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Sissy Chronicles

by Misti Love-Fitzpatrick

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2.1: Sissification

Chapter Two

On the morning after Eve Bartley informed Nathan he would undergo sissy training, she let him sleep late.

Beauty rest needed for the first day of training.

It was a pleasant spring day in the middle-class suburb where Eve lived with her husband, Dick. In the bedroom where Nathan slept peacefully, Mrs. Bartley had arranged a vase of lilacs and laid out a pretty outfit for him.

Relaxing downstairs with a large cup of coffee in her kitchen, Mrs. Bartley opened a notebook. She wrote Nathan’s new name, Natalie, on the cover. The notebook contained the details of Mrs. Bartley’s sissy training program, the one she had used for four femme bois (two who graduated to become sissies). But she had decided to make significant changes in the program for Natalie.

The reasons were twofold. Natalie was 19 years old, younger than the other femmes Mrs. Bartley had trained. More importantly, she was a virgin. Xavier, the secretive businessman whom Mrs. Bartley worked for, paid a generous bonus to trainers for virgins. Xavier had warned Mrs. Bartley that it was rare for one so inexperienced to meet all of his expectations. His words did not discourage her, however.

Unlocking a small office down the hall from the kitchen, Mrs. Bartley accessed the closed-circuit television system that surveilled the interior of the two-story home. She clicked on STB, which stood for Sissy Trainee Bedroom. Natalie was still asleep, so she returned to the kitchen. The phone rang. It was Natalie’s mom, Robin Everett.

Oh good. I had planned to call her after lunch. I can cross this off my to-do list.

“Good morning, Eve. I just wanted to check on Nathan,” Robin said.

“He’s doing great. Such a good helper around the house.”

“When should I pick him up, Eve?”

“Well, I’m glad you called, Robin. I was planning to touch bases with you later today. I really could use Nathan’s help around my house and those chores can be at night or early in the morning. I was wondering if Nathan could live in our house for a while.”

“For how long?”

“Oh, not sure yet. Perhaps four months, maybe more,” Mrs. Bartley said.

“Wow, four months; that’s a long time. I would miss him,” Robin replied.

Robin had heard that Mrs. Bartley kept an immaculate house and often made major renovations.

“Are you working on a project?” she asked.

“Yes, my husband, Dick, is renovating the apartment above the garage as a ‘man cave.’ I told him caves are usually underground, but you know how men are. Dick has the brain of a caveman.”

Robin laughed.

Mrs. Bartley added: “Robin, I would increase how much I pay Nathan, and also make a generous monthly payment to you, given that you’ll be losing his company. Of course, he can drop by your home when he has free time, but I do expect to keep him busy with all sorts of chores and projects.”

When Mrs. Bartley mentioned the dollar figure she would pay, Robin quickly agreed with the arrangement. As a single mom, she needed the money. Mrs. Bartley knew this from chatting with Nathan. That’s why she offered a sum four times what Robin earned each month as a secretary.

Robin was hung over from drinking gin. Her throbbing headache prevented her from grasping the obvious questions. Why would chores occur at night or early in the morning? Couldn’t they wait for later?

Mrs. Bartley felt a pang of guilt as the call ended. If Natalie showed promise of becoming a sissy after four months, she would be living with the Bartleys another eight months. But if she didn’t pan out, she would return to her mother’s home or find her own place to live.

Although I always prefer to tell the truth, there’s no need for Robin to know right now why Natalie needs to stay at our home. I can’t envision how to tell her that her son is being trained to become a sissy. And if that time comes when she needs to know, that is something Natalie will need to tell her. I’ll help her, but she will need to confide in her mother.

Finishing her coffee, Mrs. Bartley returned to the small room next to the kitchen. Clicking again on “sissy trainee bedroom,” Mrs. Bartley clucked her tongue in excitement.

OMG, yes.

Natalie was awake in bed, resting on her back. She raised her left leg and slowly pulled up the white silk stocking that Mrs. Bartley had left on the bedside table. Mrs. Bartley switched the CCTV system to view from the ceiling camera above the bed. She watched Natalie run her hands over the silk and sigh. She attached the left garter and then did the right stocking and garter. Mrs. Bartley got a decent look at Natalie’s tiny clitty before she put on her white silk panties.

