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Working Vacation 3

by Lynda Christine

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© Copyright 2010 - Lynda Christine - Used by permission

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Part Three

Of course, the problem was that I still had to survive this first night and already I was sore and wanting rest and true sleep. But after having sucked and dildo fucked, I still had to get back up and walk more in the heels. But now, I was being followed and corrected as I walked, being told how to walk like a lady and not like some guy in a dress. I had never had problems walking in heels but apparently I had been doing that wrong for as long as I have been able to stand and walk in them. And realize that I am walking with a short length of chain connected to my ankles so my problem was not so much taking shorter steps but more along the lines of my posture. I was slouching a little and after all this time, feeling tired and the like, I slouched. But that was improper and Nicole and Catherine, along with the others, decided that maybe I  needed a little help with my posture.

"Poor sissy, must be tired. But I think that maybe sissy needs to remember to be proud of her sissy-hood. And of course, be proud to have something up top sticking out for people to comment about and play with. What do you think, Catherine? Maybe a little tight bondage of the arms, pulling them back so that sissy stands up straight and shows how proud she is of her little, well, not so little, titties?"

I heard Catherine laugh and without another word, I felt my wrists pulled behind my back and then my elbows being pulled together. In no time at all, I was sticking out my chest, showing off my titties and back to walking around the room. But now they decided that I needed to move a little faster so would occasionally use the riding crop on my ass to make me move a little quicker. But before I knew it, this hour was finished and I was again told to come over to the sofa. But this time, the women whom I did not know were sitting there, on the edge of the couch, with their skirts hiked up and panties pulled off and each of them was looking like they were ready for something.

I watched as they flipped a coin and one of them smiled and pulled out a huge, double ended dildo and rolled a condom on the larger of the two ends. Then she stepped into the harness and positioned it inside her. I saw a little cord and then heard a small hum. Then I felt a tug on my leash and I was pulled down to the other woman's moist and glistening sex and knew that I was going to be licking it. Then I felt the removal of the dildo from my ass yet again and felt the new invader start to penetrate me as I was using my tongue to satisfy the first woman.

It did not take all that long before I was crying again and bucking the dildo. But I was enjoying it and felt this urgent need to satisfy her. And when I felt her start to buck as well and tasted her juices as they flowed into my mouth, I thought that I was done. But she held my head there, forcing me to continue as I was still being fucked. And as this was happening, I lost myself and just started to enjoy this humiliation. I was being treated like a little whore and I was relishing it. But the sensation was short lived as she pulled out of me, sweating and seemingly satisfied as I felt the first lash strike my ass.

I had forgotten that I was going to be punished each hour and this was no exception. And this time, it was not coming from a riding crop as the lashes striking me seemed more spread out across my backside and thighs. What was even stranger was that I was screaming and moaning into the vagina of the woman I had been licking and she was starting to have her second orgasm as the whipping intensified.

Finally the lashes stopped and I was replugged yet again. And this time the strap was tightened even more and forced it deeper into me. It was becoming both uncomfortable as well as delightful, as it hummed against my prostate, making me feel a little hornier as I walked and pranced. But my make up was starting to look REALLY bad and the women were saying good night to everyone, even walking up to me and thanking me for allowing them to abuse me. Moments later they were gone and there was only Catherine and Nicole in the room. I completed my hour in silence as they just watched me walk back and forth, drinking wine and whispering between themselves. My hour finished and they called me back to them and had me bend over the rolling cart again.

"Familiar little spot, huh, slave? Being bent over this thing all night last night, barely really sleeping and then suffering like you did all day. I will just bet that you would LOVE to lie down on your bed and sleep a little, knowing that you have such a rough day ahead, being a maid and all."

"But, I think, before you get to sleep, and I will allow you to sleep, slave, that you need to have a final little reminder of who owns you. Because as much as you have been permitted to satisfy these other people, the one person you need to remember to please and pleasure is your Mistress. And you still have not done that. At least not in the manner in which I want you to. But your progress in improving and I may just let you pleasure me soon. Because I want you to be thinking of how I want you to pleasure me that I am going to leave that vibrator inside you all night tonight and leave it there all day tomorrow."

