pyjamas at night. When we were on holiday she was painting her toe nails by the pool and said, why don’t we do yours. I thought it was just for fun so agreed and, of course, no one could see them in my shoes. She kept on about how nice they looked when I was bare footed around the pool and a couple of nights later, after a boozy dinner, she took me to a piercing parlour and had my ears and nipples pierced. We made wonderful love when we got back to the villa as the whole thing seemed to turn her on.

When shopping the next day, she insisted that I buy some girly open foot modern flat slave sandals with a toe post and said that I should wear them instead of my deck shoes. She said that they would look nice with some super skinny jeans and that there was no one who knew us in the resort so, who cares what others think. She thought that I looked great showing off my legs and painted toe nails.

We shaved my body, I put on her tight white ultra-skinny jeans which were ankle length so my feet were displayed a treat in the new sandals. She took out my stud earrings and gave me some of her pink ones to wear. These matched my nails. She asked me to put on her slouch Disigual top which had a vivid floral and sparkling front.

Wow, she said, you look great in that but it will not work without some makeup and work on your hair. But, I said, you are turning into a girl. Yes, she said, and you will have a chance to see what it is like to admired by men when we go out tonight.

I was aghast but my cock seemed to think that it was a good idea. It could scarcely be contained in my new tight trousers. We will have to fix that, she said, but only after I have finished your make-over.

She sat me at the dressing table and worked on my face and hair. With blusher, face shaper and false eyelashes, I began to look quite sexy. She slicked my male hair back and up with some gel then pinned a scrunch pony tail on top; not the best hairstyle in the world, but it did look feminine. She applied lipstick and gloss to finish the conversion and said, now it is time to deflower you. She led me to the bedroom.

She had never been like this with me in bed before. She was all over my body, gently smoothing caressing and fondling me. She kissed my neck, which felt good and I was aroused in a way I had never been before. I tried to reciprocate but she pushed my hands away and said that I had to lay back and be loved. Piece by piece, she stripped me and then clamped her lips on mine, with her tongue deep in my mouth, she sat on top of me and fed my cock into her pussy and her vibrator up my arse. She put her hand behind her back to grasp the vibrator and hold it deep inside me while she lifted her body up and down to milk my cock.

She could see that I was in heaven and she called me a sexy bitch and a cum slut that wanted nothing but to be fucked. It was uncontrolled pleasure. I felt powerless to do anything except be taken and that is what happened. I had a wonderful cum deep inside her.

What I did not anticipate was her next move which was to clamp her cum filled pussy onto my mouth so that I was forced to drink up all my own seed while she ground her pussy into my face until she had her own orgasm.

We lay together on the bed for a while. I was speechless. It had been an experience I had never felt before and she seemed to have enjoyed it as much as I did.

She leapt up and said, what a mess you have made of yourself and I guess I am a mess as well. We will need to repair our makeup and tape up your soft little cock before we can go out together for dinner tonight.

Steady on, I replied, no longer being on a wave of sexual excitement, I am not going out dressed as a girl. That was just for a bit of fun and some exceptional sex. If looks could kill, I wouldn’t be here to tell this tale. You will do exactly as I say, she said, and led me back to the dressing table where she reapplied my makeup, did hers and improved my hair by adding a second hair piece to provide more fullness and a cascade at the sides as well as at the back. She added a diamante clip at the point that the hair pieces met my slicked back hair to cover the join. She told me to change my earrings for some diamante ones to match the slide, she let me borrow her spare watch and a bracelet. She then taped up my cock and replaced my pants

Ready, she said, let’s go and see if the men think you look as sexy as I do.

We drove to a club on the sea front that is renowned for its eclectic mix of eccentric young people, including gays and lesbians. In the car, I asked how she felt I looked and whether my absence of boobs mattered. She thought not and that the lose top covered up a lot. With my flat shoes and her wearing heels she thought I wouldn’t look too tall so that we would look like girlfriends out for the night. I hoped that she would be right.

We got some drinks and stood outside with the crowd sipping our drinks. She offered me one of her ciggies which I took and copied her in how girl’s smoke. She said that we would need to do my finger nails before we go out next time as they are very visible when one is smoking, as would be my mission from now on.

We hadn’t been there long before two somewhat inebriated guys came over and started chatting to us. I could have died. I did not know what to do or to say and tried to shrink into the background. Hazel was much less reticent and snuggled up to one of the guys and said, I’ll have a glass of champagne please and so will Sandra. OK, he said and disappeared to the bar, leaving the other guy, who was called David, to chat to us. She told David that I was very shy as I was getting over a failed romance and pushed him towards me. He put his arm round my waist and went to kiss me but I resisted. Oh, go on, Hazel said, you will enjoy it. I did but, afterwards, I ran off to the ladies to repair my lipstick and to stop myself shaking from fear.

