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The Sissymaid Games

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; fem; sissy; maid; bond; spreadeagle; hum; public; chastity; reluct; XX

Our three sissymaids Kelly, Debbie and Polly await the announcement of the last place sissymaid and the winner. They stand on the stage slightly shaking from fear of disappointing their Mistresses.

Each sissymaid is paraded one last time on stage as they are led by leashes and they are humiliated again by lifting up their petticoats to reveal their pretty pink sissy panties to the crowd.

The last place humiliation goes to sissymaid Debbie and her Mistress Jessika Pegg. Debbie is frantic and is begging forgiveness from her Mistress.

"Please, Mistress Jessika, have mercy on me...I'm so sorry I did not perform well in the sissymaid games. I will do time I will swallow every drop of cum...I'm sorry I failed during the oral competition."

"You stupid sissy there will not be a next time! When I get you back into the dungeon I will use a new evil looking are going to love all the pointy studs especially when they are tearing your sissy hole apart."

As Jessika leads her screaming sissymaid off stage, the other two sissymaids await the announcement. Both sissymaids are dressed in pink satin french maid outfits, petticoats, aprons, stockings and sexy pink 5 inch heels.

The winner of the sissymaid games is sissymaid Kelly and her elegant owner Lady Greta Dior. Lady Greta is a 65 year old woman dressed in a long satin skirt and luxurious cream silk blouse.

Sissymaid Kelly has tears of joy as she knows this will please her Mistress and maybe her sissy cock will finally be released from the small chastity device.

The elegant Lady Greta leads her sissymaid by a leash to the ceremony table. Kelly is secured to the table spread-eagled. She can watch as items are brought over to the table. She begins to struggle as she fears something is wrong.

A beautiful blonde hostess stands next to the bound sissymaid and Lady Greta. "I want to present this trophy to you Lady Greta Dior for training this sissy and making her a proper obedient sissymaid."

The hostess now lifts up sissymaid Kelly's petticoat, pulls down her pretty panties and plays with her locked sissy cock for a moment. "Lady Greta will you please unlock this sissy and then we will conclude with the final ceremony."

Sissymaid Kelly looks at her Mistress with loving eyes as she is finally going to have the cruel chastity device removed after 10 months of pain.

The chastity device is unlocked and removed, Kelly's cock gets hard fast. The second place winner sissymaid Polly is brought onto the stage via a leash. She is terrified as she looks at the sissy cock.

"Congratulations sissymaid Kelly, you have earned some pleasure and you have won the golden chastity device. Sissymaid Polly suck the sweet Kelly's sissy cock."

Sissymaid Polly took one lick of my shaft and I immediately came. Such a disappointment, my cock has been locked up for over 10 months and my orgasm was quick and unsatisfying.

My sissy cum drips from my sissy cock as it shrinks. The hostess returns with the golden chastity device.

"Lady Greta Dior when your sissymaid is wearing this golden chastity device, it will be a symbol of your power as a dominant Mistress. All other mistresses will be jealous of you. Now to place the permanent golden chastity device on your sissymaid Kelly."

"What? Permanent? Lady Greta please don't allow this to happen to me! I want to be able to stroke my cock and to fuck my wifes pussy again. Please don't allow this. I still love my wife."

Lady Greta motions for the hostess to place the permanent chastity device on me. I can only watch in horror as the golden chastity is placed on me and I hear that dreadful clicking noise. I cry as my cock is now forever locked away and there is no key to unlock me.

"Your wife, my daughter sold you to me. She ran off with that cute Asian man with a huge cock. You are never going to fuck a pussy ever! You will forever be my sissymaid and I will enjoy showing you off to all my friends including men! I'm going to enjoy teasing your poor locked cock. You will beg and scream for a full orgasm But you will never achieve that pleasure ever again!"


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