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Sold to the Beast

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; sissy; chastity; cuckold; sold; nc; X

It has been over a year since I was abducted, feminized, transformed, trained and finally sold as a sissy slave. At first I missed my girlfriend, fucking my girlfriend with my free cock. Now my cock has been locked in a tiny, pink, chastity device. Now I have gotten used to this sissy life, especially being a sissy, french maid to my owner Jessica. I often lick Mistress Jessica's pussy, sometimes I have to lick out her lover’s cum. Sometimes my Mistress will use a small, 6 inch strap-on on me, which I hate. It has been over 6 months since my cock was unlocked and allowed to have a full orgasm. My Mistress Jessica has promised me that in a few days I will be allowed to cum again.

Today my Mistress ordered me to wear my pretty, pink, french maid outfit, including pink bows in my natural, long, silky hair. My Mistress then attached the collar, the leash and then took her sissy pet for a walk. We arrived at a familiar, large's the place where my Mistress Jessica had purchased me. I'm starting to worry, why are we here? We enter a large room and my Mistress orders me to kneel with my back facing the door. I stare at my beautiful Mistress. I'm so lucky to be owned by a tall, beautiful woman. I'm afraid to ask but "Mistress Jessica, are you... planning to put me on the auction stage?"

Mistress Jessica says, "No silly, I have already sold you."

Feeling sadness, knowing that I will never see my Mistress again, "Mistress Jessica...I would own me...forever. I can't imagine belonging to another Mistress."

"Well you are in luck, I sold you to a man...The Beast."

I start to panic, "A man! You can't do this to me!"

My Mistress tells me sternly, "You are just property to me, nothing more and besides The Beast made me a deal I could not refuse."

I start to cry, " Why is he called The Beast?"

Then the door opens and my Mistress commands me, "Stay and don't move."

I don't move a muscle. I continue to kneel like a proper sissy maid when I can tell there is a man behind me...a very large man in height.

Then something appears over my looks like a dark snake...slowing moving down my shoulder...Oh No! It's his cock...his massive has to be at least 13 inches!

Jessica then says, "This is Prissy, my sissy french maid, soon to belong to you."

His cock is getting even bigger.

"Mmmmm...she is very pretty and she is a virgin!"

My fears get the best of me as I imagine The Beast forcing me to suck its massive cock.

"Has she been trained with large strap-ons?"

"Only small, 6 inches, be gentle with her."

The Beast laughs loudly, "Only 6 inches! My Beast is going to tear you apart!"

The Beast hands my Mistress 10 dollars for me.

I'm shocked, "You sold me for only 10 dollars?"

My Mistress hands the Beast my leash and the keys to my collar and chastity device.

"I made a deal with The see The Beast actually owned me...and he would brutally fuck my pussy and I hated it, especially the pain."

My Mistress Jessica looks at me, "His cock is too big for my pussy, for any pussy. That's where you come in, if I found a sissy that he could fuck, I would be free. He loved the fact that you are a virgin and how sweet you look in your pink, satin, french-maid outfit."

The Beast takes the key for my chastity device and flushes it down the toilet. "I have no need for that pathetic sissy cock, so you will remain locked up for the rest of your life."

I look at my former Mistress for help, "Prissy was supposed to have her cock unlocked for some self-pleasure."

The Beast grabs my sissy balls, "I guess these will remain full, you will only enjoy sissy orgasms."

I hate the thought of a man holding and squeezing my balls.

The Beast looks at Jessica "Our deal is complete and I'm going to miss hearing you scream as my Beast is pounding your once-tight pussy."

The Beast then picks me up easily and carries me over his massive shoulder. I'm carried away like a small doll as the Beast feels me up. I now belong to the Beast...I'm his new sissy pet!

As the Beast carries me away, he tells me, "When I get you home I will brand you and give you some nice tit rings and then later that night I will properly introduce you to the Beast!"


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