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The Tranny Law

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; mpov; cd; bond; anal; chastity; rope; bedtie; spreadeagle; cd; tricked; nc; X

In the far future, the tranny law will pass.

The Tranny Law: All trannies, shemales, cross dressers must have their penises placed in a chastity device. All trannies can be collared by anyone, therefore becoming their property. Any tranny can be exempt from the law with a special permit issued by the government (Of course only the wealthy trannies can have this option).

Permits can be revoked:

  1. If any tranny commits a crime.
  2. If any tranny freely allows a chastity device to be placed on herself. Therefore the owner of the chastity device can collar the tranny.

Sherri Wood is a popular and rich tranny soft-core porn star. Only 28 years old and very petite standing 5 ft 3 inches she is a beauty, pretty red hair, small breasts and a very beautiful face. She is one of the lucky trannies that can afford the special permit and her small 5 inch cock is free. The type of porn that she does is only with women, she is straight and despite all of her fan requests to have a man fuck her, she will never do that kind of porn. On occasion she has done some tranny bondage movies where she is bound and gagged, no sex involved. She has a favorite female porn star that she works with often, the gorgeous blonde Jill Sweet.

Her director Mr. Dirk who is also the owner of the porn company that films all of her films is infatuated with her even though he knows that she is not gay. Sherri and Jill enter his office and he tells them about the new film that will start tomorrow. The film requires Sherri to be placed in chastity by Jill, this worries her but she trusts her friend Jill. She knows Jill would never try to collar her with the chastity device on. So she agrees to do the film which is called The Bound Tranny Bride. Sherri will be getting ready for her wedding to her pretend boyfriend when the jealous Jill will enter and tie her up. Jill will put her in chastity and torment her locked cock.

The next day Sherri gets dressed in an elegant white satin lace bridal gown as Jill wears a black leather skirt, a see thru blouse, black boots. The director yells "Action." Jill enters Sherri's bedroom holding some rope "Who are you and what are you doing with that rope?"

"I'm your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend and I'm going to tie you up. Then I will hide his pretty tranny bride and you will never marry him."

As Jill gets Sherri's hands tied behind her back "You are crazy and you will never get away with this." Sherri struggles with her bound hands wearing the bridal gown as Jill lifts up her gown revealing her sexy white lacy panties "Very sexy panties, I'm sure he would have loved to see those on his bride." She then yanks the panties off and plays with the small cock "Such a small pretty needs to be placed in chastity!"

Sherri actually begins to get excited since this is her first time ever being placed in chastity. She struggles as the chastity device is placed on her cock and locked with a tiny padlock "I'm going to enjoy tormenting your locked cock and watching you moan as I force you to have your first unsatisfying orgasm. But first let's get this ball gag into your pretty mouth."

The director then yells "Cut! Everyone take 10. Jill can I see you in my office?"

"Mmmmpphhhh" I screamed into the ball gag as I was left tied up and in chastity which had me very worried. I wonder what is going on when I finally see Jill but she is now bound and gagged..that is not part of the script. Oh no, what the hell is he doing on the set? As Lars the hulk of a man puts a collar and leash on the now scared Jill.

Mr. Dirk surprises me when he places a real slave collar on me with a tag that says property of Mr. Dirk "I now own belong to me since I'm the actual owner of that chastity device not Jill! I have waited a long time to make you mine!"

Lars brings the bound Jill and places her next to the bound bride. Jill snuggles up to Sherri to comfort her because she knows that Sherri is truly fucked. Sherri starts to cry as she tries to deal with the realization of her new life as a chastity slave to Mr. Dirk.

Mr. Dirk plays with the locked cock "How does that feel? Now that you are legally my tranny slave, I can do whatever I like with you and that includes the type of porn films you make. This film is really called The Bound Tranny Brides first cock. Lars here will be acting with you in the next scene...the sex scene."

My ball gag is finally removed "You can't own me...I have a girlfriend. I don't do sex scenes with men. I never have and you can't make me do it!" Mr Dirk ignores me "Get this set ready for the big sex scene. I want Sherri tied spreadeagled face down on the bed. Make sure you get a close up shot of the chastity device. I want to capture the moment Sherri has her sissy orgasm when Lars huge cock is penetrating her virgin hole."

Sherri can not believe what she is hearing. As the stage hands ties her to the bed spread eagled "Please Mr. Dirk...don't do this to me..I'm scared. I don't want to be fucked in the's going to hurt."

He kisses his new tranny slave "It's going to be ok. We can talk about that later and your career tonight when you are in bed with me. Oh by the way your next film will be called Gang Banging the tranny maid. Your fans will love seeing you get spit roasted by two huge cocks."

"Ready on the set. Gag the tranny bride again. Lars get in position to fuck the virgin tranny bride.Action!"

"Mmmmmppphhh" Lars gets behind me with his huge cock. I struggle for real as I can feel his cock pushing up against me. My eyes bulge as I feel his hot iron of a cock enter my tight virgin hole. He grabs my hips as he fucks me hard ignoring my tears and screams. Then it happens the director gets the shot that he having a sissy orgasm. As Lars violates me I can feel my locked cock getting excited, I even begin to hump the bed...trying to get more pleasure, but it's hopeless with my cock locked in a chastity device.

The director yells "Cut" and I'm relieved that it's finally over. "The light for camera two needs to be adjusted. We need to redo the sex scene. Are you ready to fuck her again Lars?" In my mind I'm screaming "Hell No! Untie me!" Lars looks at me "I'm ready to fuck her good! She is so tight, my cock loves being inside of her."

The director gives last minute instructions to Lars "This time, don't be so gentle with her. I want to see your whole cock entering her sissy hole, make the tranny bitch scream! ACTION!"


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