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Weekend Surprise

by Hedone Davinci

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© Copyright 2017 - Hedone Davinci - Used by permission

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I don’t know when I found out that I had my fetishes, but it was quite early in my childhood. Experimenting thru the years I acquired quite a collections of bondage toys, restraints, leather, pvc and latex clothes. Female clothes that is. I’m a crossdresser and I love kinky bondage fetish clothes. I can’t explain the pleasure of wearing this other than that being enclosed, bond in slutty and restrictive clothes makes me horny.

Over the years, I have meet a few that I have shared this with and had some fun. But most of my adventures has been performed by myself. I got a nice selection of cumfuckmeboots, pumps, catsuits, mermaid dresses, maid dresses, hobble skirts, posture collars, hoods, gags, remote vibrators, remote butt plugs, pencil skirts, restraints, makeup, form figures and so on. I’ve also made some toys myself. I’m educated to do both software programming and electrical hardware engineering. Which have been helpful to explore my kinks.

A female friend which I’ve had for many years calls me and explained that she has just left her husband and just wanted someone to talk and share her situation with. When I asked why she left her husband. She explained that they grew apart and that he didn’t show much acceptance for her kinks.

We write and chat with each other regularly. She shares she had a crush on me when we were younger. I share I had the same feelings once. We have always made jokes about kinky sex. I shared that I almost had to call her once when a selfbondage session went wrong. She giggled and laughed and explained she would love to have seen that. So I asked if she can be my backup if I ever should need it if my future selfbondage sessions would go wrong. She explains she would love that. But I must be prepared to be teased and perhaps dominated. Further she explains that she usually prefers to be submissive and have kink for leather, latex and pvc as I have. She knows I like woman with these kinks, but she doesn’t know I’m a crossdresser. The rush of she finding out when I maybe need help, turns me on. So, I didn’t tell.

It's Friday and the week has been hell at best. I can’t wait to relax and have some relief. It’s at least a week since last relief and I’m horney as few. I start by shaving and take a shower after work. The plan is to be a restrained slutty latex and leather French maid for the evening. I’m quite tall and slim so I get a nice female body with some help with form figures. For this occasion, I wanted to test some of my own inventions. Which is a remote controlled and programable and lockable breast forms, cock cage, butt plug, posture collar of leather and metal, double sided dildo gag and leather and metal wrist and ankle cuffs. Which all are connected to a heavy-duty metal, leather and latex chastity belt.

All the toys communicate with the chastity belt with wireless technology. The chastity belt can communicate with a remote control, a smartphone app and a web application. Since the chastity belt has both wifi and gsm connectivity. It means all the toys can be controlled from anywhere. The remote control, smartphone app and web application gets live data from the step counter, gyroscopes, pressure sensors and heartbeat sensor. For any data received from the sensors an action can be executed. This allows the control units to make programs that administrates vibration and shocks in any and all toys. This is how all the toys are working and engineered:

The breast forms are size E and is integrated into a heavy latex west with skin-color matching with my own skin. The west has a zipper in the back that’s lockable. Inside the breast forms I have integrated several vibrators that goes around my nipples and entertain my own breasts. I have also integrated an electrical shocker similar to those used in dog training collars that’s fits right over my own nipples. And last the breast forms also have heartbeat/pulse counter on the top of the west in the collar. The electrical circuits and battery-pack is located inside in the middle of the E size breasts. I have also made a female version of this one. It’s latex pushup bra integrated into the west. I had to move electrical circuits and battery-pack to the back of the west alongside the zipper. The vibrators are spread more and goes around the entire breast in the bra.

The chastity belt is modified with an electrical circuit which is under the lock in front. This talks to all other parts both remotely and by wire. This means it can communicate with the cock cage, butt plug, breast forms, penis gag, cuffs and posture collar. The electrical circuit also have a step counter, gsm-socket to data-subscription chipcard to communicate with the Internet and wifi capabilities. The circuit also has an extra battery-pack that can recharge connected devices with wires.

