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Role Reversal

by CD_StephanieB

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© Copyright 2018 - CD_StephanieB - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; solo-m; cd; fem; office; cuffs; gag; collar; bond; rope; stuck; mast; foot; climax; denial; cons; X

Story info this is a role reversal story that I dream of doing.

The morning started like any other Katt for ready for work and I had it off. He works alone in an office for his company and no other come in to it to see him. That was good for me as I wanted to surprise him. Katt dressed in his jeans and work shirt and then left.

I got up and got in the bath, I shaved and then cleaned up the tub. I went and put on my sheer suntan pantyhose and slippers so I can get dressed. I then completed my makeup but not too much just to conceal. I then went to put on my blue top and long blue loose skirt. I then slipped on my black ballet flats with it. Soon after I got my large purse and added my change of clothes and toys. I packed some travel locks in my purse with a key. Our keys are color coded and so are the locks. I then was ready and grabbed a jacket and headed for the door.

I slid in to my car and pulled my skirt in then closed the door. On my way there I was wondering how busy he would be. After my long trip about 30 minutes to his work I get there and the door is locked as it usually is. I get out with my large purse and coat and knock on the door. He has not answered and probably does not hear me as his office is in the building a bit. I then text him “I came to see you, please open the door.” I soon hear him unlocking the door. When I get in to see him I give him a big hug and ask him what’s going on.

“Stephanie, what are you doing here” he said

“Nothing Just wanted to see you” I told him

He then told me he has a big excel to work and one conference call. I let him know I would be quiet and not make noise. He was ok with that so we went to his office and I set my coat on the back of his chair and sat down. I love that he has no one around to bother him or us it’s a great work environment.

He then turns to me and said “Stephanie you have to be quiet I’m calling in now. I have mute but I have some talking to do on this call.”

I told him “OK, I need to use the restroom anyway” and got up and left his office as I heard him dialing in. After I got in the restroom and closed the door I opened my bag and checked my key. It had a yellow dot on it then checked my locks. The locks did not have a yellow dot on them except one. The rest have blue and red dots on them. Since Katt has a kept to red and I only had 2 of them I set them out separate like the yellow. I started pulling out my stuff, Red Knee length dress, 6” locking heels, and the rest of my toys. I pulled off my top and skirt and pulled on my red dress. Then I swapped my flats for the heels locking one red and blue lock on each ankle strap after I placed the yellow key in the toe area of the heels. That means Katt has one key and the other is at home. I’m feeling sexy now and getting really turned on. I then I pull out a pen and paper and write him a note:


I’m yours till I get home. The blue key is on your nightstand for later.

Love always,

I then grab the red ball gag and lock it on with the yellow lock under my hair. That means I will now wear that till I get the heels off or I work a lot to get it. I dig in my purse and get the collar I brought and lock it on the lock is hidden with the gag lock under my hair that I have just loose and down. I then grabbed the last thing I brought was leather cuffs with lock and put them in my left hand. I grabbed my purse and headed back to the office and when I got there Katt was listening and working his excel. I slipped in and sat back in the chair for him. He asked if thing where good but I did not answer.

He turned around after a bit and I handed him the cuffs and the note as he looks very surprised. He read the note and then inspected all my locks and then said “where is the yellow Key” I lifter my right foot and pointed. He said ok and picked up his cell phone and started texting. He set his phone down then motioned for me to turn around so I did and he cuffed my hand behind me as I expected. I sat back down and put my hosed legs on his lap to get rubbed. He then pushed them off and said “Wait, Stephanie you have a to get on your knees and ask me”

I slip off the chair to my knees and look up but can’t talk but I look down in submission. I then looks back up when I hear his phone beep. He was reading his phone and then texted again and I looked down again. I then laid my head on his leg and he placed his hand on my head. He the said “I guess you are not going to have a short day. You may have got yourself in a bit of a bind Stephanie since I don’t have the key.” I tried to reach around and point at the note. He then said “Yes I know what you wrote.” About that time his phone dinged again. And he showed me.

Katt: Stephanie showed up at work and now has locked on heels, a gag, and collar. She says the key is on my night stand can you find it there?

Martin: Yes, found them and have them in hand

Katt: Ok, please overnight them to my house with a 10am delivery guarantee

Martin: Shipped and tracking number is 1Z67569399929

I read it and I bet my expression was priceless. I was amazed the surprise was on me since he had this planned but probably did not know when. I looked up with a pleading look and he pushed me over. I lost my balance and fell over and could not catch my self. I looked up at him and knew I was stuck and he was smiling. He was opening his drawer and pulled out some rope and bound my ankles and tied them to the leg of his desk. That made getting up hard and I found I could sit with my legs bent in from of me.

“Stephanie, you left yourself no backup and what you left I had Martin get and ship. I love you and knew you would do this some day. I guess your car is staying here since you can’t drive it.” He said.

He was right Martin the gardener was in on it and they had me. I almost started crying thinking that I got my self in to this. Soon it was time to get off work and Katt untied my ankles and told me to get up. This was harder than I thought in 6” heels. I motioned for my jacket since its cool out and I’m bound but Katt said no unless you can put it on. I looked and knew all I could get was my purse. I grabbed my purse and headed to the car. I was in red bound and very visible to the town. I got in the car and Katt buckled me in now I’m at his mercy. He got in and left and I hope we are heading home.

We did not get far before I realized it was Friday and even an overnight would not get there till Monday at 10am. I started to freak out and Mmmmpf around and looking at Katt with a tear in my eye. Katt looked over and asked “How you having dinner tonight?” and then chuckled. I know I got myself in to this but I need to get out of this I can’t go without food and water for 3 days. Soon we got all the way home and Katt unbuckled my seatbelt and got out but did not help me out. Katt went in the house and said let’s get going. I reached around and final got the door unlatched and open but took a bit to get standing up. I slowly worked my way in to the house.

Once in the house I went to the couch and sat down and went for the yellow key as soon as I can. This was very hard and it was not coming out easy. I was rolling around for about 30 minutes trying to get the key when it finally fell out on the floor. Katt walked over and grabbed it and looked at me and said if you can get your fingers in your heels I want a foot job and it can be in heels. He helped me on the couch and then grabbed my foot and heel and then pulled his pants down. The then started sliding his dick in my heels it was tight but slick with the pantyhose on my feet. After what seemed like forever he let his load go in my heels under my foot then went to the other foot. Then he shot the second in my heels and knowing I can’t get them off I had to walk in the warm cum. Then he wiped his dick on my calf then it showed wet there.

Katt then walked out and went in to the other room leaving me there. I was not sure what was next but I needed him to remove my gag. When he came back I pointed at my gag and looked sad and hoped he got the point. He pulled out his yellow key and unlocked it and hung it around my neck. I asked “did Martin really ship the key? I can’t stay this way for 3 days.”

“I guess you can since you are lucky you put your gag key in you heels but I will cum in those heels and on your hose everyday till you are released. I will gag you as I like since you can’t stop me and I guess you will wear the hose heels and dress till the key gets here.” He said

“I don’t want cum on me. That’s not what I wanted, please I want you and please get something to cut the locks. I want to spend the weekend with you but not cuffed all weekend.” I asked

“You have a choice I cum in your heels and on your hose or you can beg to give me a blow job. I will promise I will not cum on your pretty red dress. That being said you want cut out of those locks you better get walking to the hardware store and buy cutters.” He said

“You know I can’t get to the store to get Mmmmmpf” he gagged me I guess for talking back. He did not lock my gag but I can’t reach it anyway. I now am rethinking what I have done, this was not my plan.


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