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Brenda Part 2

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; D/s; transform; F2m; M2f; mc; enslave; oral; mast; climax; cons/reluct; X

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Part Two

“How much longer?”

“Almost finished, Mistress.”

“Well, hurry it up. I have a nice surprise for you.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

As he scrubbed at the remaining section of floor, Brian considered his situation. It was, he knew, his own fault that he now knelt naked in the kitchen of his former lover, now turned Mistress. As usual, his thoughts turned to how he came to be here, as well as how to fix what he’d done wrong.

Early in life, Brian had discovered that he could change reality, simply by imagining the change he wanted. In time, he had created Brenda, a female version of himself. He had learned to love being a woman, frequently visiting the bars and clubs in the area. This was how he’d met Felicia.

At first, Felicia had been the perfect lover for Brenda. Gentle, caring, passionate, she had been everything Brenda could have dreamed of. Quickly, Brenda had grown to love Felicia in ways she’d never before thought possible. It was that love, and the trust that went along with it, that had caused her to make her worst mistake.

Six months ago, Brenda had set in motion a chain of events that, she thought, would allow her to use her ability openly within her relationship with Felicia. In essence, she gave Felicia control over her abilities, limiting them carefully to changes within herself. This limitation, she felt, would allow Felicia to use her abilities only for mutual pleasure. It didn’t take long to find out how wrong she’d been.

Once she knew what Brenda was offering her, Felicia had immediately begun exploring the extent of her control, branching out in ways Brenda hadn’t considered. Felicia couldn’t, for example, use Brenda’s ability to change anything outside Brenda’s own body. She could, however, command Brenda to make those changes for her. Brenda hadn’t thought to block that particular approach to her abilities, and this oversight had proved her undoing.

Very quickly, Brenda found herself a helpless slave to her lover. Forbidden to speak unless spoken to, she could only obey when Felicia commanded her to use her abilities to make her lover incredibly rich. That in itself was bad enough, but she soon realized that Felicia was only getting warmed up.

By the end of that first weekend, Brenda had found herself changed into a male body. Not the one she’d been born with, of course, but Felicia’s idea of the ideal male slave. Forbidden to speak unless spoken to, forbidden to use her abilities unless commanded to do so, there was nothing she could say or do to end the nightmare she’d suddenly found herself thrown into.

Her only chance, she soon realized, was to not resist. Perhaps, if she became the perfect slave, she might someday get the chance to fix everything. And so, for the past six months, she, now he, had been the most devoted slave anyone could wish for, far beyond the commands silently issued by Felicia’s thoughts.

As he finished his work on the kitchen floor, Brian considered the irony of his new name. He’d been born Brian, long before Brenda ever came into being. Ironically, in choosing her slave’s new male name, Felicia had picked the very name he’d been given at birth. Which, actually, helped, since he was already accustomed to answering to that name. It made his compliance seem just that little bit more willing.

Finished with the floor, Brian put away the cleaning supplies, then moved to the den. Once there, he obeyed his Mistress’ silent command by kneeling at her feet. For a long moment, Felicia simply looked down at him.

“My slave,” she finally said, “you’ve done well these past few months. Even better than I could have hoped.”

“Thank you, Mistress,” Brian replied dutifully.

“I never dreamed you would take so well to your new reality,” Felicia continued. “You’ve always obeyed me, but, of course, you’ve had no choice. Still, you’ve managed to go beyond the limits of my commands, finding ways to serve and please me that I hadn’t considered.”

“I wish only so please you, Mistress.”

“Exactly. And for being such a devoted slave, I think you should be rewarded.”


“Good service deserves a reward, does it not?”

“If Mistress feels a reward is to be given, then it will be. Mistress commands; her slave only obeys.”

Felicia beamed. “Perfectly said. And, since you have more than proven your devotion to me, I think you should be allowed to choose your own reward. Choose carefully, though. I would hate to have to punish you right after your reward.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Brian’s mind raced, considering the possibilities.

“Have you chosen your reward?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And what reward do you desire?”

“Mistress, I ask permission to use my abilities freely for one day.”

Felicia frowned. “And why would you wish for that?”

“Mistress,” Brian said slowly, “you have commanded me in many ways these past months, using my abilities in your service. But there may be things you haven’t considered yet.”

“And you think being able to use your abilities freely will let you show me these things I haven’t considered?”

“Mistress does not allow me to make suggestions,” Brian replied carefully.

“Which means I never know what you’re thinking,” Felicia finished the thought. “Which also means you have ideas on ways to serve me better.” Felicia stared at Brian. As she did, he felt something seem to shift within his mind.

“There,” Felicia said, leaning back. “You have free use of your abilities for one day. See that you don’t misuse this freedom.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Brian said gratefully. “I promise, Mistress will be most pleased with what I have in mind. May I retire and prepare Mistress’ surprise?”

“Go.” Watching as her slave left the room, Felicia could only wait in anticipation for what was to come.

“Hello, Felicia.”

“Brenda?” Eyes wide, Felicia stared at the woman standing before her. “Why have you changed yourself back?”

The woman standing before Felicia shrugged. “You haven’t let me be Brenda since you took control of my abilities,” she said simply.

“I prefer Brian,” Felicia replied shortly.

“I don’t.”

“Change back immediately,” Felicia commanded sternly. When Brenda simply shook her head, Felicia focused her concentration, silently issuing commands. To her surprise, nothing happened.

“What have you done?”

Brenda shrugged again. “All this time,” she said softly, “you’ve kept me under such tight control. You haven’t allowed me a single word or action that wasn’t in obedience to your commands. The only thing of my own that you left me were my thoughts.”

