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by Shawna Summers

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Continues from

Part 2

The next LARP event came by and I was more than ready! I was so horny and worked up I could hardly believe it. The last session had been such an amazing time and this one promised to be more of the same, and then added twist of me being the prize for one of the guys was just well, scary, but also a bit of fantasy come true!

I did make sure to do all of my necessary prep work. Naturally this meant shaving everything from my face down. I didn’t shave my eyebrows, but I did pluck them. It wasn’t a feminine arch, but I did at least get them down to a much slimmer look. I hoped no one would notice when I was in boy mode, but then most of the people I actually knew at school now were going to be doing me, so I guess it didn’t matter! I also made sure to moisturize all over, I’m sure soft, smooth skin would be appreciated; I know it felt wonderful to me.

I also cleaned myself inside and out. After cleaning out my ass, I played with a small vibrator for a few minutes. Not enough to get off, just enough to get me worked up. Of course, I was already pretty excited, so I was about in a frenzy by this point! I was going to be more than ready to be the boys’ plaything.

I arranged to meet Henry’s sister at his house before the event again. Henry was getting some clothes together for me to keep at my place, but I was still new to make-up, so I knew I was going to need her help for at least a few more times. I’d have to ask Nora to show me how to do the make-up myself. I decided to save us a bit of time and had painted my nails already.

I got to Henry’s and knocked. Nora answered right away, “Hey! You’re back, I can’t believe Rescue came up so quickly again, plus they don’t usually have the same ‘girl’ twice in a row.” She shook her head, and smiled teasingly.

I blushed and stammered, “Well, yeah... I mean, it was... you know...” How the hell do I explain that I fucked the entire group? Well, the entire group fucked me and I loved every minute of it! So much that I was ready to be the damsel every time! And I think the group was just going to do the damsel routine each time! How do I explain that?

“Oh come on, I already know you love being all dressed up,” she reminded me. I nodded, not sure what else to say. “No?” she asked, and I was a bit confused. “Alright, play it that way, it worked well for you last time.” What the hell was she talking about? She pointed to the steps and said, “You know where it is, I’ve got some stuff sitting by the door, give it a try and see how you do on your own to start.”

So, I headed up the steps to the attic storage area. I walked in and was still amazed at the sheer volume of clothes they had in here. I wondered if maybe I could arrange to come other times and just play dress up. I mean Nora and Henry already knew, so it wasn’t like it was a big secret! Maybe another time, right now I had a gangbang... I mean, LARP to prepare for!

I looked over the clothes Nora left sitting on a small table by the door. It looked like black was to be the color of the day! I picked up the items and examined them. Black panties were the base naturally. I felt the material and I wasn’t sure. It wasn’t soft like satin or silk, but it was smooth. I was guessing some kind of faux leather. Of course, it was a thong! Next there was some type of black top, not really a corset, but something like that. I was guessing it was bustier of some kind? It felt like a similar material to the panties, but this was much glossier, almost shiny! Next was a skirt of a similar material. It was short. I mean really short. Like barely going to cover my ass cheeks short! Well, at least I knew I’d get to show off my panties! In a similar material there was a choker, gloves and then a pair of black stockings.

The best was under everything though. I picked up the first thinking it was a stocking attached to a pump, then I realized what it was: thigh-high boots! My heart fluttered and my clitty started to get hard already. I had always wanted to try thigh-high boots! They looked so sexy and amazing. These were also in a glossy material, but had laces up the back. I wanted to actually just dry hump the boot, but I knew Nora would be up soon.

So, I stripped off my boy clothes and got the panties on and made sure to tuck myself away. It took a few minutes to calm down, but once I had it started, it eventually cooperated and I was able to get it tucked all the way down. The panties were pretty tight, but not bad. They would certainly keep me looking ladylike. Although in this outfit, I don’t know if ‘ladylike’ would be the right term. Was ‘slut-like’ a term? Maybe I could start it?

So, next the bustier. This was a little tricky since it hooked in the back. At first I tried fastening it in the back and spinning it around like some girls did with a bra, but there was too much material to spin. So, I had to put it on and hook it as best I could behind me. Apparently I needed to work on my flexibility to be a good girl! Or even a bad one!

I didn’t think I had all the hooks, but I figured Nora could finish them. I then slid the skimpy skirt up. Yeah, I was right, it barely covered my butt. It was apparently intended to ride low, so even with it down on my hips, you could see all of my thighs and if I bent slightly, my ass was sticking out. I checked the beat-up, slightly fogged up mirror they had and was amazed how sexy I looked already.

