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Change of Perspective

by earlofnexus

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Storycodes: F/m; M/f; transform; object; shrunk; cons; X

Chapter 1

There was a loud boom. The machine flashed a bright light and Steve felt his molecules changing. In a matter of seconds he felt his limbs rearranging, his form changing, and as he drew his last breath he shrank on the spot until he was a fraction of his former size. Now inanimate. Strangely, he was completely aware of his situation and able to see, hear, feel and smell ... his senses were there, but he could no longer speak. He was conscious but could no longer move.

His wife Jen towered over him, amazed at what she saw. She remarked "Well Steve, you've lost a few pounds! I didn't believe you when you said you'd found a way to turn one thing into another thing. Well, I know you demonstrated turning the cat into a brick and back again but I thought that was just a parlour trick. This is something else!"

Thing is, Steve had no idea yet what he'd become. He'd let her choose his transformation. He told her to keep it brief so that he could report back what it was like.

The device he used had a handheld scanner, that could scan the molecular pattern of anything in an instant and use it as the template for the transformation. What had she scanned?

She picked him up and held him up to her face. She was giant. "Bet you're dying to know what I turned you into."

She held him up to a mirror. He wasn't sure but he looked like something made of metal and glittery pink see through plastic. Then he realised. He was a dental appliance. Their 18 year old daughter Chloe's retainer, he suspected. She wore it every night after recently finishing braces on her teeth.

"Look familiar? I didn't expect this to work, so just grabbed something out of the bathroom, felt like as good an item as anything. Chloe's friend Maya is spending the night and left her things here on her way to college this morning. This is her retainer actually. So don't worry I'm not expecting you to end up in our daughter's mouth. That would be weird. But I've decided you can spend the night in Maya's! I wonder what that will be like for you. I love the idea that your entire soul and essence is in there somewhere distilled into a tiny object but nobody but me knows. Otherwise you're just a bit of sparkly plastic and metal whose sole purpose is to keep a young woman's teeth straight. Important job. Someone has to do it I guess!"

She held him between her finger and thumb spinning him round. She wished he would fit into her mouth but each retainer was different.

She carried Steve to the bathroom and took Maya's retainer out of its box and put it in her pocket, and left Steve in its place. "They will be back from college shortly. I'll collect you in the morning... or will I leave you like this for a while longer until her next sleepover? They do it every couple of weeks ..."

Steve couldn't believe it. He thought he'd be transformed for a few minutes, not for the night. Shit, it may be longer. He couldn't do anything about it. And the experience itself was so random and he had no idea how it would go.

Time seemed to pass slowly laid there in a little retainer box in a night bag. It was dark. He had no idea how long he'd been there when suddenly he felt the bag move and he was picked up. The container opened and Chloe's friend was looking down at him. She had a beautiful smile and was very pretty. She picked up Steve and ran him under the tap for a moment. 'I really should be better at keeping this thing clean'.

She then opened her mouth and she manoeuvred him into the roof of her mouth with the metal wire of the retainer going over the front of her teeth. He almost clicked into place. Part of him clicked around her molars and he filled the entire roof of her mouth and behind her front teeth with hard smooth plastic. Her mouth, gums and teeth all glistened with saliva which started to envelop him too. She then grinned in the mirror admiring her metal smile, and ran her tongue over Steve. He felt like this was so wrong, and impossible, but also amazing and very erotic. He was an inanimate thing on the outside, but inside he felt like he could explode. Everything about it felt electric and turned him on, except he had no release or ability to orgasm and of course there was no visible sign of his arousal.

The sensations were all consuming. The feel of her tongue, the warmth of her mouth, wet and damp. His world had become her mouth. He couldn't explain it but being an object he started to feel like his goal was to be used for his intended purpose. Being in the box he felt useless. Being in her mouth he had purpose. He was custom made to fit in here. He wouldn't fit into anyone else's mouth in the world. He had to look after this beautiful smile. What was he thinking ... he was thinking like a retainer. He wanted to keep her teeth straight ...

As she finished running her tongue over him, she closed her full lips over him and then closed her mouth entirely. It smelled minty inside, she must have just brushed her teeth. He could hear her humming to herself as she continued to get ready for bed.