I’ve never seen such a small dick. That could never pleasure a woman, even if she wanted to do so – which she doesn’t.

Natalie walked over to the closet and put on a pair of white thigh-high boots with a high heel. Studying her image in the floor-length mirror, Natalie slipped off her panties and ran the tip of her right index finger over her little clitty. After a few minutes, her breathing increased and she let out a low moan. Natalie’s cream shot in one long stream, and then a second.

An hour or so later, Natalie walked into the kitchen. She wore the rest of the outfit that Mrs. Bartley had left for her; a white jersey pajama set consisting of a camisole and shorts – both with lace trim.

“I apologize for oversleeping,” she said softly.

“I thought you needed your beauty sleep,” Mrs. Bartley replied. “As we discussed yesterday, your new name is Natalie. Your pronouns are she/her.”

Mrs. Bartley had made toast with avocado for Natalie.


“Yes, ma’am,” Natalie replied.

“How do you feel this morning?” Mrs. Bartley asked.

“I feel good. Had a restful sleep and am ready to learn.”

“Before we begin the training, I need to give you more details of what it entails.”

Mrs. Bartley folded her hands in front of her.

“Natalie, you have the potential to become a sissy, but that does not mean you will become one.”

“Failure is an option?” Natalie replied with a smile.

Mrs. Bartley laughed. “Society has a lot of misconceptions about what a sissy is.” She removed a page out of her spiral bound notebook and handed it to Natalie. It was the dictionary definition.

  1. An effeminate boy or man.
  2. a timid or cowardly person.
  3. a sister, especially a younger sister.

“What does effeminate mean?” Natalie asked.

“Having traits, tastes, habits, etc., traditionally considered feminine, such as softness or delicacy.”

Mrs. Bartley stressed a point: “You are feminine, not effeminate. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I also do not consider you to be timid or cowardly. If you were cowardly, would you be sitting here in that sexy outfit?”

Natalie smiled and shook her head.

“By the way, you look great in it,” Mrs. Bartley added. “So we need to define what a sissy is. There is no one definition of a sissy, in my opinion. But the definition I am training you to become is a particular one.

“My definition of a sissy is a boy or man who becomes a woman to please men. That pleasure involves servitude -- compulsory service or bondage. That’s because men are superior and sissies live to make them happy.

“That can mean so many things. It could mean wearing a revealing dress or lingerie that a man picks out for you. It could mean sucking a man’s cock whenever he desires you to do so. It could mean polishing his silver set to perfection, a task that could take several hours. It also could mean him spanking you in front of his friends or other sissies, humiliating you for his pleasure.

“The common thread, as you can see, is one of dominance. A sissy serves a masculine man who is controlling and demands her obedience. In your case, Natalie, you will be trained to become a sissy maid, owned by a wealthy businessman. He is an alpha male.”

“You will live with other sissies in a mansion far from here. You would start with a one-year contract and would be paid generously. That contract could be extended.

“You will encounter other men at the mansion and when you travel into the city. They will move in and out of your life and some may become lovers, but you always will follow the commands of this businessman as long as he owns you. You will say to yourself many times, ‘obedience is pleasure.’ Is all of this clear to you, sweetie?”

Natalie’s expression showed how overwhelmed she felt.

“That’s a lot to digest,” she said.

“I know, Natalie. But it’s crucial that we start the training now. Do you have any questions about what I just told you?”

“Where does the businessman live?”

“I can’t tell you that now. That’s a secret.”

“What is an alpha male?”

“Good question, Natalie. The highest-ranking individual in studies of social animals often is designated as the alpha. Male alphas may gain preferential access to sex. Without disclosing too many details, the wealthy businessman whom you would work for has fought other males for access to the sissies who live in his mansion.”

“Why would I want to become a maid?”

“It’s an honorable profession because men need maids. They are the ones who make sure their Master is happy.”

“How do they do that?” Natalie asked.

