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A Self Bondage Misadventure

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2012 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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“So, what ever shall I do with myself with all this free time off,” I thought to myself. I had just seen the wife off to work and my work had been on a slowdown. Of course, for those of us who are into cross-dressing, this is the time when you can just go all girlie and enjoy yourself. Of course, it does help if the wife has no issues with you dressing up.

Normally, I am off to work before she is and sometimes don't get to come home for days on end. I don't drive a truck but sometimes I wonder if I put in about as many miles, going off and doing the kind of work I do. But I will, occasionally, bring my femininity with me and although I am certain that I do not pass I do get to feel a little girlie.

I guess I should mention that I am 6'2” tall without heels and, well, I have more difficulty in walking in low heels than I do in high heels. Go figure. And the higher, the better. 2 inches I waddle, 5 inches I am comfy in and 6 in heels are a delight. And being over 40, well, it definitely gets harder to look passable. When I was younger I did okay but since then, I tend to NOT tempt fate too often.

But there is an even slightly darker side to me and that is that I also enjoy a little bondage. This I rarely get help with from the wife but that isn't such a problem since self bondage can be just as exciting, though you almost always know that, eventually, you can free yourself. Not a complaint just a statement of fact. Of course, you can also make little mistakes and they can REALLY be a problem.

Anyway, as I mentioned, my wife had gone out to work and I was all alone in the house, except for a dog and cats. But alone enough that I could enjoy a few hours before she would be home. So, I decided that I would go up, take a bath, shave and get “pretty”. I won't bore you with how long it took to shave and the like, since that is just boring. I did have fun working on my make up and trying to decide just how much I should use. It is not like I can do it well, but it does add just a little more femininity to the situation. Plus the feel of lipstick is, well, delicious.

So, after a little work, I decided it was time to figure out the clothes I would wear. Since I do have this thing for stockings rather than pantyhose, well, knew that would be part of it. But I was unsure of the stay up kind of a garterbelt. Of course, the garterbelt DOES feel a little sexier and maybe just a little sluttier. Needless to say, since I was going to be damsel in distress mode, I went with the garterbelt and stockings.

Now, I don't understand why some guys wear thongs. Hell, I can barely stand bikini panties since there is no support. I, honestly, prefer full brief panties. There is support, coverage and, well, those old bondage or “police” magazines all showed women in briefs, not thongs. Call me a little old fashioned. But that does not mean that I wear cheap cotton ones or even cheap nylon. Okay, on a daily basis I DO wear the cheap ones, but I wear them for everyday things... I PREFER either the older cuts and fabric from Vanity Fair but I have fallen in love with “Secrets In Lace” and some of their things. The stockings are a little, well, SMALL but they do have some really good ones and the panties are divine! I just wish that the bra sizes were just a tad bit higher but...

So today I put on some sheer nylons, opera length since I need them that long to go up my long legs. I hook them to the garter tabs and revel in the feel of them on my legs. THIS is why I love to shave my legs... Then I pull on a pair of panties and then another pair, these from my new favorite place. A little added support as well as tightness. Either way I am feeling pretty good.

It is a good thing I quit smoking years ago because I would have been ready for one my now, just to relax. But since I had some time, I slowed down and pulled out my breast forms. Normally I just place them in the bra but today, I pulled out some double sided tape used for patches and such and put just a little bit of it on the forms and carefully placed them in position. I had always wondered how it would work and after a couple of moments, I let them go and they stayed there, pulling and actually adding some weight to my chest. It was really a weird feeling but I liked it. I put on a bra that pushed them up a little and touched them up with a little foundation, trying to match a little bit. It worked okay and with the little powder I was set. I pulled out my little short black slip and pulled it down, taking note that it barely covered my crotch and my stocking tops were still exposed.

Now what to wear over that. I almost took out my little french maid uniform but decided that might not be the right thing to wear. I did pull out my little waist cincher and then a cute little red plaid skirt and my red silk blouse. Two minutes later, I was down to needing the wig. I pulled out my auburn wig, brushed it out, since I can't leave it on a form because of the kids being home every other week. Part of me counts the days (years, really) before I can at least not hide everything. Knee high on my head and a few bobbie pins later and my transformation is complete. Now it is time to, well, become distressed...