I moved on to the choker, since I’d never done one of these before it was a little tricky getting it hooked, but once I had it, it fit like a glove. Speaking of gloves, I decided to hold those for last. Next I slid the stockings up. I realized they had some material across the top to keep them up without a garter belt. It felt weird, but the little grippers or whatever they were didn’t hurt or anything. I was still amazed by how wonderful stockings felt on my bare legs. It was a glorious sensation and once again, I had to really control myself.

Finally, the part I was waiting for... the boots. I was almost licking my lips in anticipation. I unzipped the inside zipper. I was trying to figure out the laces and if I needed to undo them, but I figured I should probably just try it and see how it fitted! I slid my foot into the bottom and got it lined up. Luckily I had small feet, so they fit great! I started on the zipper, but it was clearly not going to zip all the way up. So, I worked on the laces for a few minutes, then I figured out how to open up the sides. I tried the zipper again and it slid closed easily. I thought I was going to cum right at that moment. In fact, if my clitty hadn’t been tucked, I probably would have! As it was, I actually squirted a little, I was so excited. Great, now my panties were all wet! Ah, the perils of being a sexy slut...

So, I worked for a few minutes on tightening the laces back up. I figured once I had them to a certain point, I would just be able to zip them on and off. So, getting the left boot on was a much quicker experience, but no less thrilling! In fact, my clitty squirted again when I pulled this zipper up. I was going to get addicted to these boots! I stood catching my breath for a moment and was just about to start tightening these laces when a noise from the door startled me.

“They are hot, aren’t they?” Nora smiled at me, leaning on the door frame.

My heart almost skipped a beat, “Oh Nora, you startled me.”

“I know, you were in your own little world there!” she smiled and walked into the room. Well, walked might not be the right term. Stalked was probably more accurate. “They feel amazing don’t they?”

I nodded, not sure what to say. I realized she had changed from the tank top and shorts she had been wearing into a leather outfit that was very sexy, and kind of... powerful. She had also pulled her hair back into a tight ponytail. It looked very severe and gave her a very intimidating look. I was getting a strong vibe of sex from her, but did she really want to have sex with me? She had mentioned she loved dressing the boys up, but she never did anything last time. What was different this time?

“You did a nice job, you look very sexy,” she smiled and stopped just a short distance in front of me. “Finish tightening your laces,” she pointed to the left boot. It wasn’t a question, but an order, and I hurried to obey.

She walked around me, the clicking of her heels on the floor, the only sounds besides my ragged breathing. I hadn’t noticed her heels, so I was wondering what she was wearing. Heavens, I was such a girl, here I had a femme fatale stalking me and sizing me up, and I was wondering what shoes she was wearing!

I felt her breath on my ear as she walked around the other side, “You look very sexy, my little sissy.”

I couldn’t answer at first, I just stuttered, “Y-y-yes...”

“Quiet slut, that didn’t require you speaking,” she said louder and much more forcefully. I was so turned on, but also somewhat scared since I had no idea where this was going. “Now, I bet you’re wondering what I’m doing now.”

Again, not a question, so I nodded as my response. She stalked around in front of me and I got a better view. She was wearing some black sandals with wicked spiked heels. The leather corset pushed her muscular frame up into a very wasp-waisted look, while the pencil skirt highlighted her long, muscular legs and thighs. She looked, well, like a dominatrix really. As I looked on her face, I had the sudden realization that she knew what happened with the last game. She knew I had been gangbanged by the group, that’s what was different.

As I realized this, my cheeks flushed with shame and I blushed, humiliated I guess. Nora walked closer, “Yes, my little sissy slut, I know all about your little adventure and I’m a little disappointed you didn’t tell me all about it when you came in. After all, girls are supposed to share all the details of their times out with the boys.” She stepped closer, with the heels, she was two or three inches taller than me, and I had to look up to her. It only reinforced her dominance! “So, we’ll get to your punishment in a moment, but first, kneel in front of that chair.”

She pointed to a large, overstuffed armchair off to the side. It usually had clothes on it, but those had been cleared off. She had prepared for this! That both thrilled and scared me. I uncertainly turned to move to the chair, but I guess not fast enough. She smacked my ass just under my skirt and yelled, “Now, slut!”

I scurried over and kneeled before the chair. She came and sat before me, crossing her legs right in front of me so I could see straight up her skirt. She was wearing red panties, which contrasted with the black skirt and her pale skin. She then placed her foot just inches from my face. I wondered if I was supposed to kiss her foot? That’s what I wanted to do.

“Good girl,” she cooed. “You may kiss my foot now.” I felt like she was reading my mind! I guess she had planned all this out pretty well. I gently placed a soft kiss on her big toe. “Now, keep kissing and tell me all about your adventure in the woods, sweetie. Don’t leave anything out.”

