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Storycodes: MM+/m; cd; caught; blackmail; group; display; bond; hum; oral; anal; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

My doorbell rings and I am surprised to see John and Mark at my door. I knew them since they lived just down the road, but I had never really interacted with them before, other than the occasional hello. John gave the appearance of someone who worked in the office – 5’10”, fairly thin, shaggy blonde hair, glasses and not muscular at all. Mark certainly took better care of himself as he was very muscular, standing at 6’ tall at least with short black hair.

I barely get to greet them before Mark smiles at me and holds up a photo. It’s unmistakable that it is one of me doing some crossdressing bondage in my back yard, supposedly unseen. Mark comments on how they not only have pictures, but have video as well. I shake a little as he continues by saying that they had both talked it over, and that while they were both straight, they just couldn’t pass up the chance to humiliate a slut when they saw one. I can barely stutter to ask them what they meant.

John said he’d make it simple. He wanted me at their house tonight at 8 wearing some of my slutty clothes. And then I’d have to submit to them for 4 hours and I’d be free to go, the evidence would be gone. I pleaded with them if there was another way and the answer was that if I didn’t do it, the pictures would find themselves everywhere – my family, friends, co-workers, church…etc. Asking them why they want to do this if they’re straight and the answered that it was all about dominating and humiliating me. Defeated, I nodded and said I’d be there.

8pm came far too quickly as I approached their house wearing a tight black mini skirt, black garter & stockings, matching black panties and bra (with water ballons in them to give me “breasts”), and a wig of long blond hair. I had even applied makeup and bright red lipstick, doing everything I could so that I didn’t upset them in some way. I was very shocked to see the number of vehicles at their house, but I had no choice but to keep going to get through this.

I ring the doorbell and John answers the door, and I’m able to hear a good deal of conversation going on. John leads me inside and speaks up that the entertainment has come. Down the basement we go, to where I am surprised to see it is not only very large and open, but that it is stocked with various bondage implements. And that it has a number of people in it as well, maybe 20 or so, including both women and men. What have I gotten myself into?

John pushes me into the middle of the room and the conversation dies down as all eyes turn on me. He laughs and says that Tammy is here for their viewing pleasure tonight. I’m told lift my arms above my head and turn around so that everyone can get a good view of me, which I do. Then Mark walks over and orders me to bend over and grab my ankles. Having no choice, I do this as well. I hear remarks of how much of a slut I look like and that they can’t wait to see what Mark and John will do to me.

My hands are forcefully grabbed behind my back and I hear the clicking of handcuffs applied to them. "On your knees slut!" John tells me. While on my knees, Mark pulls off his shirt and unzips his pants, revealing an 8” cock that was fully erect. "You know what to do slut", John laughs. Helplessly, I lean forward, taking the member fully in my mouth, surrounding it with my red lips. I’d never sucked a cock before, but that didn’t stop me from bobbing my head and rolling my tongue all over him. What other choice did I have? I must have been doing a good job because after several minutes Mark pulled out and ejaculated all over my face. And he doesn’t even wipe it off.

John’s cock is shoved in my face next, also 8” long. Already humiliated by my first blowjob, I continue on with my second. After several minutes John also pulls out and orders me to beg him to cum in my mouth. I glance around to see everyone staring at me, several people in the audience stroking or fingering themselves. Looking up at John I beg him to cum in my mouth. I’m told to open up as he finishes the job himself and shoots his load into my open mouth. I choose to swallow it so that my situation doesn’t get any worse.

Mark grabs me and pulls me to my feet and uncuffs me. I’m ordered to stand still as both men flank me and strip off my dress and panties. Until now I had ignored my cock, but now it was open for everyone to see that it was standing erect from my shameful humiliation I’ve received so far. I’m led over to a chair that has hitches on either side, much like the ones you see at the OB. They order me to sit on it and to slide my legs into the hitches. This leaves my ass hanging over the side of the chair. Mark and John reach under the chair to adjust the hitches, spreading my legs as far apart as they can. Rope is added so that my legs are tightly bound to the hitches. John grabs both of my hands and ties them together above my head, pulling the rope tight and attaching it to the chair behind me. I’m now on full display for the entire room, and able to fully watch for what I was sure was going to happen next.

I could see Mark applying some lube to his cock while John applied some to my anus. In a loud voice, Mark asked me if I had enjoyed being their slut for the evening. I nodded. He said he couldn’t hear me, causing me to meekly say I enjoyed being their slut for the evening. Next he asked if I’d ever fucked a man before and I quietly answered no. This caused quite a stir in the audience and I could see everyone playing with themselves, all aroused by my exposure and humiliation.

Mark positioned himself between my legs and slowly, but surely began to penetrate me. He was huge, filling me up entirely. Horrified, I had to watch as he began to pump back and forth, using me as his sex toy. John slid up next to the chair and grabbed my cock and began to jerk me off. I looked at him, begging him not to do that. All John said was that they were in control of my cock and they were going to make me cum while being fucked. Helplessly I watched as Mark pounded me while my orgasm grew, until I finally shot my load all over me, followed quickly by Mark finishing in my ass.

I did not have a break as John quickly took his turn between my legs and began using me. Mark took my cock and began teasing it with a vibrator until I was hard again, which only caused him to also begin to jerk me off. I couldn’t take my eyes off of either of them. Mark ordered me to say how much I loved to cum with a cock in my ass and I did. He then ordered me to beg to be able to do so as he built me up to an edge and kept me there. I tried to resist saying that, but my mind was filled with helpless thoughts of doing anything to have an orgasm. So I shouted that I love to cum with a cock in my ass. Mark released my cock entirely, not letting me cum while John finished. I could feel the cum leaking out of my ass and my cock throbbing, unfinished.

They untied me and lead me over to a table and told me to get on it. Then they say for my last humiliation, I have to masturbate for the entire crowd to enjoy while I moan like a whore. I look around at all the eyes on me, feeling totally humiliated. I sit on the table and spread my legs apart. Then I lean back on my left arm while I grasp my cock with my right. I begin jerking myself off. I hear moaning and other sounds of arousal from the crowd that blend in with my own. Finally, I’m unable to take anymore and cum, and from the sounds of it, many in the crowd do to.

John hands me my clothes and leads me out the door without a saying a word. The silence is deafening as the door locks behind me, with me standing on their porch covered in cum and half naked in lingerie.


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