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A Trip To The Shops

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2014 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; cd; fem; corset; heels; stockings; sbm; cuffs; outdoors; park; stuck; public; cons; X

When my mother passed away I inherited her new bungalow, I had just split with my long-term girlfriend so it seemed like a good idea to move into the bungalow until I could sell it. The bungalow was at one end of a dead end road; there was a small park at the far end and some shops beyond. All the properties in the road were modern bungalows, inhabited by singles and couples probably none younger than 70, some 30 years old than myself.

I have always been a closet TV, and enjoyed being dressed whilst in bondage, but hadn’t been able to do this for the last 5 years as my girlfriend would have been horrified at me being dressed in female clothing. Now I had the opportunity to dress, as I liked. I went on the Internet and bought a large amount of shoes, underwear, dress and skirts along with some bondage gear. After 2 weeks and a large number of deliveries I had quite a collection of items.

This evening I was going to leave the house after 10pm, the neighbours were all inside supping their cocoa by 9pm, the road was generally deserted until the next day with no through traffic it was ideal for my plans.

I put on a dark woollen coat with a wrap around belt and large pockets, this went down to my knees, it was February, cold and windy, so would not seem out of place. On my legs were a pair of old trousers and I was wearing a pair of tatty trainers.

Leaving the house I walked up the road towards the park, the road and park were deserted, then through the park and across a still relatively busy road to the back of a group of shops, checking my watch it had taken me 12 minutes. I knew that it was dark behind the shops and were not overlooked. I went to one of the large wheelie bins, looked inside and found a piece of cardboard, which I put on the floor to stand on. I removed my trainers and then removed my trousers, picking these up I put them in the bin.

Underneath I was wearing black sheer stockings with a seam and Cuban heels, from my coat pockets I took out a pair of high-heeled shoes; these were 5” patent leather court shoe with a locking ankle strap. I bent down with great difficulty and put the shoes on, locking the straps with small brass padlocks, the keys to these were at home, so I couldn’t remove them, and even if I took the trousers out of the bin I wouldn’t be able to get them over the shoes, so now I had no choice.

I took off the coat, revealing the short satin skirt with the slit up the side and a white blouse; the look was one of a French prostitute of the 1940s. I had applied lipstick and eye shadow before leaving the house, confident that in the streetlight no one would notice. Underneath the blouse was a heavy corset. It had taken me nearly 2 hours to get it on and tighten the ribbons to the point where breathing was difficult and it was impossible to bend at the waist, making doing up the shoes something of a challenge.

I put the coat back on over my shoulders without putting my arms into the sleeves. I tied the belt around my waist to keep the coat together then removing a pair of handcuffs from one of the pockets clicked one onto my right wrist, checking in the poor light that the keyhole was in the right place. I then carefully got my arms into the coat and put them behind my back, I locked the other handcuff onto my left wrist, there finished. I was the best part of a mile from home, my hands locked behind me, all the keys on the kitchen table, wearing 5” high heels - only the coat would prevent people seeing my slutty outfit.

I paused at the back of the shops, listening for anyone walking on the road, it was quiet, but there was the odd car passing. I moved out from the darkness into the street, the streetlights were on and I felt that everyone for miles could see me. I moved to cross the road, a car was coming, its headlights on full, I waited at the side of the road, there wasn’t time to run back behind the shops. The car went quickly passed; I then crossed the road over to the small park opposite. My heels were clicking on the pavement and I was very conscious of the sounds around me, fortunately, there was no-one walking.

Moving down the path into the park I continued walking, with hands fastened behind me made me lean forwards slightly, halfway across I stopped. There were some youths at the other entrance to the park where I needed to go, now what? I paused, there was another way out of the park, but it lead to the next road over, I took the path to the other exit, I didn’t want to stop in the middle of the park, the youths might see me and come to investigate, then I would be in trouble. I quickly walked down the path to the exit, the sound of my heels echoing on the path. 

The exit from the park brought me out in a street that ran behind mine, I’d have to cut through an alleyway to get back to my road, but the street ahead of me was well lit, these were family houses and there may be more people about, there was little to do but go forward. As I walked down the street a car came down the road towards me, it slowed and moved past me, I held my breath for a 10 seconds, glancing behind me I saw it had turned into a driveway behind me, I walked quickly forward and managed to get to the entrance to the alleyway and a somewhat darker environment.

I paused, and listened, apart from my now heavy breathing, there was little sound other than a distant car, and then I noticed my coat had started to come open, the belt was coming untied. With my hands behind me there was little I could do, then the belt went too slack and fell down to my feet, the coat swung open. I looked down at the belt knowing that picking it up of the ground was impossible, so decided to move on.

I entered my own road, the home stretch so to speak, just 500 yards to go. An elderly man and his small dog stepped out from a driveway 40 feet ahead on my side of the road and turned walking towards me, I carried on walking, he was looking at me carefully as I passed, my coat was wide open so he would have a good view of my stockings, short skirt and blouse, there was no way of avoiding him. I walked passed and he stopped but didn’t comment, I continued up the road. On checking behind me he was still staring at me as my heels clicked up the road. I checked again but he had moved on, finally I got to my own driveway.

The front door needed you to turn a key and pull the handle down at the same time, impossible in handcuffs, so I had left the back door unlatched. I went to the side gate but to my horror found it had blown to in the wind. The latch was at chest height. I tried to reach it with my cuffed wrists but there was not enough movement, the coat fell off onto the ground leaving me even more exposed if my neighbours came out, a French tart would have given them something to talk about for years. I pushed and tried kicking the gate, but it wouldn’t budge. Then I used my head, literarily to push down on the catch, it opened and I nearly flew into the garden.

I walked down the side of the house and entered the kitchen, it took only a few seconds to pick up the handcuff keys and remove the cuffs, my heart was beating like a train. I went outside and collected the fallen coat, then went to my bedroom to relive the excitement of my evening…


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