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The Perfect French Maid

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; cd; sissy; hum; toys; chastity; mind-control; oral; cuckold; reluct; XX

I can't believe I'm on my knees sucking a man's cock while wearing a ridiculous yet sexy French maid outfit. I can sense his cock is throbbing and is ready to cum inside my mouth. My lips and tongue are pleasuring a man. He moans then his cum shoots down my throat and I swallow his disgusting cum.

I'm still on my knees with his cum dripping from my mouth, feeling degraded, disgusted, and hatred for this man. But all I can say is "Did this lowly sissy French maid please you? How else can I please you Sir?"

He tucks his shrinking cock back into his underwear and puts his pants back on "Hmmmm...maybe next time I will fuck you doggy style. That will be all for now."

The man, my neighbor, pays my owner, my wife Stephanie, fifty dollars before quickly exiting the door. Our other neighbor Gabby is standing next to my beautiful wife and she just witnessed what I did. "Wow! How did you transform your husband into an obedient sissy maid?"

My wife snaps her fingers and I stand at attention in front of her and Gabby, "Go fetch us two glasses of white wine and serve us in the living room." Turning to Gabby, she says, "Come now, let's get comfortable in the living room and I will tell you how I made the perfect French maid… Tiffany."

In my six-inch locked heels I hurry into the kitchen and pour white wine into two glasses. As I prepare the wine, my male straight mind thinks, "Why is that fat bitch Gabby doing here? I hate this woman! I know my wife is going to make me do something degrading in front of Gabby."

I hurry into the living room with two glasses of wine on a serving tray. I offer the glass of wine to Gabby then my wife. Then I do a curtsy in front of them and for a moment my pink chastity device was revealed to Gabby. "What was that?"

My wife then orders me to stand in front of Gabby, "Sissy French maid Tiffany, lift up your short maid’s skirt and petticoat, and show her your manhood."

I'm so embarrassed as Gabby is viewing my once proud manhood, that is now locked away in a small pink chastity device. My face turns red as they both laugh at my predicament.

My wife then orders me to kneel in front of Gabby. I obey her command, I kneel with my head looking down. I can only see her shoes and feet...her fat feet and ankles. My wife then begins telling the story of how I became a perfect French maid.

"Well Timothy’s mistake was telling me his perverted fantasy about being a submissive French maid to me. He would watch sissy maid porn and even some gay porn. I found a video on his laptop of a sissy maid getting raped. He wanted to wear a pretty satin French maid outfit, with sexy high heels. He also wanted to know what it felt like to have his cock locked away in a chastity device..."

I begin to cry as I remember the time when my cock was free; and now my locked cock is stirring as I continue to kneel in front of a fat woman that I find disgusting.

"So I agreed to help him with his sick sissy fantasy, but of course he had no idea what was in store for him… being locked in chastity for over a year and sucking my hot boyfriend’s cock. He hates sucking cock and swallowing cum… don't you sissy maid Tiffany… Speak your mind."

I look towards my wife Stephanie, "I never agreed to sucking cocks! I only wanted to please and serve you. Please… please, let me out of this chastity device, it's driving me mad. I want to stroke my cock again and to have a satisfying orgasm. Why is this bitch Gabby here, you know how much..."

My wife shouts, “Silence!” and I'm speechless again. "So poor Timothy had no idea that my good friend was a doctor. She was able to place a small device in his brain to control him and to make him the perfect husband… a subby… the perfect sissy French maid. The locked sissy collar that he is wearing is linked to the device in his brain. This remote control has three settings; the mindless bimbo setting, which I rarely use. The second setting is what I prefer, in this setting he will obey every command but his normal male mind will hate what he is being forced to do."

Stephanie pushes a button on the remote control which activates the vibrating butt plug, bringing me pleasure and causing my locked cock to leak cum in front of Gabby. I moan and fidget in front of Gabby, I'm not permitted to touch myself, although it would be useless since I'm locked in a chastity device.

"The great thing about the mind control device is that she is not permitted to touch the remote control or even reach for the chastity device key. The funny thing is the key is hanging on the wall, she knows it But she can't even reach for it. Her freedom is so close yet so far."

"By the way, I hear it's your birthday tomorrow Gabby. I got you the perfect birthday gift… French maid Tiffany… she will be your gift for the night."

Stephanie looks at me and gives me a command, "Stand up French maid Tiffany, and offer yourself to Gabby."

My former male mind is thinking, "Fuck, no! Not Gabby! I will never please that fat bitch."

And yet I stand in front of Gabby, and do a sweet curtsy for her. "I offer myself and my services to you. I will obey all your orders and I will please you orally."

Gabby looks at me and laughs "You will have to find my pussy under my rolls of fat and my pussy is a thick bush."

My wife attaches a leash to my collar and hands the leash to Gabby. I follow Gabby like a submissive sissy maid walking in my painful 6 inch heels down the block in front of many neighbors. My locked cock betrays me as it gets hard, even though I will be licking a fat woman's pussy!


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