So, I began relaying the story of what happened, going through in pretty heavy details. When I got to the part where Scott first had me suck his cock, she pulled her tits out of her top and started playing with them. “I didn’t tell you to stop, tell me about your first time as a sissy cocksucker,” she was pinching her nipples and playing with her tits. The story spilled out of me, I talked about how much I enjoyed it, and how scared I was at the same time. When I got to the part where I was begging to be fucked, she hiked her skirt and began playing with her slit.

Needless to say, my clitty was responding, but I kept kissing and licking her foot and telling my story. Next she stood suddenly with her skirt up and slid her panties off. “Keep talking,” she said and I kept going as she slid the panties over my head, the wet spot from her pussy right by my mouth and nose. Her juices smelled amazing. A wonderful musky scent and I almost felt lightheaded and intoxicated for a moment. “Keep talking, slut. Tell me about your gangfuck,” she was really playing with herself now. At one point, she put her feet on me, digging her heels into my shoulders and she diddled her clitoris and played with her nipples, moaning and squirming as she came.

She pulled the heels out of my skin, and her breathing returned to normal, “Oh fuck, yeah. I wish I could have seen you getting fucked, that must have been so hot!” She held her hand out to me, “Lick my hand clean.”

I began licking her juices off her hand, she tasted even better than she smelled! I hoped I’d get to lick her pussy directly! “Now, since you didn’t tell me when you first came in, you have to be punished...”

“But I...”

“Quiet, bitch! Or I’ll really beat you! This is just a quick punishment, nothing major, talk back again and I’ll leave you with welts and bruises for days!” she looked mad, so I shut up.

“Good girl,” she turned and grabbed something off the pile of clothes next to her. “Turn around and put your hands behind your back,” she ordered and I obediently turned around. As I brought my hands back, I felt something around my wrist and a quick click, followed by the same on the other wrist. She handcuffed me!

“Put your face down and ass up,” She ordered and I leaned forward as best I could, putting my face on the floor. I could feel the small skirt slide up really showing off my ass. “Mmmmm, yes, I can see why the boys wanted your ass, it's very cute. Not big, but enough to be a little curvy. It’ll make a good target,” she ended and I heard a whoosh and felt a flash of pain on my ass!

It was like a little line of fire, “Yow! What was that?”

A small, thin strip of leather appeared before my face. “My riding crop you dumb sissy,” Nora explained. “You see my sisters and I not only had lots of clothes for wear, for plays, dance recitals, but also for clubs, bars and especially Halloween! I often went as a dominatrix and would have all the toys to go with it!”

She smacked my ass with the crop as she continued, “But even though the boys would line up to be my ‘slave’, most just wanted to have sex, which was nice, but I could never find one to dress and be my little sissy bitch.” Another shot from the crop, “So when Henry and the boys wanted to start dressing up their geeky friends for a damsel in distress, I figured I could have some fun.” Another shot with the crop! Ouch!

“But you were a whole new level, sweetie. You look pretty good as a girl and you are such a, what was it? I think it was a ‘little cock-sucking ass-fucking bondage slut sissy whore cum dump’? Do I have that right?” She smacked my ass again!

“Yes, that sounds about right,” I muttered, my face flushed with shame.

“Oh honey, don’t be embarrassed. If you like being a little gangbang slut, then do it and own it.” She smacked my ass again.

“Now, I’m going to give you ten good ones, and you’re going to count and thank me after each one. If you do a good job, maybe I’ll let you lick me some more.” Good ones? My ass was already stinging! What were good ones going to be like?

I quickly had my answer as she slashed my ass high with the crop. “Owwwww!” I howled and squirmed.

“I didn’t hear ‘Thank you, Mistress’ or anything,” Nora grinned evilly, I guess you don’t want that one to count.”

“T-t-thank you, Mistress!” I quickly blurted out.

“Good girl, but you have to count, too. Make sure you pay attention to instructions,” she admonished, smiling brightly. She was loving this! She brought the crop down again, and I made sure to count and thank her after each one.

After ten was done and I thanked her, she reached down and rubbed my ass, caressing me softly. “Poor little sissy, looks like your ass has grill marks,” she laughed, sounding a little proud of herself. She also sat down and started playing with her pussy again, “Now, beating you has me all wet again, lick and suck on my shoes and feet. Tell me what pretty feet and toes I have,” she purred as I scooted over and put my face by her heels as best I could with no hands!

I started kissing each toe, telling her how soft and pretty they were. The delicate arch, the painted nails, the dark straps from the sandals contrasting with her soft skin. She must have liked it since she turned around and put her ass right in my face, leaning on the chair.

“Oh such a good little sissy, you like kissing my ass, so go ahead and kiss my ass!” I planted soft kisses on each cheek, kissing and nibbling softly. She reached back and ran her fingers through my hair. Purring and saying things like “Good girl,” and “I’m so wet,” and “I love how obedient you are.” Finally she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her asscrack.

