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Silk: A Game of Peril

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; M/f; sissy; auction; slave; cons; X

The SilkMan punishes all men and women who have done wrong to others. His victims are placed in erotic, perilous situations. All victims wake up in different locations, sometimes by themselves and sometimes with others. They all wake up with an earpiece that has a pre-recorded message with instructions on how to play the SILK game and what the consequences are of failing.

Peter is an unknown CEO of a small company. He forces his workers to work in unsafe conditions, so that he and the company will profit.

Peter wakes up in an unknown bathroom stall, he notices his strange clothing. A tight, long, black, latex skirt which happens to be a hobble skirt, a pink ruffle blouse and extreme heels...ballet boots that are locked on. He tries to remove the heels and skirt but it is impossible. Then the recording begins...

"Hello Peter, this is the SilkMan and you are being punished for your actions against your employees. Your challenge is to get out of this bathroom, get to the pay phone outside the bar. You have one hour to complete your challenge and if you fail your young, beautiful wife Lizzie will be auctioned online as a sex slave. Good luck!"

Peter thinks one hour, that's plenty of time to get to the pay phone. He gets to his feet and tries to walk, but finds it very difficult with the hobble skirt and ultra high ballet boots! He can only walk very slowly, taking small, shuffle steps and it took him almost 5 minutes to get to the bathroom door. He opens the door.

"Oh Shit," as he sees that there is a large crowd in the bar and they are not the friendly kind. Peter sees another problem....Steps! He slowly steps down as a large, asian gang member notices him.

"Hey everyone, take a look at this sissy with the skirt and heels".

Peter ignores the man and continues to slowly walk away and towards the front door. The large, fat, asian man now stands in his way.

"What's your hurry sissy?"

Peter then says "I'm not a sissy! I can't explain everything, but I need to get out of here before my wife is sold as a sex slave online."

The asian man stares at Peter checking him out.

"I think we can help you with your problem".

Suddenly Peter is easily picked up by the fat asian man and carried over his shoulder.

"Hey put me down, what do you think you are doing?"

They enter a basement room.

"Hey, Chung, this sissy says his wife is being auctioned off online."

Chung turns around and says "Do you mean the young brunette Lizzie? Because she's online right now, we are watching her."

Peter is able to see the computer monitor and sees his beautiful wife, bound and gagged. There's information on the screen that says ‘This slave will be available to purchase in 30 minutes’ and its counting down.

Peter is now frantic, "Please let me go, so I can save my wife from being a sex slave".

Peter is still being carried over the fat, asian man’s shoulder.

"Don't worry, we plan to buy your wife and then we can reunite the two of you....Before we put you both to work in our brothels!"

Peter is nearly screaming, "Please, you can’t do that!"

Chung says "We will put your cock into a chastity device and force you to work in our tranny brothel. We will dress you up in some pretty, pink, frilly clothing....the men will love seeing you like that before they shove their cocks down your throat."

Peter is trying to kick the fat, asian man but it's useless "Your wife Lizzie will be placed in our brothel as well. Does your wife enjoy anal sex? Well she is going to get a lot of men that enjoy anal sex. We will place the two of you in cells that are next to each other. That way you can hear each other as you are getting fucked by strange men."

The 30 minutes has elapsed and Lizzie was sold as a sex slave. They both hate their new lives as sex slaves in this cheap brothel!


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