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Tried & Tested

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2013 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/m; cd; tv; maid; cuffs; bond; rope; gag; bfold; van; transported; captive; oral; climax; true; cons; X

As requested, on the Saturday evening, I parked my car in the furthest corner of the car park from the leisure centre, it was already dark, there were plenty of people about going to and from their cars, but no-one within 100 yards of me. The area I was in was quite dark and no one would have been able to make out anything inside the car unless they came right up to it. Which was just as well, I was wearing a satin maid’s outfit, black seamed stockings, 6-inch court shoes, locked onto my feet and a blonde wig.

This had started 2 weeks before when I received a reply to my advert in Tied and Teased – my advert simply said TV Maid seeks male(s) for bondage and fun, along with a photo showing me in my uniform and heels. Derek had answered and we had discussed on the telephone what we were both looking for and finally arranged a meeting – tonight.

I am a slim 38year old, 5ft 6” with good legs, although I don’t look completely female the advert had attracted a lot of attention, some very weird, most not interested in what I was looking for, but Derek he seemed to be very interested in the scenario that I had suggested.

Then as the clock in my car showed 9pm a white van cruised slowly across the car park and pulled up along side my car. The side door opened and a well-built male 6ft probably in his 30s got out – this would be Derek. Nervously, I got out of my car, the van hid me from any of the people in the car park, Derek said “get in” and motioned towards the inside of the van. He took my car keys from me and locked it, then followed me as I climbed into the van, the interior was dimly lit, but I could see carpet on the floor and that apart from small suitcase it was empty.

“Kneel down and put you hands behind you back”, I was commanded, the voice was authorative, someone who was used to giving orders.

After kneeling down a pair of handcuffs were fastened tightly around both wrists, and almost instantly, a large ball gag was presented to my mouth, I opened my mouth giving up any chance of control as the gag was inserted and the strap pulled tightly behind my head. A leather blindfold was then put around my head, losing me another sense. Strong hands pushed me face down onto the carpet, rope was then tied around my ankles and clinched tightly, any chance of escape or backing out was rapidly disappearing.

I had always wished to be in someone else’s control and now it looks like this was it, despite or because of my predicament, my cock started to get harden. Rough hands rubbed up and down by stockings pushing up my dress and stroking the black satin panties. Then the hands were removed and more rope was tied to the ankle rope this was then tied to the van roof bending my legs at the knees, a further rope was tied to the handcuffs and then tied to the van roof bending my arms upwards and making the handcuffs dig in, and forcing my face into the carpet.

I mumbled a protest through the gag, but all I heard was the van door closing as Derek got out. Now I was truly stuck, in a strange vehicle, securely fastened, there was no chance of escape, I could turn my head to the side but with my arms and legs fastened to the van roof there was little other movement. I felt the van engine start and then drive away, I could feel the vibration through the carpet, I don’t know how long we drove for, it was probably only 5 minutes, but it seemed like a hour.

The van stopped and I heard both of the van doors open and close, the side door opened and someone got in the van, no words were spoken, the rope around the ankles and the handcuffs was untied from the roof. Someone grabbed my ankles and the other took my shoulders and I was manhandled out of the van into the open air, there was a little bit of a breeze, but other than the distant sound of traffic there was little other noise. I was put down on my feet, rocking precariously on the heels, its very hard to stand upright with your ankles tied together. A heavy door was opened, probably a factory or warehouse, and I was carried inside. I was totally blind, bound and helpless, this was my fantasy come true.

I was put down again on my heels, whilst one of them held my arms tightly the other started to bind my legs above and below the knees the clinching the rope tightly, welding my legs together, making balancing even more difficult. Then the handcuffs were removed and my arms were grabbed and placed elbow to wrist, rope was tied around my forearms, then more around my upper arms, and clinched under the arm pits and both sides, further rope was fastened around my arms just above the elbows and around my waist, this was pulled and clinched off tightly, my arms were now as immobile as my legs.

I was then pushed down into a kneeling position, the floor was hard, probably concrete, and was cold. Another length of rope was added going under my arms around the back of my neck and tied off to the other ropes around my arms, then a further rope was added to the rope just behind the neck, this was tied of somewhere above keeping me in a kneeling position, my tightly bound legs preventing me from standing up. Then I heard them both walk way.

The floor was cold, the weight was on my knees and legs, if I tried to sit back the rope was pulling on my arms, I could only kneel there up-right waiting. I could hear them talking, some distance off, but couldn’t hear what was being said. Time past slowly, I couldn’t relieve the pressure on my knees and my shoulders ached from the strict bondage, my jaws ached from the large ball gag. I had never been tied anything like as tightly or restrictively before, this was more than I had bargained for, panic was starting to set in, I struggled hopelessly against the ropes but there was no give or relief, the only noises I could make were a mmmph through the gag. I heard someone walking over to me.

