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A Nu You

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2012 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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I always enjoyed getting out there on the open road, driving my car and taking in the scenery. And I have to admit, the day that I got my convertible, it was a totally different kind of feeling. Of course, being a guy, you aren't supposed to like cute things or enjoy the scenery, right? But looking at the girls while driving is always something that a guy is supposed to do. But since I like to dress like a girl, I look at them for different reasons... Well, maybe for MORE reasons than “normal” guys. And in a convertible, things are so much better.

Of course, depending on where you are driving, and in my case, HOW I am dressed while driving, tends to make things a little more interesting. Plus, my car is not exactly brand new but it is well maintained and I am sure that you can guess why...

And this day was like many others, raining but with a promise of sun shining in the afternoon. And what better time to spend a few hours getting myself ready for a nice, leasurely drive in the country as Lynda. I won't bore you with all the things I do to prepare, like shave, put on my make up and such. But I have to admit, I may have been asking for trouble by my selection of clothes and underwear. You see, I like to, well, dress a little less reserved, shall we say. So, racy red lingerie and a short, black dress was a no brainer.

First I selected my nice “D” cup forms and made sure that I attached them securely. No sense having them get all catty – whompus on me. Then I took out my lacy red underwire and put it on. Now, I know that there are those who like thongs or bikini panties. I have never been one to wear them. So I pulled on my silky feel Vanity Fair panties in red, to match my bra. I debated putting on thigh high stockings or to go the route of garterbelt and stockings. Since I wanted that special feel that only a garterbelt can give you, needless to say, they won out. So, a red satin garterbelt with black, cuban heeled stockings and my red patent leather stiletto pumps.

Of course, then I needed a slip or chemise. Since it has always been a little difficult to find a silky red slip, a silky red chemise would work. And it was just the right length to wear under the dress! Then I took out my short black dress and slipped that over my head, brushed my hair again and, after a little additional touch up on my make up, I was pleased with my look. And, as I peeked outside, I saw that the rain had, indeed stopped. Then I grabbed my little kit bag and put it in the trunk. But before I closed the trunk, I took out my ankle cuffs and the 15 inch connecting chain. No sense wasting time since I had driven in these before, even with the six inch stilettos. By the way, driving in six inch stilettos is no easy matter, let me tell you. Now, I decided, I was ready...

Now, anyone with a convertible will tell you that you should NEVER put the top down after it rains and your car has been outside IN the rain. Luckily for me, however, I had the car in the garage today so, nice for me, the top was dry and I could go out and enjoy my drive with the top down. I grabbed my purse, a Coke Zero, my CD wallet and started the car. I like it when I can hear that purr from the motor with a hint of something more, kind of like me...

So, off I went. I looked and discovered that I would be needing gas but, luckily for me, I had no problem heading over to a gas station. I could stop and since the fill was on the same side of the car as the door, I would have the pump help to hide the fact that I was wearing shackles. Plus, I really didn't think that too many people would pay attention to my feet since I was, well, tall, blonde and large breasted in my get-up. And, as I had thought, most people looked at my chest or my ass but certainly not my ankles.

I got my gas, got into the car and drive off. First stop, the open road. I really enjoy the feeling of the wind blowing through my hair as I drive down the highway, at the speed limit. No sense tempting fate, is there. Besides, I usually get a horn blown from time to time, as I drive by and the truck drivers can see the tops of my stockings from their vantage point. It makes me feel REALLY good.

After a little while, and maybe three hoots of air horns, I pull off the highway and get onto a nice little winding road that I like to take. It brings me to the lake near my home and I can usually find a little time to stroll along the paths and enjoy nature. Well, that and maybe something a little kinkier. And kinkier was certainly in my game plan

But as I am driving along, not really paying too much attention to things around me, I feel myself get hit from behind! I don't loose control of my car but I manage to get pulled off to the side of the road. I am now a little pissed off AND a little frightened. I look into the glovebox for my insurance card as well as a notebook and as I step out of the car, I notice that there is a woman getting out of her car. For some reason, she looks vaiguely familiar, though I am not at all certain why that is.