The ladies was a new experience for me as well. I had never before even seen inside a ladies’ room. I went to one corner and half faced the mirror and the wall so that the others doing their makeup could not see me full face, in the hope that they would not notice me. To my dismay one girl came up to me and asked if I had a tampax that she could borrow as she had come on early and needed something to stem the flow. I shook my head, not wanting to answer with a male voice. I hurried out before I could be faced with more problems.

When I got back, Hazel was smoking, drinking and draping herself all over her guy who was called Clive. She was acting like a real trollop and I was upset that she would even contemplate doing that with another man. My David put his arm round me and said, we had better go on to somewhere more private or those two will embarrass themselves and us as well!

It’s quiet in the park by the beach, Hazel said, and we all walked off together.

When we got there, we found a bench, the guys sat and we sat on their laps, kissing and cuddling. Hazel saw from the corner of her eye that David was trying to find my breasts, so pulled us both up and announced that it would only be fair to our men to give them a blow job, as we both were having our periods and sex was out of the question. With that, she knelt down and pulled me down with her to unzip their pants and guzzle away at their cocks. I just could not help myself. What could I do but comply or be found out and probably be beaten up.

I peeled back David’s foreskin and swallowed his globe before I had time to think as I would have recoiled at the prospect if I had delayed. It was a good-sized cock, much bigger than mine, but it did smell a bit niffy. He put his hands on my head and held me so that I could not get away. I began to suck and he straightened and tensed his legs. I watched Hazel out of the corner of my eye and she was absolutely ravaging her man but she wasn’t as good as I was at it as David came first with a grunt and three strong squirts followed by a dribble. I kept sucking and drained him until he recoiled and pulled away. I stood up swallowed the load and kissed him before finding one of Hazel’s ciggies, which I smoked while David and I watched her finish her job.

When she had done so she sprung up with her mouth still full of his cum and kissed me deeply so that we shared his seed. She then took my ciggy, took two deep drags and said, we had better be going now and we walked away hand in hand, leaving our men open mouthed.

Chapter 2

When we got back to the villa, we shared a ciggy and a G&T, sitting close and both feeling content and exhilarated. She looked at me deep in my eyes and said,” you enjoyed that, didn’t you Sandra?” I couldn’t hide the fact that I had done so and I couldn’t wait for the next experience we could enjoy together so said so. Her response was firm and controlling. “You have no option anyway”, she said.

She helped me to glam myself up with her makeup and perfume then took me to bed. She told me how pretty I looked and then showed me what I had to do to ride a cock in a way that would make me have a prostate orgasm. First, she laid me back on the bed and released my already stiff cock which stood as firm and erect as a lamp post. She then took off her knickers, lit a ciggy and sat back in an armchair with her legs hooked over the arms while she smoked and played with her clitty. Watch me and play with your nipples but do not touch your cock, she said.

After a while, her cunt became dripping wet. She put her fingers inside then licked them clean. Now it is your turn, she said, and offered me a taste of her juices. That should make you feel all girly she said as she went to the drawer and took out and strapped on her dildo. She then covered it liberally with her juices as proper female lubrication and lay beside me on the bed with her cock standing proud alongside mine. Now my lovely, she said, I want you to mount me and milk my cock of its seed like all good sluts need to do. I knelt either side of her and slowly lowered myself onto her slippery black dong until it was in to the hilt and my cock was laying flat along her stomach like a barb stopping me going further. Good girl, she said, now play with your nipple with one hand, lift your male clitty with the other, wet your finger in your mouth and rub your frenum as you slide my cock in and out of you. Do it slowly and make sure that the angle of attack ensures my cock presses the front part of your passage so that it massages your prostate in a long slow rhythmical movement.

It felt good. I seemed to have an electric buzz connecting my nipple to my sensitive point on the head of my male clitty which then spread into my mangina giving it a warm glow. This warm glow seemed to grow and spread through me, slowly at first, then increasingly so that it encouraged me to quicken my pace. No, she said, don’t go faster. Make it last until you cannot control yourself. Tense yourself down there when you are lifting your body on the upward stroke so that you squeeze my cock. Think of it as if you are pulling out its seed and milking me of my cum juices. Even when I have given them to you, you must continue until you have extracted every last drop. In that way you will totally satisfy us both and you will have an ecstatic cum of completeness.

I followed her instructions. The squeezing increased the pressure on my prostate and I got to the point where my peepee started to dribble. Good girl, she said, now your pleasure juices are starting to flow so that the moment is getting nearer for both of us. She started to play with one of her own nipples and with the other hand felt for the base of the dildo and held its balls tightly while flipping the switch to turn on its internal vibrator.

Fuck my big cock you sexy bitch, she said, and began to thrust up towards me both to increase the pressure of the vibrator on her own clitty and to increase the urgency for us both.