"Tomorrow, you will dress in the slutty little french maid uniform and be ready to actually WORK as a maid by 9am. Oddly enough, that will actually give you a whole 10 hours to sleep and prepare yourself. And tomorrow evening, after you have completed your work for Catherine, your work will be critiqued and your performance will be judged. If you have done a good job, you will be rewarded as a sissy should be rewarded, as my boyfriend will be here tomorrow and I am sure that you will be happy to meet him. If you are judged to be a poor excuse for a maid, then you will find yourself bent over this cart and, well, you can guess..."

I was getting sleepier as she spoke to me but I was paying attention to every word she spoke. I realized that if I did a good job I would be sucking off her boyfriend and if I did a poor job, I would get fucked by her boyfriend. And thus a dilema started as I really did not know which one it was that I wanted to have happen to me. The vibrator running inside me was making me confused and horny as hell. I was starting to enjoy the sensation of having a man inside my mouth, though the cum part was still bothering me. But I had felt so utterly alive when I was bent over having a guy fuck my mouth and thinking that I was getting fucked by another guy behind me! And as each minute passed, I was feeling more and more like a wanton slut begging for more. And this being bent over wasn't helping as it was putting pressure on the dildo and making it even more urgent that I have some sort of release!

Then I felt the first lash hit me and I felt my panties get soaked as my cock just started oozing cum into them. I moaned and screamed as it happened and as each lash landed on my rather sore and red ass, I realized that the orgasm itself was not as satisfying as I would have hoped as all I did was relieve pressure. The desire for sexual release was still building and I realized that this was even more torturous than the whipping. I was still elevated and horny but I was not getting satisfaction from the experience. I was, actually, getting hornier and craving more of everything and it was then that I realized that I was in deep trouble. I felt my panties pulled down and in moments they were in my mouth, full of my own cum, and they were taped in place. I was then picked up and allowed to walk to the bed. My arms were not released but rather, I was bound further, with my ankles and knees tied together. I could do nothing as I felt my ankles being brought to my wrists and tied off, putting me into a hogtie. I realized that I might sleep but I might not be resting too well with the panties in my mouth and being bound even further.

"Well slave, I never said I was going to untie you. Besides, this will allow you to contemplate how you will be pleasing me. Because sexually my boyfriend can do that. He may not always like to lick me, and I really don't like the taste of cum. How wonderful it will be to have a little sissy slave to take care of those little needs. But I also have other needs and tonight, Catherine is going to help me take care of those. And to make you even hornier and frustrated, you will be able to hear every bit of it as we take care of some mutual desires."

With that, I was blindfolded and a set of headphones were placed on my ears. I heard  something which sounded like foot falls entering a room and realized that it was the two of them entering the other bedroom. I could hear something but I was unsure of what it was until I realized that it was soft music in the background and that I was hearing zippers, laces and other things falling to the floor. But it wasn't long before I heard the sound of two women doing things to each other that were the fantasies of many a man. And the sounds were indeed driving me into a further state of arousal and torment. And I could not tell how long it went on but I knew it was not just a quick little fling as I fell asleep, wanting to be there and licking them and begging for something more...

* * * *

I did not realize that I had been untied and released overnight I had been so tired. All I knew is that I heard the alarm go off and I was able to reach over and turn it off. I saw that I was naked except for the collar on my neck and the chastity that was still connected to me. And then I realized that I was supposed to be getting up and ready to work. Part of me screamed that I was supposed to be on vacation but another part of me was telling me that this was indeed my vacation, my vacation away from my otherwise normal and boring life. But I also realized that I didn't want to go back to that boring life but I was unsure if this life I was experiencing was the life I wanted to live. And I was going to be getting breast implants this week... I peeked down and looked where the fake ones were and realized that they were still there. I thought, "damn, this glue is good" as I didn't give it another thought, other that how heavy they felt without a bra.

I realized that no matter what, I still had to get up and cleaned up. So I got up and cleaned up. I noticed that all my clothes from the night before were thrown into the duffel bag and that the uniform was the only thing hanging up in the room. I looked and saw one set of red lingerie but nothing else was in the room. I noticed the time and was shocked that it was 8am and I had to be ready by 9am. So I ran into the shower and cleaned up, got out, dried off and set to putting on my face. I noticed that the breast forms were still glued to my chest and that they really didn't seem to want to come off. Then I brushed the nipple and felt my entire body explode...