Then I notice how she is dressed and a small part of me is thinking that she has a thing for, if not leather, then certainly for tight fitting clothes with a leather look. I see that she has if not latex or patent leather then they are well shined boots that go up to her knees. The pants that she has on are tight and seem to be tucked into the boots. And she certainly looks like she has on a leather corset under that peasant blouse that hides nothing of her figure not breasts.

“I am so sorry, sweetie! I just turned my head for a sec...” Then she stopped talking. I figured that there was something wrong from the way that she was looking at me but I wasn't certain. Then I realized what the problem was. She had happened to look down towards my ankles and saw the patent leather pumps AND the shackles locking them on. I had forgotten that I had them on, though getting them off was not possible as the keys were at my little secluded spot, or at home.

“Umm, well, I'm sorry about hitting your car, miss... Umm”

I could tell that she was still a little shocked at what she saw. But I was also starting to see something more in her eyes. And as I looked, I still could not shake the idea that she was familiar to me. But I was sure that I was going to throw a little additional shock into her system when I spoke up. In all these years of dressing, the one thing I had never really worked on was my voice...

“It's alright, ma'am. No damage seems to be done.”

The look on her face became classic... Shock and wonder... Mixed with curiosity.

“You're a... Guy!” I was not sure if I saw relief or something else. Especially when she looked at my attire and my ankles... The fact that my stiletto heels were NOT short must have also started to register as she smiled and got this really nervious look on her face.

I looked at her car and saw that there was no damage visable there either. She did walk to the front of her car, look as I did, then look at my car. I had a little scratch but that was about it.

“Well, I see that there is no damage to our cars,” she said. “But it looks like I am interupting something sinister. If you hadn't spoken, I would not have really realized you are a guy. But I think that maybe you got a little ahead of yourself there with the restraints there, sweetie. And if I looked a little, well, out of sorts, that is just because, well, though I have heard of guys who, well, umm, do what you seem to be doing, I never really met one in the, well, act, so to speak.”

All I could do was blush. I appologized and headed back to my car but she called out.

“Please, don't get me wrong. I don't have a problem with what you are doing. Hell, it seems to now be the highlight of my day. And I have to admit that I am kind of curious about, well, why you seem to be dressed for clubbing instead of, well, an afternoon drive in that nice little car of yours.”

As I looked at her, I could see that she had questions. But I also saw something that made the next question she asked almost laughable.

“So, where are you going? Someplace secluded to tie yourself up? Oh, don't be shocked about my asking. Like I said, I understand some things. Though I have never been bound like those girls in the magazines and the internet and have never really wanted it, I know that there are some people out there who DO like it. I am guessing that you are one of those, right?”

I really didn't know what to say. It's not like it would be that big an admission, seeing as I was already started along the way there, wasn't I? And there was still something familiar about her but I was not sure WHAT it was that made me think I knew her. And the funny part was that something inside me was telling me that telling her the truth wasn't going to hurt.

“Yes, ma'am. I kind of need to escape the reality of life at times and the bondage helps. My dressing up like this is, well, just a part of me that I have tried to drop but she always seems to come back stronger than ever. The weather was so nice that I wanted to take a drive. Plus, I figured that coming out here to this little secluded area would be good for a little damsel in distress time. Tonight would not be a good idea as it usually gets a little busy here on Friday nights in this kind of weather.”

“I do want to appologize for making you a little uncomfortable, though. Wasn't my plan, to be sure. And since there doesn't seem to be any real damage, I can be on my way home. Sorry, again.”

I started to turn around and head to my door when she laughed. “Oh, I know... Lover's Lane, as it were. I kind of like coming up here too, during the day, because it allows me to remember growing up around here.”

Okay, I thought. Maybe that is how I know her. She grew up around here. But I know almost everyone who lives around here and still, I could not put a name to her. But if she seemed familiar to me, I wonder if I was familiar to her. And I had to admit that she was definitely stunning to look at. I would have thought I could put a name to that face, let alone the rest of her.

“Anyway, I hope that you are not going to give up on my account. I don't know what to think, since you seemed so intent on enjoying your afternoon and now, it seems that I have ruined it for you. I know that this is going to sound, well, a little crazy. Would you like me to, well, tie you up out here or are you just going to let this beautiful day go to waste? I would hate for you to not have your fun on my account.”