So I pull out a small box from under the bed. I pull out my red leather cuffs, some chain links and some rope. Lastly I pull out a couple of padlocks, my collar and my newest toy, a penis gag. I am not gay but I have, on occasion, wondered what it might be like to, well... So I guess curious would be the description to use. I almost decided to not use my putt plug but decided that it would be no fun to not feel both experiences at the same time. So naturally, I had to insert the plug and that meant opening the first of two condoms, rolling it down the plug and then applying some lubricant. I still have not found one that makes this any easier but I took my time and got it inserted and it was tight. I ran the little vibrator control up and pulled everything back into place.

Next it was time to put on the shoes. I pulled out my black six inch stiletto pumps, fastened the ankle strap and then put my leather cuffs on. I took the small strap and ran it down under the heel to help lock them on. I took the first pair of locks and connected a short 12 inch chain between my ankles and locked them in place. Then I took the collar and put that loosely around my neck. I didn't want to choke myself but it did add a little bit of delicious flavor to the mix. I took out the wrist cuffs and put them on but decided that I didn't want to do this in the bedroom. So I picked up everything and brought it down to the dining room. Since I have a nice armchair there plus the table, well, it would be something different.

Once I got downstairs, I let the animals out, since they were all aching to go out and run around. Besides, it would keep them out of my hair as well as other things. Then I walked to the dining room and looked around.

The chairs at the two ends of the table are heavy and somewhat comfortable. The table itself is large and rather sturdy. I figured that I could have a little added fun and put myself bent over the table using the rope and tying off my ankles to the heavy legs of the table. So, I pulled out the rope and took a long piece and tied it under the table and brought it up over the top. This I would use to hold my wrists. And using rope instead of chain would keep the table from getting damaged. But I needed to get a little rope ratchet so that I could not get free too easily. I had one in the garage and I could get into there with no trouble. So I grabbed that and reworked the rope, tying the ratchet under the table and running the two ends up on top of the table. I then made sure I knew which end to pull on and hooked a small link onto the other end of the rope, tying it using my boy scout knots so it wasn't coming loose any time soon.

Then I got to the other end of the table and using another length of rope tied my ankles to the table so I wasn't getting out that way. I looked and made sure that the scissors I had to cut the rope was nearby and within a straining reach. Once I had that taken care of, I turned on the vibrator and immediately felt the wonderful touch. A little moan and I was almost ready.

Since I don't like to mess up my panties and it is definitely hard to get cum stains out, I pulled out another condom and placed it on myself. I realize that some people might think to put on a harness or something but, for me, this was about the sensations I was going to get. Plus, there is ONE small advantage to being diabetic. It sometimes takes me a while to, well... You know. Of course, there is also a small yet very important drawback to being diabetic that I had not really paid too much attention to.

Now it was time to finish up before I lost track of what I was trying to do. So I put a small soft blindfold on my, put the gag in my mouth, buckling that in place and bent over the table. I reached back and turned the vibrator up to full. It was just about perfect for me as I bent over and reached out for the rope. I took the cuffs and attached them to the link I had put on the rope. It took a couple of moments as I had to struggle to get the locks in place. But once the last padlock latched, before I could chicken out I pulled on the other end of the rope and gradually pulled my arms further up the table. Now I felt a little light headed as the fantasy of my being kidnapped and abused started to kick in. I struggled against the ropes and cuffs and felt completely at peace. Well, as peaceful as one can be with a vibrator doing it's thing inside you and having a three inch dick locked in your mouth. Part of me was wishing that I had thought to grab the camera and take some pictures of myself but I was blissfully unaware of anything other than the fantasy running through my head.

Then the phone rang... I could hear the answering machine pick up and heard the wife asking for me. No problem, I thought. Then my cell phone rang... Of course, I couldn't SEE who it was but the ring tone told me it was the wife. Then the phone rang again and it was her asking me to pick up the phone...

Now, only one time had I ever had a problem with my diabetes and that one time, I had passed out from low blood sugar. Luckily, I was around people and I was taken care of. I didn't know that this was what she was thinking until a little later but that prompted what happened next...

I was starting to really enjoy this stress and arousal that my bondage was bringing to me. I had never felt myself get this hard and the sensations I was receiving from the vibrator was making things totally delicious. I don't even remember hearing the doorbell ring but I knew that someone had come into the house as I heard, at first a slight laugh and then something even more sinister.

“So... This is why she couldn't get a hold of you on the phone! Gee Paul, if I had known that you were into this kind of thing, the last few years would have been a whole lot more interesting! But whatever shall I do?”

“Oh my God!” I thought. The voice was that of my neighbor, Martha. She was about our age and had a cute daughter. She was living in a house just about as old as ours was with her brother and a friend. I had always thought that she was hot looking but had never imagined that she was, well, into something like this. And when I felt her walk up to me, I knew I was probably going to be in trouble.