“So the little bitch wants out, you’ve only been there 10 minutes, if you think that’s uncomfortable then you haven’t seen anything yet!” The voice not Derek’s, was cold, seemingly uncaring. He walked behind me and I felt him tying something to the ankle ropes, he then lifted my legs and tied the other end of the rope to that around my arms, the full weight of my body was now balanced on my knees, I grunted into the gag,  but fearful of what else he might do tried to remain calm. He walked away.

My predicament had got a lot worse, after a few minutes my knees were agony, my legs were pulling on my arms, everywhere was hurting, could I survive this, well there was no other choice.

I could hear some muffled sound in the distance, and realised after a while it was a TV playing, it sounded like a Saturday evening chat show, whilst I was suffering they were watching TV!

They left me like that until the program finished, it must have been nearly an hour, my knees were burning in agony, but there was nothing I could do about it.
As they both approached Derek said, “I think you are ready for us now, bitch, I’m going to remove the gag and you better do a good job with your mouth, or it will only get worse for you!”.

The gag was removed, I moved my jaw trying to get the stiffness out of it, something was presented to my mouth, I tentatively opened my mouth and could taste some pre-cum on my lips, the hardened cock was pushed slowly inside, it wasn’t that big but was firmly gagging me. “Now suck it bitch, nice and slow” this was Derek, the cock was pushed further into my mouth.

I started to suck and move my tongue around, I had never had a man’s cock in my mouth before, this is what the fantasy had been about, now was the moment of truth. Derek slowly pushed his cock back and forward starting a rhythm, in my bound state there was little to be done but suck, the rhythm got faster and then with a sudden cry he came, I felt the cum hit the back of my throat, I could only swallow to prevent from choking. He withdrew, and then turned to the other one and said, “Your turn”

I waited as the other man positioned himself in front of me, I heard him adjusting his clothing as he released his cock, with no warning he just pushed it into my mouth, it was far larger than Derek’s filling my mouth pushing my tongue down, he was touching the back of my throat and I involuntary gagged, he grabbed the back of my head with his hand and jammed his cock in further, then started a quick rhythm fucking my mouth, I felt him jerk and withdrawn as the came across my face, I could feel his warm sticky cum running down.

“Lick it off bitch,” he laughed as he said it. Then I felt the gag pushed back into my mouth and quickly tightened behind my head. “I felt your teeth when I was fucking your mouth, you have a lot to learn, so, we’re not going to release you as planned, you can remain with us for a while!”

Complete panic now took over; this was definitely not in the agreement, I was to be tied, kidnapped, used and abused and then release back at my car. I mumbled ngh through the gag, but then the rope from up above me to my shoulders was untied and I was lifted down onto my side. One of them picked up my knees, the other my shoulders and carried me, I felt the surface change as they appear to be walking on a carpeted area, I was dropped roughly on the carpeted floor, presumably an office, I heard a door close and they were gone.

I still had no movement, my legs were fastened to my arms in a hogtie, I was totally stuck. I heard the same heavy door open and close some distance off, they were leaving me!  I lay there for a while, movement was virtually impossible, I couldn’t get any purchase to wriggle on the carpet, I could only move my head, at least I was off my knees, which were now a dull ache, along with aches in the back of my legs and shoulders from the rigorous position. I was starting to feel a little cold, my outfit was skimpy and didn’t give me a lot of coverage.

Time moved slowly and I must have fallen asleep. I awoke, stiff and cold, and being blindfolded could not tell if it was still night, this could have been Sunday – what if I was still here on Monday, would someone come in and find me? All these thoughts went round in my head, lying helpless in a strange building.

Sometime later, I must have nodded off again, there was a noise, the heavy door was closing, footsteps across the concrete floor and the office door opening, “Still here then” Derek said, he started to untie the ropes around my legs, some of the ropes around my arms, then helped me sit up, “time to get you back”.

He helped me unsteadily to my feet and still with my arms bound, gagged and blindfolded guided me as I half staggered across the floor, my cramped limbs were struggling to move after long confinement, but we got across to the heavy entrance door which he opened, I was guided into the back of the van and told to sit on the floor. He got in and drove it, I was sliding around, and it is difficult to keep yourself still with you arms tied, after what seemed a shorter journey this time we stopped. The van door was opened and I was guided out.

Derek started to undo my arms loosing them, then without another word, he got back in the van and I heard it drive away. I struggled with the ropes for a few minutes before finally getting my hands free. I  removed the blindfold, despite my numbed hands and arms. I was back in the car park next to my car, it was still dark, my car keys were in the door, and I quickly got in. The time on the dashboard clock said 5.45am,it had only been just over 8 hours -now had to get home before it got light.

The days that followed numbed some of the pain of the bondage, the thrill was there, and after a week I contacted Derek again…



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