Now it was my turn to be a little shocked. She certainly was forward. But she also seemed eager to, if not appease me, at least make me feel less upset about everything. And as I thought about it, as well as my looking around, I noticed that the parking area we were in was the one that I liked to park in anyway. And my little secluded spot was not all that far. And having someone else tie me up has always appealed to me, though I still had not gone so far as to actually FIND someone. And now, here was someone who wanted to help me. Hell, it was almost like she NEEDED to help me. Was that the point where I was supposed to run away screaming and trying to get away from this woman? Or was that supposed familiarity telling me that this would all work out in the end. I did know one thing. Part of me was screaming inside my head. But the message was one of taking the offer and enjoying it.

“Well, normally I would probably run away... Gee, I can't believe I just said that... Anyway, if you think that you could do a good job, then I guess I will be at your mercy. As long as you promise not to leave me here for someone else to find days or weeks later.” I smiled though a part of me was thinking that was something I should have thought about before I accepted her offer.

She looked at me and smiled. It wasn't a mean or evil smile but there seemed to be something hidden behind that smile that I was unsure about. But I attested it to my being tied by someone for the first time and not knowing what to expect.

“Well, I guess I should know what you call yourself, sweetie. I could keep calling you that but, well, I am sure that you have a name you like to use.”

“Lynda. And what name should I use for you?”

“Well, I think we can talk about that as we head along the path over there. But I think, first, we should see what you have to be tied up with. But for now, I guess we can use the name, MISTRESS!”

Part 2

At first I was a little stunned when she said “Mistress” but then I realized that if she even had a small idea of what some of these things were, she would certainly understand what the title meant. So, I made sure that I used it from this point on.

“Yes, Mistress!” I replied and then walked to the trunk of the car. I opened it up and pulled out the kit bag that I brought with me. I handed it to her and she opened it up and placed the contents on the hood of her car. It was kind of odd to me that she seemed to smile as she pulled things out of the bag and it actually sounded like she gave off a squeal of delight as she took a couple of things out.

“Okay, Lynda. First of all, open your mouth. I am going to put this gag in your mouth. Can't have you calling out for help at the wrong time now, can we?” With that, I saw that she selected my penis gag. It always seemed to make me feel just a little less masculine when I put it into my own mouth and as she buckled it into place, I could feel my submissiveness come out further.

“Now, put your hands behind your back. You know why, Lynda.” I complied and felt the leather cuffs being locked on behind my back. Then I felt a leather strap that I usually used to bind my knees together being placed around my elbows. I moaned a little as the pain started to develop but she didn't seem to pay too much attention.

“Oh, I know it hurts, Lynda. But, you see, without a little pain, you gain nothing from the experience!” That, to me, sounded somewhat odd and yet a little more familiar. Then I felt the collar being placed around my neck. This was my little posture collar so I could not lower my head. I didn't use it too often as it was rather uncomfortable. But seeing as I was already in an uncomfortable position, what was a little more? Then I watched as she attached a leash to my collar. Before I could even think about trying to say something, she pulled the blindfold out and blocked out the light. I was now going to have to trust her and follow along, not knowing what or where I was going.

“Now Lynda, we are going to go along the north trail until we come to a little, secluded place where I can do some more devilish things to torment you. If you can get free, I will even let you tie me up. But if not, well, we shall see.” I heard her laugh and then felt the tug on my leash.

I knew the north trail. It was the one I liked to use for my little self bondage sessions because it was, indeed, filled with some really nice and secluded areas. I had actually used one of the areas for an overnight bondage session, during a very nice evening and I felt lucky that no one ever found me, though I had heard a good number of people coming through the paths looking for places to make out. I had felt really lucky about the spot AND not being found out. And even though I could not see anything I was beginning to think that she was taking me to that very same spot. Then I heard something that made me take a stutter step and come to a complete stop!

“Lynda, I didn't tell you to stop! Oh, you heard something, did you? Well, that might be... What did he say his name was... Oh yes, Kevin. Of course, he didn't come out here to play dress up and be a damsel in distress like you did. But I was scouting for a place like this and found him all tied up, gagged and just ripe for the picking! Of course, he REALLY  didn't like the idea of my taking his escape method, a knife and his keys and putting them someplace out of reach, like my car! And I think that he had planned on being away from here some time ago as the little block of ice that he had his keys in melted about an hour ago. But I wanted him to stay here because I actually need him for what I am going to do to you. And, well, by the time I am finished with you, Kevin here will be so scared that he will run away and try to find the police. But he will also think about it and realize that he would then humiliate himself by having to admit that he was here, bound as he is, and I have the pictures to prove it, and getting something that, well, he never imagined that he would be getting!”