I looked down and noticed I had no real abrasions on my arms, wrists, legs or anywhere else. I should have had SOMETHING there from being bound so tightly. But there was nothing. I brushed the nipple again and actually felt it... I was not imagining it. I looked under these things and noticed the little scar that was there. It was indeed small and really not all that easily seen. And the breasts that I now sported were indeed huge. The nipples were hard and I noticed that there were little rings through them.

I looked around, taking in everything and started to notice that this was NOT the same room, exactly, as I had been in the night before. And I was also realizing, this was NOT the next morning but rather several... Days??? WEEKS??? I reached up and touched the nipple again and felt the shock of ecstasy run through my body and I moaned appreciatively. I realized that I needed to get dressed and looked around the room a little more.

I found the maid uniform hanging up, along with several others, along with their petticoats. I also saw the few articles of "normal" clothing hanging in the closet but I knew, for some reason, that my wearing those would be a long way off. And sitting there, on a clothes tree, was a red satin uniform with black trim. The black petticoat was next to it along with black undies. So I picked up first the garter belt and put that on. I picked up the seamed black stockings and noticed that the welt and the seam were in red. I ran the first one up my leg, delighting in the silky feel of them as they caressed my freshly smooth shaven legs. I looked down at my toes and noticed that the nails were painted red.

I then reached out for the ruffled panties, since no decadent sissy french maid would wear plain old red panties. I was starting to feel really slutty by this time and noticed the red patent leather pumps. As I put the first one on my foot, I pulled the strap around my ankle and noticed the little lock there. I put the lock onto the strap after threading it through the buckle and did the same thing for the other shoe. Then I picked up the corset and placed it around my waist and breasts. As it lifted the breasts a little, it touched my overly sensative nipples and I moaned again. "Oh God," I thought, "this is going to be so difficult with these breasts as sensative as they are!"

I managed to get the corset in place and started working the laces. I knew it was not going to be as tight as it probably should be but I worked on it and managed to get it pretty tight, even by myself. I then picked up the petticoat and marveled at the silky texture of the fabric as it caressed my stocking clad legs, sending another shiver up my spine. Then I picked up the maid uniform and put that on, zipping up the back and felt the little lock at the back, which I locked in place. The black lace collar covered the lock, but I knew it was there. The sleeves were, oddly enough, long enough to cover my arms to my wrists and with enough room to actually move them comfortably. I looked down to see if there was anything else and I saw the leg cuffs.

"Of course," I thought. So I reached down and placed them on, fastening the strap going under my heel as an added lock on the shoes. I closed the two hasps and was now in light but rather effective bondage. I was wearing a collar that I could not remove, a chastity that was driving me nuts, six inch stiletto heels that were doubly locked on my feet AND the maid uniform was locked on me. All in all, I was feeling kind of, well, HAPPY!

I looked at the clock and saw that it was just a couple of minutes before 9 and I stepped out into the next room. But there was no one in there. But the curtain was wide open and I could see out into the, well, real world, and noticed that I was indeed not in Kasnas any longer, nor Las Vegas for that matter. I was trying to think about where I could be, seeing the snow capped mountains off in the distance and trying to figure out where our company had offices. The mountains made me think that I might be somewhere not too far from Vegas, as I knew that Utah had some pretty mountains surrounding Salt Lake City, but I figured that there was no way on earth that I would be deep in the heart of Mormon country. But I felt a little pang of hunger and decided to look around. I noticed the kitchen and went there.

In the refrigerator I found some food and a little note saying that I could indeed eat the contents. So I had a little light breakfast and walked around the place. I noticed right away that it had not been cleaned up in a little while and seeing as I seemed to be dressed for it, I went in search of cleaning supplies. Soon, I found the cleaning supplies as well as a vacuum cleaner and proceeded to work my way around the apartment or whatever it was, dusting, cleaning and in a few hours, I realized that I was hungry again. I went back to the 'fridge, found some more food that looked good and had a light lunch. Then I continued on my way through the place, cleaning the kitchen, a pair of bathrooms, three bedrooms and finally, the place where I had woken up from. I looked around and realized that I had, at least I felt like I had, done a good job in cleaning up the place. It now looked presentable.