“Well Paul, I guess I first need to get rid of this pair of scissors.” I heard them move on the table and then felt something tugging at my wrists. “And I really don't want you moving on me so I think a little tighter,” I felt my arms get pulled even further up along the table, “should do the trick!” I then heard her walk around me a little. Then I heard something that scared me to the core.

“Oh, hi Jane. Everything is fine here. Paul was just a little busy outside and probably never heard the phone ring. I will let him know that you are going to be late... What time do you think you will be back? Really, that late huh. One of the girls is leaving and there is a going away party for her, huh? Oh, I am sure that Paul will be fine... Oh, you want to talk to him, do you? Give me a second...”

I was now scared. I could tell her that I was tied up or something but then, well, things could get worse. I could scream out for help but... Then Martha leaned down and whispered in my ear, “I am going to take the gag out of your mouth. You can make sure that she thinks you are fine or else you can cry out for help. But I have to tell you, if all that bucking and squirming you are doing is any indication, I think you will be a good little sissy for your Mistress!” I nodded. I felt the buckle on my gag loosen and then heard a little chuckle as she discovered what I had in my mouth. Then I felt the phone next to me.

“Hi Honey. Did you call? Yeah, I was outside reading and must have fallen asleep. No honey, I was not wearing anything like that outside. The neighbors, you know. Okay, well, tell her I said good luck and all. About 10 or so tonight? No problem. Take care.” Then I heard Martha talking to my wife, fearing what was going to be said. “Oh, really? Well, I will just have to take care of that for you then. See you later, Jane.”

Then I felt the gag in front of me and I knew that I didn't want that thing back in my mouth. When I felt her fingers pinch my nose, well, I had no choice. I opened my mouth and in went the penis gag and it was buckled tighter than I had it in. Then I felt her reach around and she found the controller for the vibrator. I had been happy since the thing had been dying down from being on its highest setting plus not being fresh batteries. But when it turned off and then turned back on, I knew I was in trouble as there were fresh batteries now in there and the sensation was driving me to buck my hips even more.

“Gee, I guess she was right. Just wait, LYNDA, until I get back with something VERY special” I felt a pat on my ass and heard her walk away.

Lynda??? She KNEW!!! Oh crap, that must mean that... Did my wife tell her? Or worse yet, did she know I was lying here, tied to the dining room table? God, I was getting into deeper and deeper trouble that I had no way of escaping.


I screamed into the gag as I felt the first lash strike my ass. It was soon followed up with many more, each one more painful than the last one. Between that and the vibrator going full tilt inside my ass, I was experiencing pure pain and pleasure at the same time. And what was making me worried even more was the fact that I was starting to actually like this feeling. Each and every lash was delivered and soon I was lifting my ass to get them as they would strike me. Occasionally I would feel one hit the bottom of the vibrator and the additional pleasure delivered was making me even hornier than I was. And all of this in turned transferred to my hard on which was getting so close to exploding inside my panties. It was then that I was thankful for the condom as it would keep my cum from soaking my panties. But it was also to become my downfall.

Soon I was screaming, practically begging to have it stop, as the pleasure was outweighing the pain. I moaned as I had finally reached an orgasm and it felt like it was never going to end. I slumped down on the table, spent and breathing hard, slowly coming down from the endorphin high that I was on. The whipping stopped and I felt the vibrator get turned down.

“Oh, does the sissy have cummy panties now? I think we will just have to look and see!” I felt my arms release just a little as she turned me over. “Gee sissy, I would have thought you came from all that? You certainly acted like you did. But no sta... Well now, isn't this interesting. If I didn't know better I would think that you were saving this for later!” I felt her pull down my panties, exposing the cum filled condom and felt her start to remove it. “Gee, you did cum a lot this time. Bet you really liked this. And to think that you are going to have to suffer for a few more hours. I bet that when Jane gets home you will be so exhausted that she will wonder what you did all afternoon. Of course, when she sees you tied like this, you can imagine what she will think of you and just how much of a sissy you really are.”

I was now trembling, wondering just what was going to happen to me! I didn't want to loose my wife and the kids, though not mine, meant the world to me. But here I was, also feeling a deep and perverse pleasure at being bound, gagged and essentially at this woman's mercy. I was actually getting aroused by the idea of being like this that my cock was still a little hard.