She removed the blindfold and I noticed that Kevin was wearing almost nothing. What he was wearing did NOT hide his erect cock and its rather amazing size! And a part of me knew what was going to happen and I was not sure if it was something that I was hoping for or praying that she was kidding! And I realized that I actually knew who Kevin was. He was among the many people that I interacted with on a daily basis and I was now afraid that he was going to realize who I was. When you run a small business like he does, you tend to remember your customers. And I was one of his many customers.

But for now, I seemed to be in luck as he didn't recognize me as my male self. He looked at me and thought I was just someone else who this sneaky little bitch had caught doing something kinky and was taking advantage of. Maybe that was going to be my saving grace.

I watched as she walked over to Kevin and with a sharp knife, she cut off the remaining vestage of his modesty and out came his massive cock, pointing right in my direction. I was never more thankful for that gag than I was right then. Then I felt myself being bent over as my arms were being lifted behind me. I had never seen the rope hanging from the tree and now I knew it was there as my arms were being pulled up, placing me in a strappado position, with my mouth at the level of Kevin's massive erection. My relief faded away real fast as I knew what was coming!

“Lynda, you have a choice. Option one is that you be a good little girl, well, maybe a bad little girl, and suck his cock until he cums. Then you swallow his cum like the slut you are and he gets what he wants, his freedom! Option two is that you refuse to suck him and I take my little riding crop there and not only whip your ass but I expose you for who you really are. Oh, I am sure that you would eventually get over that but, well, it would certainly make things a little uncomfortable for you now, wouldn't it?”

I nodded, realizing that I was in between a rock and a hard place. The minute I opened my mouth to say anything, Kevin would know it was me dressed like this. Or I could suffer the embarassment of having to suck off Kevin and then, maybe with his freedom assured, I would be able to get free from this.

I nodded to Mistress and I felt her remove the gag. I softly said “thank you, Mistress” and then wrapped my painted lips around Kevin's cock. It didn't take long before I could hear him moaning from my licks and bobbing up and down his cock. He couldn't grab my head or anything but I could tell that he was getting close to cumming in my mouth as he was now screaming through his gag. I felt my head being pushed from behind and I felt Kevin unload his cum into my mouth... It was salty and a little unpleasant at first but, after a few moments, he had finished unloading into my mouth and I noticed that his hands were free. It was his hands that were holding my head against his crotch!

“Oh my God, she is a wonderful little cock sucker. Lynda is her name, you said? Gee, she doesn't look all that familiar. Must be from out of town. But now, I really would like to head back to my shop so I can make sure that the employee's aren't stealing everything!” I watched as Mistress finished releasing him. I heard him mutter a thanks as he headed off to his car, where ever that was.

I looked up at Mistress and she saw the look in my eyes.

“Oh Lynda. Or should I call you Paul, which is your real name?” I was shocked that she actually knew who I was! “Don't be so surprised, Lynda. I kind of knew that you had a little feminine side to you for years. And when I saw you at the gas station, I happened to notice that you looked familiar to me, though I was able to place the name and face, where it seems that you can't. You do know me, though I have to admit that I was a whole lot different than I am now. I could see that you were trying to figure out HOW you knew me and, well, I guess that I should be nice and tell you who I am. But I want to wait a little longer. And I do so want to whip that ass of yours. And with you bent over like that, I just cannot resist! And it's not like you can just get up and run away, bent over like you are, can you?”

“No, Mist... OW!”

I felt the first lash hit my ass and it felt like someone had lit me on fire. And each succeeding fall upon my taught and exposed ass just made me scream more and more. The pain was, at first, very unpleasant but after a little while, I was finding that the pain was indeed becoming pleasurable. And this was really making me horny as I couldn't escape the lashes as the fell and it almost seemed like I was lifting my ass up to meet her lashes.

