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Pay Back

by Jayman

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© Copyright 2012 - Jayman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; bond; gag; leotard; tights; tape; bfold; heels; lock; nc; X

Auditioning for the lead in the ballet performances of Spartacus was a career dream of mind. Unfortunately, I will be able to attend due to my rival, Jake. He has stolen countless roles through bribery, sex or deception. I knew for sure that I was getting this part because Jake was out of town on business. According to his Facebook post, he would not return until next Friday. However, Jake’s intervention permitted me from leaving our apartment.

I sat on the living room couch bound, gagged, and blindfolded in black tights and leotard. As strange as it may sound leotard keep my tights up and support my crotch. Apparently, Jake’s agent informed him about the lead and he flew home last night. Unaware, I failed to lock my bedroom door. While getting dress, Jake snuck into my room and struck me over the head with a hard object.

Upon regaining consciousness, I noticed that I was unable to move. Black electrical tape was wrapped around ankles, knees (below and above) and thigh. My hands were handcuffed behind my back and my elbows and chest were taped together. I yelled, but only muffed sounds came out. Jake walked out of the bathroom and acknowledged me. “It’s about time you woke-up. I was starting to think I killed you.” Jake expressed happily. “No hard feeling, just business. This role is going to be mine. I have already bribed two of the four judges. The only obstacle which stood in my way was you.”

My cell phone rang and Jake picked it up. It was one of the audition judges Jake hadn’t bribed. “Hello?” Jake answered. “Hi! It’s Mathew Peterson. Is Sam there?” He asked. “Yes.” Jake replied. “However, he a little tied-up right now. An emergency came up. Do you want me to deliver a message?” Jake asked. “Tell him be at the audition before 4 o’clock.” Mathew said. “Sure. I’ll tell him once he is free to talk.” Jake stated as he straight at me with a smile on his face. “Bye.”

Jake went to him bedroom and returned with a large nylon cap, duct tape, blindfold and a pair of four inch heels. I was blindfolded and the nylon cap was placed over my head. It covered my entire head down to my neck. Duct tape was wrapped around my mouth securing the first cloth stuffed gag in my mouth and the nylon cap. Next, Jake placed his heels on my feet and locked them in place with a pad lock.

“Oh, look at the time.” Jake whispered in my ear. “It’s time to go. I got an audition to steal. See you tonight.” Jake laughed as he locked the front door behind him.

I struggled to escape my binds but to no avail I was trapped. Soon thereafter, I heard several knocks at the door. I tried screaming help, but the knocking at the door masked my cries. Minutes later, the knocking stopped. Moments later, I noticed the door locks jiggling. Afterwards, I heard my front door opening slowly. Thinking it was Jake, I whimpered humbly to be released. Instead, I heard a man’s voice.

“Hhmm! What do we have here?” The man said. “I thought no one was home. Luckily for me, I’m robbing the apartment were the owner is gift wrapped for me. It must be Christmas.” The burglar surveyed my bounds. “Are you one of those freaks that into bondage?” He asked. I nodded no. “Someone did this to you?” He asked. I nodded yes. “Is someone playing a joke?” The man asked. “I never robbed a place with someone home.”

The burglar searched our apartment and stole everything not permanently affixed. He stole our TV, computer, money, jewelry and my autographed Green Bay Packer jersey. Before leaving, the robber asked me if I was ok. I nodded yes. Just then, the front door opened. “HI! Sam how's my roommate? How was the audition?” Jake sarcastically asked. Jake must have failed to notice the robber. He continued badgering me. “I’m surprised you are not jumping around the apartment trying to get free.” Jake said. “Don't get up. Stay seated, I’m taking a shower.” Jake walked into the bathroom and proceeded taking a shower.

While in the shower, the burglar came out of hiding and asked me several questions. “Did your roommate actually do this to you?” He asked. I nodded yes. “You have been bound and gagged all day?” He asked. I nodded yes. Then he asked. “Do you want pay back?” I nodded my head fanatically yes.

The shower stopped. As Jake opened the bathroom, a scuffle ensued. I could hear Jake fighting and screaming for help but the robber had the upper hand. Several minutes passed and all I could hear is Jake muffling for help. The burglar forced Jake to dress in the same attire as me, including the heels. However unlike me, Jake was bound with duct taped and zip tied standing to a metal pole in the apartment. Jake’s mouth was stuffed with his dirty briefs and socks. The tights he wore at the audition were placed over Jakes head and taped tight around his mouth and eyes.

Gathering our stuff, the burglar left and locking the front door behind. I found it satisfying hearing Jake struggled. Before the burglar left, he told me that in three hours he will call the police. Only Jake's stuff and the TV were stolen. My stuff was left behind. I wasn’t upset about the TV. It was Jakes and he didn’t have renters insurance. Even though, I'm bound, gagged, and robbed. Pay back is a bitch. I’m happy that the robber didn’t find my bondage collection. Or else this bondage experience would have been great.


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