It was obvious what she wanted, so I started licking her ass. Teasing her crack with my tongue before finally slipping it into her hole. She gasped as I did, and started pushing back hard on my tongue and face. I could feel her reach to her clitoris with her other hand and began diddling herself again. She had one hand on herself and one wrapped in my hair, pulling me tight into her ass. She came after a few minutes, grinding back on my face.

Her breathing was still ragged as she rolled over. She leaned down and held my head up with her hands, “I should have known you’d be a good ass licker. Hopefully you’re a good cunt licker, too. Because you are going to be spending a lot of time with your face in my pussy.”

With that, she put her legs up around my shoulders, wrapped her thighs around my head and leaned back into the chair. She pulled my face deep into her wet pussy. I couldn’t see with her thighs and I could barely breathe, so I figured I better get to licking if I didn’t want to suffocate in her crotch! Of course, what a way to go...

I teasingly slid my tongue up and down, slowly going around. She wrapped her hand in my hair and was pushing me around to where she wanted me to lick before finally pulling me all the way in, so I thrust my tongue in and began working it around. I remembered the alphabet trick and started doing that when I felt something smack on my back, not hard but enough to sting and get my attention.

We continued like that for what seemed like hours, but was probably only about ten or fifteen minutes. I wasn’t sure my tongue and mouth could have gone much longer than that! I wanted to, but while the mind was willing, the flesh was weak. I’m not sure how many times she came, I knew it was at least two, but after a while it was hard to tell since she seemed to just be dripping constantly.

Once my mouth and tongue started to slow down a bit, she pushed me away and I leaned as best I could with my hands still cuffed behind me. She sat there for a few minutes, clearly quite pleased with herself. You know the line about the cat that ate the canary? Except I guess I was the canary... and I was eating the cat? I don’t know, but she was pretty happy. Then she seemed to come back down and looked at me. She was smiling softly. She sat up taking my face in her hands again.

“That was good, sweetie. I can see you’re going to need a lot more practice! Don’t worry, before too long, you’ll be able to have me squirting, though you are definitely a mess,” she laughed and wiped some of the pussy juice off my face, “My goodness, you should go clean up, oh wait, turn around.”

I scooted and turned around, she unlocked the cuffs and I went to clean up. I debated jerking off quickly, but I wasn’t sure if she’d be mad if she caught me and I wanted to be still worked up for the boys tonight! Wow, I was becoming a complete nymphomaniac! Or whatever the sissy equivalent is. A sysphomaniac?

Once I got back, Nora had her make-up kit out and a dark, black wig. She had changed, too. She wasn’t in her leather any more. So, I guessed Domme time was over.

She looked up and patted the chair next to her, “Come on, we still need to get you all slutted up. Now, try to pay attention, I’m going to try and explain the make-up to you. It's not difficult, but getting the technique will require some practice. I’ll also show you how to really secure a wig on,” she gestured to a small pile of bobby pins, “This way if the boys want to really yank on your hair while doing you, it won’t just slip off!”

She started putting the make-up on, starting with some powder. She explained about powder and foundation. How to apply each, and the different times to use them, “Thankfully, you don’t have really thick facial hair, so we don’t really need a heavy foundation, some powder will do. If you’re actually going out, you’ll want to use some real foundation, probably the liquid.”

“The eyes are probably the trickiest part,” she explained the eye shadow and how to start close to the bridge of the nose, working your way out. She talked about colors and skin type, too. “But since you’re a sissy, we want something really bright and stark, that really screams I’m a cheap bimbo, or what was it you agreed to be?”

She clearly liked this part. “A little cock-sucking ass-fucking bondage slut sissy whore cum dump,” I quietly said.

“I’ve told you, hun. If you’re going to be a slut, own it. If you’re going to be embarrassed about it, well, it’ll just cause problems down the line, mostly shame and guilt for you. So, relax and enjoy it,” she went on to explain about mixing colors and using white or black to lighten or darken and give a smoky eye effect.

She then went to the eye liner, I didn’t really like this part, but the look was just amazing, “Stop squirming, I know this feels weird, but you’ll have to be able to do this yourself, so just get used to it!” She talked about keeping the brush soft and trying to keep it light and getting an even coat. Finally she did the mascara and explained how to roll the brush to get an even coat. She also showed me how to paint my lashes with the brush, to get them extra dark and thick.

She painted a very thin outline around the edge of my lips. “I’ll let you do the lipstick,” and she led me over to the mirror and handed me the tube, talking through how to apply and get the lips all colored in, blotting to get it even. She even talked about lip gloss for a really shiny look. My head was spinning after a while, I thought she said this wasn’t complicated?