My dribble turned into a flow. I put my head back and cried “Give it to me you bastard. Make me your bitch. Fill me with your lovely cum” This seemed to excite Hazel even more and she pushed up harder and faster which brought us both to a climax but she cried, don’t stop, don’t stop and with all my willpower I managed to keep going and my flow began again. This brought us to another climax. Again, she said, but I could not go any further even though she wanted me to do so. I slumped forward so that I could kiss her deeply and thank her for giving me the best cum of my life.

Just wait until it is a real warm male cock inside you instead of a dong and you can feel it squiring into you, she said, then you will know what toe curling cums are all about. Anyway, we are going to have to give you much more training if you seem only to be able to manage two climaxes, she said. Girls need a minimum of three and usually more to be fully satisfied, she said and I am not finished yet, so you had better finish me off with your tongue and use some of that lovely spunk as a lubrication.

I needed to make her cum three further times before she said, it’s time for our after-sex ciggy.

As a reward, she let me sleep in her baby doll nightie instead of my silk pyjamas!

Chapter 3

Over breakfast the next morning Hazel announced that we would be spending the day clothes shopping for us both. She needed some disco slut clothes to attract some stiff cocks and I needed a complete wardrobe. If she could find some mega high heels and if I were to buy some more modest heels, the height difference between us would not be too noticeable. She said that I needed some better hair pieces which might be difficult to find, but that would all change when my hair grows. But, I said, that is all OK when we are on holiday where no one knows us, what happens when we get home? She did not answer.

First of all, we need to improve your makeup, get your finger nails and hair done and see what we can do about lingerie to improve your shape.

She started by plucking out almost all of my eyebrows before I had realised how far she had gone. She then used some semi-permanent dye that she used herself to fashion new eyebrows in the modern style with tapered square inner edges and chisel sharp tails. While the dye was cooking she called the local salon and booked me in for my nails and some work on my hair. What I did not realise was that I was to become blonde and have semi-permanent hair extensions attached to the roots.

She applied a light day-time makeup, gave me one of her bras to wear but first taped what little chest I have into the centre to give the illusion of breasts growing out of the cups. She then filled the voids with knickers and tights as we could not find anything better.

I put on the only girly clothes I had so far at my disposal and we went out.

At the salon, some of the girls were sniggering as Hazel had evidently told them what was going on. As no one knew me, who cares, I thought.

What turned out to be bleach went on my hair and, while it was cooking, another girl started on my nails which Hazel said needed to be long, stiletto shaped and coloured to match my toes.

Although the girl used stick on tips to speed up the process, it seemed to take ages to make progress. By the time my hair was ready for the next stage, she had only applied the tips. As I lifted my head from the basin, I was dumbfounded to see what Hazel had ordered but she just smirked and said, that is better, all tarts are blonde!

After a light trim to improve the shape, my hair was dried and the long wavy blond extensions were glued in so that I had shoulder length hair. Hazel said that I had to wear my new hair down so that it did not add to my height. The girl used tongs to curl it but back-combed the top a little to give it shape.

I have to say that it looked really great and suited me. I positively glowed as I tossed my head and felt my hair brushing over my shoulders. It caused my securely taped cock to try and stiffen but fortunately the binding was too strong.

Next my nails were finished with an acrylic gel for strength and a pink varnish to complete the look. Now I had to begin the long process of learning how to use my hands while wearing long nails.

I got up to leave but was stopped by Hazel who said, could you do a little BoTox to help with his face shape and the girl agreed. She enhanced my cheek bones, plumped my lips and removed the wrinkles round my eyes.

Everything felt very tight and unnatural but improved my female image considerably. She then touched up my makeup and we left to go shopping.

Chapter 4

Shoes were the first thing on the agenda, only because that was the first shop we passed. We both tried on several pairs and purchased some more flat sandals for me, but this time with some bling on them. We also found some three-inch strappy stilettos for me and some concealed platform heels for Hazel. The latter had incredibly high heels but the platform reduced the effect on her foot to about a 5-inch heel while adding seven inches to her height. Indeed, she was taller than me when I was wearing the flat sandals.

Next, we found underwear in a sexy boutique targeting the holiday trollops that hang out in the bars and discos. They even had a corset which Hazel said would improve my figure until the hormones she would order on the internet take over. She said she would place an order as soon as we were back in the UK. Steady on, I said, this is a holiday experiment. She replied, no, this is your new life as my cuckold girlfriend lover, so you had better get used to it! You are passed the point of no return. You have always said that you wanted to enjoy everything together that I liked doing, so now you will be able to be my female lover, best friend and will learn to do together, what I enjoy most, making big cocks stiff and then milking them dry.

We went on to have fun trying on dresses and other items of clothing, but Hazel said I would need to stick to dresses and skirts that I could pull up to be fucked so that I did not expose myself semi-nude and spoil the female effect at the top.

