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A Night and Day in Corsets

by Laurie

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© Copyright 2016 - Laurie - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cd; fem; corset; nylons; heels; bond; cuffs; bed; tease; sex; oral; creampie; climax; cons; X

Jack awoke with a start, his dreams dissolving into darkness as he returned to consciousness. Moments earlier, he'd been surrounded by the dream. The dream, again the same recurring theme, so intense, so enjoyable. The woman within him experiencing the thrill of luscious breasts as her female lover gently fondled her thru the satin blouse. Her skirt raised slightly as the erection continued to appear. She would soon swoon as rubbing her nylon sheathed legs would cause a slight balance issue in those CFM heels so high. Yes it was the same all the time, just before the climax his brain would protest the exploring fingers of his teasing wife as she aroused him even more. But now he was blinking his bleary eyes in a bedroom illuminated only by the slight glow of a digital clock. Dimly, he tried to make sense of its figures, only to discover that sunrise was still several hours away.

Taking a deep breath, the dozy man sought to dispel the crushing pressure that seemed to have carried over from his dreams, but to his dismay, he was unable to shake off the suffocating squeeze on his body - one that had only moments before been in the sensuous grip of a beautiful woman that had just taken him to the height of pleasure.

Was he still dreaming? No, the bed beneath him felt very real, with the uneventful stillness of the night broken only by the subtle sounds of a sleeping house. The whispering of the wind outside was from time to time accompanied by a creak of timbers, with the shifting of springs letting Jack know his wife was turning over in her sleep. He was awake all right, and mightily aroused by his recent dream adventures considering how angrily his cock was throbbing, his engorged erection stabbing at his panties to raise the sheets aggressively.

As he attempted to follow his wife's lead by making himself more comfortable under the covers, Jack became aware of another sensation, his aching arms suddenly sharply jolted as something held them back above his head. The unexpected jerk was accompanied by an angry clank of metal. Earthquake! Not!

“Tentatively exploring his situation revealed a much more interesting explanation - Jack's arms were bound to the bed header by means of straps and cuffs, his legs similarly curtailed by a strap at the knees, his ankles tied to the bottom of the bed so as to compel him to lie on his back. Slowly, it all started to make sense - not in terms of being caught up in an earth tremor, but rather of having surrendered his body to his wife. He was feeling the inescapable grasp of the steel-boned satin corset that she had him laced into the night before.

Now that he knew, that there were straps still restraining him, Jack struggled against his bonds gently so as not to wake his wife. Despite his efforts, the padded leather that was wrapped around his wrists and ankles held firm - as firm as the straps that pulled taut as he struggled, in turn as solid as the sturdy eye rings they were threaded through on his girlie cuffs. The latter had been securely fastened to the bed frame by his wife’s own hand, now ensuring that he stayed bound no matter how much he might want otherwise. Hadn't his wife teased him about how helpless he was as she'd pulled the sheets up over him? "Sweet dreams, my lovely crossdresser, your my corset prisoner till I say so", she had chuckled, disregarding his impotent protests as she'd turned out the light and snuggled in for the night.

Jack must have eventually dozed off despite the discomfort of being left, in his predicament, still corseted. Stockings tugged at the garter straps as he breathed in moving just enough to realize  the breast forms were still glued securely on under his bra. But now he was wide awake again and well aware of how his cock called for the woman who was sleeping soundly beside him. He could still feel where her juices had dried on his still red painted lips, mingled with his own as she'd mounted him for her intense pleasure after completing mutual intercourse. In his present predicament, he couldn't even bring his hands up behind his back thanks to how they were bound to the bed - a situation that wouldn't change for several hours, not unless he became desperate enough to wake his wife. Anything short of an emergency would see him regret that.”

It had all started earlier that evening, when Dodi had started to get amorous as the couple snuggled together on the sofa. Her hands had found a home between her husband's thighs, worming their way between his legs in such a way as to casually caress his panties. Idly encouraging an erection, she had wondered aloud what she might want to do that evening, whispering suggestively in Jack's ear that she'd like nothing more than to give him a good seeing to. He was as his daily usual self, completely dressed as Laurie for their at home date nights. Laurie’s skirt was short, just covering the stocking tops held taut by the ten garter straps stretching from the corset she was laced tightly into. Her breasts, held nicely in the Playten bra had been securely attached with the medical adhesive, pert nipples ready for teasing. He had spent the better part of the day swaying about the house in those heels so high, the clicking noise on the tile floors announcing his movements. Laurie’s makeup and wig were nearly perfect, as was the complement of jewelry she wore with the delightful outfit.