Of course, the moans of pain were changing to those of pleasure. But what got me into trouble was when I felt something pressing against my ass and before I could scream out, I felt something long and hard enter me and start to thrust deeper and deeper. When I opened my mouth to protest, I had the gag back in my mouth as I cried out in dispair as I felt the cock thrusting inside me. And it was a long time thrusting in and pulling out, never fully pulling out but always thrusting deep into me, making me at first humiliated but after finally relaxing I started to realize that my own cock was getting not only hard but was soon shooting cum as I was still being fucked!

“Doesn't that feel good, sissy? Oh, you are not Lynda any longer, sissy! Hell, you are not even going to be Paul any more! And by the time I am finsihed with your transformation, sissy boy, you will be the best little slut ever! And all it took was my friend Kevin getting his cock sucked by you and your ass being fucked by my friend, a ten inch dildo! And you are taking all ten inches up your little cunt there, sissy!”

I could feel her speed up the temp of her thrusts and I could do nothing but cry out. I wanted it to end and yet I was craving more!!!

“Oh yes, you are probably wondering who I am now, aren't you, sissy? You see, I lived here and I even had a crush on you when we were in school. But I think that the crush was because I had seen you wearing panties and the like one day at school. I don't think anyone else noticed but I did. Being bi, I usually leaned towards the guys but I always found them to be boring. And the girls were, well, flakey...”

“In college, I got into science and was soon well on my way to figuring out who I was and what I wanted. But I seemed to always be attracted to guys who, well, were a little girly! And I learned something else about myself. I liked being in control. Being a Dominatrix, in other words. And in college, I had three or four girls who loved being whipped by me. And I had one special guy who adored being dressed up and being my little sissy slut. When college was over, though, they all went their seperate ways and I was left with an empty feeling. So, I started a little company that, well, doesn't advertise a whole lot but gets a fair amount of business, thanks to the internet. And that is where I have perfected my transformation process. And you, Paul, will be my finest creation. All because I want the one who was my first sissy to be my best one! I may not have played with you back then but I wanted to. Now, thanks to seeing you and following you for the past little while, I knew right were to find you.”

“Oh, I was SO tempted to have my way with you a few weeks ago when I finally found you out here tied up and so cute in that skimpy little white dress. And when I saw that you were wearing stockings and a sexy little garterbelt, it was all I could do not to go up to you and play. But I wanted MORE than just play...”

“Now I have the chance to own you! But before I do, I need to know if you are willing to give yourself over to me completely! This means that you do what I tell you to do. I may tell you to suck a cock or to get fucked by a very well endowed man. Or I might even decide that I want to whip you until you can no longer take it. In other words, I want you to be my little sissy slave. And as for wearing these cute little dresses, I will let you do so sometimes. And I can certainly say that you will fill out those dresses after you have your breasts taken care of...”

“The only thing that you should realize is that, well, you will not be allowed to use your cock for anything other than urination! NO SEX! Well, at least no sex as a male... But I am going to give you the oportunity to, well, choose your fate... Either way, I should tell you, you will be mine. It is just going to be willingly or...”

Mistress left the “or” hanging there, letting me know that I really didn't have much of a choice really. Oh, I could say no but, well, what would be the point in that. Or I could let her take me, as if she hadn't already, and become her little sissy slave. It really wasn't much of a choice to make, seeing as I was still bound, gagged and still had a ten inch dildo inside of me, making me hornier with each passing moment. With that, I lowered my head in submission...

“Good little sissy. I think we can leave your name as Lynda. And as soon as I feel like it, I will make sure that you are prepped and ready to go to my little spa up in the hills. You might have heard of it, if you do any reading of so-called sissy transformation fiction... It's called 'A NU You' and, well, you will become a new you in about six months... And by the time you leave there, Paul will be but a distant memory from your mind and being an obedient little slave will be all you want to aspire to...”

Then I felt the prick of a needle in my ass... Then my world went dark...

Part 3

When I woke up, I was not totally sure what had happened. I remembered that I felt a needle and such, then everything else came flashing back to me, from dressing in my red undies and taking a drive in my convertible to...

Oh my God! I was starting to realize that I had actually ALLOWED myself to be...

That was when I started to look at myself, as much as I could at any rate. And what I saw truly shocked and surprised me. Partly because I could feel the changes in my body but also, I realized that there was a mirror in front of me and I could see EVERYTHING!