We returned to the villa with almost too much to carry. When we had unpacked we put on our new bikinis sun hats and sunglasses to lie by the pool with a cocktail and a ciggy. Hazel said that I needed to get brown while creating amusing white triangles on my boobs, in front of my clitty and high above my bare bum cheeks where the thong joined. I thought that the concept would look great so lay there a little too long and became a bit burned. However, it was worth it as the white triangles were starting to become evident.

As night fell we went inside to get changed into our summer dresses for the planned evening out.

I wore a short white bodycon dress with a large vibrant deep pink floral motif with some bling in the centre of the flower. With my new corset on, this gave me a good shape. The dress had a high top at the front and a low back so that my still badly padded boobs did not show. With my cock tightly taped down and my balls up in their sacks, I could wear a thong which showed off my new bronzed legs a treat.

Hazel wore a micro mini skirt and a low-cut top that left her navel exposed. As she had not had it pierced, she had found a fake navel jewel that looked as if she did have a piercing.

We both trowelled on the makeup and lashes so that we looked evening glamorous. In our new shoes and with my backcombed hair, I was two inches taller than her but no one would notice as they would only be looking at her, she looked good enough to eat and I wanted to ravish her there and then but she stopped me. You must stop being turned on by women, she said. From now on it is men and cocks that you must fancy, not tits and bums, but that should not stop you being able to enjoy a little lesbian sex with me though!

So, we are going to have to do some mind training on you, she said, from now on you are only allowed to look at girl’s eyes and hair and clothes- no tits, legs and bums. I will be watching you! Your mind must now be focused only on cocks and your looks and mannerisms need to be crafted so that you excite big bulges in all fanciable men’s pants!

We had a cocktail, a ciggy and went out. I am getting used to this glamour, sex and smoking triangle and I have to say that my new nails add considerably to the illusion.


Chapter 5

We drove to a bar on the sea front and joined the throng spilling outside onto the promenade. With glasses of champagne and a ciggy we moved amongst the revellers with Hazel acting like a tart chatting up anything in trousers until she came across two muscled black guys she said would do and asked them outright if they wanted to take us to dinner. They happily agreed. We talked and had more champagne before leaving for a nearby restaurant which had a small dance floor and emitted noisy music both inside and out. They paid the maître d’ for a table near the open windows and we ordered more drinks and food. Hazel said that we were both watching our diets so we would not be expensive to feed but then chose lobster salads for both of us, which was one of the most expensive options on the menu! The guys winced.

It is funny that black guys usually have imposing and unusual names but both of these two had been born in the UK and sported more conventional names. Mine was called Trevor but Hazel’s was called Jackson.

I looked at Trevor, trying to think like a girl and trying to decide whether I fancied him. I certainly fancied Hazel and was jealous of the male attention she was getting. This was made worse by her obvious gestures of encouragement to her new man.

I felt that I would quite like to feel Trevor’s arms around me and would enjoy being able to run my hands over his muscled chest. I looked down and saw his bulge and wondered if it was for me or for Hazel. I hoped it was for me. Then I looked up at his face and wondered about kissing him. Somehow this was a disjointed thought balancing the idea of being fucked by a real cock with what had happened last night. However, this time, the fucking would also involve a full intimate relationship with a man, not a woman and that was another thing.

The food came and we began to eat. Hazel told them the same story about me that she had used the previous night and Trevor looked disappointed. Things began to improve though when she started fondling Jackson under the table cloth while saying to Trevor, “wouldn’t you like to feel Sandra’s long nails round your stiff cock. She is brilliant at blow jobs?” Sandra, why don’t you feel his cock and see if he likes the sound of that?

How could I refuse and it was a real treat that had never crossed my mind until I was told to do it? His cock was long hard and thick. Normally dressed downwards in his boxers, it was trying to lift skywards but was being held down by his trouser leg so that it stuck out in a massive bulge, so big I could scarcely get my hand round it. I blushed when I touched it and Hazel said, I can see that you are looking forward to milking that one. I hope it is big enough for you? I know that you have your rags on but perhaps you could finish him off with some anal! You could slip the back of your thong across to let him in. That made me blush even more.

From that point on, the conversation became almost entirely sexual and everyone’s anticipation rose. Trevor asked me to dance when, fortunately, some slower music was playing. He wrapped his arms round me and pulled me close to him so that I could feel his massive cock pressing into my stomach. It made me shiver with anticipation.

Unfortunately, it also revealed the hardness of my tits which I needed to explain, especially when he looked down at them inquisitively. I said, how do you like the feel of my fully boned corset? It keeps my waist trim but encases my tits in very firm cups. This seemed to satisfy him but left me feeling vulnerable.

He nibbled my ear with his big lips and then sought out my mouth. I gritted my teeth and forced myself not to turn away. His strong arms encircled me and he lifted me up slightly onto my toes to be at his height before kissing me. I melted and when his mouth pressed against mine, I eagerly accepted his tongue which seemed exceedingly long. I thought that he would be good at cunnilingus but did not want Hazel to test out the theory.

