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Punished Crossdresser

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mpov; cd; gag; public; hum; piercing; chastity; cape; hood; cum-eating; disgust; nc; XXX


My Mistress Veronica stands before me in her garage. She has dressed me in a short black leather mini skirt, pretty ruffle blouse, fishnet stockings and very sexy noticeable 5 inch red high heels. I'm awaiting punishment and I fear I will not like it.

She enters the garage holding a few other items. "Sissy Tiffi, you embarrassed me the other night at my party. There you were looking so pretty in your pink satin French maid outfit and my dear friend Mr Jensan was intrigued by you. When you refused to go with the nice 70 year old man to his basement that was a slap to my face. He only wanted to show you his rope collection. Now you will face punishment."

That Mr Jensan was no nice man, especially how he was grabbing my ass all night long. He was even fondling my sissy balls as I held a tray of drinks. When he playfully squeezed my balls I dropped the tray of drinks. My mistress was not happy with that.

I struggle slightly, she has my hands tied behind my back and I'm gagged with a horrible penis gag. This penis gag releases cum into my mouth every time I try to speak.

"Oh did you taste the cum yet? You know it's Mr Jensan's cum…old man cum. He was happy to provide his cum to punish you."

After my girlfriend Charlotte broke up with me, I started to see Mistress Veronica. Charlotte broke up with me because she found out that I enjoyed watching she-male bondage porn. Especially sissy French maids that got tied up and fucked by their Masters. Mistress Veronica was not cheap and she always respected my limits…especially being seen in public while wearing female clothes. That changed a few nights ago when she presented me as a sissy French maid to her friends.

"Your punishment will be for you to walk in public dressed as you are now. My dog Bruno will be taking you for a walk. His leash will be attached to your cock ring."

I know her dog Bruno and he is a very slow dog…but how embarrassing to be led around by a dog and by my cock ring. I still remember many months ago when my Mistress took me to a special medical building.

The doctor was very professional, but he has dealt with many sissies. My Mistress told me to obey and not to fight it. As I lay on the medical table, the doctor grabbed my penis and prepped it for the piercing. He was very nice and soothing as he pierced my cock and then inserted the gold ring. I hated myself because I got an erection as the male doctor handled my cock and I squirted cum after I was pierced right in front of a man.

He cleans up my cum and then places my cock into a small chastity device and I have been locked in that device for more than 10 months now.

My mistress then adds a long satin cape with a hood to my attire. The cape hides my bound hands and the hood covers my gag. So when Bruno takes me for a walk no one will know that I'm actually bound and gagged.

The garage door opens, she slaps Bruno's ass and he begins to walk. I'm forced to follow in my sexy red 5 inch heels, my heels are clicking as I leave the garage.

"Remember if you want Bruno to stop or return home, just say 'Sit' or 'Home'."

Stupidly I try the command word "Mmmsssst." I end up biting down on the penis gag and taste Mr Jensan's cum.

I can feel the pull on my cock ring as Bruno walks…towards the public park. My feet are killing me wearing these heels and a man notices my sexy heels and whistles at me.

Every time Bruno pulls on my cock leash, it arouses me and makes my sissy cock hard in the small chastity device. I need to touch myself so badly but my hands are tied behind my back. Luckily no one can see I'm bound, gagged and a cross dresser.

Oh no…Bruno sees a squirrel in the park and he's going after it…towards two men that are throwing a football around. No…no…they are looking at me…they are checking me out…they are pointing at me! But suddenly their girlfriends return and they forget about me.

Then an old man approaches me who happens to have very poor eyesight since he thinks I'm a woman. He is pinching my ass and asks me how much for a blow job? He thinks I'm a hooker!

I scream into my penis gag "Mmmnnoo!" And more of Mr Jensan's cum enters my mouth and swallow it. Then a disgusting thought enters my mind me dressed in the pink maids dress forced to give Mr Jensan a blowjob in his basement.

The old man fears he's in trouble since I did not say yes and tries to make small talk with me.

"That's a cute dog, can I hold his leash?"

I'm forced to scream again into the dreadful penis gag "MmmmNOo!" I swallow another batch of cum and I can feel it sliding down my throat. The old man gets the hint and moves on.

Bruno continues my degraded walk by my cock leash and leads me to hell! I see my Mistress with my ex-girlfriend Charlotte.

My Mistress unclips the leash from my cock ring. "Well this ends your punishment with me…Charlotte will continue your punishment. It has been fun sissy and I will see you later on the local news…bye Tiffi."

My mind is racing…what is Charlotte doing here and what did she mean about the news? Then I gasp and taste more cum as Charlotte attaches her own leash to my cock ring. I shake my head no as she pulls hard on my cock leash.

She looks me up and down. "You must be hot in that cape…let me remove that for you."

I scream loudly into my penis gag and this time the cum is chunky and so disgusting. My tied hands and gag are now visible to anyone. Again she pulls hard on my leash and I follow her in my sexy mini skirt and 5 inch red heels.

"There's a local news crew about a block away and they are doing a segment about outdoor fashion. I'm going to lead you by your cock leash while they are filming. You will make the local news! I'm sure your friends and co-workers will recognize you and discover your crossdressing secret!"


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