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One Night Stand Leads to a Life of Slavery

by Jayman

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© Copyright 2012 - Jayman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cd; dress; pantyhose; cuffs; bond; gag; tape; captive; kidnap; D/s; collar; bdsm; electro; susp; insert; cons/nc; XX

I was dazed from the punch. As I regained consciousness, I was bound in woman’s pantyhose and a black mini dress in my bedroom. Black electrical tape was wrapped around my ankles, my knees (below and above) and thighs. My hands were handcuffed behind my back. Last night was intended to be an adventurous night with a black beautiful goddess that I met at the club. She had thick thighs, a round ass and huge tits. Stacy was her name. She was from L.A. visiting family and wanted me to escort around Savannah. I became her personal tour guide and showed her all the cool location in my hometown. Friday night turned into Saturday morning as we went back to my house for breakfast.

Upon entering, she asked to use the bathroom. I pointed her in the right direction and started cooking. Fifteen minutes later, Stacy returned wearing only a black bra and thong. We kissed and fucked the majority of the day. Day turned to night as we ate breakfast for dinner.

“I had a fun time.” Stacy laughed.

“I’m glad you had fun.” I replied.

“Do you want to have some more fun?” She asked with a devilish look on her face.

Against my better judgment, I said. “Yes.”

She grabbed me by the hand a led me to the bedroom. Once there, she pulled out black tights and mini dress from her purse. “Put these on.” She stated.

Horny, I stripped naked and got dressed. “What a sexy ass.” She said as she slapped it. We began kissing, unaware she placed my hands behind my back. “CLICK, CLICK;” were the sounds I heard before I realized what had transpired. My hands had been handcuffed behind back. Still unaware of the looming threat, I continue with our game. Stacy walked around me, caressing my chest, penis and butt. She adjusted my cuffed and double locked them. “Are you ready baby?” Stacey asked.

“Yes” I eagerly replied.

“Good, I’ll be right back” she said. She left the bedroom and opened my front door. Immediately I hear a second female voice. Stacy and her gorgeous friend walked into the bedroom with a black bag. Stacy pushed me onto the bed, sat on my lap and began kissing me. Her tongue travel so far down my throat, I failed to notice her friend binding my ankles with electrical tape. Abruptly, Stacy stopped kissing me and punch me in the face.

As a regained consciousness, my jaw was throbbing. I tried to rub it, but my hands were cuffed behind my back. As I struggled to sit up, my ankles, knees and thighs were bound. Before I could yell, Stacy walked into the room. “I wouldn’t, if I was you.” She said. “My partner hates yelling.”

“What are you doing?” I demanded. “The fun is over. Let me...”

Before I could finish, Stacy covered my mouth. “Shut-up! You haven’t figured it yet.” She climbed on the bed behind me and forced a ballgag in my mouth “You’re being robbed. Idiot.” Stacy explained. “Say good bye to your laptop, TV, money, furniture and your life.” Stacy laughed. Her friend walked into the room with an armbinder and spandex hood. She placed the items in the bed and slightly lifted up her shirt displaying a gun. “Anymore questions?” She asked. I shook my head no. Stacey removed my gag, blindfolded me and pulled the hood over my head. My handcuffs were removed and the armbinder was replaced instead. The binder was strapped so tight my arms went numbed within seconds.

Without warning a dick was shoved in my mouth. “If you are wondering, my friend was born with both sexes.” Stacy Said.

“Suck!!!!!” Stacy friend demanded. Preventing me from vomiting, I sucked her dick. I had difficulty breathing. Her dick was huge. As I progress, it became easier to suck. “That’s it slut suck hard.” She demanded. I sucked her dick for forty-five minutes until a hot load of cum shot in to my mouth. “Swallow it!!!!” Stacy’s friend demand, as she squeezed my dick. Thrashing because of the pain, I swallowed her cum.

The ballgag was replaced in my mouth and locked in place. Moments later, Stacey attached nipple clamps. I muffled PMMMMHHHHHPPPPPP (PLEASE) !!!!! TTTTTAAAAKKMMMM TTTTTTIIIIIIIIIIMMMM OOOOPPPPHHHHHHH (TAKE THEM OFF) !!!!!!”