God, his cock felt good and so big. It must have been twice as long as my little one and, perhaps, three times the thickness. My mouth went dry as I anticipated what it would be like to hold and to suck it but I just could not contemplate my ass being able to accommodate it.

When the music stopped, we returned to the table to find Hazel sitting on Jackson’s lap with her arms round his neck and her tongue down his throat. She jumped up at our approach and said that we needed to go to the ladies to refresh our makeup, so I followed her.

Once inside, she said, if you think Trevor’s cock is big you should feel Jackson’s. I bet he would be proud to show it off to you. Anyway, I need to have him tonight, just to say that I have done it. So, let’s take them to the villa with us and you can show me how much you want to enjoy what I enjoy.

That is all very well, I said, but I am not a girl and when he finds out, he will kill me! Yes, she said, but won’t you have fun before then and, anyway, if you are controlling enough, he will never find out.

What I have in mind is for us all to share the bed so that you can do the sucking and I can do the fucking. I don’t mind having them both if it makes you less worried but, who knows, that may not be necessary. He may just be turned on enough by you to not be too inquisitive, so you should just run with the flow.

I did not seem to have any option as she turned on her heel and was off to invite them both to join us.

We sped off in our car with them following close behind. When we arrived, I fetched some glasses and opened some champagne which we took with us to the bedroom.

We had scarcely passed through the door when Hazel fell to her knees massaging Jacksons cock and desperately trying to unlock it from his trousers. My god, I said, as his trousers fell to his knees. She looked over her shoulders at me and said, come over here then and suck my man’s cock for me. You need to know what a really big one feels like and I need him to be ready when I have had the pleasure of unwrapping your man’s cock for you!

I did not have to try to kneel down, my legs were so shaky from excitement and nervousness that I just sank to the floor in front of him and grasped his magnificent weapon in my newly manicured hands and fed it into my eagerly awaiting mouth. It was so large that even with my mouth at full stretch I had to push hard to get it inside. The black mushroom head was glistening in the evening light and was so inviting that I could scarcely contain myself. Once it had popped inside the slightly thinner shaft was easier to cope with but left me feeling that I would never be able to get his cock out again without first draining it of its cum so that it shrunk back to a more reasonable size.

I was just contemplating this dilemma when Hazel came over dragging Trevor behind her by this cock. Right, that’s enough excitement for you, she said. He is much too big for you and I am dripping wet in anticipation of what he is going to do to me. Trevor has a more modest sized cock that will suit you better and I understand that he loves anal so you can satisfy him fully despite having your period in full flow.

Let’s start by giving them a lesbian show to get them in the mood. She lit a ciggy laid on the bed with her legs open and said, show them how good you are at cunnilingus. While Sandra is doing that, I want to see you two guys wanking in appreciation but sitting in a place where we can both watch you.

We all obliged and Hazel purred with pleasure. She had two appetiser cums, as she calls them, and then demanded a real fuck. She had our two men lay side by side on the bed with their super stiff cocks standing up like telegraph poles. Side by side we mounted them in our own different ways. Hazel cried out in pain and pleasure as Jackson’s knob popped in. My cry was more a gasp of realisation as I found out how much better a warm human cock felt than a cold rubber dong.

I couldn’t play with my nipples like Hazel was doing and I couldn’t rub my clitty without revealing my sex so I lit a ciggy and enjoyed smoking sex for the first time.

I remembered everything I had been taught about speed and direction of attack for prostate girly cums but, although he was enjoying himself and was grunting and puffing in anticipation of the pleasure mounting inside him, for me, the experience was not as wonderful, exotic or rewarding as it had been the previous night. Also, and more importantly, there was no way that it was going to make me cum in the way I did with Hazel when she was using the vibrating dildo.

I looked at Hazel who seemed to be is ecstasy. Stretched to her limit, she was slowly milking his cock and seeming to get shuddering thrills with every upward stroke. I was jealous.

I needed to do something or I would become just a fuck hole and spunk receptacle.

I put out my ciggy and leant forward to kiss my man. He put his strong arms round me and pulled me towards him and I felt wanted and more relaxed. The problem was that the angle of attack was now from the front of my mangina to high up at the back and was missing my prostate. It was also clear that he could feel my hard breasts which was disconcerting so I needed to do something different. My body was covered and the bottom of my pulled-up dress and the front of my thong were covering my taped-up cock. If I turned over he would surely see my cock. I had an idea.

Fuck me as if I were your wife, I whispered in his ear, but support your weight on your hands so that your big firm body will not crush me. Look at me with your passionate eyes so that I can see the lust you have inside. I then held him in my gaze and rolled him over on top of me but with his body at 45 degrees to mine and a firm contact at his pelvic bone when he was deep inside me. This made me feel more like a woman drawing her man into her and giving herself to him completely. This had a wonderful effect on my mind and the angle of attack was better for my prostate. The knob of his cock ran up over my prostate both when it was going in and coming out and his fucking started to feel like heaven.

