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My Wife the Shinning Knight

by That Guy

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© Copyright 2017 - That Guy - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; cd; secretary; office; handcuffs; bondage; gag; blindfold; chairtie; rope; captive; rescue; hogtie; cons; X

My wife and I work at the same company. I’m 25 and she is 27, and the story takes place a couple of years ago. At the time, she was the VP of Financing at this place, and I was the assistant to the owner. That job is the strangest one that I’ve ever had. I had just finished working on my master’s degree and was in need of a job. Fortunately, my wife is friends with the owner of this company, and she was in need of an assistant.

My wife hooked me up for the job. We sent in my resume, and I got a phone call the next week for an interview. I walked in and got the job, no questions asked. Weird. Anyway, I was called a couple of weeks later about what I would be doing as well as job specifics. This is where it gets weirder. The dress code was women’s office wear. I was puzzled at the time, but then I saw the salary and benefits. $200,000 a year, paid tuition, and multiple insurance and retirement plans.

I figured that this was worth having to wear a skirt. The two of us went shopping and prepared my new work wardrobe. On my first day my wife helped me get ready for work, and we drove together. We said goodbye in the elevator, as she got off three floors below me. I got off the elevator on my floor, and was told where to find my desk by the floor assistant, who happens to be a very nice lady.

I arrived at my desk, with brand new equipment, new desk, new chair, they probably spent $50,000 on this place for me. But what caught my attention the most was the pair of handcuffs on the desk with a letter. I picked up the letter and read it. I was stunned. In short, in order to keep my amazing and incredibly weird job I had to wear the handcuffs every day.

At this point I was very conflicted. On one hand, I had an amazing job. But then again, I had to crossdress and be handcuffed. I looked around and noticed that there was plenty of security in this place, and so I reluctantly put on the cuffs on sat down and got to work.

A few hours go by and finally meet my new boss. Although she was a wonderful person, she explained very forcefully that this was to be how I was everyday. I was still able to do my tasks, but the handcuffs definitely made this job weird. At the end of the day, she unlocked my cuffs and gave me the key. She then told me that I had to be cuffed everyday before I entered work. I told my wife all about this on the way home. She was as puzzled as I was.

That was two years ago. Now my wife is the assistant owner of the company, and has befriended the new chief of security to keep an extra eye on me. To do that, the lady at the front desk was enlisted. This detail will be crucial later. Anyway, one day last week, I was told that Wednesday of this week I was to look extra nice. An important client was coming in and she wanted me to be at my best. For this event, she gave me a new special pair of cuffs, called the “Irish 8’s”, and I was instructed very firmly that these were to be locked behind my back. If I only I knew.

So on that day, my wife helped me get ready as usual. For this day, I put on my undergarments, giving myself a nice B bust and nylon stockings. I put on an elbow length sleeved satin blouse, a silver satin vest, and light grey cotton suit jacket. For the bottom, I slipped on a light grey cotton high wasted maxi pencil skirt. This skirt gave me an 18 inch step, no slit, came with a 12 inch train, and was long enough in the front that it almost covered my 3 inch black stilettos. For final details, I put on a pair of white satin opera gloves, and black, white, and silver silk scarf around my neck. My wife told me that she had never seen someone more beautiful than that.

My wife did the makeup and hair, giving my now long dark brown hair a beautiful set of curls. I could not believe how nice I looked. We left earlier than anticipated though. As we were driving, I asked why. She wouldn’t give me an answer, but once we got to the parking garage I found out why. There, we had a secret meeting with the chief of security and the lady at the front desk. I was informed that I was the third person to be asked to do this, and that the previous two people had gone missing.

The majority of the floor had been cleared, and many of the security devices had, on this day, been scheduled for maintenance and had been turned off. In fact, the only people on that floor today would be me, my boss, and the front desk lady. My wife and I discovered that the two of them had installed a new secret camera that would catch everything that was going on both at my desk and in my boss’s office.