Of course, the first thing that I saw were the breasts. They were HUGE! I had always used a “D” cup form in my bra's, since I was nowhere near small in stature. But these seemed far heavier and quite real. And I saw that there was a ring through the nipples with a chain connecting them to a collar around my neck. The collar was bright pink patent leather with black script writing spelling out “SISSY” large enough that you could easily read it. And it weighed a surprising amount for patent leather. And as I looked down, the changes were even more apparent.

I was wearing a very restricting corset. I admit that I am not a skinny minny when I was a guy, having a 38 inch waist. But there was no way I would have expected the corset to fit this tightly around me. And I could still breath! And I could see the stockings attached to the corset and they did feel great against my smooth legs. (I always DID love the feel of stockings) but then I saw that there was something really strange at my crotch. And it was then that I was starting to notice some really STRANGE feelings in my body!

What I was looking at was some sort of metal tube that seemed to cover my cock. I realized that this was some sort of chastity device so that I could not have sex. I did recall her telling me this but I didn't realize that she was THIS serious. And it was really feeling a little uncomfortable as I also felt something was, well, invading my back side, as it were. And that invader, no matter what I did, seemed to either pull on the chastity device or cause me additional discomfort. And when I looked down at my feet, well, the heels I was wearing sure did seem to be causing even more discomfort as I found myself wearing black patent pumps with what had to be six inch heels. And they were locked on with cuffs around my ankles and a strap holding the heels in place so I could not shuck them off.

As I tried to relax, I noticed that my face seemed softer looking and that my hair seemed longer and fuller than it had been before. And I also noticed that I was fully made up, from eyes to lips and everything inbetween. It was just rather shocking to see all of this and wonder what was going to happen next. And I certainly didn't have to wait too long as Mistress came into the room, smiling and holding a leash.

“Ah, I see that my little sissy is awake. And I guess that you are wondering how long you have been here. Before I tell you anything, I want you to open your mouth.”

I didn't say anything, scared and afraid as I was then and I obliged and opened my mouth. Into it went a 3 inch long, five inch around penis gag, meant to keep me rather quiet. It also, as I was to learn, got me used to the shape of cocks in my mouth, just like that thing I felt inside my ass!

“Now, this should help acclimate you to cocks just like that lovely chastity holder in your sissy cunt. Yes, sissy, women have vagina's and sissy's have 'cunts' for cocks to enter. And right now, your's has a beautiful, 10 inch long and 5 inch around penis shaped vibrating dildo attached to that little chastity device. This way not only does your little cock stay tucked out of the way but also that vibrator stays in place. So you are, as they say, completely fucked... And plugged as well!”

I looked at her with fear as I realized that I was, indeed, well and truly fucked, in every meaning of the word. And now I couldn't say anything with the penis gag in my mouth. Then I watched as she walked over to a closet and pulled out some additional items of clothing. Okay, it was a petticoat and what seriously looked like a French Maid uniform. This one was in white with black lace to go with the panties that she pulled out. Then I saw the black petticoat with white trim and knew that I was going to be putting all of this on. Which Mistress then instructed me to do. I pulled the panties on and then the petticoat. When I got the uniform on, I was then put into the apron and I could definitely see that the corset was doing it's job. Then Mistress pulled down the front of the uniform and attached the leash.

Now, that might not sound too bad but, you see, this leash was a very diabolical leash. Because instead of a clip to attach to a ring, this leash had two adjustable clamps with very sharp teeth, that she threaded through the ring in my collar and then attached to my very sensative nipples. Then she tightened them, causing me to squirm more and more, as well as whimper as they were tightened. Then she fixed the front of my uniform and tugged on the leash. It was all I could do not to scream as my nipples were twisted and pulled at the same time.

Next, she had me turn around as she placed leather cuffs on my wrists and locked them behind my back. Then came the longer ones pulling my elbows back, causing me to thrust my breasts out further. Needless to say, this was not only uncomfortable but it was also doing a little number on me in an erotic sense as the vibrator was really kicking my spot there and the clamps were driving me nuts. All I wanted at that moment was to find some manner in which to get some sort of sexual release as I could feel something building up inside of me.