The cock cage inside the chastity belt is a modified with the same vibrators and electrical shockers similar to those used breast forms. This is placed inside the cock cage and around where the penis head is located. To protect the electronics inside the cage I have added layer of latex. The latex inside the cock cage also makes it more comfortable and easy to slide the penis inside with some lubricant.

I have replaced the butt plug with an inflatable butt plug that also have the same vibrators and electrical shockers. Which is placed from the shaft of the butt plug and to the top of the head on the butt plug. The electrical circuits and battery-pack is located in the middle of the butt plug. I have also made a dildo version for females. The dildo version can also be integrated to a strap-on belt. I have also made a female version of the chastity belt. The female version talks to the inflatable dildo instead of the cock cage and also have vibrators and shockers.

The wrist and ankle cuffs also have small electrical circuit and battery pack between the leather and the metal. The electrical circuit have a gyroscope to read all movements in any direction. The ankle cuffs can also be locked together with the shoe cuffs to prevent high heels shoes to be removed. I have merged a leather and a metal posture collar together. The leather posture collar is on the inside. Had to remove ring in front of the leather posture collar. The metal posture collar is on the outside to create the ultimate restrictive posture collar.

At last I have a modified inflatable double sided penis gag with the same vibrators, shockers, gyroscope, pressure sensor and a microphone. The electrical circuit read all movement and can give vibration and electrical shocks to the wearer. The electrical circuit and battery is inside the external dildo.

I put on makeup and a wig. I’m little androgyny so with the help of the makeup I can get quite feminine traits. You can see some masculine traits, but you cannot miss the ultra-feminine and slutty makeup.

Now my adventure. I put on my custom breast forms and some hips to get a nice hourglass figure. Next, I put on my custom-made chastity belt. I make sure my penis is secured in the cock cage and inflatable butt plug is pushed all the way in. Then I lock it to make sure that nothing can be removed without the key.

Next, I put on a backzip latex catsuit with open holes to the breasts and very restrictive corset. Then I insert the large lockable double penis gag into my mouth and lock it. Next is the leather and posture collar which also is locked on. Then I put on the leather French maid outfit. Next, I put on my 5-inch thigh high pvc cumfuckmeheels with metal spikes. And at last I put on the wrist and ankle cuffs with the shoe cuffs on and lock them so nothing can get off.

Nothing comes off without the keys. I can’t turn my head or look down at all. I must turn my entire body to change my view or bend over to look down. I input to the program that controls the chastity belt that again controls all the toys to tease me for 48 minutes. I also input to the program that controls the electrical shockers to shock my balls, penis head, penis shaft and nipples if I don’t step more than 30 steps a minute. Then everything is almost ready to execute the program.

I also attach 20-inch chain between the ankle cuffs to restrict my walking. Before I lock the cuffs together behind me, I attach and lock a chain to the chain between my ankles. I put all the keys in the lockable timer box which also is controlled by the timer on the program.  I execute the program and lock the final locks.

48 minutes of walking around as a slutty bound up latex and leather French maid has started. The butt plug, cock cage and breast forms start humming and vibrating and teases me just enough not to give me an orgasm. My penis tries all it can to get hard, but can’t because of the cock cage.  I walk to make sure I don’t get shocked. But it’s not easy in 5-inch cumfuckmeboots chained together with 20-inch chain locked together with my wrist cuffs behind my back.

It’s only gone 5 minutes and my feet start to hurt. I slow down a little. I’m already super horny and want an orgasm desperately. Sucking the penis gag and listening to the heels clicking on the tils teases me beyond what I can describe. Suddenly the shockers hit me again. My balls, penis head, penis shaft and nipples hurt little. I walked too slow, better keep up the pace. Otherwise I will get shocked harder next time. As I walk, the sweat makes the latex catsuit slippery. As a walk past the computer with program controlling my predicament and box with the keys I see something disturbing. The timer says 47 hours and 30 minutes. I realize I’ve made a huge mistake and I’m stuck like this for 48 hours instead of minutes. 