Then the doorbell rang!

"OH MY GOD!!!" I thought. What the hell was I going to do. I may look much more feminine than I did whenever it was, especially with these huge breasts and this corset nipping my waist. And when I looked in the mirror I did see femininity facing me back but that could just be wishful thinking. What frightened me more was the fact that there was no way my voice was going to be feminine! Not at my age and as deep as it had been.

Fear was overtaking my mind as the bell rang again. I went to the door but before I could even get close enough to look through the spyhole in the door, I heard keys in the lock and watched as the door handle turned!

I stood there, riveted to the spot I was standing as I first noticed a briefcase coming through the door. Then I saw... A very shapely leg attached to a medium height heel in black. Then I noticed the skirt the woman was wearing.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize that there..." I was shocked when I heard the voice. It was Ms Tress. But I was thinking that she was no longer my... Supervisor? Hell, I was so confused it wasn't funny any longer. I noticed that she was looking at me, appraising me and it seemed she was trying to decide what she wanted to say to me.

But something inside me snapped and I fell to the floor on my knees. I looked down at the floor and waited. I didn't have to wait long as I heard a little laugh and what sounded like pleasure in her voice!

"Oh my, I can not believe that you look this good, Paul. Oh, that's right, she was calling you Lynda now, wasn't she? And this is where she hid you. She wouldn't tell me where you were, even after, well, she found out how extremely pissed off I was that she actually thought that I was going to let her have you. But she is good at some things, except lying to me".

"You see, her assistant, the one that she was telling you came to work for me, well, she told me what Nicole was planning to do and I could not do anything about it as she had already left. I called the hotel and the only person who had checked in was you. But I called back and got ahold of my little spy there, who, when I talked to her, told me that not only was Nicole there, working her magic on you but that you were actually leaving the next day. Then she mentioned what had been told to you, including the breast implants that you were to receive. Unfortunately, I could not get there in time to stop that from happening to you".

"Unfortunately, she did not take you where I had thought she would, as the clinic that we DO use did not have a record of you being there, but they did have a cancellation for your appointment. Yes, Paul, you WERE scheduled to go there, because I knew that If I made the offer to you, which I was going to pose to you in Reno that week, you would jump at it. Because it was me who spent all that time and effort to learn all about you and your secret."

I knelt there, stunned that something was happening to me that I had no control over. Not that it was coming as a surprise to me, seeing as this whole thing was still a shock to me and part of me wasn't really feeling like complaining. I did feel bad that it seemed that I was being used as a pawn in some really weird chess game between these two women but I had to admit that it was kind of nice to have two dominant women actually kind of fighting over little old sissy me. Then I thought about the chastity on me and was starting to hope that maybe it would be coming off.

"And before you ask, no, the chastity will not be coming off. It actually CAN'T come off, as she has used one of our more diabolical chastity's on you. That one, which is not the same as the first one you had on, is actually fastened to your penis and, well, has been soldered or welded in place. The only way to take it off is to, well, cut off your penis. And in order to even fabricate a functional vagina, well, the surgeons would need to have it attached to you. So I can not even give you that as compensation for this whole thing."

I was stunned! This chastity that I was wearing was completely permanent! Oh God!!!

"Now Paul, I should also tell you that you are now, legally, Lynda Christine Jenkins. She managed to get your name changed, legally, to that while you were having your surgeries. And yes, you had several surgeries. The breast implants were just one of the proceedures that you had done. But I think that maybe you would like to get up off the floor and maybe sit on the couch. And I think a glass of wine would be in order."

She helped me get up, a shock not only because she was being pleasant to me and all but that she was indeed quite strong and managed to get me, feeling a little dizzy, up and onto the couch. Then she walked to the little bar and pulled out two wine glasses and filled each of them rather full. When she handed me mine, I was so tempted to drink the whole glass down in one shot but realized that would be not only bad form, as it were, but it would not help me out any other than making a bigger mess.

