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by Lobo De la Sombra

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Storycodes: Solo-M; F/f; transform; M2f; bond; cuffs; gag; enslave; bodybag; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

As a teen, Brian Jenkins had discovered, quite by accident, that he possessed a very special gift. With a thought, he could alter reality. At first, he’d been nearly overwhelmed with dreams of how he could use this to make the world a better place, but he soon learned there were limits to this ability. He could only change things he could see. He couldn’t end war, couldn’t eliminate disease. Only things he could see with his own eyes could be changed. And images on television didn’t count either, he quickly learned.

Since he couldn’t create changes to better the whole world, Brian decided to focus on himself. At first, it was simple things, making himself faster, stronger, smarter. He improved himself, in his own eyes, as much as he could. Then he began experimenting with other changes.

In this way, Brenda came into being. Brenda was his idea of the perfect woman. For months, he worked on her, getting her face, her body, exactly the way he wanted. Then he practiced until he could become Brenda with a thought. He’d already used his ability to make himself wealthy, so there was never a need to work. After high school, he began spending increasing amounts of time as Brenda. Eventually, he reached the point where, when he was in Brenda’s body, he became her in all ways. He even thought of himself as a she. Slowly, Brenda developed her own personality, distinct from Brian’s.

For one thing, Brenda turned out to be something of an exhibitionist. She loved dressing in revealing clothes and touring the bars and clubs. She loved the attention she got, from women as well as men. And, while she never accepted any of the numerous advances made to her, she loved every minute of it. Until she met Felicia.

If Brenda was Brian’s vision of the perfect woman, Felicia was that vision for Brenda. Almost from the moment they met, Brenda felt herself drawn to Felicia. And, judging by her actions, Felicia felt the same attraction. Within a month, the two women had become lovers. Within three months, Felicia was asking Brenda to move in with her. Tempted as she was, Brenda had to decline, since Brian still required at least part of her time, and she had yet to decide if it would be a good idea to tell Felicia her secret.

Eventually, after about six months, Brenda worked out a compromise that, in her own mind, seemed the perfect solution. On a Friday, while preparing to leave for a weekend at Felicia’s house, she sat and thought things through. Very carefully, one step at a time, she set up a series of reality altering conditions. Once she had everything set up, she looked over her work carefully, trying to find any mistakes she might have made. Seeing none, she set her changes into action, then hurried to Felicia’s house, where she revealed her ability, and the changes she’d set in place, to her astonished and disbelieving lover.

"Let me get this straight," Felicia said slowly. "You can change reality by thinking the change. And for this weekend, you’ve arranged it so I can tap into your ability and change you with my own thoughts."

"Basically, yes," Brenda replied. "But you can only make changes within me. You can’t access my ability for anything else."

"I’m not sure I believe any of this," Felicia said. "If I didn’t know you better, I’d ask what you were on." For a moment, she stared hard at Brenda, then turned away. "I will admit, though, if it were true, the possibilities would be……. interesting."

"Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm?" Brenda’s eyes widened as she realized that, somehow, she was suddenly unable to part her lips. Everything she tried to say came out as simple humming sounds. Felicia turned back to her with a grin.

"Now that’s interesting," she said. "I thought about you unable to open your mouth, and now all you can do is hum. Unless you knew that was what I was thinking, this ability of yours seems to be real, and working. Let’s see what else it can do." Falling silent herself, Felicia stared at Brenda for several moments, then turned and went to her computer.

"Wonderful," she said, after bringing up a screen and examining it. "You just made me the wealthiest woman in the world."

"But how did I do that?" Brenda asked, finding herself able to talk again.

"Evidently, I just thought about you doing it," Felicia replied, "and you did. Now, let’s see if my other idea worked. Strip."

"Yes, Mistress." Brenda’s hands went to the buttons on her blouse even as her eyes widened again. "Mistress?"

"Oh, yes," Felicia replied, smiling. "My other thought was that you be my obedient slave, who would obey any command, and always address me as Mistress."

"I’m not sure I like where this is going," Brenda said slowly, even as her jeans pooled on the floor around her feet. "Maybe we should stop here."

Instead of answering, Felicia turned and walked to the other side of the room. Brenda began to ask another question, only to find herself unable to speak. The words formed clearly in her mind, but nothing came out of her mouth.

"You are now," she heard Felicia say, "unable to speak unless spoken to. And when you do speak, it will only be in response to what is said to you. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Mistress," Brenda heard herself say, even as her bra slid down her arms to drop to the floor. She tried to ask what Felicia was doing to her, but, again, no words emerged from her seemingly enslaved lips.

"Excellent," Felicia said, watching as Brenda slid her panties down her slim legs, raising each foot to kick them free. "This is going to be fun. Can you create things, as well as change them?"

In spite of her best efforts not to answer, Brenda found herself saying, "Yes, Mistress, but if I create something from nothing, it can take a bit of time, depending on how large the thing is."

