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One Saturday Afternoon

by Tightlatextights

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© Copyright 2016 - Tightlatextights - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; cd; stockings; lingerie; latex; hood; tease; toys; insert; chast; oral; climax; cons; X

One Saturday afternoon I was lazing around the house dressed the way both my wife and I liked me to be dressed. I was wearing a pair of white satin stockings and 10 strap suspender belt complete with white six inch heels. I had on a full, long white chiffon skirt and a tight white latex top with fitted gloves and a hood. The hood had only eye and nostril holes so I could not talk. Under the skirt I wore a tiny white satin g-string. The outfit of choice was my wife’s. She was in control and decided what I wore most of the time. I did not complain. By now I was comfortable dressing like that and could control my erection most of the time.

My wife sat next to me on the sofa and slipped her hand up my skirt, and started to caress my stockinged leg. In no time I was hard. She told me to stand up and take my g-string off, which I duly did. She buried her head in the folds of my skirt. She put a hand around each thigh and took hold of the stocking tops before taking me in her mouth. This was one of the most erotic situations I had been in. It is not unheard of for a man to get down underneath the folds of a women’s skirt, but this was the first time for me that I had my wife giving me oral sex under my skirt.

She licked and kissed my cock very slowly and deliberatelyand was continuously rubbing her hands up and down my stocking encased legs. After a while she stopped and told me not to move. From a small box on the table next to her she pulled out a butt plug and some lube. She lubed up the plug before going in under my skirt again. She told me to spread my legs, which I did, after which she slid the plug in. By now I was rock hard and wanted nothing more than for her to let me orgasm. Once again she took me in her mouth and as she licked and kissed my cock, she slid the plug in and out of my anus. In no time I was over the edge. My legs buckled and I struggled to maintain balance in my six inch heels. I forced my cock as deeply into her mouth as I could and enjoyed every second of the climax.

Once I was flaccid she cleaned me up and took out a device that looked like a chastity of sorts. It was made from clear Perspex and was in a curved shape. My wife slipped it onto my penis, locked it with a padlock (she kept the key) and did up the straps that went around my waist and through my crotch. The straps were of a tough leather material and were designed to keep the plug in my anus. So there I was, with a plug in my anus and a chastity rendering my cock completely out of bounds. Even though my hands were free I was trapped and there was no way I could touch myself.

My wife went into the bedroom to change and emerged a few minutes later wearing a pair of black latex tights, black knee length boots as high as my heels and a tight top just covering her modesty. She gave me a hug and told me she would be back soon.

She had put an erotic movie on the television, just to keep me on edge. I sat watching it and found it difficult not to try and masturbate. However there was no way could so had to settle with caressing my satin stockings with my latex covered hand and try to imagine what would happen when my lovely wife came back.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. I was instructed to always let guests in when my wife was out. I went to the door, looked through the peephole and there stood two of my wife’s best friends, both dressed in heels, stockings and short black dresses. What was I to do?!


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