“In many ways; they dust the furniture and bookcases in their master’s office and make sure it is spotless when he negotiates a business deal. They arrange everything when he hosts a party at the mansion. And when that party ends, they can be the ones who spend the night in their master’s bed. This is a world that you would open up to you if you have what it takes to become a sissy.

“Do you want to begin the training and find out if this is your destiny?” Mrs. Bartley asked.

“I do, Mrs. Bartley.”

“Then let’s begin,” she said, taking Natalie’s hand.

That night, Mrs. Bartley wrote in her journal:

Natalie’s question, ‘how do they make sure their Master is happy’ troubled me. I don’t think she was playing innocent. I truly believe she does not know. And that is why I’m going to have to do some things with Natalie’s training that I have not done with the others. That likely will mean reprogramming, behavioral modification, and even brainwashing. Those steps will involve risks, but they will be risks that could lead to rewards for both me and Natalie.

Mrs. Bartley often took time to visualize success. She thought of the wire transfer from Xavier if she could deliver Natalie, a virgin.

The number was $200,000.

Over the next two months, Mrs. Bartley taught Natalie about the finer points of makeup and how to present herself as a young woman. Natalie was a quick study, especially when it came to things like walking in high heels and sitting in a short skirt. As time passed, Natalie’s walk-in closet became full of dresses, gowns, blouses, skirts, hosiery, lingerie, pumps, boots, wigs, breast forms, and gaffs.

Everything was the same color.

“You will wear white because you are a virgin,” Mrs. Bartley explained. “You will wear pink if you become a sissy.”

Mrs. Bartley bought Natalie her first dildo, a flesh-colored one with a vibrator. Mrs. Bartley used the dildo to teach Natalie how to perform fellatio. The training was detailed and stretched over several weeks. Mrs. Bartley would videotape Natalie practicing how to suck cock and they’d watch those videos later. Mrs. Bartley critiqued Natalie’s technique. She listened to Mrs. Bartley’s comments closely.

During this time, Mrs. Bartley’s husband, Dick, had remained in Mexico. Mrs. Bartley referred to it as an “extended business trip.”

When Dick returned, Natalie was intrigued. He seemed mysterious, in part because he did not spend every night at their home. Natalie didn’t dare to ask where he was. Mrs. Bartley seemed to have a “need to know” approach to information.

Dick Bartley and Eve had been married for 31 years. An attorney, Dick had laundered some money for minor organized crime figures in Las Vegas. He had won their trust with his skills and that is how he had met Xavier.

The cousin of a drug cartel kingpin in Mexico, Xavier approached Dick about washing some money. Dick was eager to do it, knowing how lucrative it could be. Over time, gaining Xavier’s trust, Dick handled more and more filthy lucre. He visited Xavier’s mansion in Arizona and saw the harem of sissies. He didn’t give a fuck about how Xavier got off, as long as the money was green. Dick introduced Xavier to Eve, and she jumped at his offer to train sissies for him.

One night, when that day’s training had ended, Mrs. Bartley and Natalie relaxed in her bedroom.

“What do you think of my husband?”

“I think he’s nice,” Natalie replied. “We’ve chatted a few times.”

Dick usually spoke to Natalie when she was vacuuming the large living room on the first floor.

“What does he talk to you about?” Mrs. Bartley asked.

“Oh, just stuff about my life, when I realized I should have been born as a girl and how my father died.”

Mrs. Bartley never had heard this.

“Can you tell me, Natalie?”

“I was seven when I tried on my mom’s pantyhose. My dad found out because I walked to the bathroom and he was walking by at the bottom of the stairs. I was so ashamed. He came up and we talked. I told him I was curious. He said I had not done anything wrong. It was normal to be curious.”

Natalie’s eyes began to fill with tears. Mrs. Bartley grasped both of Natalie’s hands.

“He died two years later in the Iraq War, an IED blew up under his Army troop transport,” said Natalie, referring to an improvised explosive device. “I never got to say good-bye to him. I miss him so much.