“I thought you said this wasn’t difficult? This will take more than just practice!” I noted.

She grinned and nodded, “Welcome to being a girl, just be glad you don’t have to deal with a period! I’ll work with you and maybe we’ll set aside some extra time for you to practice before a few of the... games.” She emphasized games and made a sly little smile at me.

She started to pick up the wig, then stopped. “Oh, we should get you ‘ready.” I was about to ask, but she stood and walked away. She came back quickly holding something in her hand. I realized it was lube and a butt plug. My eyes widened in surprise.

“This will help open you up so you’re ready for the boys,” she explained. “Bend over again.”

I complied and she quickly lubed me up and started sliding the plug in. “Try to relax, sweetie, you’re going to have a lot more than this up your ass soon!” I tried to relax, and even push back a little, after a few pushes the plug slid most of the way in and it only took a few more tries to get the plug seated. The base settled against my asscheeks and I felt very full. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to walk around like this!

“Sit up, so we can finish your wig,” she said.

“I’m not sure I can!” I stood up and then sat down. I had to sit a bit to the side so I wasn’t sitting right on the plug!

Finally she set the wig on my head and started putting in bobby pins. Showing me how to secure them to the wig cap and through my hair to really get it held on well. She mentioned the best way was to use a head cap and glue the wig to that. In fact, she seemed to think that would be the best way to go moving forward.

As we were working on the wig, we could hear a door close downstairs, “Nora? You guys almost done? We have to leave soon.”

She yelled back down, “Yeah, just about done, and who cares if you’re late? It takes a long time and effort to look this cheap!” She grinned and winked at me.

I smiled and I tried to secure a few of the pins myself. This wasn’t real easy either. Being sexy was tough work! If only guys appreciated how much effort went into it!

Once the wig was secure, Nora looked me up and down, “You look pretty fucking hot, babe.” She sounded pretty pleased with herself, again. I turned to look in the mirror as I heard her muttering something else.

I was pretty impressed too. There was a black clad, super sexy vixen staring back at me. I touched my hand to my face, amazed that it was me looking back. Nora said something, but I was so busy being self-indulgent, I didn’t hear her. “I’m sorry, wha...”

I started to turn, but she handed me the inserts for the bustier. “Your tits,” she smirked as I took the falsies. I slid them into the cups and she checked all the hooks in the back of the bustier. She then handed me the long gloves and I slid them on, working the material up to past my elbow. I eyed myself and was amazed at how I looked, the accessories only adding to it.

Nora took my wrists and placed a leather wristband on each one. I thought this was odd since I had the gloves. Then I realized they were leather cuffs. The bondage part of my sissydom ran through my mind, but I just shrugged and went with it. Nora smiled as she took off the choker and wrapped a leather collar around my neck, and whispered, “Good girl.”

She smiled as she looked me up and down, “I think you’re ready. Let me go first, and come down a minute after me, I want to see Charlie’s reaction.” She really did get off on this, how did I not see it last time?

So, I waited for a minute or so after she headed down, I could hear her and Charlie bickering as only siblings can. So, it was a moment or two before Charlie noticed I was descending the steps.

“And I don’t...” Whatever he was going to say was swallowed up as he caught sight of me. “Holy shit,” was all he could say. His mouth was actually hanging open! I could see Nora grinning from ear to ear, I thought she was going to jump for joy!

Charlie looked at her, then back at me, then shook his head, “Well damn, I mean... wow. Nora, you have outdone yourself... again.”

“I know... and I can’t wait to hear all about it.” I think Charlie blushed a little, too. I guess fucking a sissy is still a bit of a taboo, but who could blame them when I looked like this! Charlie actually offered me his arm and escorted me out to the car. Kind of appropriate since he was mostly in a knight costume! He had the shirt and pants anyway, the cardboard and plastic armor was already in the car.

The drive over was fairly quick, but I could see Charlie checking me out the whole way. He was trying to think of something to talk about, but we just listened to the radio instead. When we pulled in, he said, “You should probably wait a few minutes, if you really want to make a dramatic entrance.”

I smiled, getting into it despite how nervous I felt. That was a good idea, let the boys see what they were getting themselves into! So, I checked my make-up in the mirror and pretended to be checking the buckles on my boots. I finally took a deep breath and opened the car door.

I slid my legs out and stood on the heels, closing the door. The clunk of the door drew everyone’s attention. I could see everyone waiting was staring at me. Most of them had the same drunken look Charlie had first had. They were nudging each other and most of them were smiling and grinning. So, I owned it. I strutted like I was one bad bitch up to the main area where Charlie and most of the others were planning everything.

I could see lots of the guys adjusting their crotches, or their codpieces, or whatever. Several wolf whistles came, and I tossed my hair back in response. That seemed to work since I heard some cheers and laughs.