"Now Pa... Lynda. Damn, that is going to be difficult to get used to calling you but since that is indeed your name, well, I guess we both had better get used to it."

"Anyway, Lynda, I guess that you can tell that you had breast augmentation. Those are a size DD cup, based on your size. That was your first proceedure. Then, I do not know how on earth she managed to get someone to do this, but somehow, then managed to reduce your rib cage so that an off the shelf corset would fit you properly. And then they did something to your throat, so that your voice is, well, if not high pitched it is defintely softer and more feminine, or so he claims."

I sat there, even more shocked. I gulped another bit of wine and coughed. Then I actually spoke and the voice that came out was soft and very feminine.

"Sorry Ms Tress... Oh my God!"

"I see that he wasn't lying to me. That is good, for his sake, though I don't think that he is all too happy that I found him. I think that both him and Nicole are a little upset that I found them at this point. Though, to be honest, I really didn't expect to find YOU here. I really kind of expected to find that slut of a maid she was fucking here, Catherine, since she seems to have fallen off the face of the earth as well."

That explained why she was ringing the doorbell before she walked in. But now I was feeling a little curious as to what had happened to Nicole and this Dr Jeckyl that had worked on me. And I remembered that I only saw the two little scars under my breasts. So how on earth did they do the rib thing??? Did I have more scars? And just how long had I been here???

"Uhh, Ms Tress, just how long have I been, well, where ever I am right now?"

I looked at her and saw the sympathy in her eyes, as I knew that I was probably NOT going to like this answer.

"Lynda, you have been 'missing' for almost a year! But I think that I should warn you that I do not think you are going to like this next part, as it is the worst thing that you might imagine."

"You see, they have also been hypnotising you so that, well, you don't remember a great deal of things. You have been here for maybe six months. I only caught them last month and they would not tell me where you were. But they did tell me that you would be fine for a little while longer as, well, they did have someone bringing in food and the like. But that the hypnosis would cause you to wake up each day, clean and wait. Sometimes someone would come to the door, bringing you food. If they did, of course, you would thank them, well, you can guess."

"Sometimes they would come in and check on you. Of course, when they did that, you would have things reinforced and would continue to, well, serve as their little playmate, as it were. Goodness knows that they seeemed to have it all thought out. And it isn't like Nicole was working for the company any longer. She knew that she would be fired and had apparently made sure that she had certain things lined up, like a place to stash you. She even fired the company that would normally come in here to clean this place up."

"Of course, since you have been here cleaning the place, why would we need someone to come in. And the company bringing in the food, it wasn't like the guy was complaining when you offered him a blowjob or, well, let him take you elsewhere, willingly. In fact, the young man who came almost every week was a little disappointed when he didn't have an order this week."

I just didn't know what to think. I felt below me and felt the invading dildo inside my ass and knew that somehow, I didn't remember one single thing that she was talking about. All I remembered was waking up and initially thinking that today was the next day. Now I was finding out that it was a whole lot longer than that! And that I had been... What do you call it when you are fucking and sucking and apparently enjoying it so much that you can't remember it???

"Lynda, I should tell you that, as of now, you will be starting a new life. But some of the programming that has been done to you can not be undone. I don't know if, well, you wanted this to happen to you or not. I am sure that somewhere, deep inside you, or maybe not too deep, you wanted this to happen to you in some manifestation. Hypnosis can only work so much before the subconcious stops things from happening. Especially since you can not really remember any of this. I am almost certain, in fact, based on what I did learn about your secret, that some of this would actually be something that you would like. Just as all my other assistants have. Because all the other assistants that I have, well, are just as you were. Not a one of them was born a woman."

I was shocked to hear that all those very beautiful assistants that Ms Tress had were all... GUYS! And I had even wondered what they would have been like in bed! Of course, another part of me was jealous of them and what they wore, for they definitely wore some very sexy clothes at work. Not slutty but they definitely tended to be more sexy than conservative. And all of them were guys... Or former guys...

"Ms Tress, does that mean that they are women now or, uhh... Like me now?"