I stop to think. The only solution to this is to get help. No one can walk like this for 48 hours. Suddenly my shockers shock me again and this time even harder. I forgot to walk more than 30 steps a minute again. This time it hurts and sweat and tears mess up my makeup. I look like a really lost slut walking around figuring out how to get help. I continue to walk while I pick up my mobile phone and try my best to write a message to explain my situation to my friend that’s my backup. It’s not even close to easy locked up with my hands behind my back and walking in 5-inch cumfuckmeboots which is the case at moment. But I manage after some struggle.

She calls back and explain she can’t be at my place for another two hours. I scream in the penis-gag while the shockers shock me again. My friend laughs on the speaker on my mobile phone. See assures me she will come as soon as possible and hangs up. I better concentrate on walking to avoid more shocking. The sweat stinks, my feet hurts, my jaw hurts and I can’t get an orgasm. This is not what I planned.

I walk while I try to write a message to my friend explaining where the note with the override key is located. And how to input the override key to my computer to release me when she arrives. It’s located on top of the fridge. Which I can’t reach without help. One hour and 30 minutes has gone by. I’m about to pass out. Either from frustration of not getting the orgasm or the pain in my feet, jaw and the stink of sweat. 20 minutes later I can hear a car in the driveway. Not a second too late. She only need to open the garage and walk right into the house, pick up the override note on the top of the fridge and type the code into my program on the computer. I can hear the garage port open. 20 seconds later I see a sight that’s makes me stop in disbelief. My sweet innocent friend walks through the door wearing a mistress uniform in leather. She wears a leather catsuit with integrated leather corset. Thigh high 5-inch metal spike leather mistress cumfuckmeboots. Leather gloves and a makeup and a whip that’s leaves you no doubt she means business.

She whips my ass, hooks a leash to my posture collar and instructs me to lead her to the fridge with the override note. I obey while I’ll try my best to keep up. She picks up the note and commands me to show her the computer. Once again, I try to keep up. But none of us goes fast enough. I get shocked again and I’m about to fall to the ground. My friend saves me from falling and laughs like the devil. "You will obey me or that will happen way more often then you like!" she says.

Finally, she’s in front of the computer and looks at me: "I will not stop the program until you give me the manual remote controls and know how to all your toys".

I do my best and point at the drawer beside the computer. She finds all the controls and makes a grim smile. I point to the closet with penisgag to point out all my other toys and kinky clothes. "You're in for a long weekend surprise. I’m planning on living here this weekend and having you as my maid and slave. You will obey all my commands without any opposition either verbally or physically. You are not to speak unless spoken to. You are always to look down unless told otherwise. You are always to address me as Mistress. Is all of this understood?"

I tried to nod my head while I was walking in a circle making sure I didn’t get shocked again. I also tried to answer "Yes Mistress" with my penisgag in my mouth. Which just sounded like nonsense.  She looks at me laughs and says: "I think I’ll let program run a little further. I want you to improve your walking skills in heels. I see you're quite good, but you can get better." She whips my ass again and commands me to straighten my pose with straighter back, swing my hips and stick my butt out more to get a more slutty and feminine walk. I do my best and she improves. "I will pick up some toys in the car while you keep practicing".

Five minutes later she comes back again with large bag. "This is my toys and clothes", she says and smiles. "Now I want to go thru yours in the closet. Keep practicing your feminine slutty walking while I go browsing in your closet". She took her time carefully inspecting everything I had. I think she used another 30 minutes before she finally said: "We need to fix your makeup", she says an instructs me to sit down.

I look desperately on the program and she understands my predicament. I can’t stop walking or I’ll get shocked again. She looks evil on me and laughs: "I will give you a break for now". She inputs the override code and the timer stops. So, does also all the toys. I sit down and cry with happiness.

"Stop whining!" she commands. I put my act together. She takes the key to the double penis-gag out of the box with the keys and unlocks the lock and pulls out the penis-gag. I don’t want to hear a single word from you she commands. I answer "Yes Mistress". She laughs again and answers: "You’re a quick learner. I will fix your makeup and now. After I’m finished I want you to reward me for my effort by licking my pussy until I’ll have an orgasm, is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress!" I answered.