The girls carried me from my bed and locked me in the closet. As they walked away, I heard them laughing at my misfortune. “We need to hurry up before morning.” Stacey Explained. “Mistress K is waiting.”

“The van is almost full. We just need to pack-up this room.” Stacey friend stated.

For thirty minutes, I struggled. Nevertheless, my binds wouldn’t give. As I struggled, I could hear the girls empty out my bedroom. Suddenly my closet door opened.

“We’ll it’s time for us to go. I hope you having fun.” Teased Stacy. “Don’t worry. Somebody will be by to take care of you. I promise.”

As I hear the closet door locked and the sound of Stacey’s footstep disappear in the distances, I fought aimlessly to break my bonds.


I struggled, squirmed and twisted in my bonds for hours. Determine to free myself and accepting humiliation of my current predicament, I kicked opened the closet door. As I crawled out of the closet, the electrical tape around my ankle knees and thighs were cut.

“There you go. That must feel better?” A strange voice asked. “I’m Mistress Kathleen. You will call me Mistress.” She said. “Stacy told me about you. She’s right. You do have a great ass. You may be a good investment after all. Upon completion of your training, you will be a well-trained and discipline slave. Some hormone injections and surgeries will erase your old life. Well, except for your male member.” Mistress Laughed. “Stand-up we have a great deal of work ahead of us my pet.” Mistress helped me to my feet. “Before you go….” Mistress interjected. “Put these shoes on.”

The shoes felt like four inch high heels that where padlocked to my ankles. Mistress then placed a collar around my neck and padlocked it as well. Attached to collar was leash that she pulled to signaling me to start walk. We walked from my bedroom to the garage where her vehicle waited. I struggled to keep up. Mistress open the vehicle’s door sat me in and tied my legs using straps. The straps were tied just has before with the electrical tape. My ankles were latched to a device that prevented from kicking. I was seat belted in and ear plugs were inserted. Lastly, weights were attached to my nipple clamps causing me to cry out.

The vehicle started up and drove out my garage. We travel several hours and made several stops before I reached our final destination. My straps were removed and I was taken out the vehicle. I struggled walking up stairs. When I reached the top of the stairs, I quick yank of my leash caused me to fall. Immediately, the pain of a cane cracking against my butt and the dragging my leash caused me struggle to my feet quickly. I walked several more feet and stopped. Seconds later, I was pushed onto a bed. My dress was lifted to my waist and lubrication was smeared on my anus. Queuing into an anal rape, I stuck my ass in the air and waited. For five minutes nothing happened. I felt the present of another person in the room so stayed focused and maintain my position.

Suddenly, a warm hard penis entered my ass. I remained quiet as my violator slowing thrust. With every thrust, my asshole began to burn and tears rolled down my face. I felt hands reach under me and rip off my nipple clamps. “MMMMMHHHHHHHPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!” I muffled. The anal assault stopped and I was forced to my knees. My ballgag was removed and replaced with a penis. For an hour I sucked this persons dick until a load was busted in my mouth. As I swallowing the cum, a bigger ballgag was shoved in my mouth and padlocked. My right ankle was shackled to the bed and the door to my room slammed shut. Exhausted, I laid down on my bed and attempt sleep. “Is this my new life? I asked myself. “Forever used as a fucked toy? I need to escape.” While struggling to get some rest, I could smell cum my rapist left behind.

Several hours later, I awoke with water being splashed on me. “Wake-up slave.” The voice said. “Time to get ready.”

My ankle was unshackled and my bonds including the ballgag were removed. When my arms came out of the arm binder, they fell to my side like dead weights. The voice instructed me to remove my hood when the door closes. She also instructed me to shower, shave, and get dress in the clothes on the table. Afterwards, follow the instruction on the table to tie myself up for presentation. I had forty-five minutes. The door slamming echoed through the room. I slowly removed the hood and blindfold. Blinding light caused me to squint as I stood-up and surveyed the room. The walls were painted black. There was a bed on one side of the room and a table with a stool on the other side. Perpendicular to the opening of the room was the bathroom. I walked to toilet, release my bowls and took and hot shower.