Then I felt another tug on my nipples and I followed Mistress out of the room I was in and down a hall way. As we went down the hall, I could see several other rooms, all open and empty. And when we got to the end of the hall, I could see why as there were many other people in this huge room. And half of them in the room were dressed like I was. All of them were kneeling next to a woman and all of them were bound as I was. I was being led to the center of the room and when I was there, I felt my ankles being locked into place on the floor and then my arms being lifted up behind me. I know then that this was not going to be very pleasant, to say the least.

“Good morning, sissy's. I would like to introduce to you my newest little sissy. This is Lynda, who decided that she needed to become a little slut. Of course, when I met her, she was just wearing the color of sluts and whores, nice sexy red undies, driving around in his convertible, making the guys in the trucks get all horny and sexually frustrated. Of course, he also didn't realize that I KNEW who he was and thus had even more control over him. So, when I finally got him where he needed to be, under my control, I told him that he was going to become my little sissy slave. Not like he really had much of a choice in the matter. So, I drugged him and brought him here to this nice little sissy transformation spa, to transform him into my little sissy slave. And today begins the second phase of his transformation and his introduction to 'A NU YOU' and his new life as my sissy.”

I felt her pull my dress and petticoat up and them my panties went down.

“As you can see, Lynda's cock is locked away in this chastity. All of you are familiar with the device but not to the extreme that Lynda here will be. For you see, where your's have a very good but small lock holding it in place, Lynda here has had his cock pierced and the device has been PERMANENTLY attached through the two piercings in his cock!”

Everyone could hear me scream through the gag as I heard that little bit of news. And the second scream as Mistress pulled out her cane and gave me several swift and painful lashes on my ass.

“Oh, in case you didn't catch that, sissy's, Lynda just found out herself just now that his chastity is permanent. And, as you can see, there are no straps holding his cock and chastity between his legs. What we have holding it in place is this wonderful little... Well, not so little at ten inches long and five inches around. But it is penis shaped and very useful as a vibrator. And by locking the two together, the vibrator holds the chastity in place and the chastity prevents the vibrating dildo from sliding out of sissy's cunt!”

Then I felt several more lashes strike my ass as she swatted me another 10 times, causing me to realize what it was that I had gotten myself into. Then I felt my panties being pulled up and I was then allowed to stand up. She pulled the front of my uniform down, exposing my breasts.

“Now, each of you have gotten implants. Between them and the horemones that each of you are taking, you have all developed rather nice “C” cup breasts. Even a couple of “D” cups. Lynda here, because he is going to be a little slut, received a couple of “DD” cups and over the last several weeks, the horemones have been making them grow, though nowhere near as fast as you, younger sissy's. Lynda here is a little older and thus needs a little help. So we also castrated Lynda so those nasty testicles would not get in the way. And we feel that in about a year, Lynda will have some rather bouncy “E” or even “F” cups.”

A tug on the leash for everyone's benefit and I squealed a little more as my nipples got twisted and pulled.

“Of course, each of you is used to wearing a collar. Lynda is no different. But where your collars have a lock on them and can be removed, Lynda wears a permanent collar. It is three inches tall and made of metal. It has a patent leather cover so that the metal is covered. Plus it IS rather difficult to find PINK stainless steel. It was then permanently soldered in place and then covered with the patent leather. Rather pretty, isn't it?”

I didn't think that there was much more that I could take of this. I now knew that I had been there for several weeks, had been castrated, given huge implants and was permanently chastised to boot. I really didn't know what more there was to say other than I was now permanently feminized, something I had fantasized about at times but never really thought would happen. I was soon to find out that the fantasy was far better than the reality as I felt myself being bent over again.

“Of course, Lynda needs to become a slut in order to complete her little feminization and to begin her life here with me and the other Mistress'. Now, ordinarily, I would let the fucking machine, something all of you are familiar with, take care of her little needs, for say, maybe 24 hours or so. But instead, since each of you are such good little sissy's, I am going to let you watch as Lynda get's fucked by the fine young studs whom you all have become intimately familiar with. Well, at least their cocks inside your mouths as you learned to suck them and give spectacular head. All it takes it the unlocking of the vibrator from the chastity...”

