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Paying for the Privilege

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2014 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; cd; fem; stockings; lingerie; heels; wig; cuffs; gag; rope; hogtie; tease; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

The ring gag was two and a half inches in diameter, it was difficult to force into his mouth, once in behind the teeth he couldn’t get it out without a struggle, the leather strap was superfluous, but he buckled it tightly behind his head anyway. Jeremy looked in the mirror, he was staring at himself with his mouth stretched open, the gag was uncomfortable and he didn’t know how long he could stand it for, so he’d better begin.

He was already dressed, black sheer seamed stockings ran up his legs to the black suspender belt and black satin panties. Over the top of this he had a knee length leather skirt with a slit in the side and a white blouse covering his bra and falsies. On his feet he was wearing 6-inch court shoes, with straps around the ankles, he could walk quite well in them, having had years of practise. A short blonde wig covered his own hair, he had put on some foundation and red lipstick and painted his fingernails, he looked like a sluttish schoolteacher, which was just the effect he was trying for.

He was sat on the end of the bed, the other items he needed were spread out along side him. Firstly he bound his ankles with a length of white rope, clinching them tightly, then he used further rope above and below the knees, his legs were welded together, then the final part a pair of heavy duty hinged handcuffs, expensive and impossible to remove yourself, the key holes were placed on the edge of the cuffs. He hesitated, was he ready for this? Then he thought I’ve been wanting this for a long time and putting his arms behind his back closed one cuff and then the other, there he was stuck there was no going back now, all he had to do was wait.

Looking at the clock he could see it was 7.50pm, he sat there his breathing was rapid from the anticipation rather than any exertion. A few minutes later he heard a key in the door and someone coming up the stairs. The person halted outside the closed bedroom door, before pushing it wide open. Standing in the doorway was Paul, 6ft slim, very good looking, in his late 20s, he was a male ‘escort’ whom Jeremy had met last week and arranged this session with.

Paul walked into the room, not a word was spoken, he bent down and grabbed Jeremy’s ankles and lifted them up onto the bed rolling him so he was on his stomach, he picked up another piece of the white rope and tied it around the cuffs, then put the other end through the ankle ropes, pulling Jeremy’s hands and feet together in a firm hogtie. Jeremy was in a bit of a panic, this was not what was planned, he attempted to speak but the ring gag just allowed some intelligible noises. Peter started to undress, his body was well formed and toned, he obviously took time to keep himself in shape, but more importantly his cock was rising, it was big, probably 9 inches and with a impressive girth

Lying on his stomach, his mouth wide open, Jeremy knew what was coming next; the large cock was inches from his face. Paul moved slightly towards the bed, just pushing the tip inside the ring, Jeremy could taste the salty pre cum forming on the end of the cock, Paul moved it back on forth just on the edge of Jeremy’s mouth, then his moved it further in just a couple of inches. “Now bitch start licking” he said, the voice was hard and unfriendly, this was a little more intense than Jeremy had planned, the reality was not the same a the fantasy, but Jeremy did as instructed as Paul held his cock there, then Paul started to move back and forth slowly his cock going further into Jeremy’s mouth with each stroke, Jeremy’s tongue was pressed down by the cock as it slid further into his mouth. Paul put one hand on the back of Jeremy’s head and pushed his cock further in, Jeremy started to gag when the cock touched the top if his throat, but with the ring gag and the hand on the back of his head he couldn’t do anything, he was breathing heavily through his nose, his hands flapped behind him uselessly in the metal cuffs, he wanted out but couldn’t do anything, after a bit of sharp pounding Paul withdrew, he hadn’t come.

Paul lent over Jeremy and untied the ropes on the cuffs, allowing Jeremy to unbend his legs and reduce the pressure on the cuffs digging into his wrists. Then Paul started to run his hands over Jeremy’s bottom then up and down his stockings, it felt pleasant and sensual, this was not something he expected, he had never been touched by a man before and didn’t think himself as gay, the hands were running up and down his body it was a fantastic feeling. Paul rolled him onto his back, his skirt was lifted a hand found his throbbing cock held in the satin panties, the hand enveloped his cock and start to stroke it with smooth even strokes, Jeremy was quickly rushing towards an orgasm, then the hand withdrew.

Jeremy was rolled onto his stomach again and he felt the hands pulling down the zipper of his skirt, then it was dragged down his legs and over his feet. He tried to struggle but a firm hand pressed on the middle of his back pushing him into the bed, the other hand was running slowly over his satin clad bottom, stroking slowly from one cheek to the other, then both hands gripped the panties and they were pulled down to his thighs exposing his bottom. One hand gripped the handcuffs and held them firm the other came down with a tremendous whack on Jeremy’s left bottom cheek, the pain was not great but the shock made Jeremy struggle, things were not going as planned, the hand whacked his other bottom cheek, Jeremy could feel his bottom glowing, then more slaps at the top of his thighs, working their way up, his whole back side was alight now, after a few more slaps Paul released him.

 Jeremy could hear Paul breathing heavily then he moved back in front of Jeremy’s face, the cock dangling only inches from his mouth. “Now lets see if you can swallow this whole, eh? if not perhaps I should take you from behind” Paul said laughing as he pushed the swollen cock into Jeremy’s mouth, nothing like this in his discussion with Paul when booking him had been said. Jeremy was stuck helpless as the cock started to go back and forth slowly moving further into his mouth with each motion, Jeremy was gagging again as it hit the back of his throat then kept on going further, breathing seem impossible, two hands were firmly holding his head, he felt that he would choke to death, then suddenly the cock withdrew, Paul grunted as he started to cum, squirting over Jeremy’s face and seemingly endless stream, it ran down into his mouth and into his eyes.

Jeremy felt the hands at his head unbuckle the gag; it was removed carefully from behind his teeth. “Now you are going to clean me up!” Paul instructed, his cock was present to Jeremy’s mouth, he opened his mouth as wide as he could and started to lick the shaft, he was wanting to do it, the humiliation was somehow rewarding, he could taste the salty cum and had to swallow some of it before Paul withdrew and started putting on his clothes. Jeremy lay without moving on the bed, he didn’t want to spoil the moment. Paul finished dressing and picked up the handcuff key off the bedside table and unlocked one of the cuffs, and then he left without another word.

Jeremy rolled onto his side, pulling his arms in front of him and unfastened the other cuff, his hands went to his swollen cock, and now after his hard work he could get his reward.


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