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An Unexpected Visitor

by Jim Williams

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© Copyright 2012 - Jim Williams - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; cd; pvc; panties; caught; cuffs; bond; bdsm; crop; toys; oral; anal; climax; blackmail; cons/reluct; X

I had been living next door to Anna for a few years. We were both friendly towards each other and always exchanged pleasantries whenever we saw each other. We did the usual neighbourly things, taking in parcels when either one of us wasn't in, keeping an eye on the other ones house whenever one was away. Anna was 43 and about 5'6" tall. She was attractive in a nice way and always held herself well, in a confident manner. She was single (as far as I could tell), and appeared to keep herself to herself.

Three days ago, Anna came to my door and asked if I could do a favour for her. She explained that she was having her boiler serviced, but had to go out of town on a hastily arranged business meeting her company had sent her on. Anna said that the boiler service was an arranged appointment and that she desperately need it done. Could I let the engineer into her house and just watch him whilst he carries out the work. Anna said that she would be back the day after the appointment.

I happily agreed to do it, especially as I wasn't at work that day.

The day came and I let the engineer in. After a couple of hours of mundane conversations and not too subtle hints for cups of tea, he left. I quickly tidied up the mess and went to leave. When all of a sudden, I don't know why, I was hit with a strange longing of curiosity. I suddenly had the urge to find out more about Anna. I mean, I knew she worked in the city, but I didn't know anything about her as a person or what she did in her personal life.

I looked around the living room but couldn't find anything to give me any answers. There were no pictures on display or any personal items lying around. I decided to take my curiosity upstairs. The obvious place to look for this amateur and frankly, hopeless detective was in the bedroom. I went into Anna's bedroom and found, well, what you would expect in a bedroom. A bed, bedside table and a large fitted wardrobe.

I opened up the bedside table drawer and found a book and a small key. The book didn't appear that interesting and the key, well who keeps a key in their bedside drawer?! Closing the drawer, I went over to her large fitted wardrobe and opened the left hand side. Inside, hanging up was business suits, skirts, trousers and casual clothes. I closed the door and went over to the right hand side of the wardrobe. I opened the door and got the surprise of my life.

Hanging up in this side of the wardrobe were leather mini skirts, PVC catsuits, trousers and skirts, rubber dresses, tops with chains on, masks. A whole array of clothing I certainly didn't expect Anna to wear. I then decided to look through the smaller drawers of the wardrobe. The top drawer was full of Anna's underwear. I pulled out a few panties, bras and tights. I quickly looked through the remaining three drawers. The next two were full of tops.

However when I opened up the bottom drawer, I saw that it was full of underwear, made out of the same material of the clothes I had found earlier. I pulled out a pair of PVC panties. I held the panties in my hand. Feeling the material with my fingers, I started to become aroused. It was then I had an idea. I stripped off my clothes and put the PVC panties on. The feeling of the panties clinging tightly to my ass and cock was one that I strangely enjoyed. I began to stroke my ass and cock through the PVC, become more hard and wet as I did so.

I went over to the open wardrobe and took out a PVC mini dress. I fit myself, somewhat snugly into the dress and started to walk around Anna's bedroom, enjoying the sensations of the PVC on my skin, the fact that I had never worn woman's clothing before and the fact I had found out a very sexy secret about Anna. I could barely contain myself in the panties and went into Anna's en-suite bathroom so that I could relieve myself.

In the bathroom, I saw Anna's laundry basket. I open it up and sat at the top was a pair of blue satin panties that had been worn by Anna. I pulled them out and put the panties to my nose and smelt Anna's stale pussy juice. The exotic smell of Anna's pussy had made me fully swollen, my cock bulging against the material of the panties I was wearing. I was about to taste the dried pussy juice when a voice brought me to my senses.

"What the bloody hell is going on here?! What the fuck are you doing dressed in my clothes".

It was Anna! She must have come back early from her meeting and come back into her house without me hearing her. This was totally unexpected! The colour drained from me. I started sweating a cold sweat and felt light headed.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. I err, err, I err..." I stammered. My mouth had gone dry. All I could think of was the fact that Anna was bound to call the police and I would be branded a 'dirty pervert' around the neighbourhood. I began to try to take the dress off, but my wet hands made it a difficult task.

"I'm really, really sorry Anna, I don't know what came over me. Please don't call the police or tell anyone. I've never, ever done this before", I pleaded pathetically as I turned my back on Anna as I didn't want her to see my shame.

"Shut up", snapped Anna.

Suddenly Anna grabbed my right wrist and put a cold metal object on it. She pulled my arm behind my back and did the same to the left wrist, rasping the cold metal object to a close. Anna had handcuffed me. Great. Now not only had Anna caught me dressed in her clothing, she had restrained me to stop me leaving, my humiliation complete for when the police arrived.

"Anna, I'm really sorry, please let me go" I again pleaded.

Then my world went dark. My senses were heightened to the smell of leather. Anna had put one of her masks on me, one which I had found earlier in her wardrobe.

"What, wha..", my pleads had changed from one of forgiveness to one of curiosity.

"If you wanna dress like a bitch and parade around in my clothes, then I'll show you how I treat my bitches", Anna said rather dominantly.

"What, what do you mea....mmmmmmppppppppffffffff". As I said this sentence, I suddenly found a ball being forced into my mouth and the sound of buckles being fastened on the sides of the mask. Anna had gagged me with a ball gag. So not only couldn't I see, I now couldn't speak to Anna. I was then suddenly pushed onto Anna's bed. I then felt something being wrapped around my ankles and tightened. Anna had tied my ankles together. She then pulled the rope behind me, forcing my feet behind and tying the remainder of the rope to the chain of the handcuffs.

