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Pink Year Two

by Laurie

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© Copyright 2021 - Laurie - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; cd; bond; cuffs; heels; corset; fem; blindfold; gag; spreader; tease; sex; oral; cons; X

She has yearned for Months!




She had already laid out the Hot Pink, flared mini-skirt, a silky pink blouse, I demanded that she get into this slut-girl outfit since that’s what I desire. Her lovely breasts are cupped in a pink Playtex Secrets bra. A leather corset, of course in deeper pink. Nylons, gartered with pink ribbons, stretch lace pink panties topped by pretty tap pants. One of the prizes of our PINK COLLECTION is a pair of 6" ‘come fuck me’ pink patent high-heel pointed toe pumps with a 1" wide ankle strap. The white leather locking shoe cuffs come next, a strap goes under the shoe arch, and then around her ankle. Once locked on, only I have that key, it’s impossible for her to remove her pumps. She’s mine now, trapped! OH YES! Now the pink corset is drawn in even more, the laces pulled ever so tightly, her tiny waist takes shape, accentuating her now so desired feminine form.

I send her off to complete her full transformation, expertly applying makeup and a short grey wig. She so loves the large silver earrings and matching jewelry that makes her all girl, and all mine now for hours!

I then select our favorite ‘girlie cuffs’, white leather with pink and white lace ruffles and large chrome rings. Holding her wrists to me, I tightly secure those on her. I will be sure to have additional restraints for my use in today’s scene.

I place on her the new pink and powder blue leather girlie collar with the chrome heart. This clearly sissy item shows her acceptance to my desires. She gladly accepts, as I fasten this snugly on her neck, the chrome heart in front indicates her now-complete girlie submission to me. She holds her head up very straight, anticipating what I can, and will surely do, with her today.

I then attach her ankles together at the shoe cuffs with a chrome dual snap; she can now barely walk, just mincing along in tiny, tiny increments. She is limited to taking steps of about 1 or 2 inches, ‘come fuck me’ pink high-heels pointing the way. A white leather girlie strap is now snugged tightly just above her knees, showing a bit below the flounced hem of the pink mini skirt. Needless to say, with her shoe cuffs clipped together and her legs now hobbled, I will have her strut about as I enjoy my lovely handiwork. She finds this to be quite an intense turn-on, as heels click seductively with each labored step on our tiled floors. She does so enjoy showing me how easily she minces the whole length of our home, now in captive feminine bliss. Her stocking tops swish so seductively together in a soft aura known only to women - and to sissy sluts. We both know how she needs this so compulsive display. Her overwhelming desire of submission as I urge her deeper into her so wanted forced-feminine dream. She has to please her mistress as I wish her to be my girl-toy. Yes, my girl, for MY pleasure, and ever so intensely hers!

I ask, is she now complete, does she enjoy being my pretty girl-toy? So much the submissive sissy-girl we've both always wanted her to be? She replies in a deep, just barely audible whisper, as her eyes, heavy with mascara, flutter and close. A slow deep breath precedes her trembling words.

“Oh! I do love this, yes, the wonderful sensations, it's my wish, to be your girl-toy, the thrill of being as only you can have me. I do so desire it all, the silky panties, the swish of stockings pulling at garter straps, ‘come fuck me’ heels, all day. Corseted so tightly to my feminine shape, and oh, these realistic breasts. The wonderful taste of lipstick as I await what you will do to your girl! So YES! Please darling, keep me more, more like this. This is the way, I’m so happy! Always so completely feminized by you, teased as your girl in some way each day. I’m forever yours, YES your Laurie SO wishes and deeply desires to be always your girl toy!”

“Just what I wanted to hear!”

All this is with the ever deepening knowledge of being my all so helpless captive. My own feminine-girl, having to parade before her mistress, teased, played with, and to be lovingly convinced I’ll keep her as she so truly desires!

Pleading, she begs, almost tearfully, to get on with more erotic play.

So, let us have the real fun begin, now that her preparation is sufficiently complete for the next step deeper into her desired femininity!