I asked what my job was and what was going on again. I was instructed to do exactly what I was told, and not worry about the rest, as the three of them would be handling everything else. This did not make me very pleased at all, but after 15 minutes of me arguing against them, I relented. My wife took the new set of cuffs and cuffed my hands behind my back, then the front desk lady and I took the elevator up to our floor.

Once there, the lady reminded me that she had a hidden camera and microphone around my desk and in my boss’s office so that she could hear and see anything, so if anything weird happened, she could inform the right people. She wished me good luck, told me that she hoped nothing bad happened, and unlocked the door so that I could get in.

I stepped through the door and navigated my way through the cubicles till I got to mine. I noticed that my boss hadn’t come in yet so I just sat down. There was no point in turning on my computer since I couldn’t use my mouse or keyboard. I turned here and there in my chair, feeling the skirt around my legs. Strangely, this felt kind of nice, being in this formal office wear with my hands cuffed behind my back.

Eventually, I heard foot steps and looked up to see my boss. She was in a gold skirt suit as well, but her skirt was a pleated satin skirt that went to the calf. I couldn’t tell what the rest was made out of. She smiled at me and told me that she would be right out with some stuff. She looks me over, tells me how wonderful I look, and then closes her door.

So I’m sitting in my chair, cuffed behind my back, in some sort of twisted fantasy world I could never have dreamed of when I hear her door open again.

“Open up” she says to me.

“Open wha…MMMPPHH!” I started to say.

She had shoved a wadded cloth into my mouth. I almost decided to fight back against her, but then I remembered the meeting that I had this morning. I was able to calm myself.

“I’m sorry I should have warned you.” She said as she took another cloth and tied it over my mouth, creating a stuffed cleave gag. She sounded very sincere about this, and I still believe that to this day.

“It’s nothing personal. I am not going to hurt you. You just have to look a specific way for my client today.” She explained.

Great. I get to meet somebody and I’m cuffed, gagged, and a guy dressed up in women’s office formal wear. How could today get any better?

Well, she comes out with some coils of rope and sets them on my desk. At this point, I’m freaking out. Unconcerned about my welfare, she begins tying me up. She starts by tying my elbows together, directly beneath them. Then she takes out another coil and ties directly above them. This has forced my arms behind my back and thrust out my fake bust line. Then she takes another coil of rope and ties directly above my wrists. Then, she loops the rope around the cuffs. This way, even if I got the key to the cuffs, I couldn’t remove them because of the rope.

“Please don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.” She says to me.

“What more could you be getting?” I say to myself. She already has me, cuffed, gagged, and bound. Then I hear a ripping noise. And another. And another. Eventually, after what seemed like an age, she swivelled my chair to face her. She bends down, and begins to put tape over my stuffed cleave gagged mouth. She begins by putting 3 strips over my existing gag. Then she takes 2 more and places them on my gagged face in an X pattern. She takes a final 3 and places them horizontally over everything else. At this point, all I can do is grumble.

“I’m sorry that I have to do this. But you look absolutely stunning.” She says to me. She then kisses my gagged mouth. I kiss her back. Something about my predicament has me turned on. After the embrace, she begins to pin my arms to my body. She ties rope above and below my breasts, forcing them out a little further than what I was already in. She takes another rope and creates a harness around the ropes that exist around my torso and elbows. She takes one final coil of rope and ties it around my waist and pins my wrists to my body. My entire upper body can no longer move freely.

“Alright honey, can you stand up for me? Let’s get into my office and await for our guests.” She helps my bound and gagged form out of my chair and moves me into her office. She then says “have a seat dear, I’ll be right back.” She waits for me to sit down before closing and locking the door. After a few seconds, I got up and, just for fun, tried to unlock and open the door. I couldn’t get my pinned hands in a position to flip the lock. I move my way back to the chair I was in and sit down again, waiting patiently. I was definitely uncomfortable and afraid in my predicament. But I was also getting aroused by the clothing, the bindings, and the gag.