"You'll have to surrender to me, of course", she continued, her tone becoming sterner as she elaborated. "You'll have to become my corset prisoner if I'm to play with you. Let me undress you a bit and then I’ll tie you to the bed like my damsel in distress. Only then will I have my wicked way with you". The words alone would have been enough to strengthen her husband's stiffness even without what she was doing with her hand, with the picture that his wife was painting causing Laurie to moan with deep desires as she continued to molest his manhood.

Nevertheless, Dodi wanted more from her captive man, insisting that he beg to become helplessly bound. “I want to hear you Laurie, plead for what I know you really want! Tell me how you love being kept all girlie, how you want to helplessly mine! Once you're tightly subdued, who knows how long I'll want to keep you trapped like that?", she had purred, all the while working her wicked magic on his member. "There'll be no going back Laurie. Are you sure you want to be my corset prisoner?".

No sooner had Jack nodded his consent than he was being sent away, his wife no longer needing to work him up into a frenzy. "Go and get ready then, I’ve already laid out the things we’ll need”. Something told Jack that his wife could have thought this out, done this, with the cuffs and straps that now held him captive already having been laid out when the couple arrived in the bedroom. Indeed, the lengths of padded leather and their associated padlocks had been left invitingly open, simply asking to be wrapped around his wrists and ankles, he not knowing she planned to have him sleep that way after sex.

Sapped of his strength by spending the whole day in the tight corset, the heels impossibly high as he minced about the house anticipating this submission, Jack had meekly lain down on the bed after being striped of Laurie’s blouse and skirt. As his wife had directed, the remainder of Laurie’s feminine attire remained. Conscious of how his corset held his body straight, breasts thrust proudly out, even as he stretched out his limbs to allow Dodi to secure them. Soon she had fastened all four of the white leather girlie cuffs with their lace and tiny roses. She clicked the little padlocks closed before rewarding JACK with a slow caress of his cock trapped in the panty briefs. Her fondling fingers had left him wanting more, as she slid to the stocking tops while telling him how she would take her pretty slut. With his swollen manhood shuddering as his wife slid his panties aside, her hand covering it’s length before hovering over its incredibly sensitive tip, a finger probed him just slightly, then with steady pressure he moaned deeply.

“There! You're my prisoner now!”, Dodi had purred as she smeared his pre-cum up and down the length of her husband's penis, her fingers barely touching his swollen flesh. Jack had arched his back in a futile attempt to feel more of them, but that had only seen his wife torment him still further, Dodi waiting until he'd fallen back on the bed in frustration before getting to her feet. “Your in luck tonight, I’ll  skip the big ball gag head harness for what I want. Don’t go anywhere, will you now?", she smirked, and with that, she was gone.

Like then, Jack’s cock was now moist, and like then, there was nothing he could do to relieve his rock hard member as he relived the memory. He'd watched helplessly while his wife left the room, Dodi slipping out of sight so swiftly that he'd found himself crying out after her, but she hadn't come back for what seemed like an age. In the intervening time, she'd dressed the part of Mistress in a stern black basque and sheer nylon stockings - an outfit that was accompanied by a similarly severe attitude, she spoke as if he were the slut, that tone had aroused him all the more.

Now, however, there was no prospect of Dodi mounting him as she had last night, no prospect of her sliding down onto his steely stiffness and riding him until he could take it no more. Nor would she press her pussy against his face afterwards, disgorging the still warm liquid that he had deposited inside her as she demanded a second orgasm from his tongue. No, there was only a long night of subtler sexual torment ahead of Jack as erotic dreams with his wife silently teasing him through his memories of the night before as she slept blissfully alongside him.

“Is that for me?". The melodious sound of Dodi’s voice was enough to rouse Jack from his slumbers, the sleeping man slowly returning to consciousness to find his wife standing at the bed side over him once more. The room was lighter than it had been when he had last looked, the darkness of the small hours clearly having crept away after he had drifted off into a doze. Otherwise, however, his predicament remained pretty much the same, save for Dodi’s renewed interest in his bound plight.