I stalked up to the group, and smiled brightly at everyone, and in my most feminine voice said, “So, are we ready to get started?”

For their part, the guys tried to cover it well, but I could see they were all really thrown off. It felt good to look this great. I can see why Nora got off on making the boys up!

There were some nods of agreement until Greg found his voice, “If we weren’t before, we are now!” That got some even more vigorous nodding! It turned out Scott’s team would be doing the rescuing, so Roy’s team was responsible for “capturing” me and then defending me. I have to say, being talked about like I was a prize in the game was getting my stomach fluttering and my clit dripping in my panties!

So Roy and his team captured me, attaching the cuffs behind my back, and in my best femme voice I feigned, “Oh you brutes! Unhand me! If only there were some gallant knights who could...”

A hand was clamped over my mouth and an evil chuckle followed by Roy, “No one will ever save you, you’ll be our slave forever!” A cheer went up from the team!

Sure we weren’t going to win any awards, but it was part of the fun! As Roy and the group led me away, I noticed there were ten people on his team. It seemed odd since we usually only had twelve, maybe fifteen players on any given weekend. As we hiked through the woods, which was slow going since my heels got stuck a few times, I asked Roy, “Why are the teams so uneven today?”

“What do you mean?” he quietly replied.

“Well, there’s ten people here, and I think 15 is the most I’ve ever seen at a match,” I noted.

Roy laughed softly, “Oh that, well word got out to everyone in the group, so almost all of the group is here today.” He leaned into my ear and quietly said, “Apparently you’re a big prize and everyone who wasn’t here last time is looking forward to having a turn!”

I felt pretty proud of that! I was a big draw! It then occurred to me that meant that I was going to have about 20 guys fucking the hell out of me! If it wasn’t so exciting, I’d be a bit worried about the amount of cock and cum that meant!

We finally got the site they’d chosen and Roy directed his group around setting up everyone and getting everything into place. He then turned to me and smiled, “It's going to be tough, being here and not wanting to take you, so I’m going to enjoy making you wait!”

I shuddered in excitement and fear. Roy first took a small bag and pulled some items out. He quickly put a blindfold on me. Again the enhancement of my senses really took me. I could hear the breeze in the trees, the birds chirping, the absolute puddle that was in my panties from my clit leaking! A moment later I felt something being pushed into my mouth, I started to resist, until I realized it was a gag. I ran my tongue over, expecting a ball gag and realized the end that was being shoved into my mouth felt like a cock. The penis gag was buckled tightly in my mouth. Roy whispered in my ear again, “Want to make sure you’re good and ready for later.”

I could only mmmppphhh in reply, so I shook my ass as a response. Roy lightly smacked it, “Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time for that!” His hand did linger on my ass, but he got back to work. I then felt him do something to the ankle cuffs and I was pushed to my knees. I was suddenly very much wishing he was about to replace the gag with his cock, but there was only so much I could do about that!

He then pulled on the wrist cuffs. I felt him pull and my arms were pulled towards my ankles. That felt weird! Exciting, but weird! As he kept pulling, he pushed me to my side on the ground. He pulled more and my hands touched my boots, I was being hogtied! That was pretty damn exciting! In fact, the cock gag, the butt plug and the bondage had me steadily dripping into my panties! I was going to be more than ready for everyone when the time came! I was so worked up at that point, I was kind of hoping they’d bring more!

I tried to move around, testing the limits of my bondage, but I was stuck pretty well. I was worried about being on the ground, but I realized I was laying on some kind of blanket or something. They may have been oafish brutes that captured me, but they were at least thoughtful oafish brutes!

Roy spent a few minutes running his hands over me, which was just driving me crazy, “Damn, this skirt is short. I can clearly see your... are you wearing a butt plug?” He asked in follow-up.

I nodded my head as best I could in reply, then shook my ass for good measure. He smacked my cheek and laughed, “Well, I’m glad you’re into this, since you’re going to be in for it! I’ve got to go check on everyone, but Donny and Kev will be over to check on you.”

I could hear his footsteps head off into the brush, so I tested my bonds again. I wasn’t tied super tight, so it was enough that I could be comfortable for a while. I knew from experience that the matches could take over an hour, so I might be here a while before I was ‘rescued’!

True to his word, I could hear some footsteps a few minutes later, I guess it was Donny and Kev. I could hear two voices talking about me. “Wow! So, that’s a guy?” the first one asked.

The other replied, “Yeah, you can’t tell, right? And she is a complete cock-slut. You should have seen her last time! The whole group took turns, it was hot as hell!”

“Everyone? How many?” he sounded both turned on and impressed.

He paused, “I’m not sure, maybe twelve? But a lot of us took more than one turn!”