Eventually, she came back in. “I’m going to need to bind your legs before they come in darling. Again, I’m sorry about this.” She kissed me again, and then lifted up my long skirt. She took out four more coils of rope, and began binding my legs together. She started with the ankles, lashing the rope around my heels, making sure that I couldn’t get them off. Then she tied my legs above and below the knees. The last coil of rope, she tied around my calves. All I could think to myself was that I was glad that I put on stockings, as the feelings of terror slowly began to overtake the feelings of comfort and sexual arousal.

After that, she exclaimed, “You can come in now.” The door opened, and three men came in the room. One wore a suit, and the other two were bodyguards. This is where I truly became terrified.

“So this is what I am paying for?” the man said. “This is by far your best one yet. Fifty million USD.” I was being sold as a slave. Tears began forming at my eyes.

“Sorry. I won’t go for anything less than two hundred million USD.” At that price, I began to feel saved. Surely, no human being was worth that much.

“Fifty million. Or else my men will teach.” Said the business man/criminal. At that moment, a hidden door opened and two other men popped out.

“Two hundred million or you leave here in a body bag.” She said. “I also have two other men to counter your two other men that are outside the room.

Now this is where the story gets exciting, for today I learned that my wife had a very interesting background that she kept hidden from me. In more ways than one. All of the sudden, the windows on the floor broke. I could hear people shouting “Get on the ground!!!” and “Drop the weapons!” Then a mini-fire fight broke out. While the body guards began to try to create a distraction for the two criminals, they began fighting among themselves.

While all of this was going around, I had moment of extreme courage flow through. As I sit here, bound, gagged, cuffed, and in this long skirt and other business formal attire, I stand up, hop over without being noticed, and I manage to not only close the hidden door, but I also manage to jam it. I then hop back over to my chair and sit down, with as much of a smug look as I can muster.

At this point, my former boss exclaims “some ones closed and jammed the door!” The businessman is about to say something when a female Navy Seal bursts in and says “Surrender!” The two of them look at each other in horror, and do as this Seal says.

Two other seals come in and take them away, where they spend the rest of their lives in federal prison. While the remaining Seals are mopping up the area, the Seal who was originally in the room took off her face plate and looked at me. It was my wife.

“I’ll explain later…” she said. “Right now, let’s get that gag off of you.” For the record, it was about 6:30 am when my hands were cuffed behind my back, about 10:00 am when my torso was bound and the gag applied, and then it was probably 4:00 pm when my legs were tied together and the whole floor mess happened. She brought me a bottle of water and I swallowed it whole in seconds. That gag really dried my mouth.

“Ma’am, need anything else?” said one of the Seals. “No I think were good. Thanks though,” my wife said.

“This is coming out of your pay check. And, also, it was a pleasure to serve with you again.” He said before leaving.

“I’m guessing the front desk lady informed you?” I said.

“Yep. Once we found out you were bound and gagged I called in a favour. We didn’t strike until we found out who the other man was though. Needed to be sure.” She said. “The security chief was a former Major in the Seals, and those men with me were one of his squads.”

We chatted for about an hour. She told me everything. Not one of the Seals perished, but all eight of the bodyguards did. And then, without warning, “You like this don’t you?”

Puzzled, “Like what?”

“Being tied up in those clothes. Something here has changed you hasn’t it?” She said in a matter-of-fact way.

“Yes. Turns out I kind of like this. Just without the horror of being sold and then being in the middle of a firefight.” I said sheepishly. “How could you tell?”

“You haven’t asked to be untied yet” she said.

I was about to say something else when a different cloth was forced into my mouth. Then I was cleave gagged again. And then more tape was put over to firmly secure my mouth and keep from making almost any noise. But instead of being in terror, I was in bliss.

“Part of the reason that I showed you this position was because I have always wanted to tie you up” she said. “But I just couldn’t do it to you when you were a guy.”

She then kissed my gagged mouth. We held it for about a minute. I didn’t care if our lips weren’t touching. Our hearts, minds, and souls were.