He had barely begun to awaken before he became aware of the corset and cuffs again, the former forcing him to stifle a yawn even as the latter stopped him from stretching his limbs in an effort to shake off their ache. The familiar dull discomfort was far from all that Jack felt, however, now accompanied by a rather more pleasurable sensation - that of his wife seeking to rouse him in more ways than one as she slowly ran her hand up and down his stiffness thru the briefs. Had he been hard all night? It wouldn't have surprised him, even without Dodi’s encouraging his cock's natural tendency to start the day with a stretch.

“It's so good of you to have this ready and waiting for me", she grinned as she continued to masturbate her husband's manhood after freeing it from the all too snug panty briefs, not letting go of it even as she mounted the bed beside him. She remained in the skimpy little nightdress she had slept in, its pastel pink satin following the curve of her chest before falling away down her feminine figure - fabric that Jack soon found tickling his groin as his wife straddled his legs then started to shuffle up his body.

"Shall we have sex before breakfast?", Dodi enquired casually, nonchalantly lifting the hem of her nightdress to reveal her own arousal. Her pussy was clearly engorged, with its inflamed lips so moist that Jack could see them glisten as he looked past his own breasts down the length of his corseted body. A nod of acquiescence was all it took for his wife to lower herself down on top of him, Dodi engulfing his erection inside her eager flesh before beginning to rock back and forth with an enjoyable smile of contentment.

Jack could only moan deliriously as his wife again had her wicked way with him, but his gasping groans were drowned out by her purrs of pleasure as she repeatedly plunged her body down upon his pole. Although she clutched at his breasts for support, he could really feel it, with the stiffly boned corset seeming to crush the breath out of him all the more for him needing it most. Helpless to do anything other than lie there as Dodi then ever so slowly slid up and down on top of him, he found himself hypnotized by how her unrestrained breasts followed the same rhythm, drawing him deeper under her spell as the world began to swim around him.

Even before Dodi enthusiastically upped her tempo still further, Jack found himself forced to fight for air, with the suffocating grip of his corset allowing him only short, shallow gasps as he struggled to stay conscious. The pleasure his wife was inflicting upon his penis was rapidly becoming too much to bear, seeing him panting desperately as she drove him relentlessly towards orgasm. Soon Dodi was making his predicament even more precarious by adding her weight to the punishing pressure, grinding her groin slowly against his as if she had the rigid cock. In command now she roughly fondled his breasts and tweaked the raised nipples with devilish determination.

What little leeway Jack might have had to move beneath his wife was now lost as she pinned him down, her body pressing him into the bed that had become his prison as her lips stole what little breath remained to him away with a series of passionate kisses. Futilely straining at the straps that held his arms and legs helpless, Jack soon found himself swooning, coming close to blacking out for a moment as his balls began to empty their boiling load.

The stiffness sticking into his wife spasmed in lieu of the rest of his body, with Jack's penis shuddering powerfully as it started to pump in a pinnacle of orgasmic bliss. The tormented organ started to shoot wave after wave of hot sperm deep into the source of its sensuous suffering. The man to whom it belonged found his consciousness contracting into a singular ecstatic feminine climax that Dodi had trained him to experience. The woman on top seemed determined to milk every last drop out of him. Dodi didn't stop rocking back and forth until Jack's dick was beginning to deflate, with her displeasure at his lack of staying power all too clear.

"No, no, no!", she chided, slipping off her husband's manhood now that it no longer served any purpose for pleasuring her. "We don't finish until I've come too", Dodi scolded, already shuffling up the sheets in a manner that put Jack in mind of the night before. Even as his spent shaft shrank away between his legs, his wife was bringing her own sex towards to his face, lifting up the hem of her skimpy satin nightdress so as to reveal the womanly shrine at which he would soon be expected to worship.

The first hint of thick, creamy fluid was already starting to drip down between Dodi’s swollen open labia, with her pussy now sticky with more than just her own juices as she pressed its lips down onto those of her husband. Having no choice but to gasp through his wife's gash as she forced her crotch into his face, Jack again found himself inhaling the heady aroma of sperm knowing that the smell was only a pale shadow of what was to come. He was powerless to prevent Dodi from feeding him his own cum from her feminine crevice, but he struggled against his bonds all the same, knowing exactly what was in store for him from the night before.