A slight laugh. "Lynda, each of them still have their male anatomy. Each of them wear a chastity, though their's do come off, unlike your's. They do have breast implants, though definitely not as large as yours are. But they are all submissive. But at the end of the day, they go off and live their feminine life and two of them now have girlfriends who, well, for a better description, are well versed in keeping them in line. The other two, well, goodness knows that they would like to find a girlfriend or maybe a boyfriend, who will help keep them in line as well. Though I am certain that Robin may have found a cute little girl that will keep her. I think that Jessica in accounting has decided to stake a claim on her. Cassy, on the other hand, seems to be looking for a well hung stud and I may just need to help her on her way."

"Yes, Lynda, I take care of my girls. Just as I am going to be taking care of you from now on. But I think that you should know that I am going to allow you an escape from all of this. You are going to have a choice in this, though I am not certain if I WANT to give you a choice. But since you have been through a little more than I would have put you through, I will give you this choice."

"I want you to continue working for me. You will not only work for me but you will, well, become my property. Yes, that means that I am going to keep you as my SOLE assistant. I am letting the others go off with their, well, Mistress', as it were. I was kind of getting to the point where having all of them was getting to be, well, tiring. Besides, the only one that was doing any of the real work was you. That was by design. It was also why I hired you. When I learned of your other little secrets, I was thinking about what I could do with you."

I was now wondering where this was going. Oh, I knew that I was going to stay with her, not only because I was falling for her but also because, well, I wanted to become her property. Okay, I NEEDED to become her slave. But I was being offered an out? This seemed like I was being given a choice between my need to be a slave and being free to live my life as... What???

"But I think, Lynda, that you already feel the need to be with me. Or at least someone like me. But since you have been through some rather imaginative programming as it were, I feel compelled to not only give you a choice but to help you make an informed decision."

"I know that you are feeling this need to become my slave. I can see it not only in your eyes but also this seemingly unbelievable urge to kneel at my feet. So sit back on the couch and relax. That's good, because you also have this need to please and obey. But I want you doing those things because you WANT to, not because you have been programmed. And, if they are telling me the truth, your programming should release you in just a little while. But until then, as long as you are not given the code word they had been using to reinforce your servility and obedience, you will remember what I say AND be able to make a decision later."

I nodded, as I knew she was right. A deep part of me wanted to be kneeling at her feet, kissing the shoes to show my respect and desire to be her servant. But she was telling me to relax and sit on the couch and this too was something I wanted to do because I was obeying. It was so confusing to me but at the same time, it all felt so right.

"Okay. Now, you can either go off and become the woman that, well, you certainly look like. Goodness knows that many guys would definitely want to, well... And I am sure that we can find someone who can, though it might be somewhat painful, remove that chastity from you. But I can be certain that, well, it will probably never be functional again, given what was done to it. Between that and the scar tissue, it might be better if you did have it surgically transformed into a vagina. Seeing as your chest has been augmented and you are missing that one pair of ribs. And we can remove that collar around your neck as well. It would take a little work but it can be done."

"Yes, there is a minor scar on your back, they told me. How they managed to do this is only the work of a very skilled surgeon. It turns out that he used to do reconstructive surgery on accident victims so, well, he did have the skills. And you are living proof that he can work wonders."

"Now, I said that you could live your life as a woman and I am even willing to make sure that you have employment and not just some menial job, either. You have wonderful skills and I am sure that I could put you anywhere within the company. I even have a couple of places where you could make a difference, no matter what. And you would even be able to have your own assistant. I even think I know where I could find you a couple of knowledgible ones."

"Or, as I said, you could become my sole assistant. That would also mean that you would become my slave. Yes, that means that you would live like this, working in the office at the desk, working like a 'normal' person. But you would also be required to perform certain other duties. I am sure that you would like these other duties and you would not have to ALWAYS wear those cute little maid uniforms, except, of course, when we got home. Then, of course, you would have to change into one and be my little maid. And trust me, I have a small little place that always needs to be cleaned up. Including a little space just for you to enjoy."