It seemed that he was nearer than I would have liked to the point of a cum and I needed more time to catch up. Hazel, on the other hand was finished and was lapping up the spunk drippling from her cunt while Jackson was peeing noisily in the wash basin as he could not bend his cock downward to hit the toilet.

Still looking into Trevor’s eyes, I said, I want you so much and your cock is so wonderful, I want it to last forever. Go slowly and deeply while I tell you what you are doing to me.

I started telling him what was happening with every stroke and how good it felt when he was pulling out past what I called my G spot. I told him how it felt as if I was sucking out his juices with every withdrawal stroke and I asked him if he could feel me squeezing his cock and trying to hold it in when he was withdrawing. He did not answer but clearly had the message and was enjoying the experience.

I soon began to dribble so I encouraged him to go faster but still with the same stroke. My flow became larger and I wanted it to continue for as long as possible but wanted my man to have a good time as well so I said to him, now my beautiful cock man, give your woman your seed. I want it deep inside me. Squirt for me. Make my toes curl up as it explodes. I am yours.

He thrusted and grunted then jerked a few times more and was done.

What was it like for me? I enjoyed the early stages better than the end. I did cum and the feeling of him exploding inside me was great but it did not make me reach a new climax. I was not complete. I grabbed the ciggies and Hazel’s vibrator and went to the toilet to have a lovely time on my own using his cum as lubricant and alternately vibrating my prostate and sucking the cum laden vibrator until I was all used up.

I then freshened up my makeup and returned to the bedroom to find both men asleep on the bed and Hazel smoking in the kitchen.

Did you enjoy yourself my baby, she said? Evidently, she had had a wonderful time. We must do it more often, she said. Yes, I said, but when I am a more acceptable woman or with someone who knows what I am so I can relax more than I could tonight. I want to be able to give myself as I would ideally like to do. She tilted her head to one side but did not comment, she just smirked.

She went into the bedroom and said sharply to the sleeping men, fuck off you two, we have finished with you. They were a little perplexed but left.

Chapter 6

The next day was our last at the villa as we were returning home on the night charter flight. Over breakfast, I broached the question of how could I possible go home looking like I did now. Hazel said that we would have to work something out as I would never be returning to my male role. She had decided that she liked the new me and her new sexual freedom too much to turn back now. Indeed, she had already disposed of my male clothes. Perhaps, she said, you should wear no makeup or corset etc., tie back your hair in a male type pony tail and wear my trousers and a shirt, then pretend to be gay.

I hated the idea but felt that the customs officers would be a problem no matter what I did so, if I could make life a little easier by doing what she said, I should it.

I lovingly packed all my new clothes and makeup, scrubbed my face and removed the nail polish but not my new nails, took out my earrings and tied back my hair.

I looked in the mirror and saw my Botox face, dyed eyebrows and empty holes in my ears looking back at me. How could this possibly work, no matter what clothes I were to wear? I wanted to cry. Even if the officers did let me back into the UK, what would happen next week when I needed to go to work. Hazel said, resign yourself to your new future and take on a female job in a bar or café, she said. I earn enough to keep us both in food and clothes and we own the apartment. You can become a housemaid who does some casual work to pay for your ciggies and makeup. Isn’t it more important that we are happy together than to be rolling in cash. I had to agree. So, the plan was made and we headed for the airport.

There was no problem leaving as no one even looked at my passport until we reached the boarding gate and, at that point, Hazel said to the girl, he is having a sex change. However, Gatwick was a different matter and I was taken to an anti-room for interrogation. They said that I should have declared my status before leaving and my passport would have been marked accordingly. It did not seem to register with them that I had been a man on my way out and that the change had occurred while I was away.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, they eventually let me in and I rushed to the ladies to do my face and hair for the onward journey, so that I would look less bizarre.

Night flights are hell to cope with and we both went to bed when we arrived home and did not rise until dinner time.

I bathed, used hair removal cream, did my hair and makeup then put on a sexy dress and my heels for dinner which we cooked together. We made notes of things we would need to buy for me including copious amounts of hair removal cream and clothes for the colder climate we were now in.

Over dinner we made our detailed plans for the future which Hazel said needed to include regular free sex for her, mind and hormone therapy for me, lots of new clothes and regular female style sex and household chores for me so that I could practice and enjoy my new role. I had to start by learning to do the washing up and now would be a good time for that start, she said.

We fell into bed together after dinner and both slept in her baby dolls as I did not yet have my own.

The next morning, I made breakfast and we went out shopping for clothes for me. I was now more relaxed in my new female role so could participate to the full. I tried on lots of shoes, undies and clothes of all sorts. We found some silicone falsies and two proper corsets, one for day time and one very strong one that I could lace very tightly in bed at night to help my figure to change.