“You got to use both holes?” Again turned on and impressed. I was actually kind of impressed myself.

“Oh yeah, and she loved it. She was literally begging for more,” the voice was closer and I could feel a hand on my thighs, right above the boots. I moaned and squirmed.

“You like that?” the other voice asked, and I felt another hand, this one on my shoulder.

I nodded and squirmed, wiggling my ass and shaking my tits. The falsies had a nice jiggle to them, but it did make me wish I had real tits suddenly. I did briefly wonder how far I was willing to go with all this, but that was lost as two pairs of hands began roaming all over me!

Bound as I was, all I could do was moan, squirm and drip. The first voice belonged to the hand playing with my thighs and ran up to my ass. He started feeling around, “Are you wearing a butt plug?” He tugged on my panties and teased the base of the toy. I moaned loudly as he did.

“Ohhh, Kev I think she likes it,” I nodded and squirmed, while his partner felt around my shoulder down to my tits.

“Shame she doesn’t have real tits, playing with her tits would be awesome,” I shook my tits as best I could. He kind of took the hint and reached inside the top to play with my nipples. That really got me going! He also reached up to play with the gag, “Damn, she’s got a big dildo in her mouth.”

“Really? Lemme see,” and I felt the hands on my ass leave and tug on the gag strap. The drool built up in my mouth dripped all over my chest and tits as the dildo was pulled out a bit. “Not bad, we’ll gag her with a lot more later!”

He also reached into my top and started playing with my other nipple, pinching it hard. That really got a reaction from me! I was breathing heavy and moaning. I felt like I was ready to cum now, and we hadn’t even started yet!

Speaking of starting, I could hear the whistle that signaled the official start of the game. “Sorry, sweetie. We can’t play any more now,” the first voice, I’m guessing it was Jason, said.

I moaned and squirmed, but he stood up. Kev didn’t follow him right away, “C’mon man, we’ve got to go to our position.”

“Easy for you to say, you got a piece last time!” Kev replied.

“Yeah, but if you get MVP, then you get her as part of your prize!” Jason replied.

“Do what? No fucking way? Really?”

Jason didn’t say anything right away, but the hands pulled away and they both walked off. I guess heading to get in position.

I enjoyed being bound and struggling for the first few minutes, but after a while, I’m guessing about 10-15 minutes, I started to get a little bored. I’d have to remember to ask for some music or something next time, especially if they were going to leave me bound!

Thankfully, after a while I heard some activity going on nearby and soon a few people in costume came into the area where I was bound and a small cheer went up from them! Finally! I’d been rescued! I was sooo damn horny, I couldn’t wait!

Apparently the boys couldn’t either! I felt at least three pairs of hands come over and grab me. Taking off the blindfold, they unhooked my feet from my hands and they carried me off! I felt like a trophy or something! Damn, that was just making me hornier!

I guess they had a pre-designated area set-up, since they took me to a small clearing that had another small blanket with some kind of apparatus set-up in the middle. I wondered what this thing was, it looked like a padded vaulting horse. What would that be... oh! I was placed on the padding and my hands and feet were cuffed to the sides. I guess that answered that question! The blindfold was then replaced.

I squirmed on the padding. It was pretty comfortable and I could lay here for quite some time. I was still gagged and could only squirm my ass since my tits were kind of mashed on the horse. A few moments later I heard a cheer and I could hear two of the guys approaching me.

They both ran their hands over me. One of them pulled the gag out of my mouth. The amount of drool that came out with it was pretty impressive. “Looks like she likes having a big dick in her mouth!” That brought a small cheer and a number of chuckles from the group. My skirt was lifted up and the plug was being pulled out. I moaned like a whore as it was teasingly pulled from me.

“Looks like she likes having big things up her ass, too!” I moaned and squirmed! I was so horny, I wanted cock and I wanted it bad! “What we haven’t told our little slut... is that everyone wants to see some additions to her!” I couldn’t see what he was doing, but my top was pulled down a bit and the falsies were taken out.

“She only has little sissy tits, but according to the new rules, she’s going to get some jewelry!” I felt my nipples being teased and pinched and a moment later the bite of something on my nipple had me squeal! Then a moment later the pressure built up and I was turned on even more.

“Do you like the nipple clamps, slut?”

“Yes, Sir! Please put the other one my little sissy tit!”

He obliged and the bite was both painful and erotic. I then felt my hair being pulled up and something was being pushed into my mouth. As it was being buckled I realized it was another gag, but as I ran my tongue over it, I realized it was open in the middle... a ring gag! I was being ring gagged. For some reason, this struck me as being Nora’s idea, but I didn’t care!