"I should warn you that I occasionally like to, well, take out my frustration. And in this kind of work, let me warn you that I tend to get really frustrated at times. All my other assistants have learned to feel my frustration in my office. You never heard them, partly because they were gagged at the time but also since I have a little private room off to the side where I would, well, discipline them when they were bad or, as I mentioned, wanted to vent on someone. Since you would be the only one I have, you would get all that they sometimes received. But you would also get rewarded as they occasionally were and this too was enjoyable for me."

"So, I want you to feel free to ask me anything. I know that there are a great deal of questions running around inside your brain. I know that you are a little confused as well. I want to help you get rid of that confusion and figure out just what it is that you are facing, either with me as my... Slave or as one of my employee's."

I looked at her and felt something really odd. I was thinking that I was looking through rose colored glasses because I could see no down side to becoming her slave. In fact, a part of me was still feeling the need to become just that. As for questions, I really didn't feel the need to wonder what would happen to me. I actually wondered what had happened to Nicole, the woman who had arranged this all to happen to me.

"Mistress... Sorry... Ms Tress..."

"Lynda, you may call me Mistress. It seems that you feel more comfortable that way."

"Yes, Mistress... Thank You... I was kind of wondering what happened to Nicole."

I watched as Ms Tress smiled, the laugh in her voice matched the myrth in her eyes. "Well Lynda, I can honestly say that she is not too happy with her situation. For you see, she is being punished for what she has done, not only to you but to the company as a whole. If you think that being forced to wear women's clothes... Well, try to imagine being forced to wear that slutty little french maid uniform all the time, unwillingly, and having to perform sexual acts with men, when you have a very strong dislike for men. It seems that, well, she is coming to find out just what it really is like to be forced to do things that she doesn't want to do. And she is quite cute, wearing the ballet shoes, being hobbled with only being able to take six inch steps everywhere, wearing only the briefest of uniforms, which shows pretty much everything, a collar around her neck very similar to your's and pierced nipples chained to her collar. And since, well, she doesn't LIKE her new position, well, she wears a ring gag to keep her from biting the gentlemen who feed her. But I am kind of surprised that you even care about what happened to her. Not that I should be. And as for the surgeon who did all of this work on you, well... I can honestly say that he is suffering greatly for his work, both professionally and personally. His wife is, to put it mildly, not too pleased with him, nor are the other doctors within his practice. But just as you have that chastity on you and as uncomfortable as it may feel, he too is suffering with one. And his wife is really taking to being a Dominatrix. And the other surgeons have even helped him to come to know what you feel like as they have, well, given him a little but of help like he did for you."

"Oh, he is still able to perform surgery but, well, he won't be doing as many as he might have liked. Seeing as a good part of the time he is on his knees under one of the other doctor's desks taking dictation, as it were. When, of course, he is not being whipped by his wife at home."

"Now Lynda, it is time that you rested and think about what..." I looked at my Mistress and before she could even finish her sentence, I was on the floor, kneeling in front of her and praying that she would understand me. I didn't have to wait long before I felt the hand on the back of my head, gently stoking my hair as she pulled my face to look at her.

"Lynda, I am glad that you want to become my slave. I am certain that the programming is not making you do this as it should have worn off two days ago. I did not want to say anything because I wanted you to act based on what YOU were thinking. And I know that you were thinking the whole time I spoke. So this means that you desire to become my slave, to obey me at all times, suffer when I feel like making you suffer and pleasuring me when I desire to be pleasured."

"In return for that, I will discipline you on a daily basis, not so much to punish you but to remind you of your bond to me. I will make you my own and I will be your's as well. I can see that this pleases you and this, though it should not matter one bit, it pleases me greatly. I am sure that you will be a wonderful little slave for me. And now, I want you to show me how thankful you are!"

I looked as Mistress stood up, attached a leash to me and led me into a bedroom. Then I watched as she removed her skirt and blouse, showing off her beautiful body encased in sexy lingerie. I could see the black lace bra and how it help up her breasts and I could see her nipples were as hard as mine were under this uniform. I looked and as I gazed down her body, the garterbelt and stockings that she had on and then the sexy little pair of panties she had on. It wasn't a thong, which I would have thought was her style, as beautiful and sexy as she was to me but rather a very small bikini panty that would barely be allowed on a beach as skimpy as it was. And as I watched, she pulled it down off her hips and pulled me towards her as she sat on the edge of the bed.

