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The Sissy Resort

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/m+; F+/m+; mpov; oral; sex; handjob; orgy; ring-gag; cuffs; party; auction; enslave; maid; tricked; cons; nc; X

I was searching online for anything kinky to my needs when I found the perfect thing...A Sissy resort! Reading the details about the resort..."fulfill your sissy fantasies...French maid playtime...dominant women to control evening wear sissy gala...different levels of submission." I was getting hard just thinking about being a sissy french maid and serving a mistress. Although the website did mention there will be some men, but mostly sissies and women. There were 3 different levels...anything goes level, just touching level and the observing only level.

I was excited about the anything goes level, but I wanted to play it safe and do the just touching level. So I did it...I signed up for the sissy was not cheap. It is a one week event with the sissy gala on the last day. There were many online forms and an online profile to complete, the profile will allow other sissies and Doms to view my likes and photos. A lot of the evening wear and french maid outfits would be provided. This sissy resort is very selective about who attends and they only accept sissies that are passable as gurls. Luckily I have a slim body, small breasts, real auburn hair and I stand at 5 foot 7 inches.

When I arrive at the private and large mansion I'm greeted by a beautiful young woman about 24 years old. "Well hello Katie, or should I say french maid Katie, since you will be serving guests very soon after you unpack and do a quick photo shoot for your profile." When I get to my room I see the elegant dark green silk evening gown and the sexy short satin french maid outfit hanging in my closet. I quickly get dressed in the black satin french maid outfit with the petticoat, satin apron, fishnet stockings, 5 inch high heels, maids cap and of course a fluffy petticoat that causes my little skirt to flare out revealing my sexy lingerie.

I show up for the photo shoot in my sexy french maid outfit and the photographer makes me do many sexy poses and some with props. In one photo I'm holding a cucumber close to my mouth and in another photo holding a banana with my mouth wide open. Then all the sissy french maids, about 25 sissies, meet with the organizer of the sissy resort. She explains the rules and the different levels of interaction with the guests. We are each given a metal collar...a red collar means anything goes...a blue collar means only touching and the silver collar means only observing.

The blue collar is locked onto me which means guests can only touch me but can't sexually use me like the 10 sissies that got the red collar. We are put to work as we hand out snacks, drinks on serving trays. There are so many pretty passable sissy maids here and they are all here as sex toys to the many guests. I see one french maid getting spanked by an older mistress and another giving a blowjob to one of the rare male guests here! I'm groped by many of the guests and given many compliments on how sexy I look in the short french maid outfit.

By day 3 we start to hear rumors about some sissy french maids being tied up and fucked hard even though they were wearing a blue or silver collar. A lot of us think they changed their collar status to fulfill their sexual sissy fantasies. Then there was the rumor that all of us will be sold as sissy sex slaves to whoever. My cock gets hard when I think about being sold as a sissy french maid to a mistress or even a Master but I would never really want that to happen.

It's finally day 7, the formal sissy gala where all the sissies get dolled up and then mingle with the other sissies and the Mistresses. I put on the dark green long silk evening gown with a long slit down the side it barely covers my green silky panties. I also put on white satin long gloves and black 5 inch heels. All the sissies are dolled up in silk and satin evening wear. We are then instructed to stand next to specific posts with our names on it. We watch as sexy Mistresses walk into the room holding chains and gags. Each mistress places an O-ring gag onto their sissy and they place metal cuffs on our wrists. The wrists are then chained together and chained to our collar. We can no longer lower our hands! We are then chained to the posts.

Then another door opens and MEN walk into the room as myself and the other sissies have worried eyes and faces. Man #1 approaches me "Well hello sissy Katie. I love your profile photo of you holding the cock is bigger!" He grabs my cock and begins to stroke it as I try to scream through my gag "I got a blue can't do this!" But no one can understand me. Then the organizer speaks "Welcome buyers, you may touch and inspect the merchandise before deciding on purchasing one of these pretty sissies." Man #1 is still stroking me, then I cum hard...into a glass that he is holding...collecting all of my sissy cum.

I begin to panic as I know what he attends to do with the glass full of my cum. He forces me to swallow my own cum. I watch in horror as other sissies are groped, played with and fucked. One sissy is crying as she is bent over and taking her new Masters cock! Man #2 grabs my sissy balls "You are very pretty...I think I will buy you and that sexy sissy Latina...make the two of you lovers! You will be forced to kiss each other and to suck each other's locked cocks. Oh I will place the two of you in chastity devices."

Man #3: "Do you enjoy giving blowjobs and swallowing cum?" I shake my head no and try to get away but I'm chained to the post. He forces me to my knees and I watch as he pulls out his large black 10 inch cock. He forcefully shoves his cock into my sissy mouth, I'm gagging on it as I can taste his pre-cum. He pulls out and slaps my face with his huge cock "Yes I will place a bid on slutty sissy sex toy." I feel so degraded as men fondle me, kiss me, stroke me against my will...I'm nothing but a sissy sex toy to these men! And I will soon be belonging to one of these disgusting men!


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