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Remote Controlled

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2015 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M/m; D/s; cd; nylons; lingerie; chast; wig; outdoors; hum; public; cons; X

I parked the car in front of the shop in the middle of a long row of shops on a busy main road, as I had been directed by my master. The pavement was wide at this point, probably 30 to 40 ft from the kerb to the front of the shop. Tentatively I got out of the car , knowing there was no going back anyway.

The reason for hesitation on my part was because I was wearing short leather skirt which was 6” above the knees and stepping out of the car would reveal that I was wearing black seamed stockings and suspenders to any passing motorists. On my feet were a pair of 5” court shoes which were locked on with straps around the ankles, the keys to these I did not have. Underneath I was wearing a pair of white silk panties and a matching bra, over which I was wearing a white blouse, bright red lipstick and nail varnish, finished with a blonde wig of straight hair that hung down my back. I am 6ft tall, slim with good long legs, not femine enough to pass as a female if you got within 10ft but probably adequate to make passing motorists think twice.

I stepped onto the kerb and waited, looking about me anxiously, there were no pedestrians about thankfully, but a number of cars passed by, and with their headlights and the street light I felt very exposed. To them I would probably look like some tart waiting for trick.

This had all started 3 weeks ago, I had started corresponding by email with a master who had instructed me to purchase certain items, a chrome plated cock cage with a padlock and the 5” heels with lockable straps. Once these arrived I had to photograph each item and email it to my master, he then asked for my address, which I had given him, next day I received a text saying look under the hedge at the front of your house. Fortunately, I live alone so it was not difficult to retrieve the small plastic bag that presumably he had put there. In the bag were 3 open padlocks, 2 smaller ones of the same size and one larger, all were stainless steel and obviously heavy duty, there were no keys.

Once I had the padlocks I emailed him and he instructed me as follows:

Tonight (which was Saturday) at 6 pm I must put on the short mini-skirt, stockings, suspenders, bra and panties and the white blouse. I must then put on and lock the cock cage and the high heels, and had to send him photos in from in front of the television that was showing a Saturday night entertainment program to prove that there were all locked on to me at the correct time. I was very nervous about locking on the chastity cage and the shoes, without the keys there was little chance of removing them, all I had was emails from someone who was exerting control of me, he had supplied the padlocks so that he controlled the keys.

I send the emails with the photos attached, and a couple of minutes later got a email reply “wait and I will contact you with instructions Master M.”

I sat at the computer, the cock cage reminding me that I was now a prisoner of someone by remote control, my cock started to harden with the excitement but the restriction of the cock cage soon made it become painful and it took some minutes for the swelling to go down, not helped if I moved about by the swish of the nylons on my legs or the sexy walk the 5” heels made me do. I waited, checking back on the computer every 5 minutes to see if there was another email, nothing. By 10pm I was a little panicky, the padlocks on the shoes were probably easiest to remove, but I knew that stainless steel would be hard to cut, and the larger padlock on the cock cage would probably be almost impossible to cut off, I had visions of having to call the Fire Brigade or having to go into work on Monday with this on, fortunately, it didn't seem to bulge too much underneath my clothing.

At exactly 11pm a email arrived instructing me to go to a nearby row of shops and park in front of one particular shop in the middle of the row, get out of the car and stand on the kerb and wait for a text telling me where the keys to the padlocks were.

So this had got me to standing on the roadside fully exposed to passing traffic, even at after 11pm there were cars going past every 20 seconds or so. I stood there anxiously looking at my mobile, then after what seemed like ages – but likely was only a couple of minutes, a message arrived. “I am watching you, walk to your right to the end of the row of shops at the side you will find a white plastic bag, do not open it, return to your car and I will text you again”

I looked around but could see no-one watching from a vehicle or place of concealment, I walked carefully past the shops, thankful there were all closed, but knew the street lights and display lights in the shop window made me very visible. I was concious of the clicking of the high heels on the payment, it was less than 100 yards, but I couldn't hurry in the heels and several cars passed going in both directions, I reached the end of the shops without incident, and quickly found the plastic bag, as instructed I picked it up and made the walk back to the car, again several cars past, and one slowed down in front of me, the driver taking another look, my heart almost stopped beating! The car drove off leaving me to walk back to the car.

Immediately I got into the car another text arrived: “If you look in the bag you will find one of the keys to the padlocks on your shoes, the other is at the opposite end of the row of shops in a similar plastic bag, collect it and return to your car for instructions”

I tore open the plastic bag, only one key was inside, useless to me, I had no choice but to get out of the car and walk in the opposite direction. The problem was, I had noticed an Indian Restaurant at that end of the row, the lights were still on and as I got closer I could see there were still several diners, one couple were sitting at the window. To get to the alley at the corner I would have to pass right in front of them, I had little choice and walked as quickly as the heels would allow looking straight ahead, I walked past the window and round the corner, there on the floor was the second plastic bag, I grabbed this, turned on my heels, a little unsteadily, and walked quickly back to the car, aware that the couple in the window were now watching me intently.

I climbed back in to the car and closed the door, my heart beating like a drum, before I could compose myself another text arrived. “in the bag you will find the other key to your shoes, do not attempt to remove them, yet! Now start your car and drive down the road ½ mile and you will see a 24hr MacDonalds, park in the car park and awaiting instructions”

I started the car and drove down the road, driving in heels was difficult, my heart was settling down to a more normal rate, I looked around was he following me? There was a car behind me but it was impossible to tell who was in it, it was just a pair of headlights. The MacDonalds came up on the left and I pulled into the car park, parking as far away from other cars as possible and switched off the engine. MacDonalds was busy, Saturday night reveillers wanting something to eat, cars were going through the drive through, people getting in and out of cars, one couple were sat in their car 50 feet away eating their meal, if I got out of the car here they would have a excellent view of me. I waited for the next instruction.

After a couple of minutes another text arrived “if you look directly behind you at the main entrance to the store you will see some wooden outside tables, the key to your chastity lock is on one of the seats, you have 2 minutes to collect it otherwise I will remove it – and you will have failed your task, and will not get the key for 2 weeks!”

I looked behind me, the store was busy and customers were coming in and out and there were 5 or 6 cars using the drive through, I would be exposed to all of them and anyone in the carpark! The instructions had been clear, with little choice I climbed out of the car and walked across the carpark. The couple in the car were watching me and as I approached the main entrance 2 females were staring straight at me, one turned to the other and said something funny, red as a beetroot I continued.

Looking on the first seats I saw nothing, then with great relief saw the key on the next set of seats. Snatching it up I walked quickly across the car park, as I did so another car pulled in next to mine, I had no option but to walk up and get in my car, they were only a few feet away and must have had a good view. I started the engine, and reversed out of the parking bay and drove towards the entrance, as I did so another text arrived, “You have passed the first test, when you return home you may unlock the shoes, however if you wish to hear from me again you must return the key to your cock cage immediately to the seat in front of Macdonalds where you found it, without removing the padlock”

I hesitated for a few seconds then drove back around to the carpark, parking nearer the entrance I walked quickly back to the outside seating an placed the key in the same position, it looks like I will have to wait a little while longer....

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