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by Sensual Robert

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Storycodes: M/f; sissy; cd; chastity; nc; X

The introduction into submission

Tulip was a closet sissy/cross dresser who was passable and she was in her 30s. Tulip had many fantasies and one of them was to be controlled by a Master. Tulip placed an online ad in search of a Master that would control her and force her to submit to him.

After several days Tulip finally got a response from a Master Robert. Tulip was very excited and she began to stroke her sissy cock until she achieved a sissy orgasm. Tulip them read my email response, my brief introduction and description of myself. As she was reading my email Tulip was stroking her sissy cock and then she stopped playing with herself as she read my instructions. My first demand was that she was not allowed to play with her sissy cock without my permission.

As days went by Tulip became more intrigue with me and she always look forward to reading my emails. Then I ask her to provide a phone number so that we could communicate more often and to have an intimate conversation. I finally called her and she had a sweet shy voice....she answered back "Hello Master Robert". As we talked over the phone I asked her "How many times had you played with your sissy cock?" She shyly said a few times over the last few days. I scolded her and told her I was disappointed with her! She said "Sorry Master, but I get so excited when I think about you!" I then told her we need to do something about this problem.

A few days later a package came for Tulip and she knew it was from me. I called her and told her to open the package and not to ask any questions. She open it and was shocked to see a chastity device! I told her to place it on now! After a few minutes she told me the chastity device was now on her. I then said look for the small padlock and lock the chastity device. She gulped but she followed my orders and locked the chastity device on!

I then ask her "how does the chastity device feel?" She was almost crying "I don't like it Master". As she was talking to me she was looking through the package for the key to unlock it. I told my sissy Tulip there is no key in the package and that I have the only key. She was nearing begging me to have the device remove. I told her it was for her own good and that a sissy should always be in chastity and not be allowed to pleasure herself.

As more days passed Tulip would express the need to have an orgasm. She had not had an orgasm in over a week and it was driving her mad. I then told her that I would allow her to use a vibrator to achieve an orgasm. She was confused "But Master how will achieve an orgasm with the chastity device still locked on?" I then instructed her to place the vibrator on her sissy cockhead through the opening on the chastity device. She did as she was instructed, her sissy cock swelled up in her tight chastity device then her orgasm was approaching. Then to her surprise she did not a full orgasm, the chastity device prevented that. Her sissy cum leaked out of her sissy cock and she felt shame as she could not achieve a satisfying orgasm.

Then the next day another package arrived, she opened it and saw a shiny metal collar!

To be continued...

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