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Samantha's Stroll

by Cindy

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© Copyright 2012 - Cindy - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m; cd; tv; outdoors; captive; bond; hood; gag; group; anal; toys; nc; XX

I pulled into the parking garage and easily found a convenient parking spot. I took the ignition key and pushed it under the seat. With the car door open I was careful to be a lady and keep my legs together and my skirt down as I swung my legs out of the car. I stood and pushed the car door shut and heard the click as it locked. My keys were locked inside and I was now committed to my self imposed dare. My only recourse was to walk about two blocks to the town Commons to get my spare key where it was hidden by a water fountain. Until I returned to the parking garage with that key I was stranded downtown. For this evening I was a princess; Princess Samantha, no nicknames of Sammy or Sam. I was nervous about the walk but still I felt like a princess in my new dress; a pretty metallic blue shirtwaist with full sleeves and a hem just above my knees. And of course I felt delightfully wicked with my lingerie that matched my dress in color. My 38 D cup bra gave me a grand boob presentation which I expected would draw attention but under my skirt no one would know I was wearing the skimpiest of panties and a garter belt holding up my stockings. I had considered blue stockings but I expected wearing four and a half inch heeled sandals would cause my legs to draw enough attention. I settled for wearing a dark pair suitable for evening. As it was I knew the heels were going to give me quite an ass wiggle more than usual plus giving my skirt more swing.

I left the garage and though it was a pleasant evening I was immediately aware of cool air under my skirt at the bare skin above my stockings and especially at my butt cheeks left bare by my thong panties. My planned walk was not anything arduous nor very long. The street I was on had little traffic with nothing but the garage in the first block and all the shops in the next block were closed for the evening. However the two streets I had to cross had busy traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian. It was almost certain I would have to wait for crossing lights and would have to wait at the curb on full display of any passersby.

I walked the 200 or so feet to the first cross street with no problem other than the constant swish of my skirt about my legs. As I expected I had to wait for a pedestrian crossing light. I know several cars went by while their occupants stared at my boobs but I couldn't do anything but stand there and let them stare. Finally the lights changed and there was only one couple crossing from the other side. I saw that the man looked me up and down and ended with his gaze fixed on my boobs. I couldn't blame him for his attention since I had deliberately worn a bra to push up and out. Though it made me nervous, it was what I wanted. I wanted to appear pretty and sexy and to attract attention. I wanted men to look at me and fantasize about what they would do with my body.

Once I reached the other side of the first cross street I breathed a sigh of relief. I had gotten through the first intersection with no problem. Now I had only the next block, one more intersection and a short walk into the Commons to get my key. The return trip would simply be the reverse of my stroll to the park. I felt relaxed after the crossing and was more able to enjoy the sensations I felt. I enjoyed the feel of my dress snug against my boobs but under my skirt I had the most delicious sensations. As I walked, my smooth stockinged thighs brushed each other and my skirt swished about my legs and hips. I liked the feel of the garter belt straps against my legs and the thong of my panties pulled into the crack of my ass.

Over all I was being lightly teased and I could feel the start of a lovely itchy ache between my legs. I couldn't help but think how pleasant it might be to have strange hands caress under my skirt. If it wasn't a public street I would have flipped up my skirt to get my hands in my panties. That would have to wait till I finished my stroll and I could obtain the privacy of my car.

I was about halfway along the second block when my concentration on the feelings in my panties was disturbed as a car pulled into the curb just a bit behind me. I ignored it and continued walking. Suddenly a cloth bag went over my head. Somehow it was pressed against and then in my mouth. I felt someone tying it off behind my head. I tried to reach up to get it off but my hands were pulled down and something was wrapped around my wrists pinning them together behind me. In just a moment I was made completely helpless. I was pushed and manhandled to lie belly down on the back seat of the car. My legs were pushed off the seat so I had to kneel on the floor while someone took the seat where I had been pushed away. A hand on my ass held me down.

They talked freely about how they were going to use me. There were two of them. The driver talked about going to a garage where I would be stripped naked, hung by my wrists on a winch and "fucked silly". The one in the back seat with me said he was going to check the merchandise. He forced me up to a sitting position with my back against the car door. He held a hand on my knee while he discussed how he wanted to spank me and slap me around to force me to agree to have sex with him in different positions. He pushed his hand between my knees. I tried to clamp my legs together but he simply forced my right foot up on the seat, blocked behind his hip. I was terrified already but even more so as his hand moved up under my skirt. As he reached the top of my stocking, he told his buddy,"This broad is wearing stockings. Maybe we could just keep her half naked tonight."

What I really dreaded was that in just a few more inches he was going to find that Samantha was actually Samuel. When his hand reached my panties and he realized there was something there, he flipped up my skirt to look. He broke out into a string of curses.

From the driver in front came,"What the hells the matter?"

"It's a fag."

"What are you talking about?"

"It's a guy in a dress."

He grabbed the top of my dress in both hands and pulled it fully open exposing me in just my underwear. I felt him slap at my bra.

"The boobs are fakes. Now what are we gonna do?"

"We'll dump him somewhere and go find a real woman."

My legs were pushed away so I could at least sit in a normal position. I was afraid of what being "dumped" might entail.

After a while the driver said, "We can drop him in the backside of the Commons. Maybe the fags that hang out there would like to have him all wrapped up for them."

