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Satin Dreams

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; chastity; fem; oral; kidnap; slave; sold; nc; XX

Jake, a single 35 year old straight male, has finally found, and got the password to, the dark underground mail-order bride system called Satin Dreams. Jake is a successful businessman, has made millions over the years and now he wants to buy an online bride. Going through the secret online bride catalog he sees Akira, a very pretty japanese woman with mysterious eyes. She is not cheap but he can afford her, so he buys his mail order bride Akira.

The whole purchasing process requires Jake to travel to Ukraine to meet Akira and complete the transaction. Jake lands in Ukraine and meets with Stella Van Stahl, an older Eastern European blonde who walks and talks with elegance. Stella is dressed in a black leather skirt, white satin blouse, black 4 inch heels and an elegant pearl necklace. "Welcome to Satin Dreams, where all your dreams are fulfilled. Our women are all submissive and know how to serve and please their men. Now let's meet your future submissive bride Akira."

I walk into a room and there she stands wearing a pretty pink satin princess gown, white satin gloves, a tiara and sexy pink heels. My cock is instantly hard when I see this beautiful mysterious japanese woman. With Stella in the room, Akira approaches me, kisses me on the lips, both cheeks and whispers into my ear "Help me! I'm a man and they turned me into a she-male...a sex slave."

I'm stunned, I turn to look at Stella. "What the fuck? Are you selling she-males? The deal is off and I will report your Satin Dreams club's real purpose!"

Before I know it, I'm knocked out and taken away. I wake up to find myself naked, bound and gagged on the floor. Akira is next to me, also bound and gagged, still wearing the pretty pink princess gown. She gets close to me, looks at me with her pretty eyes and tries to remove my gag with her pretty mouth. We both manage to get our gags removed.

"What the hell is this place?" My erection increases as I stare at her beauty and her pretty gown.

"They capture unwilling males and turn most of then into she-male sex slaves like myself." She notices my erection getting larger. "My cock has been placed in a tiny chastity device."

The door opens and another she-male is brought in and tied down to a wooden horse. With the door open Akira makes a break for it...since her feet are tied together she can only hop in her pink heels. Hop...hop...hop...then men stare at her: "Look how sexy she looks hopping in her pink high heels...I have an idea, let's turn her into a sexy bunny." They quickly capture her and take her away. Then they return and tie me down to another wooden horse. Our balls and cocks are vunerable in this erotic position. He screams and I can only watch as his cock head has been pierced and a gold ring inserted. I'm thrashing as I know that's what's going to happen to me next.

The next day I wake up and find myself wearing a satin bridal gown, my cock has been pierced and placed in a chastity device. I see across from me is Akira who is now wearing a sexy bunny costume with the black fishnets, bunny ears, large white fluffy bunny tail, sexy 5 inch black heels and the popular black satin bunny costume. There are another two she-males also dressed as satin brides like myself. They all look so sexy in their satin bridal gowns and bunny costume but they were all forced to become she-male sex slaves like myself.

Then I hear the clicking sound of sexy heels walking, it's Stella wearing sexy black boots with a short mini skirt and a satin bell-sleeve blouse.

"Well hello my sweet virgin brides," as she looks at the two, tied she-male brides, "men are bidding on you right now. Soon you will be sold and become a she-male bride to a man."

She sexily walks towards me. "You were not sold, no one wanted to buy we gave you away to an asian brothel. You will be working the glory hole and sucking thousands of cocks during the next few years."

She then turns to Akira. "Too bad you did not keep your mouth shut, you could have been married here to Jake and enjoying a good life as his submissive wife. So instead we sold you to Mr. Tamura in Japan. Mr. Tamura enjoys hunting and collecting rare items all over the world. He is famous for displaying his rare treasures like you..the pretty she-male bunny."

Akira is struggling and begging, "Please Stella give me another chance, I will not disappoint you ever again." Stella motions for her men to ship them off to their destinations.

Akira is now on display in Mr. Tamura's living room in a small glass cabinet wearing her sexy bunny costume. Her locked cock is also on display and many visitors enjoy watching the bunny endure a sissy orgasm forced on her by a vibrating butt plug. Mr. Tamura has found a way to keep his she-male bunny fed, watered and cleaned while never removing her from the glass cabinet...her new private hell!

I find myself on my knees wearing a collar and leash. I have been working the glory hole for two weeks now and still hate sucking cock, I especially hate it when they cum all over my face. The leash is held on the other side of the glory hole by the men forcing my mouth near the hole. I'm now called Jessica as men have been requesting to fuck me...I hope that does not happen!


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