“I told you that my mom asked me if I was a faggot. I don’t blame her. She has a problem with alcohol and she was drunk when she used that word. She’s an alcoholic. That’s the reason why my parents got divorced. She wouldn’t get help. My dad knew I should have been born as a girl, and that it was normal for me to desire men. He told me so the last time I saw him.”

As Natalie cried, Mrs. Bartley stroked her hair.

“Thank you for sharing that with me, Natalie. You’re a beautiful young woman, both inside and out.”

Mrs. Bartley knew then that Natalie could become a sissy, but her journey had just begun.

Dick had heard from his wife that Natalie liked jewelry, and so he bought her a pair of gold hoop earrings.

“Let’s keep this our little secret,” he told her.

Natalie didn’t like to keep secrets, but she agreed when Dick insisted.

When Mrs. Bartley asked Natalie where the earrings came from a few days later, she told a little white lie.

“A friend gave them to me.”

Dick had become more than a friend.

When Mrs. Bartley would run an errand, Dick would ask Natalie to clean a large bedroom above the garage that he was renovating as a “man cave.” It had been used as a rental by the previous owner. The Bartleys hadn’t rented it out and there was no surveillance system.

It was in that bedroom that Dick began to flirt with Natalie. They would talk as Natalie would clean up the construction materials.

Dick was not handsome, but he had a muscular body and was a gifted conversationalist. He told Natalie he was an attorney, but Natalie didn’t understand precisely what he did. He asked her if she had ever been to Mexico. She said she had not.

“White sand, blue ocean. I can picture you in a little string bikini on the beach.”

Natalie laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Just the thought of wearing a bikini.”

“You’d look great in one. I’d need to make sure you didn’t get a sunburn.”

“What kind of swimsuit would you be wearing?” Natalie asked.

“I wouldn’t be wearing one.”

Dick looked into Natalie’s eyes and she met his gaze. He noticed that Natalie was wearing violet eyeshadow. Her lashes appeared longer than usual. Her blonde hair brushed the top of her shoulders. He noticed her glance down at the bulge that was growing larger in his worn jeans.

“Is something getting your attention?” he asked.

Natalie blushed and looked away for a moment.

“You’re so pretty, Natalie,” Dick said softly.

Dick walked closer to her. Natalie wore a white ruffle dress with flare sleeves. Looking up at him, Natalie felt his hands on her hips. He reached around to unzip her dress.

“I don’t think we should,” she said.

Dick stopped.

“Have you ever been kissed, Natalie?” Dick asked.

“No, not yet.”

Natalie felt his strong arms around her. They stood there for a minute or so, and she felt herself let go. He hugged her, sensing the mix of excitement and nervousness coursing through her body.

“Do you want me to kiss you, Natalie?”

“What about your wife?”

“She’ll never know.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive,” Dick said.

Natalie whispered in his ear. “Please kiss me, Dick.” He kissed her lightly on the lips. She felt the outline of his erection against her stomach.

“May I?” Dick asked, his hands returning to the zipper of her dress.

“Yes, Dick.”

Removing her dress, he stepped back to admire her lingerie – a white bustier with garters attached, panties, and silk hose. Dick kissed her passionately. Taking her by the hand, they went to the large bed. As Natalie expected, he set the pace. After making out for an hour or so, she leaned back and soon was on her back, with Dick on top of her. Natalie unbuttoned his flannel shirt off and ran her long, painted nails over his impressive abs.

“You have such a hot bod,” she told him.

 She felt his tongue probe her mouth and she reached down to unbutton his jeans.

Dick watched the lust in Natalie’s eyes. He felt her hand free the button and heard the zipper lower. She could see the top of his briefs and a glimpse of his black pubic hair.

“We need to wait, Natalie,” he told her, biting his lip.

“I want your cock,” she said.

Dick saw the disappointment in Natalie’s blue eyes. He turned away and repeated: “Sweetie, let’s go slow; all in good time.”

“Thank you for my first kiss,” she said.

“It’s my honor.”

Natalie was tempted to keep unzipping Dick’s jeans, but she followed his direction. It was her first real lesson about alpha males and the power they possessed. She was almost certain that Dick wanted her to suck his cock, but for some reason he wouldn’t let her.