In no time, I was between her legs and I could tell that she was really wet, as she seemed to be waiting for me. I instantly brought my tongue to her clitoral lips and started to bring her to her first orgasm, as if she had been hungry for it. She did not release me after that but kept me there between her legs, making me take my time and lick and suck her slowly and lovingly until she had her second orgasm.

Of course, by this time, I really was starting to become excited from her moans of pleasure. It seems that this was turning me on but I could not get any release from this arousal. And Mistress could see it in my face.

"Sweet Lynda, I am sure that I know just how to make you happy right now."

She pulled me away from her legs and took a wet wipe from a table by her bed. She wiped my face and told me to go and fix up my face. I left and went to my bedroom and fixed my make up. I was really looking dreadful. After about ten minutes of work, I was back to looking okay and I walked back into the other bedroom.

There I saw Mistress, standing in a corset, high heel stiletto's and holding some leather cuffs. She smiled at me and I went and knelt at her feet.

"That's a good sissy. Now, I want you to stand up, turn around and place your hands behind your back."

Instantly I obeyed. I felt the first set of cuffs go around my wrists and get locked in place. Then I felt another set being placed around my elbows and these were pulled together. I moaned a little but it didn't really bother me. I heard a little chuckle come out of Mistress. "Get used to this, sissy. It will get even tighter in time!" and with that, I felt a little tug as they were pulled even tighter together.

Then I felt her bring a gag to my mouth and instinctively I opened my mouth as she placed a rather large penis gag in my mouth. I noticed, however, that this one did not cause the burnig sensation or bad taste in my mouth as the last one did.

"This one is made of a gel compound. It is designed for prolonged use. So you can be assured that you are in that for a while. I figure that you need to have maybe three orgasms before I am finished with you!"

THREE??? Oh God!!! And suddenly, I felt my arms being pulled up behind my back as I was placed into a strappado position once again, though this time without anything under my chest. And this was starting to actually turn me on, sexually. But when I felt my panties being pulled down and the strap between my legs get loosened, I knew what was coming next... And seeing as I had been rather professionally stretched out, thre was no trouble as Mistress took a long, fat strap-on and slowly and methodically fucked my ass until I moaned through the first orgasm, spurting cum onto the floor as she pounded me.

"Oh dear, it looks like my little sissy maid made a little mess here." Then I could just barely see her as she took her hand and picked up a little tube, putting it into the gag in my mouth. Then she took the other end and put it down on the mat I was standing on and into the cum that was there. "Now, sissy, we can't have you making a mess like this. Suck it all up so that we can recycle it." And obediently, I started to suck on the dildo in my mouth and I ended up sucking up my own cum. Then I looked down as she took something and attached it to my caged cock, placed the tube in there and laughed.

"I should have thought of that sooner. Then it wouldn't have been so messy. So, I guess you need to be punished for cumming on my mat here!" Suddenly, I realized that she had a mean looking crop in her hand as it fell against my exposed butt cheeks. In no time at all, I was whimpering and moaning, not so much from the pain that it was inflicting but rather from the desire that was overcoming me from that pain. I was actually ENJOYING the whipping that she was giving me. And I was starting to want MORE!

After a while my ass was bright red and, without warning, Mistress took her strap-on and entered me again. The combination of the two feelings, the pain on my ass cheeks and the sudden, violent entry, caused me to scream through the gag as I felt my cock spurt more cum, which needless to say worked it's way up the tube and into my eagerly awaiting mouth. After another hour or so, I felt completely used as she brought me to a third, not completely cum filled but still sexually enjoyable orgasm. Mistress then pulled out of me, grabbed another dildo and placed it inside me and strapped it into place. Then she left the room, leaving me in this position. I heard the bathroom door close and realized that she might be taking a shower,.

I soon drifted off to sleep, feeling like I had made the right decision and I was actually looking forward to what the rest of my life would be like. I didn't have to wait long as I felt the lash of Mistress' riding crop fall on my ass, waking me up and reminding me of just what I was...

Her slave...

And in the back of my mind, that little voice of reason was telling me one little thing...

What a way to end my vacation!!!




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