I was now firmly hogtied on Anna's bed. I tried to call out to Anna, but all I could produced was 'mmmmppppfffff', the ball gag stifling my speech. Although I had means of escape, I had a weird sense of enjoyment in my stomach, which began to transfer to my cock. It was a sense of helplessness and reliance on another person for the outcome of my self brought on predicament.

"Don't worry bitch, I won't call the police, but I will teach you a lesson that you will remember for a long time", said Anna, somewhat sadistically.

I suddenly felt a relief that my indiscretion wouldn't be reported, but had a slight concern about the lesson that I was going to be taught. By now, I was beginning to enjoy being tied up and gagged, and again felt my stiffening cock bulging against the tight material of Anna's PVC panties that I was still wearing. Everytime I moved and 'mmmpppfffd', the more harder and wet I became. For a while I couldn't hear Anna, but could what sounded like clothes being moved.

After what seemed about half an hour, Anna spoke:

"Right, let's see what the bitch has got".

I felt a pair of gloved hands pulling up my dress. The same gloved hands then pulled down the panties I was wearing, exposing my hard and throbbing cock. Something then hit my cock twice, causing me pain.

"Mmmmmmmppppfffffff!!!!" I tried to call out in pain, but the ball gag stopped any sound coming out.

"Get that thing down, NOW", ordered Anna, and hit my cock again. "The bitch has a hairy pussy. This will have to be sorted out".

I felt something sticky being placed on my pubic area and patted down. Then it being pulled off quickly, pain was instantaneous.


The same sticky object was applied three times more to my public area and my balls. Each time the result was the same. Pain.

"Mmm, that's better, the bitch has a smooth pussy", laughed Anna.

My God, what had Anna done??!!

I then felt my mask being undone and removed. I blinked hard, my eyes getting used to the light again. I looked down to see what Anna had done and was shocked to discover that I was now totally shaved. It was then I noticed Anna. Anna was no longer the anonymous city worker. She had her hair pulled tight into a pony tail, coming from the top of her head. She was wearing a black leather studded peep hole bra, which exposed her beautiful, small but pert breasts. Her slender legs were enclosed in thigh length PVC boots and fishnet stockings. A black leather studded g-string covered her tight ass. Long black leather gloves covered her arms and wrists.

"AAAnnnaaa", I stammered. SLAP. A leather gloved hand slapped me across my cheeks.

"Shut it bitch!! It's Mistress to you".

Anna then attached a strap-on dildo to herself. The dildo was black and 6" long. A look of fear came across my face.

"Wwwhat are you going to do with that Mistress", I asked.

"Be silent bitch, you will find out" demanded Anna. Anna then untied the rope from the handcuff chain but left my ankles tied.

"Now bitch, like any bad girl, you've got a nice shaved pussy, but you need to learn to take cock. Open up". Anna then moved the dildo to my mouth. I shook my head and tried to pull my head away, but Anna grabbed my hair and pulled my head towards the dildo, at the same time pulling my hair causing me to open my mouth and cry out in pain. The dildo was then forced into my mouth.

The taste of rubber filled my mouth. The dildo went to the back of my throat causing me to gag. Anna again ordered me to suck the dildo. I began sucking the dildo, my mouth going up and down the shaft, Anna moaning with pleasure. I carried on licking and sucking the dildo. Anna suddenly removed the dildo from my mouth.

"You look to be enjoying that too much bitch. This is not pleasure for you". Anna then walked over to her wardrobe and came back with another ball gag. Anna then forced the red ball into my mouth and fastened it up at the back of my mouth. To be honest I didn't put up much resistance and found myself being hard again. Anna noticed this.

"So the bitch likes that does she? Maybe she will like this". Anna turned me over onto my front and began to spank me with a crop. My ass began to sting, the pain being a nice sensation. Each stroke making my cock throb more with enjoyment. After ten strokes, the spanking stopped. My ass was red and sore.

"Mmm that's a nice glow. Now the bitch needs to learn to take it doggy style". My eyes widened. I shook my head and tried to say 'no', but again the ball gag stopped any speech. Anna's gloved hands spread my ass apart. The dildo slowly entered into me. I could feel Anna's boots on my thigh's as Anna slowly fucked me. A gloved hand reached down and stroked my still erect cock.

"Mmmm does the bitch like this", moaned Anna, as she continued riding me. Anna moved faster fucking me, the moans getting heavier and heavier with each stroke until she gripped me hard and let out a long moan of pleasure.

"Oh yes, mmmmm, ohh yessss, ohmygod yesssssssssssssss". Anna fucked me hard to a point, she orgasmed herself. She then rested her breasts on my back, as she breathed heavily with pleasure at the orgasm she had just enjoyed.

"You enjoyed that bitch, didn't you", purred Anna. I nodded my head. I couldn't pretend that I didn't.

Anna then withdrew from me, leaving my ass sore.

"Before I release you, you still owe me. One day each week, you have to present yourself to me, to work around my home or to be my toy for me and my friends to enjoy. If you don't, some interesting pictures may find their way onto the Internet, along with your name, address and your little misdemeanour. Understand".

I nodded and 'mmmpppffffd' a 'yes'. Anna then undid the handcuffs and untied my legs. She then removed the ball gag. I quickly got dressed and left Anna's house and returned home to contemplate what had just happened.

Now I await Anna's phone call with baited breath, to be of service to her.



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