Her new iPhone captures her in many posed images and a full HD video of her now total submission. She so enjoys showing off for me, a coy smile assumes this is all that will be done to her. The thrill of it all when, later, I have us view the pictures and video on our big screen. On those evenings she must always be my lovely Laurie, anticipating our next adventure in her inevitable path to total femininity. All while I whisper close to her ear of the next new erotic, sexy predicament I’ve dreamed up. She trembles at my words, and so loves it when it is I who plans out our adventures, and then has them come to reality.

So it's time to keep her calm and finish my task of her submission to my desires. Yes! More erotic and severe restraints are needed! The toy box is open for business!

I attach each wrist cuff to the girlie strap that is around her tiny waist with chrome clips. This allows her to just touch near those soft realistic breasts. Enough to keep her suitability restrained, unable now to reach her pink pan-tied clittie yet she is still able to enjoy fondling her own soft breasts! I watch in full enjoyment as her eyes gaze upon erect, pert nipples straining her pretty pink bra. Gently she cups each breast, tweaking each nipple as I command her to do.

I will now complete her predicament with these final items of sublime sexuality; I know how thoroughly she cherishes her marvelous decorations. First the soft white blindfold covers her pretty eyes as she whimpers sighs of delight, tossing her head as I whisper, “this is better now girl.” Then over her perfect styled wig, I place on her the full harness ball-gag, with many white leather straps. Pulling each in sequence very tight, forcing the large black ball between crimson, eagerly parted lips. She can now only moan knowingly, hearing as I lock each strap with the red heart shaped padlocks, every sound of a click produces a whimper of her knowing erotic sexual delight!

She again is now commanded to move about in mincing little steps that are all she can now blindly manage. I instruct her in poses showing her predicament. I now take an even more explicit video. She mumbles and pleads through the gag to me. “What is it Lenora dear? Is a release from all this what you want?” Or is she really begging for even more, more of my loving attention, additional restraints, more video and a merciless teasing? Oh Yes! That’s it! I know what she desires, it’s way more! YES! So do I! And how! - I’m the one who'll give it to her!

Stripping her of the mini skirt she is now pushed to the bed. Blouse open!

I have two vibrating eggs that I position inside her pretty pink bra just at those pertly erect nipples. I know she will wildly enjoy the feeling, the intense, immense pleasure as I start each ever so slowly, then move to higher and higher vibrations.

After removing the strap at her knees I take the PVC spreader bar. Carefully I attach the soft white velcro around each ankle, taking care not to snag her seamed stockings. Two straps from the bar are already secured under the bed base.

Spread now, so helpless as I know she desires. Two more straps from the bedside, with velcro snuggly attached to her wrists then clipped to the chrome rings at her waist. She cannot remove these on her own. Only I can release her! Absolutely no escape for my blindfolded, bound and gagged trans-girl.

Usually, the stimulation catches up with her somewhere along this way- and she goes from having an isolated almost male orgasm to having a continuous string of feminine-like spasms. Clearly showing through her pink panties the growing, glistening spot indicates her fem arousal. She gets a bit light-headed, moaning and squealing in utter pleasure through the gag, her head wavering side to side. The erotic rise and fall of her breasts, breathing short, shallow, labored breaths, so confined with the ever-present leather corset. Yet, I'm in charge, taking advantage of the fact that she so enjoys being helpless and dominated, now my fully feminized toy. As I wish - and as she has always openly loved to be. I feel my own growing wetness.

She has been a very good girl for several days, awaiting completion of her erotic dream. The pictures and video I’ve taken all along will surely delight us both, and remind her - who is MY trans-lesbian! AND who loves all of her so very much!

I will now bring her to a sublime erotic release. Her mind is completely swirling, overcoming her as I begin my erotic hypnotic whispers, taking her deeper to the place she so wants. I lightly brush her earring with my warm breath, each breast rises, accepting my firm grasp. She always welcomes the way I talk to her, subtlety first, then demanding her to an overwhelming desire to remain my feminine toy.

“So my sweet thing, you do know that Laurie is gone, gone maybe forever?!” She had thought her mistress would always play her dress-up game and then have Jack return. “Think deeper, my pretty pet. Think like you have always voiced, begging your mistress, for what you’ve wanted; what it is you really wish to be. I will do it! Have you stay as my girl. My Lenora, OH YES! I know your deepest desires! You’ll get to know more each day the joy of the woman within you.”

I lightly tap the ball gag repeatedly, she moans with longing anticipation.