"Open wide!", she insisted, reaching a hand down between her legs to pinch her husband's nose to ensure he did just that. With a big dollop of their juices already dropping down onto his waiting tongue, it didn't take long before his desperate need to breathe forced him to swallow - much to his wife's delight. "Mmm! That tastes good, doesn't it?", she laughed, finally releasing her hold on his nose only to press her sex even more firmly into his face. "Now say thank you for being treated to breakfast in bed like this”.

Even as he struggled to catch his breath, Jack was left in no doubt as to what he was expected to do. Soon his frantic panting was accompanied by the sound of slurping as he set to work with his lips and tongue, licking his own sperm out of his wife as he sought to bring her off with his mouth. His limp cock might have been long forgotten by Dodi, but that didn't stop him from continuing his role as sex toy for the woman who had kept him corseted and cuffed overnight, with his lips now taking the place of his penis in providing for her immense pleasure.

Licking and lapping as though his life depended on it, Jack's freedom of movement was restricted to no more than his mouth as his wife pressed his head down into the pillow with her pussy, with his corset and cuffs ensuring that he couldn't escape her clutches even as he was made to swallow still more of his sperm. The salty taste of cum slowly gave way to the more welcome nectar of Dodi's sweet womanhood but his wife continued to ride his face even as she started to shudder again and again under the flicking of his tongue, as his lips surrounded and eagerly sucked at the swollen clit.

The subtle tremors were only the forerunners of the sexual crescendo that soon followed, with Dodi's convulsions building both in strength and frequency before culminating in a violent spasm that saw her husband's head jostled about as she climaxed around him. With her body arching as she sought to bury him between her sex and the bed.

Jack found himself trying to breathe through what felt like a solid wall of sexual liquid before she finally slumped back. Only then was he able to join his wife in seeking to catch his breath, with the couple gasping together as they each recovered their strength.

Interspersed with the long sighs of a satisfied woman, Dodi's deep inhalations contrasted sharply with those of her husband as he fought his corset for air. Despite his discomfort, not to mention the lingering after-taste of sex, Jack nevertheless felt a certain pride in his performance, with the sight of his wife recovering from the orgasms he'd given her one that warmed his heart even before she had sat up and given his wig an affectionate ruffle.

“Mmm! That was even better than last night!", Dodi purred happily, her fingers idling fondling her husband's breasts and nipples as she straddled his corseted body. "Is that because I've left you helplessly tight laced for so long? Maybe you should spend another night like this so we can find out!", she teased, now bending forward to plant a kiss on Jack's forehead before finally dismounting him. "But how about something more substantial in the way of breakfast first?".

Jack's enthusiastic nodding at his wife's suggestion brought a smile to her face. "I thought you might want to get up", Dodi laughed, "so I've gone and got you your slippers. Don't say I never spoil you!". With that, she reached beneath the bed, her hands out of sight for a couple of seconds before returning clutching a unlikely melange of pastel pink plastic and fur. Had Jack not been familiar with the feminine footwear she now held, it might have taken him a moment or two to make sense of it - as it was, he immediately recognized the slippers trimmed with fluffy marabou, their six inch heels the same color as the feathers that adorned their open toes.”

Such shoes were better suited to the boudoir than the breakfast table, suffused with sensuous sexuality that caused Jack's cock to stiffen slightly as he considered their forbidding height - enough to bring a man to his knees quite literally were he to be the one wearing them. There was no doubt as to whether that would be the case, with Dodi even now bringing the first of the fluffy pink shoes towards her husband's still stocking clad feet, slipping its saccharine strap over his toes before sliding the sandal's soft satin upper up to meet his sole.

Soon she was securing the shoe around Jack's ankle with a fiddly little buckle - the white leather shoe cuffs that would be impossible for him to unfasten. A small strap under the arch, attached to the ankle cuff before being locked on with the padlock. Powerless to prevent his wife from rendering him even more helpless, Jack could only watch as Dodi strapped the second sandal firmly around his other foot, but that didn't stop her from casually making conversation as she pulled its strap tight. She clipped them together so as he could only take mincing little steps while he remained trapped in the inflexible grasp of his corset and total feminine attire.