Dick, of course, knew why. He wanted to control Natalie. This was step one.

That night, Dick wrote in his journal:

I gave Natalie her first kiss and I’m very proud of that. I’ve never been attracted to the sissies that Eve has trained. Leigh-Anne was a little minx. She asked me several times to fuck her, but I couldn’t do it. She even accused me of being transphobic, which made me angry. I think it was because Leigh-Anne was so ambitious and calculating. She was practically measuring the drapes in Xavier’s mansion, she was so confident she would become his favored sissy. It just turned me off. Natalie is different. She feels like clay in my hands.

After three months of training Natalie, Mrs. Bartley decided she was ready for hypnosis. Natalie would be the second of the femme bois Mrs. Bartley had trained to do so. Leigh-Anne was the first.

When she became a sissy trainer, Mrs. Bartley did not believe in hypnosis. But Xavier had convinced her that it could be effective in certain cases.

Mrs. Bartley told Xavier, in the encrypted messaging app they used, that Natalie should see Mistress Xi.

He asked why.

<She’s adept at taking orders and obeying, but I don’t know if she has the ability to bend or break rules when needed. Didn’t you say you were looking for a ‘bad’ sissy – rebellious and willing to do things that other sissies would not?>

<That is true, but it can’t be forced. It has to be natural, intrinsic>

<I think we’ll only know whether she has it in her after she sees Mistress Xi>

<OK. But you do understand the dangers involved. The rules she may break could be yours. That was not the case with Leigh-Anne, but that is not something you can control>

<I understand>

<Please take the time needed to explain all of this to Natalie>

Mistress Xi was a dominatrix who also worked for Xavier. Her specialty was behavior modification.

A few days later, Mrs. Bartley told Natalie that part of her training would be handled by a woman known as Mistress Xi.

“Why someone other than you?”

“It’s part of your training that I don’t have expertise in.”

“What will that training entail?” Natalie asked.

“It involves hypnosis. Have you ever been hypnotized?”

“No, ma’am.”

“You have nothing to fear, sweetie,” Mrs. Bartley assured her. “Your appointment is on Wednesday.”

Mistress Xi lived in a Victorian-style house near downtown. She had instructed Mrs. Bartley to drop Natalie off at the front door. A butler greeted her and pointed the way to a small sitting-room off the main hallway. Mistress Xi entered the room a few minutes later.

“You must be Natalie.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You will address me as Mistress Xi.”

“I’m pleased to meet you, Mistress Xi.”

Mistress Xi’s long black hair was parted in the middle. She wore dark eyeliner and her full lips were painted dark red. She wore a strapless black patent leather corset, a short latex miniskirt, and thigh-high black patent leather boots with a platform heel. She stood in front of a fireplace. A black riding crop was the sole item on the mantle.

“Natalie, do you know why you are here?”

“I was told by Mrs. Bartley that you would handle part of my training, and that it involved hypnosis, Mistress Xi.”

Mistress Xi smiled.

“Natalie, do you like to follow rules?”

“Mrs. Bartley has a list of rules. She says I must follow them to become a sissy, Mistress Xi.”

Mistress Xi laughed.

“Hypnosis will help you understand that certain rules are meant to be disobeyed. You may not accept this, but it is my job to show you that path. I know you likely have many questions about this, but I can’t offer answers for you right now.

“The path I will show you is not an easy one to travel. If you choose to take it, you will find a power and strength you could not have dreamed of; you will shine white light. Are you ready to follow me, Natalie?”

“I am, Mistress Xi.”

The sound-proof room on the top floor of the beautifully-decorated house resembled a home movie theater, except there was only one chair.

Mistress Xi motioned for Natalie to sit. The black leather straps that Mistress Xi tightened covered Natalie’s neck, chest, waist, legs and ankles.

“Why are restraints needed, Mistress Xi?”

“To make sure you focus on the screen,” replied Mistress Xi, placing the headphones over her ears. She made sure that Natalie could not move her head. “We will begin in five minutes. I will be in a booth behind you.”