On the way home we went to the salon to have my nails done and both had our navels and tongues pierced. Every time we talk now, men will know that we are both good cock suckers who love to make their men happy, Hazel said.

I could not wait to try out my new piercing and asked Hazel if we could find someone to practice on that night. You are getting to be a real cock slut baby, she said, we will see what we can enjoy together, just like we always do.

I do love you I said and kissed her deeply and she responded by saying you owe me an appetiser as a reward for looking after you so well. She lay on the bed smoking and playing with her nipples while I used my pierced tongue to stimulate her clitty. She had three wild cums and said, if I had known it would be that good, I would have had you pierced a long time ago!

We then went to get ready for an evening out. Hazel said, let’s go to the gay club, I might fancy a girl tonight after the wonderful time you just gave me. Also, there will be men there who won’t care a dam what kind of woman you are. But, I said, I am not a homosexual. You have convinced me that I am a woman and that having a man is a natural consequence of that. Going with a man who wants a man is quite another thing. Well, you will have to put up with it, she said, as that is where we are going. Wear something that makes you look sexy then only the men who like shemales will want you.

I went off under protest to get ready and took ages doing so as I was enjoying myself so much. I finished by backcombing my hair much more than had been done on holiday. I thought that it looked better but it did make me taller. However, going to a gay club would mean I did not have to merge in so much with straight girls.

Wow, you look wonderful, Hazel said, I am sure that you will attract a few cocks tonight. Let’s go before we start doing something together that will mess us both up.

Why are all gay clubs so scruffy? It did not feel like the swish places we went to on holiday. Everything seemed like it was just there for crude sex rather than romance and the closeness I had felt with Trevor. Most people were drinking beer instead of champagne and we seemed atypical when we ordered G&Ts at the bar. Let’s circulate and check out the cocks, said Hazel. She then led the way weaving across a dance floor that was too full for anyone to dance except on the spot.

We both received some admiring glances but none turned me on. I had almost given up and decided to go to the ladies when I bumped into a single man who was drop dead gorgeous. Even with my hair and my new 5-inch heels he was still taller than me. He had a chiselled jaw line, was close shaven, had a full head of hair and deep brown eyes. I wanted him! I did not care what Hazel was doing or thinking, I was on my own this time and I summonsed up all my courage and went over and said hello, I’m Sandra, would you like to buy me a drink?

You look to good to be a girl and too bad to be a boy, he said, so I guess the price of a drink is not too much to pay to find out about what you really are. I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment as I did not understand it but the free drink and being able to be near him was a good result. It is wonderful how we girls get drinks bought for us, just for being girls!

Over at the bar, Hazel was doing what she threatened to do and was making up to a girl. No, it wasn’t. On a closer look, it was clearly a very beautiful drag queen, done up to the nines with a gigantic hairdo, extravagant makeup and an hour glass figure. She was poured into a long sequinned dress and was wearing mega high heels so that she must have been 7 foot tall. Hazel couldn’t keep her hands off her. We will have to do you up like this, she said to me as I approached. She is so sexy and you could look just as good. I don’t think so, I said, to which Hazel responded, you’ll do what you are told. Anyway, who is this you have found? David walked up to her and said “Hi”, who are you? I’m her mistress she said, looking at me. Sandra will give you a good time as she has just had her tongue pierced so that she can do great blow jobs and she loves eating cum. Do you have any friends that she can guzzle as well? I was disgusted and turned away causing me to almost fall into his arms. He caught me, held me close and whispered into my ear, now I understand, she has made you her shemale maid and wants you to earn money for her while she has wild affairs to make you jealous.

I had not thought of it like that but guessed that he was probably right. I put my arms round his neck and kissed him, more to say thankyou than to begin a romance, but he responded to my approach. We had a drink together at the far end of the bar and I took him outside so that I could have a ciggie.

We talked for ages and I learned that he was uncertain about his sexuality and was trying out all sorts of things to find out what and who he really was. I felt warm to him and cuddled up. I explained that I now believed I was a real girl inside but I had no boobs and a cock but would shortly be taking hormones to change all that. He asked if he could feel my cock and slipped his hand up my skirt, only to find a taped-up bundle behind a girly thong. He said he was not sure that I actually had a cock and thought that I might be trying to fool him. I protested but was flattered that he thought I might actually be a girl. So, I agree to go with him to his hotel to see what evolved.

He was staying at a nearby Holiday Inn which was pretty basic with no service but we did find some miniatures in the fridge. I stripped off in front of him so that he could see the full male me, but tried my best to make it look like a sexy process. As I stood there in front of him he sank to his knees, pulled the tape off my cock and bent forward to suck me. I pulled away immediately and said, I think you have the wrong idea. I am not gay. I only want straight males to love me and to fuck me as if I were a girl. As far as my cock is concerned, it might as well not be there and it soon won’t be.

