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The Thrift Store

by Trapnrope

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© Copyright 2021 - Trapnrope - Used by permission

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The Thrift Store

Part 1

I'm building up the nerve to try to take some new pics tonight for my favorite crossdressing chat room and I want to look sexy. Wearing my stretch lycra pink panties under my regular men's clothes, I decided to head off to the thrift store to look for a new dress. It's usually empty in there and the counter guy is usually oblivious to what his patrons are buying there anyway, at least in my experiences there.

I walk into an empty store. No customers that I can see. Nothing but racks of clothing line the walls. This gives me a chance to look over the dresses without much embarrassment. The counter guy, a middle aged latin man, barely notices me walking in. He didn't even look up from his paper.

After a few minutes of looking, I spot a nice tight red lycra dress. High collar, long sleeved and length just above the knees. I have to estimate the size but I think that I'll fit it, especially since I'm so slim and it can stretch. I already feel a tingle in my crotch, I'm so excited. The store is still empty. It's just me and the shopkeep. After looking around nervously I muster up the courage to walk to the counter as casually as possible and make my purchase.

I place the dress on the counter. I don't even look up to see his reaction. I'm so nervous. I just want to get out of there as quickly as possible so I can go home, try it on, take some pics and update my imagefap page. He looks at it for a second, finds the price tag and begins to ring me up. He doesn't even glance at me when I hear him say, "You know, you should really try this on to see if it fits first. All sales are final."

What the hell? Is he fucking with me? My heart is racing even more nervously.

"There's a fitting room in the back. You better get to it," he says.

"Umm uhh... okay."

What the hell was I doing? I should be getting out of here. Why didn't I lie and say no it's not for me or something? What if customers walk in? Okay, stay calm. Let's get this over with.

I walk to the back of the store where the fitting rooms are. There are only two of them. I step into the one on the right, draw the curtain and begin to undress. Before long, I'm standing there in only my panties. They are already beginning to bulge from excitement. I pull the dress over my head. Slide my arms into the sleeves and pull it down over my body. Tighter than I thought, it clings to me like a second skin. I slide it down over my panties and the feeling is making me crazy. My cock instantly stiffens. I think I may have unconsciously let out a small moan. I pull the bottom down below my knees, as low as it will go and smooth out any wrinkles. It's longer than I thought as well. Almost near my ankles. It looks stunning. I look stunning. I shake my hips and wriggle around, admiring my own body in it. The bulge of my erect cock presses against my belly by two tight layers of stretchy fabric. My pantyline is clearly visible, it cuts my ass cheeks perfectly in half.

I wriggle around some more, jutting my ass out as I try to get a better look at it in the mirror when I suddenly hear "Everything alright in there?"

Oh my god. It's the shopkeep and he's right outside the dressing room. I'm so nervous I can barely speak. All I can muster is. "Nuh- nuh- no! I'm fine. Everything is fine. Thank you."

"It sounds like you’re having some trouble. Let me see."

His hand slowly grabs the curtain to pull it aside. Why are there no locks or a latch or something? I freeze in fear, unable to say anything. He stares at me for a long moment looking me up and down. A devious smirk creeps across his face. My face turns red as I grab my shirt holding it in front of me in a pathetic attempt to hide my bulging erection. "Yeah, you'll do," he mutters through a devious smirk.

Part 2

Paralyzed with fear I try to protest, but I barely stutter. He steps into the fitting room backing me up. My ass pressed against the glass mirror. My hands uselessly clutch onto my shirt barely able to cover the form fitting dress I'm in. I feel his breath on my neck. Reaching into his pocket, he pulls out a black leather collar and places it around my neck and locks it in place. Then clicking it to a leather leash that was hanging from a bolt above the mirror. I was so occupied with the dress and how it felt in it, that I didn't even notice it was there.

"What are you doing?" I barely stutter out.

The leash is so high up and there is no slack so I have to stand on my toes to keep from choking. I can barely move my head. My ass backed up against the mirror, I try to grab at the collar to undo it or at least loosen it but my hands are shaking. "Oh no you don't." He grabs my wrists and one at a time zip ties them to large eye hooks on either side of the mirror that are about waist height. Then throwing my clothes into a duffel bag he walks away leaving the curtain wide open. I'm left helpless with my wrists fastened to the wall behind me. What if someone walks in and sees me?

"Are you serious? What the hell are you doing?" I muster the courage to yell out.

Trapped in this tiny room in this tight, slinky dress, I begin to panic. This room faces the front of the store. Anyone walking by who looks in can potentially see me and certainly anyone who comes into the store. I tug at my bonds but they're on tight and they are strong and I have no leverage standing on my toes straight up against the mirror to keep from choking.

He steps back into view near the front of the store and locks the door. Then grabbing a bag from behind the counter he walks back toward me. My heart begins to race again. I try to twist my hips to hide my erection from being so obvious but my struggles only seem to exaggerate it as I roll my ass back and forth across the mirror. All I actually do is make it more prominent.

"This is crazy. Please just let me go," I plead.

Stepping close to me he grabs my face, squeezing it a little so that my mouth puckers. “Sshhhhhhh.” He then reaches into the duffel bag and pulls out a wig and places it on my head. A black one, shoulder length with bangs. Not unlike Betty Page. It even has a red bow sewn into the top which almost matches my dress perfectly. He then pulls out a pair of black, 5 inch high heels and begins to put them on my feet. I've never worn heels before. My feet arch and my weight shifts forward as he locks the straps around my ankles. The added height helps the collar from choking me so much. I can also now look down again.