“Let’s go home” she said to me. She slung her M16 behind her back, and then lifted me out of the chair and carried me out of the building bridal style. For a size comparison, I am six feet tall, 140 pounds, and in 3 inch heels on top of all my other clothes. My wife is 5’2 or 5’3 depending on the doctor, and the combat boots maybe give her an extra 2 inches. I don’t know her weight, but I know that she is pretty thin.

“But that’s just how strong Seals are” I say to myself. Eventually, we get to our car, or actually, our pickup truck. We always questioned why, as city dwellers, we had purchased this vehicle. Now we both knew the answer.

“Can you stand?” she asked me. “I can’t open the car door with you in my arms.”

I nodded. I actually didn’t know. Since the parking garage meeting, I had stood up twice this whole day. The first was when I was taken into the office, and the second was when I had my moment of courage.

“Alright, I’m going to set you down.”

As she set me down, the train of my skirt got underneath my bound heels. I almost fell, but she caught me. She then picked me up a bit, adjusted my skirt, and then helped me stand.

“I forgot that skirt had a long train. Why did you even get that again?” She looked at me trying to figure it out. Eventually she shrugged, then smiling, said “Now don’t try to go anywhere. Not that you could get anywhere bound like that.” I glared in return. She laughed.

She opened the door to the back seat, but before she put me, she pulled a scarf out one her pockets in her Seal combat suit. “I want this to be a surprise for you” she said as she tied the scarf over my eyes, blindfolding me. “In case you are wondering, I picked it up, and the keys to those fancy cuffs of yours in her office.”

She then swept me up off of my feet, and the gently laid me down in the back seat. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Sure, I was lying down in the back seat of a pickup truck, but I was guy, blindfolded, bound, gagged, dolled up and dressed in women’s office clothing. If someone happened to see that, that would be one awkward conversation with the police. And she would have to explain why she dressed as a Seal with a M16 rifle in the shot gun seat of the vehicle.

“I’m guessing you’ve heard this a lot by now, but I’m going to add one more binding to you” she told me. I grumbled into my gag. How could I be bound more that I already was? I was handcuffed, have rope around my cuffed hands, rope above and below my elbows, a rope harness that pins my arms to my back that goes around my fake bust and underneath the collar of my suit jacket, rope around my waist so that I can’t move arms period, rope above and below my knees, rope around my calves, rope around my ankles and heels, a cloth in my mouth, a cloth forming a cleave gag over that, eight more pieces of tape over that, and a blindfold.

“It is called a hogtie” she informed me. “What I’m going to do is tie a rope that connects your wrists to your ankles. This way, you won’t be able to sit up during the ride home.”

This was probably the only binding that I was fine with the entire day. And yes, I do see in the irony in how adding more to my bondage was actually going to help me.

She then closed the door, got in the driver’s seat, turned on the car, and we drove off. At first, I thought she was going to drive on some convoluted path or do something very risky. But instead, she drove straight home. She pulled into the garage, and closed it again before getting me out. Turns out I slept for most of the ride home. Not hard when all you can do is struggle.

She set me down on the couch, and said “I’ll be right back hon.” She kissed my gagged mouth before going somewhere. Probably the bedroom. I had no idea what she was doing. All the sudden, I heard the sound of heels. She then removed my blindfold. The lights weren’t on. But I was still blinded. There she was, in a red satin ball gown. She sat down next me and stroked me.

We played together. I don’t know how, since I was bound and she was in a ball gown, but that’s what it felt like. After hours of this play thing, she finally untied me and we had an amazing night. We woke up the next morning, and did it again (just the bondage aspect. While I was still crossdressed, I was in a different outfit).

Even though yesterday’s adventure was horrifying, I mean, who wants to sold as a slave? But something about being tied up in women’s clothing was just so appealing. And even though my wife ties me up, she is not mean or “dominant”. Everything else is great. She is now the owner of the company, and I'm still the assistant to the owner. I can dress how I want, and I can add some selfbondage in if I want too as well. Our family life is great, and I think that we will be together for a long time.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll about some other adventure that we have in the future.

Disclaimer: This story was entirely made up and conceived within the depths of my own mind. Any likeness to an existing story, characters, or real life event is entirely coincidental.


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