“Did you sleep well?", she enquired innocently, as though imagining that a man could somehow do so whilst strapped to the bed in a corset so tight he could barely breathe.

"No, I've had better nights!", Jack declared frankly, but his wife continued the charade as she made sure that both buckles were secure.

"Well, maybe you'll sleep better tonight", she suggested as though addressing a child, playfully waggling her husband's feet by means of his heels. "You could always snooze for a little longer still strapped down if you liked", Dodi added wickedly, watching Jack's expression turn into one of panic before he realized she was just teasing him. "Now, where did I leave the key for these little locks holding you down?"

Jack had the strange feeling of being in someone else's body as he stretched his limbs at last, the padded cuffs that had kept them strapped to the bed now no more than a memory as they lay open on the bed beside him. Slowly sitting up despite the best efforts of his corset to keep him horizontal, he nevertheless felt the blood rush from his head, the world swimming around him for a few seconds before finally becoming still. Even then, he felt far from stable, with his first efforts at getting to his feet seeing him sit back down again with a bump when the stilettos strapped around them betrayed his balance.

"Oops-a-daisy!", Dodi laughed. "You'd better let me help you", she suggested, holding out her hand for Jack to hold on to. "Who would have thought a simple pair of shoes could make a man so helpless?", she asked with devilish delight, her amusement undeniable as she helped her husband get to his feet. "Add that corset, your breasts and nylons and you have no choice but to continue being my girlie prisoner"

“Why don't you go and do your business and I'll see you in the kitchen?", Dodi proposed as she paused by the door to the bathroom, pulling her hand away from her husband gently this time as she made it clear he was on his own.

The muffled sound that Jack's heels had made on the carpet were now swapped for a louder click-clack as he stumbled across the bathroom's tiled floor. Even as he tottered precariously towards the toilet, he could feel his wife still watching him, with her burning gaze making sure that he did as he was told. "Don't even think about untying yourself, or I'll be sending you straight back to bedstrapped even more tightly", Dodi called after her husband, her admonition bringing a sheepish smile to his face as he realized he'd been considering just that.

It was hard not to, not when the full extent of his corseted feminized self was now confronting Jack in the bathroom mirror. The mere sight of the satin hourglass that its stiff bones imposed upon his body seemed to make his breathing even more labored as he surveyed his feminized figure. Damn these breasts do seem so realistic! Surely loosening the laces a little wouldn't hurt, he mused, craning his head over his shoulder at the criss-crossing cords that kept the back of the corset completely closed.

No sooner had Jack laid eyes on the knot that had kept them that way overnight, however, than he realized relaxing the laces would be impossible. Only his wife would be able to undo the tight knotted ball behind his back, with his body's desperate efforts to fight the erotic embrace only having made the infernal tangle even more intractable. Like it or not, he would remain trapped in the beautiful corset until Dodi said otherwise - something that, considering the pleasure she took in his predicament, could sure to be some time away.”

Dodi was still at the counter savouring the last of her coffee as she stared unashamedly at her husband - or rather, at his stiffness. Jack's silky robe did little to hide his near erection, with the protrusion that had proved all too problematic when he was sitting down trying to pee now becoming even more prominent thru the snug panty briefs that shaped his body.

"I've only just seen to that!", Dodi scolded, reaching out a hand so as to molest her husband's member as he stumbled past her. "Is that what wearing a corset all night does for my girls cock?", she continued more gently, teasing him as he took his seat. "Does staying feminized make that cock of yours hard all the time Laurie?”

“Well then - that’s WHY you're going to stay -  feminized - as my transvestite girlfriend, yes, my pretty prisoner all thru today! I have some more interesting things for us to explore this evening. After you have coffee I’ll lay out what I want my girl to wear today, I’m sure you’ll love being the pretty thing all day! A nice ride for the girls in the new Lincoln for some take out is what we’re going to do for dinner. Even Laurie needs a night off from cooking.”

“Tonight you will again assume the role of my bound-up sissy so that your mistress will enjoy her deviant ways with Laurie! And, yes with my well worn strap-on needing a good cock sucking. That is what we both need. Then the big ball gag harness, all the better to keep your moans of pleasure quiet as you're fucked silly”.


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