After driving a short while more, we pulled over and stopped. I was forced out of the car and walked across a sidewalk and then on earth. I assumed I was being dropped off in the Commons. I was given a mighty push and couldn't keep from falling to the ground. One of the men wrapped something around my ankles, I heard them get back in the car and drive off.

I tried to get my bonds loose but I couldn't reach any knots at my wrist or ankles. I had been made thoroughly helpless, unable to see, gagged and bound hand and foot. My dress was still open so I had to lie there in little more than my bra and panties. It was probably the least of my worries but I hoped my new dress wasn't ruined by being ripped open or by my lying in the grass.

I couldn't tell how much time passed while laid there helpless. I could hear cars passing and voices once in a while but no one seemed to see me. I could only hope for someone to come to my rescue though I dreaded being found in my condition.

Eventually I heard a mans voice exclaim, "There's a woman over there! I think she's in trouble."

"Be careful. I don't want to get mixed up in anything."

"She can't do anything. She's tied up."

"It ain't a woman. Check the panties. That's a cock in there."

"I wonder how he got here like this."

"Probably some macho types having fun beating up a gay."

"I don't think he's been beaten or anything. Just dumped. Could he be one of the college kids in a fraternity initiation?"

"Maybe we could help his initiation along."

"What are you thinking?"

"We could take him home with us. He's got a pretty ass. Some of the other guys might like to join us."

"We'll need to keep him hooded and bound. Do you think we can walk him home like that with no one seeing us?"

"We can take him through the alleys."

"OK, let's go."

My ankles were freed and I was helped to my feet. One of them closed my dress. Then they took my elbows and guided me out of the Commons and across the street. We were walking on pavement for a while and then turned and I was led up a short flight of stairs and into a building. Inside we climbed a flight of stairs and then into what I surmised was their apartment. I feared being ass raped but I hoped they might undo my gag so I could beg to be set free. All my hopes were shortly dashed as one of them reached under my skirt and pulled my panties down and off. I was pushed on to a bed and held belly down while they spread my legs and tied my ankles to the sides of the bed. My dress was pushed up around my waist and then someone was playing with my ass, spanking lightly, pinching and patting. I felt something cold at the crack of my ass and then at and in my ass hole. I was dismayed to realize they were lubricating me.

In another moment I felt someone on the bed between my spread legs. He lowered himself until his cock was against my ass hole. He pushed his way in slowly but it still hurt. It felt like it couldn't possibly fit inside me. Finally he was all the way in; I felt pubic hair against my ass and felt like a stuffed sausage. I couldn't move at all to relieve or avoid being screwed. When the first one had dumped a load of cum in me, his companion replaced him. When he came and withdrew I was left alone for a bit. I hoped they were finished with me until I heard them on the phone inviting their friends to come by to screw me. I don't know how many men there were nor how many times I was screwed. They were merciless in relentlessly screwing me over and over. It felt like my ass had been torn open.

Finally there seemed to be a cessation to my suffering. I could hear them discussing my eventual disposition. I heard just enough to understand that they were going to take me back and leave me in the Commons. If they would undo my wrists I would be able to get my car key and drive home. My ankles were released and I was helped to stand up. Someone started to put my panties back on but a comment was made about me leaking. Their solution was to stuff a plug up my ass which was inflated to hold it in. Then my panties were pulled up and I was walked back to the Commons. Still gagged and bound I couldn't do anything for myself nor ask for it. I wished I could have taken off my heels but I had to silently suffer the indignity of the plug in my ass screwing me with each step.

In the Commons they maneuvered me to sit on a park bench which unfortunately pushed the plug further in my ass. Rather than releasing my wrists they tied me to the bench. I had no way to tell what time it was and I had no idea of where I was positioned in the park. Assuming I had been kept captive for several hours it had to be well into the night and unless they had left me near a thoroughfare and readily visible to passersby I was probably stuck as I was until sunrise. Many hours seemed to pass as I sometimes dozed off; I heard cars pass but no one seemed to approach me. I tried to shift my weight from one butt cheek to the other to relieve the pressure from the plug in my ass but could never get away from the sensation of continually being screwed.

At some point I became aware of a man's voice nearby. I heard, "It looks like another rape victim."

"She's got the same bag over her head but she's still got her clothes on. The others were naked."

One of the men untied the bonds from my gag and lifted the bag from my head. My wig was lifted off with the bag. It took me a moment to adjust to the light. The sun hadn't risen yet but there was enough light to see everything. What I saw were two city policemen attending me and their police car pulled up nearby. It took a couple of minutes to get my mouth to work. One of them brought me a cup of coffee from their car while the other freed my wrists. They wanted to know all the details of my night. I gave them a truthful account of my abduction and my return to the park but skipped the details of being taken home and raped by the homosexuals and returned to the park.

Eventually since I didn't want to do anything about my abduction and they didn't care to extend their night shift with paper work, we reached a mutual agreement to go our separate ways.

I put my wig back on, pulled my dress about me as best I could and went to get my key and return to my car, There was no one in the garage so I tried to get the plug out of my ass. It was in too secure to free it so I had to leave it and drive home feeling like I was still being screwed. No one was about at my apartment building and I was able to get in without any mishap. Inside I used a mirror to examine the plug and discovered a valve that allowed me to vent it and loosen it and take it out. I sat down a moment on my living room couch just to rest a bit and that's how I stayed sound asleep the rest of the day.



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