Next, I went to the table and observed the clothing I was instructed to wear. I picked up black waist corset on thought putting it on my waist. The corset shrunk my waist two sizes. Next, I slipped on black tights and halter dress with the matching arm length opera gloves. Lastly, I stepped into the same heels I wore earlier, but didn’t lock them because I didn’t have the locks. I sat down on the stool with my back against the wall as per instruct. I put the locking collar spandex hood with open mouth and eyes on. I fasten the collar but didn’t lock it. I next secure a strap around the upper thigh and knee. Follow by handcuffing my hand behind my back.

Within minute, the front door open and footsteps approached. Right away I was blindfolded. My capture stood me and bent me over the table. I felt my dress being lifted and my pantyhose being pulled down. The cold sensation of lube being smeared a crossed my ass again, brought chills down my spine. A metal probe was forced in me as I moaned for release. Next, a crotch rope was tied around my waist which secured the probe. My capturer locked my shoes and collar. She then adjusted and double locked my cuffs. Additional chains were tied around my chest and elbow forcing them together. A leash was latched to my collar and without warning a hard tug pulled me to my knees. As I landed to my knees, a dick was shoved into my mouth. My violator skull fucked me. Five minutes later cum shot into my mouth, without hesitation, I swallowed. I was instructed to stand and walk. I walked several yards before, I stopped and the blindfold was removed.

The room was huge. I look like a1300 century dungeon. I could see other women or men bound and tortured worst then me. In front was a large chair the appeared to be a throne. A woman dressed in an all-black form fitting pin striped dress sat looking down upon me. “Welcome home slave.” The woman stated. “You’ve already met me. I’m Mistress Kathleen; however you will refer to me as “Mistress”. I‘ve been watching you for the last three days and you are unique. It takes most slaves weeks before they realizing what you have in three days.” My eyes open hastily once I comprehended how long I’ve been captured.

Mistress stood up and approached me. “Men are the most stubborn, yet easily broken and trained creatures. Remember our earlier conversation? You will serve me. Don’t think you can play me for a fool!” Mistress warned me. “I have ways of making you regret you actions. Darlene bring-in Sara.”

Doors located to my right opened. A slave with huge tits was tied to a metal pole in the Strappado position. His legs were bound together and a fucked machine endlessly raped his ass. A pair of clamps pierced in his nipple forced him to remain in the bended position. Candle wax dripped into his back. An anal hook attached to rope that leads to a pulley forcing him keep his head in an upright position. A twenty pound weight attached to rope pulled this dick. The slave’s cried out loud, but his cries fell on death ears. Mistress walked over to the condemned and pick-up acane. She caned him sixteen times. The pain and anguish coming from him drove home her point. As she gave further instruction in regards to the slave’s punishments; Mistress grabbed my leash and tugged.

I followed Mistress up stairs to her training quarters. The room was filled with large cabinets. In center of the room was a hoist. “You will begin your training here“. Mistress stated. “How you choose to reciprocate your training is up to you.”

Mistress led me to a hoist; bent me over and attached my handcuff to it. She pushed a button and the hoist lifted six inches. I could barely maintain my balance. Mistress bound my ankles together and secured them to an eye affixed to the floor. She then tied straps above and below my knees. Next, she tied a chest strap around my chest and anchored it to the hoist. Mistress stood in front of me and displayed a black box with wires. She placed the box on the ground in front of me and attached the wire to the metal probe insert in my ass. Lastly, she walked toward the front door and said, “Enjoy your first lesson. I’ll be back after my 3:00 P.M. meeting“.

Mistress said. “Bye!”

She pushed a button on the wall and left. I stood there wondering how long she will be until I read the clock on the wall. “8:03A.M. Shit!” I yelled through the gag. I’ll be like this for about seven hours. Just then a strong electrical current invaded my ass. “MMMMHHHPPPPP!” I yelled for several seconds. “What the fuck was that?” Unbeknown to me, Mistresses attached an electrical box to the metal probe. Looking at the box is was set to random. “MMMMHHHHPPPPP!” Another jolt of electricity violated my anal cavity. I screamed through my gag as loud as I could but my cried were on mute hears. I was unaware, that Mistress had four training towers. No matter how loud I yell. No one could hear me.


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