"Perfect." Again, Felicia stared hard at her, and Brenda found herself wondering, very nervously, what her lover had in mind now. Even as the thought formed, she felt her hands go behind her, felt leather encircle her wrists, binding them together. More leather wrapped around her ankles, holding her feet securely together. Brenda then felt her mouth pushed open by something that materialized behind her teeth. Her tongue explored the shape of the ring gag she found herself wearing, and, somehow, she knew the straps holding the ring in place had no buckle, meaning only her ability could remove it. She concentrated, but nothing happened. The gag remained firmly in place.

"By the way," Felicia said, as if reading her mind, "you can now only use your ability at my command, spoken or otherwise." Felicia smiled. "After all, a slave’s talents should only be used at the command of her Mistress. Oh, and you can speak freely while gagged." Felicia’s smile turned feral. "After all, nothing you say will be understandable, so why deprive myself the delicious gagged sounds you can and will make?"

Bound, gagged, unable now to use her own abilities without Felicia’s command, Brenda could only watch as the other woman quickly removed her own clothing. Naked, Felicia moved to stand in front of the bound woman.

"Kneel," she commanded, "and put that mouth of yours to a proper use. Make me cum, but make it last, and make it good."

Obediently, Brenda’s body knelt, leaning forward to let her tongue snake through the ring gag and lick between Felicia’s thighs. Obeying the command, she slowly worked Felicia into a near frenzy of need, driving her higher with each probing thrust of her tongue, until Felicia, unable to stand any more, cried, "Make me cum, now!" Obediently, Brenda’s tongue thrust deep, triggering the orgasm that had been so slowly building in Felicia’s body. Powerful spasms shook Felicia’s body for several minutes, before she sank limply to the floor. For some time, she lay limp, her breathing heavy, before she climbed shakily to her feet.

"That," she declared, "was amazing. There’s still something missing, though."

Her bonds suddenly gone, Brenda found herself walking into the bedroom, stopping only when she stood before a full length mirror mounted on the wall. Unable to move, she stood with feet together, arms at her sides. Feeling something at her feet, she rolled her eyes downward, her breath catching at the reflection she saw in the mirror.

Something black and leathery looking was forming around her feet. Even as she watched, it began climbing up her body, fusing her legs into a single column. Slowly, it worked its way upward, pinning her arms to her sides before rising to cover her head. In the end, the only openings in the leather sheath that covered her were two holes at her nostrils.

With the leather holding her mouth closed, serving as a gag, she could now speak freely, but only muffled moaning sounds emerged as she felt herself lifted and laid on a soft surface. She felt freedom of movement return to her body, but the tight leather sheath enclosing her denied her even the slightest movement.

How long she lay there, Brenda had no idea, but it felt like several hours. As she lay there, she felt something changing in her, something she could feel but not identify. It was as if, somehow, she were becoming other than what she was.

Finally, after she knew not how long, she felt the leather enclosing her begin to loosen. When she was finally free, Brenda lay quietly for several moments, eyes closed, exploring with her mind the changes she felt within herself. Finally, slowly, she rose and moved slowly to the mirror mounted on the bedroom wall. Once there, she froze, staring at the reflection that stared back at her.

'What’s going on?' The thought raced through her mind. 'This can’t be. I’m…… I’m a man'. And she was. A strange man stared back at her from the mirror, his nude body displayed to her unbelieving eyes. Slowly, her eyes moved down the body in the mirror, finally pausing at the crotch. 'Oh my God', she thought, watching her new cock begin to swell under her gaze. 'It’s huge'. A step behind her made her turn.

"Oh, my." Felicia smiled. "You are well endowed, aren’t you? Do you like your new body?"

"No, Mistress," she heard herself say truthfully. Desperately, she tried to say more, but the words refused to emerge from her lips. Defeated, she could only stand quietly as Felicia stepped close and began examining her new body.

When Felicia’s fingers wrapped round her new cock, Brenda’s knees nearly buckled. Now wearing a man’s body, she still, somehow, felt a woman’s responses to that touch. She could feel Felicia’s fingers wrapped around her, but, at the same time, those feelings came from deep within her, as if originating from within the pussy she no longer possessed. Her eyes closed, and she moaned softly.

"Very good," she heard Felicia say. "It would seem I got your physical responses right. From now on, you will feel my every touch in a way no man or woman has ever felt before. I’m sure the intensity will be most, well, overwhelming, given time." Releasing Brenda’s throbbing cock, she turned away, then looked back over her shoulder.

"Oh, and by the way," she said, "I decided something. Now that I begin to realize the possibilities of this gift of yours, I think I want to keep it. So I’ve commanded you silently to extend my control over your powers indefinitely. Monday, you will sign over all of your assets to me. As a slave, you no longer need possessions. You need only be one. Is this all understood?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Excellent. Now, follow me." As her new body obediently followed Felicia from the room, Brenda pondered the irony of it all. Born a man, living in a woman’s body of her own creation, she now found herself helplessly trapped in a man’s body, unable to use her abilities unless her new Mistress desired it. Worse, she could never make Felicia understand. Unless she asked exactly the right question, a question Brenda knew she would never think to ask, there was no way Brenda could explain the reality of her existence.

As she silently followed her new Mistress from the room, Brenda could only hope that, somehow, some day, she would be given the chance to set right the terrible mistake she’d made with her gift. And that, somehow, she would find a way to regain control of her abilities, and get her life back. Some day.


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