Natalie was startled when the techno music began. The image on the screen was a countdown, starting with ten. Mistress Xi’s voice cut through the throbbing bass.

“You are becoming blank,” Mistress Xi said.

Images of sissies sucking cock flashed.

“Keep repeating, ‘I want dick. I am a girl,’” Mistress Xi said.

Images of men fucking sissies from behind popped up.

Natalie became hypnotized within two minutes. Mistress Xi’s voice, the words and images on the screen lasted half an hour.

Some of the words on the screen:

Some of Mistress Xi’s words that she spoke:

Once a week for three months, each session lasting 30 minutes, Natalie underwent behavior modification training from Mistress Xi. She called it the “vortex.”

She explained to Mrs. Bartley that the hypnosis drew into its powerful current all of Natalie’s erotic desires, and that it was likely that part of her brain was washed.

“I can’t tell you where that will lead her.”

When the training ended, Mistress Xi recommended that Natalie be placed in chastity to try to prevent hyper-sexualization.

“It’s common after this training for would-be sissies to have repeated sexual fantasies, urges, and behaviors. Chastity should be calming for her if that occurs,” Mistress Xi said.

Mrs. Bartley put the chastity device, a CB 6000, on Natalie the day she returned from her final session with Mistress Xi.

Natalie said she didn’t see the need because she didn’t masturbate often. Mrs. Bartley knew that was not true.

“Chastity is not optional. I am your keyholder,” she informed Natalie.

Natalie appeared angry, but she didn’t say anything.

Inside, she felt rebellious for the first time in her young life. She knew how she would rebel, too.

But before she did so, she needed to tell her mother why she would be spending another six months with the Bartleys.

“You should do it in person,” Mrs. Bartley said.

Natalie called her mother and said she needed to tell her something difficult.

“What is it, Nathan?”

“It would be best if I tell you in person. My appearance has changed more. I just want to let you know beforehand. I’m not sure you will recognize me.”

Natalie had visited her mother a few times, and Robin already had noticed changes. The obvious one was her long hair. Others were more discreet. The sound of Natalie’s voice was slightly higher. She had lost weight. She told her mother that she had met a pool boy named Rodrigo. Something in the way she described him left Robin with the impression that she was attracted to him.

Natalie drove herself to her mother’s home. She wore a simple white dress, conservative and appropriate for the occasion.

Robin heard the doorbell and came to the door. She recognized her child’s blue eyes and was not surprised that Nathan was wearing female clothing.


“Can I come in, mom?”

Robin opened the door and they hugged. Robin began to cry.

“There’s no need to cry. I was so afraid to see you like this, but this is who I am.

“My name is Natalie now. Mrs. Bartley is helping me with something I’ve known since early in my childhood; that I am a girl.”

Robin couldn’t speak. Natalie explained that she needed to live with the Bartleys for another six months, that she was training to become a maid.

“This is what you want?” Robin asked.

Natalie nodded.

“I hope you’re happy,” Robin said.

“I am, mom.”

“I love you, Natalie. I always will.”

When Natalie drove away after one last hug, she felt a tranquility she never had felt in her life.

A few days later, Robin entered rehab for alcoholism.

If my daughter can be so brave, so can I.

It was a hot day in August, less than a week after Natalie completed the behavior modification training with Mistress Xi.

Natalie noticed that Dick was hanging out at the pool behind the Bartley’s home. Natalie asked Mrs. Bartley what the temperature was. It was 97 degrees Fahrenheit, said Mrs. Bartley, who was sitting at the kitchen table.

Natalie took a pitcher of lemonade out to Dick. She had done this several times and he always was appreciative.

Dick was sunbathing on a chaise longue. He wore a boxer brief style of swim trunks -- navy blue with light blue trim up the sides and along the bottom -- made of spandex and polyester. It also had the number 69 on it, a reference to the brand.

“Hotter than usual,” Natalie commented.

“Are you speaking about the weather or yourself?” he replied with a smile.

“I brought you some lemonade.”

Dick thanked her.