Brenda’s voice hardened. “I guess you didn’t think it mattered what I thought. After all, I had no way to speak or act on those thoughts. I couldn’t even lie to you.” Brenda smiled coldly. “I could, however, word the truth to be exactly what you wanted to hear. You became so convinced of my total devotion to you, you never once considered I might not enjoy the position you forced me into. You actually believed that, given the chance, I would willingly use my abilities for your benefit.”

“You were wrong. I’ve removed all the controls you made me place on my abilities. I am my own person again, free of your control.”

Suddenly, Felicia found herself unable to move. “But you promised,” she protested. “You promised I would be pleased with what you did with your abilities.”

“Yes,” Brenda replied, “I did make that promise.”

“Then keep your promise. The only thing that would please me would be for you to be what I made you.”

Brenda smiled. “We shall see,” she said simply. “Now, rise and remove your clothing.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Stunned by her response, Felicia could only watch as her body rose from the chair and began stripping. Naked, she stood before Brenda.

“Very good,” Brenda said, her words sending a strange flush of pleasure through Felicia’s body. “Now, who am I?”

“You are my Mistress.” Felicia struggled to say more, but found herself unable to force words past her unreasoning lips.

“And who are you?”

“I am your slave, Mistress.”

Smiling, Brenda reached up and stroked one nipple, the simple touch sending a wash of pleasure through Felicia’s body.

“Very good. Now, slave, speak your fondest wish, and you shall have it.”

Felicia smiled inwardly. Obviously, Brenda had forgotten how Felicia’s mind worked. Images filled her mind of the punishments she would mete out once Brenda had fulfilled her wish to put things back the way they were this morning. Once that was done, she would make sure nothing like this could ever happen again. Triumphantly, she spoke.

“I wish only to serve and please you, Mistress.” Stunned by her own words, Felicia quickly realized the truth of them. Although her previous thought and desires remained vivid in her mind, the desire to serve her new Mistress had become foremost in her mind. Revenge, punishment, seemed to fade as this new desire filled her. Eyes wide, she could only stare as the realization slowly sank in that Brenda now controlled, not only her body, but her mind as well. Somehow, she knew that her thoughts would always be her own, but those thoughts would be controlled by the desire to serve. Desperately, her mind raced, seeking a way out of this trap she had so blindly walked into.

“You might be interested to know,” she heard Brenda say, “that I was actually born a man. Brenda is someone I created after I learned to use my abilities. Maybe some day you’ll get to meet the real me.” Brenda smiled. “His name is Brian, by the way. For now, we have other things to think about.”

Smiling, Brenda sank into the chair that had previously been Felicia’s. “Lick me,” she commanded. “Slowly, while I talk.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Dropping to her knees, Felicia thrust her head between Brenda’s spread thighs, her tongue slowly working its way across sensitive flesh.

“Very nice,” Brenda said, her words causing Felicia’s body to shiver with pleasure. “Now, let’s see how things will be from now on”.

“You will keep your wealth,” Brenda went on, her voice becoming husky from the attentions she was receiving. “After all, it’s been six months since my male version vanished. As far as the world is concerned, he never existed, so there’s no rush in bringing him back.”

Brenda’s body jumped slightly as Felicia’s tongue found her clit. “I like that,” she moaned softly, before focusing once more on what she’d been saying. “You,” she went on, “will continue to maintain your way of life outside this house. Nobody is to ever suspect that anything about you has changed. Only you and I will ever know that all your wealth, all your power and influence, now exist only to please me.” Reaching down, Brenda pushed Felicia’s head from between her thighs.

“Enough,” she commanded. “Stand.” Obediently, Felicia rose to her feet.

“I gave you a very special gift,” Brenda said, gazing up at the woman standing silently before her. “I gave it out of love and trust, and you abused it. You turned me into something I never wanted to be, and you made me do things I would never have considered doing on my own.”

Brenda’s eyes hardened. “How many people,” she asked, “men and women both, have I seduced by your command? Just so you could increase your power and influence through blackmail. How many times did you turn me into a whore in your own quest for power? No, don’t answer that. We both know the truth.”

Rising, Brenda locked gazes with Felicia. “That all ends now,” she said softly. “You have used me for the last time, and now the payback begins. You will serve me well and faithfully, and you will find happiness in that service. At the same time, you will remember everything.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“What is your wish?”

“To serve you, Mistress.”

“What is your desire?”

“To please you, Mistress.”

“And so you shall, well and often.” Gazing at the woman before her, Brenda smiled. “Cum.”

Felicia’s body stiffened as a massive orgasm swept through her, leaving her body limp and barely able to stand in its wake. Awed by the true extent of her Mistress’ control over her, Felicia felt all thought of revenge, of regaining the upper hand, begin to melt away, replaced by a new feeling that found fuel in her Mistress’ smile. Still, one thought lingered, something Mistress evidently saw in her eyes.


“Yes, Mistress.” Carefully, Felicia tried to put her thought into words. “When I gave Mistress back her abilities, Mistress promised that I would be pleased with what Mistress did with those abilities.”

Mistress reached down, lightly tapping between Felicia’s thighs. In spite of her recent orgasm, Felicia immediately felt her arousal begin to grow.

“Your wish and desire is to serve me?”

“Yes Mistress.” Felicia fought to restrain a moan as Mistress’ finger slipped inside her.

“And are you not being given the chance to do exactly that?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And does this not please you?”

Felicia gazed silently into Mistress’ eyes, feeling Mistress’ touch throughout her body. When she spoke, it was to speak a truth that, while not of her own choosing, had yet become her own.

“Yes, Mistress, it pleases me very much.”

Promise kept.


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