She popped to the kitchen for a glass of water and bumped into Steve's wife. Maya smiled at her and wished her goodnight, "Don't leth the beg bugth bite!" she chirped. Jen noticed she was wearing the retainer which made her talk a little funny and barely hid a smirk at the idea Steve was stuck in her mouth powerless.

Minutes later Maya headed to Chloe's room where a camping bed had been set up for the sleepover. Chloe was there and they started to recount college gossip, the two of them talking into the night.

Her voice was loud from his perspective, her tongue dancing all around him as she spoke. As she moved her lips they rubbed on his metal wire that wrapped around her teeth. Occasionally if she smiled large, her top lip would stick a little on him and she would lick across her teeth and moisten her lips to remedy the situation.

Between talking she would sip her drink of water and swallow, bathing him in liquid. Steve would get to see glimpses of his daughter as Maya smiled, laughed and talked, revealing his metal over her teeth.

He had noticed that unlike other times he'd heard Maya speak, she now had a lisp and wearing him seemed to distort her speech a little in a cute way, probably because he filled the roof of her mouth. That likely explained why his daughter never wore her retainer around her parents as she too had hers on and was having similar difficulties speaking.

Having him in her mouth seemed to make her mouth particularly wet, she was always swallowing and her mouth was absolutely swimming with saliva. Sometimes she slurped a little as she spoke.

As she breathed in he could feel a cool air flowing over him and as she breathed out the air was warm and moist.

With nothing to do but focus on his senses and his surroundings he noticed he could hear the sound of saliva flowing around him, air sighing in and out, she had a tongue piercing that periodically tapped on him. Smells ranged from nothing, to silent belches that revealed what she'd eaten earlier, to mintiness from brushing her teeth earlier though that had worn off mostly by now.

Eventually though it was time to sleep and the lights went out, or more accurately, her mouth remained closed. He realised he was sealed in this moist prison for the next nine or ten hours. Lining the roof of Maya's mouth. He thought Maya must like the feel of the retainer as she occasionally just ran her tongue over his smooth surface exploring him.

Through the night Steve just sat there in warm damp darkness. Occasionally Maya would snore a little or her mouth would be open, drooling a little onto her pillow. When she did this her mouth would dry out along with him, and a smell and taste of dry saliva would encompass him and he'd notice her breath wasn't pleasant any more. Then she'd turn over, adjust, swallow and close her mouth again and he'd be lubricated again. By early morning her breath was really bad, thankfully though the alarm went off. She and Chloe awoke and she took a sip of water from the nearby glass on the nightstand.

"I'm just going to use your bathroom Chlo" she remarked, and proceeded to prepare herself for the day ahead. She got washed and dressed and as a final task, she opened wide and poked a finger into her mouth to remove Steve. He was wedged in tight but she managed to work him loose. As she pulled him out strings of saliva followed him, and he was covered in bubbly spit and drool. He didn't smell particularly great either. She unceremoniously dropped him into her retainer box and mumbled that she'd clean it tonight. She brushed her teeth and headed for breakfast, dropping her night bag in the hallway before heading to the kitchen.

His world was damp, wet, sticky and smelly. Though the experience was worth it. Talk about new perspectives.

He could hear the clinking of cutlery on plates and clanking of glasses as the girls ate breakfast with his wife. Chloe asked where he was and her mum said he had to work out of town. While the girls finished up, Jen came into the hallway and fished the retainer box out of Maya's night bag. She picked him out and swapped him with the real retainer, placing Steve in a little plastic bag in her pocket.

The girls headed to college and Maya took her bag with her. A part of Steve was sad that he wouldn't get to do this again.

Once they'd gone, Jen took Steve to the machine, removed him from the bag, and placed him inside. He was still sticky and smelly. She tapped the commands he'd shown her into the machine and like before ... boom ... he was bathed in light, his molecules vibrated and over a few seconds he changed shape and size and returned to being his former self. One slight difference was that he was covered in a dripping film of Maya's spit; the machine hadn't known what to do with the extra matter from the original patterns and simply multiplied it in volume and applied it to his entire surface as was the case with the retainer. His hair was soaked and it was thick and stringy. It was even in his eyes, ears and mouth. Steve cleared his throat and swallowed. It tasted like the last twelve hours. He wiped his eyes.