She buckles a ring-gag from my collection in my mouth and commands me to get to work. My tongue is now working like never before. Some minutes after that I think she had an orgasm. At least she squirting in my face and destroyed the makeup again. She laughed again and started to fix my makeup again. She was soon finished again and said: "I want two more orgasms, but this time with the penis-gag first and with this strap-on". She said as she pulled it out of her bag.

She inserted the penis-gag in my mouth, bucked it and locked it again. Then she fitted me with the strap-on over my chastity belt.  She trusted my head with the penis-gag into her pussy and ordered me to start working. I work and work, but she didn’t orgasm. She set both the cock cage and butt plug to vibrate on max and commanded me to work faster. I did my best thrusting my head back and forth as fast and hard as I could. She started to breath faster. After another minute of desperate thrusting she finally comes again. She turns off the vibrator on my cock cage and butt plug and says: "You are not allowed to orgasm!" She uses the remote controls to administrate me with electrical shocks on all my toys and says, "That’s for having too much pleasure". The truth is I didn’t have any pleasure or orgasms. So I’ll guess that was a warning.

She pulls the penis gag almost out of my mouth and fixes my makeup again after squirting in my face a second time. After she’s finished she commands me to fuck her with the strap-on. I obey again and after 15 minutes of hard work she has her third orgasm. I’m about to pass out when she finally had her third orgasm and was hoping she would release me. But she has other plans apparently. She locks a waistband around me. She releases the chain between my hands behind my back and the ankles. She then threads a new chain from here back thru the d-rings on each side of the waistband around me. She the locks the wrist cuffs to the chain. I can move each hand a little while the chain slides alongside the waistband and thru the d-rings. Just enough movement to perform some simple tasks, but with a lot of effort.

She then commands me to cook her a late-night dinner. When I’m finished with performing her orders. She unlocks my penisgag and gives me water to drink. She instructs me to get ready for bed by going to the toilet without speaking. Sitting down and peeing is a huge relief after all those hours. I click my slutty heels and body back to bed where I’m gagged again, but with the ring gag again now. Now she leads me into my bed with the leash. Then she lays down on my bed and spread her legs and pulls my head between her legs and into her pussy. Then she ties the leash around her waist making it impossible to escape. She commands me to gently lick her clit until she falls asleep. After 30 minutes she finally falls asleep. Me to with my head between her legs and my face in her pussy.

I wake up completely wet by my own sweat inside the latex catsuit under the leather French maid uniform and her pussy juices in my face.  I try not to move much as the latex and leather squeaks but fail. She slaps me for waking her up and commands me to lick her pussy and give her a morning orgasm. I obey again. She squirts again and hits me with a new load of pussy juices in my face. The embarassment is total. I’m just her toy to entertain her. But for some reason it turns me on. I enjoy obeying her. She cleans my face and fixes my makeup again. She points out I smell terrible, but that is what a slut like me should smell like she says.  

"You have a long day with duties before the party for some selected female friends that are arriving this evening", she says and laughs. "I want this house looking spotless before lunch", and she throws a long list of tasks in front of me.  "But first you need a little breakfast". She unbuckles the ring gag and feeds me with a simple breakfast with water. I almost wasn’t able to chew my food due to my aching jaw muscles.

After finishing my breakfast, she pops the largest ball gag I’ve ever seen into my mouth. She tightens the ball gag so hard that I thought my jaw was going split. She locks it with a lock to ensure that it doesn’t come off. She turns me over to the mirror. It’s red ball gag that matches the ultra-slutty red lipstick and the rest of my slutty makeup. It isn’t possible to look sluttier then I am. "You may start your duties now!" she commands.

While I’m reading the tasks I’m to perform. She explains she has reactivated the program she released me from yesterday, but with some improvements. Now each step I take must be done by lifting my legs so high that my knee is over the chastity belt. Meaning I will walk like a pony girl.  "Start at once!" she commands. And I did. I cleaned like never before. The vibrating cock cage and butt plug constantly held me close to an orgasm and made my predicament complete and more frustrating than is possible to describe. Now and then I find myself in mirrors as I was cleaning while I was stepping to avoid being shocked. The sounds of the heels clicking and my slutty looks was demeaning. But again, made me even more horny.