"There, bitch. Now you're ready." He slowly begins to stand up when he stops at my crotch. "You like this don't you?" sliding his finger up and down the erection in my dress.

My body shudders at the touch and I let out a moan. Wriggling against the mirror, vainly trying to avoid his teasing touch. "I... I... No. This is crazy. Please... ."

Slowly he continues, now using his whole hand to slide up and down my rigid bulge. I try to ignore it but I can't. It feels amazing. I try to turn my head away in shame, biting my lower lip but I just can't stop pushing my hips toward his touch, I writhe. "Puh... Please... " I barely stutter out. I'm losing the ability to form words. My knees shake every time his hand slides up my shaft, and in this dress it's obvious that I'm losing control of myself.

Suddenly he stops. "Nuuhh!" For a few seconds I continue to thrust and writhe toward him. My body begging for his touch to continue.

"What the fuck is this?" he says at me. His latin accent is more prominent now.

I try to regain focus as I look down to see a precum stain soaking through the dress where the tip of my cock is. "Ohh.. umm... I'm sorry.. I..uhh," I shakily mutter.

"You haven't even paid for it yet. Well, you're going to pay now you little sissy bitch."

After undoing the latch on my collar and adding a new leash that he is now holding, he reaches behind my knees and pulls my legs forward causing me to drop on my knees. It takes little effort since my legs feel like rubber bands. My arms are still zip tied to the wall behind me, causing my back to arch forward; he pulls on my leash drawing my head toward his crotch.

I turn my head as he presses it against my face. I feel his excitement as he slides it across my mouth. I begin to panic again. I've never done this kind of thing before. I can already smell the sweat coming off it. I'm so turned on though. I'll do anything he wants. It's like I'm no longer in control of myself.

He unzips and pulls out an already chubby cock. I try to twist away. The bulge in my dress is still straining for release. He pulls on my leash and tells me to open up, pressing against my face until I open my mouth. I taste the saltiness of it as it's placed on my tongue. Using the leash, he pulls me forward forcing it to slide all the way in. After several slow thrusts, I can already feel him growing and getting harder in my mouth. He begins to pick up pace. Using the leash to hold my head in place I gag a little. Tears begin to drip down my face. Every time I try to pull away, he uses the collar to pull me in. His meaty cock is filling my mouth more and more with every thrust. My mouth is so wet. There is drool everywhere.

I let out several mmmpfffsss and moans as his pace picks up. I try to say, "Please, stop. No more," but the only noise that escapes me is a garbled, wet mess of sloppy wet moans. I look up at him with pleading eyes hoping he'll see the fear and desperation. Looking back down on me, he just smirks and continues to thrust deeper into my mouth. Then grabbing me by the back of my head he holds his cock deep in my throat as he explodes. My nose pressed up against his belly. I gag as he thrust three more times forcing me to swallow. My vocal protest only comes out as a garbled mmmppfff.

Slowly he pulls out of my mouth. Cum and drool come pouring out as well. He quickly scoops up the mess from my chin and lips and pushes it all back into my mouth. "Oh no. You're going to swallow every last bit." His hand clamped tight over my mouth, holding it closed until I swallow. It tastes awful but I swallow it all. Squinting my eyes in displeasure causes me to tear up again.

Part 3

Still holding my mouth shut, he reaches his other hand into his duffel bag and pulls out a pair of white cotton panties and quickly begins stuffing them into my cum filled mouth. A roll of duct tape is pulled from the bag as well as he then begins tightly wrapping it over my mouth and around my head, keeping the panties, cum and any noise that I make from ever getting out. I stare at him in disbelief through teary eyes. How did I let this happen?

At that moment I hear a slight movement coming from the next fitting room, followed by what sounded like a mew. He quickly gets up and goes over to the other room, out of my line of sight. The mew is now the sound of someone yelling into a gag, not unlike mine. MMMPFFF!! I hear a slight scuffle of movement and then a loud slap then a muffled squeal. After listening to some more movement and the sound of snaps, he steps back into sight, only this time with he is dragging a small pantyhose gagged asian girl by the loop of her collar. She is strikingly cute. Dressed in a tight short pink dress with black thigh high stockings that are garter strapped to the bottom of her dress. Her short hair in little pigtails. Hands at her side she looks as surprised to see me as I am to see her. I must have been quite the shocking sight with my hands bound behind me, gagged in a tight red dress, soaked in drool and cum.

It was then that I noticed the bulge in her dress. This was another abducted boy made into this creep's very own sissy boy. His hand on her shoulder, he pushes her down to her knees in front of me so we're now face to face. I clearly see her frightened, beautiful eyes under her makeup and dried tears. Pulling her arms around my body, he zip-ties her hands behind my back, trapping me in her embrace. I feel her body shift and squirm against mine. The shopkeep then pulls some white rope out of his bag and begins wrapping it around both our bodies forcing us to be pressed together. I shake my head to protest but my eyes never leave hers.

He runs the rope between our legs like a crotch-rope for two. Pulling tighter, I feel our bulges press against each other. I feel myself getting hard again, and so is she. I let out a moan as he tightly ties it off then steps back for a moment to admire his handiwork, then leaning over to give her a sharp smack on the ass. She squeals into her gag as I feel her bulge shudder against mine. I can't stop myself from trying to grind my crotch against hers. She seems to be doing the same, though we're tied together so tight she might just be struggling to escape.


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