"Wow. That was an incredible experience. I felt, saw, smelled, heard everything. I was powerless and motionless yet as an object I had purpose. I'm not sure spending 12 hours in our daughter’s best friend's mouth was entirely appropriate, but I won't lie I'd do it again."

His wife seemed jealous of my experience. "I suppose you got to spend the night with another woman. Then a grin came over his wife's face. 'Can I try it sometime? The transformation? You can pick my change ... or I might have some suggestions?"

Steve nodded, still dripping wet. "Absolutely, I think you should experience what it's like. But for now, I need to shower and get the contents of Maya's mouth off me, it's like I've been licked all over!" Thing is that was pretty much the truth of things.

Steve finished showering and the doorbell went. He answered it and Maya stood there. Now he was his old self again she was shorter than him but stunningly good looking. She said "Hey Steve. Chloe said you might be able to help. Some of the boys at college thought it would be funny to take my retainer from my bag and they've damaged it. She thought you might have something to fix it with."

Steve flushed a little, then had a wicked idea. "Yes, I have some tools that might help fix that. It just looks like something has come out and just needs tightening up again. Leave it with me and collect it after college?" Maya beamed "Thank you so much. My parents would have killed me if they had had to pay for a new one". Steve nodded "Don't worry we'll have it as good as new".

Steve closed the door and went to find his wife. "Hey, fancy trying the machine? I've got something I'd like to turn you into." She looked at Steve excitedly "Yes please! What is it?".Steve said "Oh a surprise. At least as good as what you did to me!" She looked excited if not a little nervous. She stripped off and stood in the machine. Steve scanned her pattern and stored it in the machine. He then selected the pattern for Maya's retainer. With a huge grin on his face he said "Here goes! Probably be a couple of weeks before I can turn you back!" She shouted "What? Why? Stop!" but before she could say more or get out of the machine Steve had pushed the button and she was converted into the retainer.

Steve picked her up and showed her her new form in the mirror. "Look familiar? Maya broke her retainer and asked if I could fix it. Looks like you will help her out! I'll turn you back when she next has a sleepover. Meanwhile she will collect you after college and I expect you will get to experience her mouth for the foreseeable future. Enjoy!" Mentally she was screaming out but knew she could do nothing. She was sealed in the box ready for collection.

Hours later she found herself in Maya's mouth and experiencing everything Steve had, except she got to do it night after night after night. Some nights Maya's hygiene was poor and she'd be worn without her teeth being brushed. Jen was rarely washed on a morning and definitely had a permanent bad breath smell about her.

She was intimately familiar with every last millimetre of her mouth and after weeks of this her mind had become jelly and had a single-minded view that she was now an object. This mouth was her home and she belonged here. It was how she coped with this long term situation. Thinking of her previous life was no longer helpful.

Unfortunately Chloe and Maya had fallen out over boyfriends which Steve couldn't have anticipated and it took a few months before they patched things up. Of course eventually Maya came to stay again, and Steve was able to steal his wife and transform her back.

Steve expected his wife to be very angry. When she finished transforming back again she had a blank stare. He clicked his fingers and she eventually responded. Like Steve had been she was immersed in saliva but this time she also had a distinct smell of bad breath, the machine must have multiplied the poor hygiene of the retainer too. He carried her to the shower and cleaned her up. Eventually she said "That was the strangest experience I've ever had. My mind eventually convinced itself I was an object. Why didn't you turn me back? I thought you'd given up on me!" Steve explained how the girls had fallen out and he had no way to retrieve her. Jen then recalled conversations and it made sense now.

Steve gave his wife a deep kiss. He had missed her. He had noticed that his wife still had an odour about her though. "You still smell like the retainer. Maya's poor hygiene must have tainted you and the machine has combined that into your DNA". Jen hoped she wouldn't smell like this forever, she definitely felt changed by the experience.

"Are you up for us continuing to use the machine?" he asked. She nodded "Yes, but maybe let's give it a break for a while until I've worked out my revenge."

With that they turned out the lights and had the best night's sex they'd ever had. Months of built up energy needed to be let out.

As they laid there in the afterglow, Steve marvelled at the idea that Maya had no idea of the adventure he and his wife had had.

As he drifted to sleep he contemplated who next ... what object ... and for how long ... oh the fun they could have!


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