It took me 3 hours to complete the tasks and I was finished just before lunch. Mistress did tedious control on all the tasks I have performed while I was stepping my heels and working on my walking in heels skills. She smiled and approved while slapped my ass gentle. "Wiggle that cute bum of yours, you slut!" she said. And I answered "Thank you Mistress". I was completely under her control and spell and I liked it.

"You have executed your tasks well", she says. "We have to start the training for our guests immediately. As my maid and slave your primary task is to serve drinks". She picks up a serving plate from her bag that attaches to my collar and waistband. "You may start your practice at once. You will carry this cocktail glass and not spill a single drop". I failed several times and was punished with shocking. But I managed to pick up the skill after a few hours. I was exhausted, in pain and in a desperate need of an orgasm. Mistress explains the guests will arrive soon. I’m terrified but also excited to be a maid for Mistresses guests.

The doorbell rings. I’m instructed to open the door. At the door stands only a beautiful Mistress just like my friend. She has the exact same clothes as my friend and Mistress. I let her in and lead her into the living room and serve her a cocktail as instructed by my friend and Mistress. She presents herself as Mistress Beatrice and explains she has educated my friend to be a Mistress. My friend has had a long friendship with Mistress Beatrice as her slave. Beatrice is impressed with my friend as Mistress. But wanted to spice this evening up with letting my friend be a slave. Since that’s her preferred role. Beatrice also explains that my friend has given her a detailed explanation of what’s been going on in my house the last 24 hours.

Mistress Beatrice commands my friend to strip off all her clothes. She obeys immediately. Mistress throws my friend a bag of toys in front of me and order me to dress my friend with the clothes and toys in the bag. My goal is the have my friend look exactly like me, except the serving plate. Which also is removed from me.  After 30 minutes, she looks like me except my cockcage is switched with a vibrating and shocking dildo. And my breast forms are replaced with the female version which is a pushup bra. Mistress Beatrice also commands us to put on the dildo gag on both of us. Now our new Mistress connects about a 60-inch of chain between my friend’s posture collar and my own and locks us together.

Mistress Beatrice explains my friend has told her all about my accident and was entertained by how much my friend enjoyed commanding me as a Mistress. She doesn’t like her slave turning into a Mistress and needs to teach her how it feels to be slave slut like me. Therefor she will join me with my predicament for a few hours. Mistress reprograms my program so it works on both me and my friend with the improvements to walk like pony girls. She also improves the program to make sure that we suck on the dildo gags all the time. Further she programs the dildo gags to shock us if we utter a sound. The butt plugs will also shock us when we fail to step less than 30 steps a minute. The same will also shock my friends vibrating dildo. She executes the program and laughs as we start to walk in a circle and click our heels.

While we’re walking she commands us to try to speak. At first none us dares because we will get shocked. She whips us both on our bottoms and commands again: "SPEAK!". We both try to say "Yes Mistress!". Then the cock cage, butt plug, dildo, breast forms, push up bra and gags all shock us simultaneously. We both scream in pain and get shocked again. Now we manage to shut up. She looks at us at says she will be back in 3 hours. Then she wants us both to have perfected the skill of walking in heels as the proud little sluts we are. And we better do in synchronized.

As Mistress Beatrice left us. We did our best to walk around synchronized as feminine we could. We failed and got shocked several times. But we improved slowly. Now we were both slutty latex and leather French maids marching around the house. We were both frustrated we couldn’t orgasm. We were both sweating, vibrating, humming. And we were both exhausted and in pain due to the predicament we have been putting our self’s in. We had been walking for nearly 3 hours and had almost perfected the synchronized marching. Even my fake breasts bounced in sync with my friend’s real breasts.

Suddenly Mistress Beatrice returns. She studies our improvement and laughs at us. She turns off the program and commands us to make her late-night dinner and get ready for bed. We both make Mistress Beatrix a quick late-night dinner. The Mistress unlocks and unbuckles our penis gags. Give us some water and command us to go to the toilet. We help each other toilet and are both very happy.