I felt something as my panties were pulled down and then I felt the vibrator start to come out. Of course, Mistress decided, first, to use it to get me into the mood of being fucked as she thrust it in and pulled it out of me for several minutes, causing me to moan and start to actually fuck myself by trying to get it deeper into my ass. I knew that I was in trouble as I watched the first very well endowed man walk into the room with his cock there, pointing at me and wearing, thankfully, a condom! It didn't take long before it was there inside me and I was moaning like a bitch in heat.

With each thrust, I was moaning and actually, through the gag, begging for more. And as he thrust into me, I could feel my nipples getting pulled and twisted in perfect rhythm to the thrusts. And all I could do was moan. And as he came closer to cumming inside me, I saw the next man come into the room and it felt like it was never going to end. I was being fucked by man after man and never was able to reach the orgasm that I needed. I was getting hornier and hornier by the minute as these guys were taking care of their needs. Of course, it was not like there was a way that they could even take care of mine as I had no testicles but I still had this growing need for sexual release. And with that chastity in place, there was no way I could even get something close to satisfaction. But something was happening to me as I started to feel a spasm through my penis and then I realized that I may have actually had something close to an orgasm, though I still had this need to cum!

“Oh, so sissy wants to cum like a little gurl, does he? Well, no one gave you permission to cum so, I guess sissy needs to be punished.” When the cock inside me finished, I felt the cane strike me 10 more times as I screamed through the gag. Then I felt my head being pulled back and the gag come out of my mouth!

“Well slut, I guess that we just have to double cock you now, since you seem to need cum!” With that, before I could say anything to the contrary, I had a huge cock in my mouth and another back inside my cunt! And before long, I was eagerly... Oh dear God, I was... Eagerly sucking the cock in my mouth while being fucked long and hard by another inside me. And I was wanting more!

Needless to say, before I was done, Mistress had me suck 20 cocks and I had been fucked by 30 of them. It was a very long time and the other sissy's in the room were all horny by that time. I discovered that they were allowed to satisfy each other normally but this time, they were all brought to me so that I could relieve their sexual tension as I sucked their semi hard cocks. I guessed that their horemone treatments made their cocks not get so hard but by this time I had learned how to suck cocks and get them to cum, though it did take a little time to get all 15 of them completed. By that time, I had been bound in a strappado position for over 12 hours and was in definite need of relief. However, Mistress was not done with me.

“Well, you little slut. You have had 30 guys fuck your cunt but still, you are a vigin. We didn't want you to get cum in there before I have a certain someone special in my life take your virginity. And trust me, you are going to LOVE his fucking your well fucked cunt, slut! You see, the man who is going to take that last vestage of your virginity is none other than my brother! And he is not only well hung at 12 inches long and over 6 inches around, but he has begged me to let him fuck one of my little sissy sluts. And I told him last month that I had a very special one picked out for him.”

“When he saw who it was, he was so tickled that he begged to make sure that he knew who it was that was going to fuck you. You see, you fired him last year for missing a day at work. Okay, he might have deserved it, and he does realize that you actually did him a favor. But when he found out that I had made you my little sissy slave, he knew that it was going to be his best day ever. So, Lynda, remember my brother, Darnel...”

I felt the back of my head being pulled back as Mistress made me look up at Darnel's cock. He pushed it into my mouth and started fucking my mouth, and like a good little slut, I tried my best to take it all into my mouth as her made me get it all wet.

“Oh, I am gonna LOVE fucking me some sissy slut cunt! Thanks sis for bringing me back in contact with this little slut! If I had known then that he was such a little cock sucking slut, I would have found a way to fuck him a WHOLE lot sooner!”

Darnel pulled out of my mouth and just as he started to enter my ass, I started begging him to not fuck me! Well, needless to say, that didn't happen as he thrust his entire length into my cunt and started to thrust deeper and deeper into my ass. And the entire time, I was begging. First I was begging him to stop fucking me, telling him that I would suck his cock but to please stop fucking me...

After a while though, I was begging not to have him stop but rather for him to go deeper inside me as I was becoming so damned horny that I wanted more. And when I felt him shoot his entire load of cum into my cunt, I truly realized that was what my ass was now, a cunt for cocks to fuck!

As he pulled out of me, I felt Mistress whisper into my ear...

“And now you know WHY I call this place, 'A NU YOU!', don't you slut?”



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