“How do you like the gag, sissy?” I nodded and ran my tongue around the ring. “Good girl!” I was given a pat on the head and then I felt the hands on my hips. I could feel the first guy lining up his cock and moaned as he started into me. Since I was open from the plug, he pretty much slid right in!

The other guy must have opened up his pants and started teasing his cock around the edge of the ring. I stuck my tongue out to lick it as best I could while being thrust into from behind! It didn’t take but a few minutes of teasing me before my mouth lover began sliding his cock into the gag. My tongue had the rubber ring nice and slippery so he only needed a few strokes to start hitting the back of my throat. The nice thing with this position was that it really opened my throat, so after gagging me a few times he was able to really get into my throat and started fucking my face.

Both guys found a good pace and were really going into me! Finally I was in cock-slut heaven! After a few more minutes, I felt my hands being unhooked from the sides and I was rewarded with a cock in each hand! I began stroking softly with the smooth gloves, hoping that felt good.

I’m sure it was the added visuals, but shortly after getting the cocks in my hands, I could feel both my lovers speeding up and it wasn’t long before I was being fed my first two loads of the day! My ass man came first, speeding up and grabbing tight onto my hips, grunting and driving deep. I could feel the pulsing of his cock shooting deep in me. He caught his breath before pulling out of me. I could feel the cum trickling out of my ass and running down my panties and clitty. That really made me feel like a well-used slut!

Just a few moments later the cock in my mouth sped up, and the guy began really fucking my face before grabbing a handful of hair and driving balls deep in my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsing and twitching deep in my throat as he shot right down my throat. He took a breather before he realized I couldn’t breath and pulled back out. I took several deep breaths and he patted my head, milking the last few drops of cum on my gagged lips.

The cocks in my hands were pulled away moments later, but they quickly replaced the ones in my mouth and ass. Meanwhile, two more cocks were placed in my hands. I was about as full of cock as I could be and was loving it!

The guys were loving it and really getting into it, calling me all kinds of dirty names and spanking my ass while they were fucking me. The guys fucking my face were getting into both smacking my face with their cocks and making me gag on them!

I lost track of the parade of cocks, and how many took my ass, mouth and even my hands, but it was a lot. I also came at some point while one of the bigger cocks was pounding away at my ass. It had been building for some time, but the intensity of it surprised me! Since my mouth and ass were full at the time, I was instead bucking like a bronco and both my lovers held on and finished shortly after I did.

At some point my hands were empty and I just had one guy left who was plowing away at my ass. He started speeding up, then pulled out suddenly, he stepped around and shoved his cock into my mouth. Asking me, “Can you taste your slutty ass on my cock, you whore?” This must have really turned him on since he switched like that a few times before finally cumming in my mouth and telling me what a “dirty little ass to mouth slut,” I was. That just started getting me worked up again!

I guess everyone was done with me since someone came over and unhooked my ankles from the horse. I pulled the blindfold and undid the ring gag. I stood unsteadily and was amazed at the amount of cum that was in me! It was running from everywhere! Mostly my ass, but there was quite a bit on every part of me. My legs were also quite shaky from all the activity, mostly the pounding of my ass I’d guess!

I walked unsteadily making my way back towards the parking area when one of the guys I hadn’t seen before came up and smiled at me, “Uh hey, I’m Dwight, and I uhh...”

Okay, this was kinda cute, I guess he won? Was he shy after just seeing what I had taken, repeatedly! “Did you win me?” I smiled and tossed my hair, trying to look kinda sexy. I’m sure I looked like hell. To his credit, he grinned and smiled at me.

“Okay Dwight, are you going to give me a ride home so I can clean-up? Or are we going out with me like this?” I asked.

“Oh, uh, sure. I can give you a ride,” he turned and offered me his arm to steady myself.

“Thanks,” I said, holding on as we made our way back to the parking lot. All the guys were waving and grinning from ear-to-ear! I was smiling myself, even though I had what felt like a gallon of their jizz pouring out of my ass!

As we got in the car, Dwight started driving, “Also, Henry gave me some stuff for you,” he noted.

“Oh, good!” I brightened quickly, now I could practice and dress on my own! As we pulled up to my place a little while later, Dwight got out and carried the bags of clothes up to my place. After he dropped off the clothes, I asked, “Do you want to come back at a certain time? Is there anything specific you want me to wear?”

“Uh yeah, I guess, I’ll stop back around 6 and I’ll have you put on a little fashion show for me. See what this new stuff is like,” he gestured to the bags.

I smiled, “That sounds kind of fun, actually!”

He grinned broadly, “Okay! I’ll see you then.” He waved and headed out. I was glad I had some time, since I was going to need a long shower and a nap! This being a cock-slut thing was tiring! No rest for the wicked though, I had a date in a couple hours and needed to get ready!


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