He looked disappointed but decided to unzip himself to reveal the smallest cock I have ever seen. It was no more than 2 inches long and was very thin. Don’t laugh, he said, it becomes much larger if you make it stiff. I took it in my hand and wrapped my new long nails around it. Immediately, it sprang to attention and, sure enough, it did grow quite a lot. I quite fancied the way that it almost doubled in size whereas, larger cocks seemed to grow proportionately less.

I took him to the bed and laid him down. It was hardly a lamppost but it was as stiff as hell and would not cause any pain in the way that Trevor had done.

But, did I want him. I certainly did when we met in the bar as I was attracted to his looks. Funny, I thought, how could a man be attracted to a man, but I was no longer a man just an embryonic shemale. Should I just say goodbye and put it down to experience or enjoy him in the way I did with Trevor. There was certainly no love or passion between us. It would just be raw sex for the sake of it and that was not what I wanted.

I thought that he probably felt inadequate because he had a small cock. Girls would not be interest in him for that reason so he had become a gay male and that was not what I craved.

On balance, it was all wrong for me. I wanted to be loved as a woman and to have my man because he fancied me in that role not because he wanted male cocks whether dressed as a girl or not.

I said sorry, this is not going to work. I got dressed and went home.

Chapter 7

Hazel had returned home, like me, unfulfilled and let down.

She said that she had been turned on by the larger than life female look of the drag queen and by the thought of a ravishingly sexy woman having a real cock able to fuck her. She was attracted to beautiful girls more than men but needed and enjoyed cock too much to be satisfied with any lesbian only relationship. What a dilemma.

She said that when the drag queen had stripped off his clothes which comprised many layers of padding and elastic bodies to give him the attractive hour glass shape he had also insisted on removing his wig so that it couldn’t be messed up. What she then saw was a weedy man in heavy makeup with a limp cock that wouldn’t get stiff for a girl, at least not for her.

I told her my story, but she did not seem interested.

Why don’t you shut up and take me to bed, she said? We can, at least, see if we can salvage what remains of the evening. Go and fix yourself up with your highest heels, sexiest dress and trowel on the makeup so that you look like a queen and I will de-spunk you.

That’s not my idea for great sex, I said. I want you to love your new girlfriend. You’re here to serve me not the other way around, she replied, but I will make it good for you, I promise.

I did as she said and she responded accordingly. She couldn’t keep her hands off me, kissed and caressed me all over while stripping me slowly. My cock had not been re-taped so sprang to attention. That looks as if it is ready for some fun she said.

She laid me on the bed on my back and told me to pull my legs up like a girl. She then manoeuvred herself on top between my legs but with her legs closed, as a man would do. With some difficulty, she fed my cock inside her wet pussy with her legs still closed. It felt very tight and snug in there with the top of the shaft pressing against her clitty. Her lips were open around it and were soft and smelt sweet. She then took her vibrator and fed it into her own bum so that I could feel the vibrations through the wall between it and her pussy. It gave my cock a buzz, which in turn, transferred to her clitty. Wow, it did feel good.

She said, think about it not being your cock in me but mine is in you. Then, with great mastery, she began to fuck me. As our pelvic bones touched each time she thrust in she said, can you feel me pressing on your girly clitty? Just imagine that you have one and that your cock has gone and is now mine.

She turned up the intensity of the vibrator and kissed my neck as she continued to thrust into me. I relaxed and tried to open wider as if I was a real girl opening up for a sexy handsome man who, today, was the woman I love. I started to thrust up to meet her but she stopped me and said take it, just be my sweet beautiful girl, vulnerable, soft and in my power. I am going to give you the cum of your life.

Yes please, I said, give me your stiff cock and make your little girl squirm under its power. This excited her no end and she increased her motion. Yes, yes, I said, give me your cum, and I wrapped my legs around her and pulled her so close that we seemed to be joined. Then I exploded into her.

She was not complete and kept going getting faster and stronger, milking me dry but eventually she collapsed under the exertion and we both felt like we were floating on a cloud of ecstasy.

Well, little girl, she said, did your man please you? Mine certainly pleased me!

At breakfast the next morning we decided to take stock of the situation. By contrast, I now wanted to be a complete girl and to be able to look as good as Hazel did so that I could attract a handsome man who would love, cosset and satisfy me in bed. However, I love my wife and wanted to remain married to her and to share everything with her in the way we had been doing so far.

She, on the other hand, liked beautiful girls but needed cock to satisfy her sexually and dildos just did not cut it for her.

How could we both be happy? The answer was that I must become the girl in her life and we must, together, find a man that could love me and give her the satisfying sex she needed.

So, we started to compose the advertisement for my husband and my wife’s lover shown at the start of this story.

I will let you know if we find someone in due course but I have agreed to wear drag queen clothes for evenings at home with Hazel and not to have a full sex change operation for now, although I will keep taking the hormones and hope that a little Viagra will help me to become stiff when she needs me!

The End


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