“Gee, Lynda, I would almost think that you are happy about all of this. I have to admit, if I had even one clue that you liked this kind of thing, I would have tried to get you tied up a whole lot sooner. Of course, finding you like this is even better since it means that I can own you and all you have to do is suffer for me. And I can be rather imaginative in ways to make you suffer. But there is one little thing that I think you need to suffer through before I can honestly call you mine.”

I felt my arms being pulled back to the head of the table. Then I felt the panties being pulled down and the slow and painful extraction of the plug inside my ass. I was moaning and even screamed a little as it came out, stretching me again and causing, unfortunately another stirring in my groin. Then I felt the whip again as it struck my bare ass cheeks. I was screaming, as there was no real pleasure coming from this one. I just wanted it to end and begged through the gag for her to stop. I felt her beside my ear.

“You want this whipping to end, don't you?” I nodded “Well, first of all, I think that you need to swallow some cum. Since you happened to make a supply, you can swallow your own cum, recycling it, as it were. And since that gag has a cute little hole in it, you can suck it right through the gag like a real cock and swallow it all. But that is just the beginning. Because until you suck it all up, I will keep whipping your little ass.” I felt some movement at my gag and then I heard her laugh. “Gee, that was easier than I thought. The straw is in place. After I whip you another ten minutes, you had best have all the cum out of the tube or else, well, you will experience the sensation of a cock in your mouth for real! And trust me, I can get one over here in less time than you can imagine!”

I started to suck on the cock in my mouth and realized that it was going to be REALLY difficult to suck it all up as whatever it was she used, probably a straw, had some air holes in it and I could never get a whole lot of sucking done. And as each lash hit my ass, I was struggling to suck the cum up the straw and fight screaming out from the pain. And when I finally got that first taste of my own cum, I was so ready to spit it out, if I could. But when the lash hit my ass at just that moment, I remembered what she said about sucking on a real cock and forgot my discomfort and swallowed it.

God, the taste was weird. I could taste the somewhat salty taste to it but it also made me want to gag. And I still had more to swallow and knew that this was going to be an extreme ordeal. So I got busy with the sucking on the fake cock and trying to ignore the pain of my stinging ass.

Ten minutes must have passed as she stopped whipping my ass and I could hear her smile. “Good girl, Lynda. You might make an excellent cock sucker, yet. But first I have to make sure that you will always know who it is that OWNS you. And I can think of no other way than to do this!”

I felt something hit my face briefly as I felt the blindfold lift off my face.  She has turned my head sideways to see her. Standing in front of me was Martha with the largest strap-on I had ever seen fastened to her groin. I knew what was going to happen and no matter what I did, I knew that there was no escaping my fate. I then noticed that Martha was dressed in such a way that left no mistaking that she meant business.

I had never imagined seeing her like this and the vision was pure bitch! She looked like a really HOT bitch but you could sense that she was at large and seriously in charge. From the patent leather knee high boots and stockings held up by the straps connected to her corset to the riding crop in her one hand and my blindfold in the other, there was no mistaking who was going to get what they wanted. But deep inside of me, I knew that we were both going to get something we wanted out of this experience. And the evil smile on her face told me that at least one of us was going to enjoy the experience.

Before I knew what was happening, though, I felt the blindfold go back on me and a not so playful smack on my ass. I was stretched and strained for hours and I knew what was coming. But that didn't make it any easier or less painful when I felt the dildo start to enter me. And realizing that the damned thing was wider than my plug just caused me to feel more like I was being torn apart back there as slowly but methodically I was penetrated and soon, the entire length was inside me and within moments, I could feel something start to stir in me as I started to meet the thrusts of her dildo, essentially trying to make it go deeper inside of me. And I was moaning like a slut in heat as she spent what felt partly like hours and partly like only seconds. All I knew was that I was actually scaring myself as I realized that I was actually LOVING this, being fucked like a... slut! And if that gag was not in my mouth I would have been talking like one, yelling for her to go deeper and to fuck me harder.

I guess that Martha could understand my grunts and groans, or maybe it was the way that I just kept pushing back into the dildo but either way, she started thrusting harder into my ass and keeping it in there longer and soon I could feel myself explode into my panties, soaking them to the point that I knew it was going to mess up not only the panties but also the slip and everything else I had on below my waist. But I couldn't stop myself as she was still thrusting into me and I just kept right on taking it, moaning and groaning right along with it.

