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by controlfreak

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© Copyright 2012 - controlfreak - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; cd; femdom; sissification; cbt; bdsm; gag; leather; latex; torment; cons; X

As instructed, crissy pulled the car into the open garage and waited for the door to slide shut. Mistress had also said to stop once inside the gate, strip and put on a few items. A four inch pink plug, with pink latex peephole panties so crissies clitty could stick out, and pink rubber wrist cuffs. When the door completly closed, crissy got out of the car and went to the door, then went to her knees and waited with head bowed. Presently the door opened and crissy was treated to the sight of Mistress Beatrices heels. She cupped Her sissies chin and slowly raised her face to meet Her eyes. Mistress's lush body was encased in a full lace bodysuit, crotchless of course, in a black rose pattern. Knee length lace up stilletto boots on Her feet, a shiny waist cincher, and fingerless latex short gloves completed the outfit. Her makeup was perfect; dark eyes and glossy lips, with Her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail.

"Mmmm, sissy, I see crissy knows to follow directions. Such a smooth, sweet body, and I approve of the very short hair."

She stepped behind Her slut and placed a three inch pink patent leather collar around sissies neck, buckling it tightly in place.

"Lets go inside and make up that prettyface"

Mistress clipped a leash to the large ring at sissies throat and led crissy into Her dressing room, on hands and knees, naturally.

Mistress Beatrice sat Her sissy on a low stool with her back to a mirror and vanity. She applied makeup to crissies face expertly, soft pink eyeshadow, a little blush and thick pink lip gloss.

"Ooooh, I see that clitty is getting soooo excited! I think sissy should be restrained as not to be tempted to touch and play!" She cooed into Her sluts ear.

She pulled Her sissies arms behind her and locked them together, then clipped them to a ring at the back of the chair. Mistress then pulled a large pink ring gag and quickly slipped it into Her sissies mouth, securing it tightly behind her head.

"Pink is the tone today, I think"

A hot pink short straight wig was quickly fitted into place.

"Almost done, shoes are next."

Mistress placed pink patent leather ballet ankle boots that locked onto crissies feet, then clipped them to the legs of the stool.

"Now, one more thing."

Mistress sat on the loveseat and began to rub Herself through the black panties that barely covered Her sex. Gazing at Her helplessly bound slut, She worked the material into Her moist slit, rubbing and working Her clit until She climaxed.

"Just a small one, to give sissy a taste of Mistress"

She slipped out of the panties and balled them up, slowly pushing them into Her sissies wide open mouth, juicy crotch against crissies tongue. A wide strip of white medical gag tape was next, sealing Her sissies mouth and the panties within.

"Now, I have a few things to do, I will be back in a bit to check on you. Goodness, I almost forgot!"

Mistress slipped on a latex exam glove and squeezed a liberal amount of sports balm into Her hand and slowly caressed Her sluts engorged clitstick, laughing at the wide eyes and muffled moans behind the gag. She the placed a heavy duty toothed clamp deep onto the purple head of sissies clitty.

"Enjoy slut, Mistress will be back in a bit....I think sissy needs lots of pain and humiliation tonite.....bye bye!"

No matter how much crissy squirmed and struggled on the stool, sissy could not escape the fire that encased her engorged clitty. The clamp bit deep onto the head, and mercifully it went somewhat numb. As the sissy struggled the plug seemed to work itself deeper, causing intense sensations on sissies prostate. The panties stuffed into her mouth soaked up the saliva crissy helplessly drooled, and her senses were filled with taste and scent of Mistress' essence. Soon sissy was lost in a reverie of subspace; enduring the pain, dreading yet eagerly anticipating the punishment she was sure to come.

Mistress Beatrice was standing before Her sissy, crissy did not even see Her enter, such was the intesity of her discipline. Mistress had changed Her outfit, now instead of the cincher She wore shiny black latex booty shorts over Her bodysuit, and Her breasts strained against the lace.

"How is crissy enjoying the balm? Do you think I should coat those nasty cumsacks too?"

She leaned over and wiped crissies clitty with a cool wet cloth, bringing more moans and sweet relief.

"Does sissy like My outfit?"

Over the shorts Mistress Beatrice had strapped a long thick studded red strap-on dildo, and crissies eyes were riveted to it.

"This is a special cock, I can make it cum just like a REAL cock. And now you know why I have been milking sissy into a condom so much lately! So Mistress can cum in sissies mouth, how delicious!"

As She talked She slowly rubbed the dildo over Her sissies taped lips. Abruptly, She reached down and roughly pulled the clamp off Her sluts clitstick, making crissy moan loudly and buck in her bonds.

"I have something else for sissy too."

She walked to the dresser and pulled out a few items. A pair of small but tight clamps went behind each nipple piercing, distending them. Mistress then buckled on sissies silicone breast form, these were DDD size and had wide clear vinyl straps.

"Mmmmm, sissy, yummy!"

Mistress Beatrice unclipped Her slut and forced her up to teeter on her five inch ballet heels. She led her slowly out to another room and bent sissy over a bench, locking her cuffs behind her, attaching them to a chain attached to an electric winch and puuled crissies arms up behing her, forcing the slut to remain bent over.

"Lets restrain those legs."

A five inch wide pink leather strap was tightly buckled around her knees.

"Mistress thinks that sissy ass of yours needs to be punished. Whats it gonna be, the paddle, cane, or crop? I think ten strokes of each is a good start!"

Mistress went to the closet and selected a few items and approached Her helpless pain slut......

Mmmmmm, sounds like fun, doesnt it?

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