“You’ve dreamed of it, you’ve begged for me to do it, you know you want it soooo bad. You want it more than anything yes? Tell me, TELL ME NOW! You wish to be my Lenora all the time? I can easily make you! YES, I WILL make you!” She again affirms with a little sequel, an affirmative nod as I tweak each pert nipple, allowing the erotic thrill to wash down to her ever so erect little clittie.

“Think, my pet, your breasts, a constant reminder of your transformation. Laced in a corset, oh so tight, so feminine, so restrained. Of course heels and stockings, each day, make up so pretty. Dream now Lenora, your only wish is being my feminine captive, forever! My girl, I will play with you all the time, I like this, the way you respond to my whispers. You know the feeling, deep in your mind, the woman you really wish to be! You will be my ‘feminized husband’, kept now, like she so desperately needs and wants to be - just for me! You’ll be as girlie as you’ve always dreamed and then some. Are you ready to really be my girl?”

A bob of her head as she mumbles, affirmatively past the gag. “Ungh ugh ohhh pleas mk me so ffem femme oh yeess plussee mkkk mmee plss! Dooo it, oh yeess!”

“So that is settled, you’ve begged enough. Now prepare to be overwhelmed!”

I take the controller for the vibrating little eggs perched on her nipples. Each has its own separate speed knob. First the right one, then off, and then the left, as she squirms in anticipatory joy. Both now, slowly at first then on to full, the sound of the vibrating motors drowned by her gagged muffled screams of pleasure.

Now a bit of tease with my frayed rope toy as it plays seductively over her nylon covered legs, then ever so slowly up to her inner thighs. Higher yet to tease, then a dance of pleasure slapping gently at first, directly at those swollen orbs trapped in elastic lacy pink panties. Firmer now, stroking with meaning, she withers as each time I apply the rope, cascades of desire escape from behind her ball gag distorting the wanton, grunts and cries of pleasure she attempts to communicate. Yet another vibrating egg is placed in now wet panties. Yes, under her balls it comes to life on full. Her now nearly throbbing clit is straining against the erotic fabric calling for me to free it.

With my lips I have developed a variation of oral sex that is so convincing to her. Partly a lick, a slow erotic envelopment as my lips slide down the velvet soft shaft over again and again. Then with animal desire overcoming her, I noisily and forcefully go around the base of her clit, repeatedly making louder, more erotic sucking sounds. “Oh girl, what a clit you have! YES give me that clit! I want your swollen girlie clit!”

A most feminine, powerful emotion and orgasm is now washing over her mind with full sensual imagination. Screaming past her ball-gag for more, her hips provide powerful thrusts to me, again and again as wantonly I suck her, all the time clearly making feminine squeals of my own desires! As the spasms of climax begin, I urge her fully, taking all of the throbbing liquid, holding it as she drops to the bed exhausted, breathing heavily, moaning with the ball gag tight between red pursed lips.

I gently move from her now near flaccid boy clit, inching up, over her. Covering her crimson smeared lips behind the ball gag with my own kiss of love, I release the warm gift of her climax to her. She accepts readily as our lips touch, the liquid flowing over the ball. She slurps, demanding the taste of love. My own desires rise within me as she moans in her own pleasure taking me deeper to bliss. My mind responds, as my wetness grows. I’m moaning loudly overcome, joyously my own climax washes over me, withering with shudders of delight. We are both drained.

I reach to the nightstand for the ‘Bunnie’ dildo, he has been dormant for far too long! My hand finds her now soft boy-clit with gentle persuasion; she responds admirably as I cup those ever-tender balls. The bunnie is placed where the vibrating movements will produce the most intense results.

A slight penetration as she is reluctant to this new sensation. The control is pressed on to slow with multiple movements selected. I will leave her, securely bound, gagged, to enjoy the orgasm that her now female mind has so desired!




She is all so delirious with her dildo, eagerly accepting the pleasure it induces! Not knowing that it will be many minutes before I return to release her. Moaning now, finally I hear her plead as the batteries fade in the toy. I can see her moist, now soaked panties wet with joyous release. The only fitting ending is a few firmly applied strokes with the rope toy as I admonish her. Wetting her panties is never acceptable! For this she will remain in sublime femininity for several days!





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