Mistress Beatrice wants the same treatment as my friend got yesterday. So, we both get double penis gags back on to fuck her in both her pussy and her ass simultaneously first. Then we both have to fuck her again with strapons simultaneously. And to make Mistress Beatrice fall asleep we both get to lick her clit with ring gags simultaneously. After entertaining Mistress Beatrice for two hours with the penis gags and stapon. We start to gently lick Mistress Beatrice clit and she falls asleep. We try to kiss each other with ringgags. But we have to give up is impossible. Besides we have both our faces full of pussy juice and destroyed makeup. We give up and fall asleep in Mistress Beatrices pussy.

Mistress Beatrice wakes us up and commands my friend to unlock my chastity belt and remove my butt plug. Then she commands my friend to bend me over a table and fuck me in my ass with the strapon. Just before I get an orgasm Mistress Beatrice drags my friend away from me and makes sure I get even more frustrated with another lost orgasm. Mistress Beatrice commands my friend to give me blowjob, but make sure I do not orgasm. My friend sucks me 30 minutes and teases until I beg Mistress Beatrice to allow my friend give me an orgasm. I’m desperate. Mistress Beatrice punishes me to fuck my friend with my strapon and locks me in my chastity belt again. But I’m not allowed to give my friend an orgasm. I forced to tease my friend for an hour while Mistress Beatrice takes a shower.

Now we are commanded to make Mistress Beatrice breakfast. She eats her breakfast while she explains she has to leave us. She switches the ring gags to the dildo gags on us both. And put on the strapon dildos over both our chastity belts. Last, she replaces the wrist cuffs with a heavy leather monoglove/armbinder on both of us. She explains she is going to enable the program when she leaves and set the program to release both our butt plugs after 3 hours. After 5 hours, she explains that the box with all the keys will be released. So, we have to practice walking for another 3 hours. And we can fuck each other in bum after two hours while rest of the toys can vibrate and shock us.

Mistress Beatrice left and we continued our slutty feminine walking for 3 hours. We exercised our feminine and synchronized pony girl walking in our outfits as good as we could. Of course we failed and got shocked several times. Being so horney we would do anything for an orgasm, but couldn’t made us almost crazy. The program made us walk, suck on the dildos and be quiet.

After 3 hours, the butt plugs were unlocked by the program and fell out on both of us. We were both so horny that we couldn’t agree on who is going to fuck who at first. I tried first to fuck her while walking, but it was impossible. In the cumfuckmeboots I was too high. Walking like a pony and bending down at once was impossible. I got shocked many times trying and gave up. Then she tried on me, but she also had to give up.

After two more hours of walking in ring the program finally stopped. We both looked and smelt like sluts. We both continued walking like pony girls in sync to the box with the keys even though we didn’t have to. The training must have worked better than we anticipated. We both smiled when we found the key for the chastity belts. We didn’t have time to unlock anything else before we were so horny. Even the armbinders stayed on.

After a little effort, we managed to unlock and get out the chastity belts. It was possible to hold the key with the hands restrained thru the leather armbinder. Once the chastity belts were off she bent over the kitchen table and spread her legs. I fucked her as good as could in the rest of the outfit. It wasn’t easy in cumfuckmeboots and restrained. After 5 minutes, we both screamed in the dildo gags and we both had the best orgasm in our lives. We both passed out on the kitchen table. Both where so tired that we slept with all the toys, restraints and clothes.

Several hours later we both woke up and looked at each other again with a horny smile. She rolled off the kitchen table and bent her body over the table again and spread her legs. I got hard instantly and fucked her again. Again, we both got a huge orgasm simultaneously. But this time we didn’t pass out. Instead we went back to the box with all the keys. We helped each other out of all the restraints, clothes and toys and took a long shower to clean up. In the shower, we laughed and agreed this was best weekend surprise ever. Afterwards we had a long brunch and talked for hours. We agreed to figure out about those feelings we had for each other for many years ago.

To be continued.



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