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A Slave Trader's Ordeal

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; tg; sissy; drugged; bodymod; piercing; chastity; nc; XX

Steve's profession is the slave trade, although he does not do the actual abduction of potential sissy slaves. He deals with all aspects of the slave trading process, the abduction pickups, the training process and the shipment of the sissies to their final destinations. Today he is dealing with a powerful slave buyer...the ruthless and scary Mr Stinger. Steve is very successful as a trader, often cheating the buyers.

"Well hello there Mr Stinger, I hope you are enjoying your 2 new female sex slaves?"

Mr Stinger replies over the phone, "The slaves are fine, but we had a deal for two female slaves and one sissy slave!"

Steve replies back, "I'm sorry, but our sissy slaves are in high demand and another buyer outbid you for the sissy. We will talk again soon."

After a stressful week of negotiations, Steve likes to relax and have fun by dressing up as a woman. This is a secret that no one knows and Steve has been good about not revealing it. Steve is passable as a tranny and tonight he is wearing a short red skirt, cream silk blouse, high heels, stockings and some sexy red satin lacy panties. Tonight Steve goes to a bar to get a drink; after half a glass Steve realizes his drink was drugged. He grows weaker as Marvin, a slave abductor shows up, grabs him and helps him walk to the door. Marvin does not recognize Steve dressed up, Steve tries to speak to let him know who he is but it's too late....he's out.

Steve wakes up in the van, hogtied and gagged. One of the abductors begins to molest Steve by reaching under his skirt.

"Wow! We got a tranny....with an erection!"

Marvin says, "Yes I know, that tranny is Steve and we are going to make a lot of money selling him to Mr Stinger."

Steve really struggles trying to get untied before he becomes Mr. Stingers sissy slave. Steve is still being molested "Mmmmm....I would love to fuck her sissy hole!"

Marvin shouts back, "We can't, Mr Stinger wants to take her virginity." Marvin looks at Steve "If only you knew the perverted plans that Mr Stinger has for you."

During the next month Steve's ordeal includes transformation, feminization, punishments and slave training. During this time Steve has been heavily drugged and is barely aware of his surroundings. Finally Steve fully wakes up in a medical room, strapped to an examination table. A sexy nurse wearing a tight satin nurses outfit enters the room.

"How are you doing Steffi?"

Steffi? Steve wants to answer back but can't.

The nurse says, "Silly me, you can't talk, your vocal cords have been removed. Also all your teeth have been removed."

Steve cannot believe what he is hearing.

"We added a tongue piercing and removed all your teeth. Men love the feeling of a pierced tongue and don't like feeling teeth when their cocks are sucked."

Steve looks down and sees that he is wearing a sexy short french maid outfit and high heels. The nurse then lifts his petticoat and maids skirt to reveal a chastity device. Steve tries to scream but can't.

"Time to get you to the stable....your new home."

After 3 months life is not so bad for Steffi, sure he gets his share of painful anal fucks and unwanted cum. He is able to enjoy most of his time here. He eats like a pet from a bowl on the floor and it's a soft mush type of food. Although the one bad thing is that his cock is locked up and has not had a real orgasm. Then Steffi stops in her tracks when she sees Mr Stinger.

"My my, what have we got here! You know I needed a sissy slave and now I got one... You... Steffi!”

Suddenly two men appear next to Steffi.

"Take this slut to the vet. We got some work to do."


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