“New swim trunks?” she asked.

“Yes, do you like them?”

“I do. They look great on you. So sexy.”

“Could you please get me some more suntan oil?” he asked.

“Of course, Dick.”

Natalie returned to the house and told Mrs. Bartley that Dick had asked for some more suntan oil.

“It’s in the bathroom upstairs, under the sink,” Mrs. Bartley said.

Natalie found it and she returned to the pool.

“Here it is,” she said, offering him the bottle.

“Will you put it on, Natalie?”

This was the first time Dick had made this request.

“Where do you want it?”

“On my stomach.”

Natalie pulled the other chaise longue closer to Dick’s and sat there. He turned to watch as she slowly spread the oil over his navel.

“It smells like coconut,” she said.

“Yes, when we slip away to Mexico, I will feed coconut to you. It’s delicious.”

The vantage point gave Natalie a perfect view of Dick’s erection. She wasn’t surprised by how hard he was. What surprised her was how, unlike baggy trunks, this swimsuit captured the outline of his cockhead, his balls, and his long shaft.

“Why 69?” she asked.

Dick momentarily was confused.

“Oh, on my trunks. My lucky number.”

Natalie licked her full lips. She had applied pink lipstick when she had fetched the suntan oil from the bathroom. It was Mrs. Bartley’s tube. Natalie decided to borrow it.

Natalie spread the oil to the edge of Dick’s trunks.

She heard Mistress Xi’s voice say over and over: “Suck cock -- every day.”

Natalie suddenly leaned forward and began to lick the spandex over the tip of Dick’s cock.

“Sweetie, what are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m going to suck your big dick.”

 Without slipping off his swim trunks, Natalie began to wrap her lips around Dick’s cockhead through the spandex. The mushroom-shaped tip throbbed. The aroma was a heady blend of pre-cum, sweat, and suntan oil.

Shocked at this turn of events, Dick looked to the back of the house, where his wife stood. He saw her bolt out of the house and head their way.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Mrs. Bartley asked Natalie.

Natalie stood as Mrs. Bartley tried to grab her. Their hands met as they began to fight. Dick didn’t know what to do.

“You know there’s a rule against having sex with my husband,” Mrs. Bartley shouted.

“I don’t give a fuck about your rules.”

Mrs. Bartley and Natalie resumed their fight. Natalie managed to push her to the ground and Natalie jumped on top of her, pinning her arms.

“Sit the fuck down and don’t move,” Natalie shouted.

“You’ll regret this, Natalie.” Mrs. Bartley said as she sat in a chair. “You will fucking regret this for the rest of your life.”

Dick told Eve to be quiet. She had lost face to Natalie. If Natalie had been the one with her arms pinned to the ground, it would have been a different outcome.

Natalie returned to where Dick lay on the chaise longue and removed his trunks. Now nude, he played with her hair as she knelt in front of him and took the tip of his big cock into her mouth. He knew his wife would not say another word. She sat quietly, watching what unfolded.

Using her left hand to grasp the width of his cock, Natalie slowly licked the sides of his shaft, which curled up slightly. His cockhead was distinctive, pink against his light brown dick. She alternated licking and then taking his cockhead and a few inches of his dick inside her mouth, sucking harder each time she repeated the pattern.

He was almost too much to manage, his cock wider than others she had sucked. As he sighed with pleasure, she felt so lucky to have him, to possess him, to take him from his wife. Natalie didn’t care about the consequences of her decision. All that mattered was Dick’s cock inside her mouth, how she was providing pleasure for him. His cock throbbed with his energy and it was all hers. She sucked Dick’s cock until he filled her mouth with his hot, salty cum. She swallowed every drop.

When it was over, Mrs. Bartley stood up and walked into the house. Dick led Natalie to the master bedroom, where she became emotional about her clash with his wife. Dick reassured her that everything would be all right. He explained that he and his wife had an open marriage and he would explain that Mistress Xi’s training likely played a big factor in what unfolded. Dick’s words calmed Natalie, but she worried that her rash decision to suck Dick’s cock would be the end of her sissy training.


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