After a few minutes, I could hear her moan as she must have reached her orgasm. I was still feeling the after effects of my own and as she pulled the dildo out of me, I felt another small spasm in my cock as a little more cum shot out. I was truly spent and exhausted. Then I felt the blindfold come off. Martha turned my head and I watched as she removed the strap-on, pulling it free from her groin and I saw that there was another, smaller dildo that was inside of her. I felt my gag come off and instantly, she placed the dildo that had been side of her in my mouth and started to fuck my mouth with it. I licked and sucked it clean, tasting her as I did, relishing the taste of her climax in my mouth. The only thing I feared was that she would turn that thing around and make me clean the other end. But when she thought it was sufficiently cleaned, she pulled it out and placed it in her bag.

“Now, I can honestly say, you are now my little fuck slut sissy! Jane had no idea that you were this much of a slut but, well, I think that she knows now.”

“Yes, Martha, I see that Lynda is REALLY a little slut!”

SHIT!!! My wife knew this was happening all along! In fact, it seems that she had planned this. So now, not only was my secret out, to someone other than my wife but my other, deeper secret was out to both the woman I loved and the hot neighbor who just fucked my ass and made me love it. Then I watched as my wife came into view and I saw that she too had a massive strap-on and was wearing a satin corset and patent leather pumps. And I could see that she had been using that strap on on someone. It was then that I realized that it was my wife who had been fucking me and not Martha!

“Martha, I am so glad that you managed to get Lynda out of her little shell. But I do think that maybe she needs to thank you properly. And I promise, Lynda can REALLY use her tongue like a good little girl. And I think that Lynda NEEDS to thank you for that wonderful experience, even if it was me fucking her ass. And damn, that felt so right, too!”

I watched as Martha hopped onto the table and placed her sex right in my face. All I heard was “Thank Me” and I started right in. Then, as I was licking Martha, doing what I could to show her how much I appreciated what she had done to and for me, I felt the dildo penetrate me again and soon was moaning into Martha's vagina as my ass was being fucked slow and hard yet again. It wasn't long before I tasted and felt Martha have her first orgasm as I heard my wife moaning from hers. I felt hands pull me deeper into Martha as I continued licking her moist sex and the large dildo fucked me through their second orgasm. Then I felt everyone pull away from me and I hoped that I was finally going to be released. But that was not to be as my wife was seriously horny and wanted to have me lick her to another orgasm.

She hopped up and planted my face right there, smelling her last orgasms and I could feel the heat. And my ass certainly didn't get a rest as I felt Martha start to whip my ass again, causing me to scream momentarily into my wife's sex, causing her to moan a little and grind herself into my face a little more. I licked and sucked on her for what felt like hours and I felt Martha slide her dildo into me suddenly but this time it didn't so much hurt but rather felt like something I had wanted and she fucked me through two orgasms from her, two more from my wife and a remarkable though certainly not as cum filled orgasm of my own as my prostate was assaulted and stimulated for so long that it just didn't want to stop. But finally, I think that all of us were tired and spent. I had no idea of the time but knew that I was feeling good though at the same time really bad. Also, it didn't help that I was feeling my cum slosh around in my panties and it was kind of disgusting.

“I think that we should make her lick up all her cum from her panties, don't you, Martha?” Oh God, my wife was actually saying that. Then I heard the laugh. “Don't worry, Lynda. I think that you have had enough cum for one day. But I think that maybe you should go up, take a shower and get dressed, as Paul. You are going to take your Mistress and I out to dinner to celebrate your new found slave hood. Because, honestly, I kind of like watching you get fucked like a slut and think that maybe I could get used to it. And you definitely got better with that tongue of yours when you were being fucked.”

“Jane, I couldn't take him as my slave, sweetie. He is all yours. But, I thank you for the offer. He certainly is pretty good and definitely seems to NEED to please and pleasure someone!”

I could not believe this. They were talking about me as if I was their property. And I remember Martha saying that she now owned me... But was it her or was it my wife that owned me???

“I have a great idea, Martha. How about we SHARE him. I know that you liked his tongue and I could REALLY tell that you enjoyed fucking him like a little sissy slut. I kind of did too. But I don't know how to whip him and, well, it got me REALLY turned on watching you do that to him. And I know just what we can do with some space in the garage.”

“Oh, not to worry, Jane. I actually have a space all set aside for just this kind of thing. And I was kind of hoping that you would share him with me. And, well, I think that we can make him REALLY sissy like. Because I think my brother would like someone to, well, suck his cock. And his cock is HUGE!”

I heard a very evil laugh come from the two of them at that point and knew that this self bondage thing may have been either the best thing I ever did or the biggest mistake I ever made. And the evil looks on Martha's and Jane's face as they looked at me told me that this little adventure of mine was nowhere near the end.



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