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Change of Perspective

by earlofnexus

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Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; transform; accident; doll; plastic; buttplug; shrink; reluct; XXX

Continues from

Chapter 2

Steve and Jen had for a number of months been playing around with the machine that could transform them into anything they wished whilst retaining their own consciousness.

Steve had recently modified the software that made this device work so that he could manipulate the scans taken of the things they wanted to turn into.

It had taken a few months but finally not only could they scan something, they could change it too. Steve had a huge number of test scans he'd taken sneakily of everything from people to objects. A bit like computer aided design, he could take a scanned object and it would be represented on screen as a wireframe. He could click distinct parts of the scan and reshape, resize, or remove things. On a scan of Jen, his wife, he'd edited her body to make her breasts larger. There were so many scans and so many edits the machine was littered with different versions of the things he'd scanned. He intended to clear them out now he had it working but hadn't gotten around to it.

Their daughter Chloe had suspected for a time that her parents were up to something. They were always coming and going and inexplicably disappearing from the room the machine was in. One day she spied through a crack in the door while they were in there and her jaw dropped at what she saw. She witnessed her mother turning her father into a pair of jeans and then proceeded to wear him. Some hours later she again watched as her mother undressed and turned the jeans back into her father. Then she saw him turn her mother into a version of herself with larger breasts. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. She wanted to try this machine too.

When both her parents had gone out she decided to sneak into the room where the machine was. Clearly Steve was getting sloppy as he hadn't secured the machine, it just stood there with a screen saying 'Ready' in the corner. She clicked around the software and found a file called 'Maya January 2021 Edit'. She clicked it and her best friend Maya appeared on the screen. She had always been jealous of her gorgeous looks and amazing body, though this scan was from a little while ago and seemed to have edits. However she wasn't familiar with the software and didn't dare click too much. She decided she wanted to become Maya for a few hours. The wireframe of Maya seemed to look very simplified in some areas, but she assumed this was just a limitation of the software being able to show detail.

Chloe selected the transformation button and it counted down. She stood on the platform next to the controls and waited. A few moments later the machine beeped. 'Subject pattern not recognised. Please confirm you want to overwrite. This cannot be undone'. Chloe looked annoyed. "Stupid computers. Yes I want to proceed." she huffed. Clicking 'continue' she stood back on the platform. The machine hummed and a glow enveloped her, seconds later she felt herself change. She panicked as the change felt wrong somehow but she couldn't tell why as the process continued. Eventually the glow faded.

The machine's screen blinked the message 'Transformation complete.'

Chloe was relieved as she realised the change was complete and she was alive, but she quickly realised something was wrong. She had no idea her father had a lot of test files from trying to perfect his editing software and as she reached up to her face she realised the reason the depiction of her friend was so simple was because she had been simplified. With no intention of using the file, his mindless edits to Maya didn't matter, except now they were real as part of Chloe's transformation.

She stood in front of a mirror with a look of shock in her eyes. At least she wanted to look shocked but her gaze was fixed and her mildly happy looking face betrayed her feelings inside. Her eyes had a sheen and an artificial look to them. Another area she was expressionless was that she did not have a mouth per se. Well, she did and she didn't. Her lips were just solid skin. She couldn't open them. It was like they were stuck onto the front of her face. They looked real, they were Maya's lips, but inside her mouth was no mouth. She expected to be able to move her tongue on the inside and feel her teeth but her entire mouth cavity was solid bone and muscle. She looked like beautiful Maya but her lips had been sealed. Literally.

She tried to make a sound, but she couldn't so much as clear her throat or make whimpers or any noises whatsoever. She was mute. Presumably she had no voice box either. She reasoned she wouldn't need one with no mouth but still. This was thorough.

She turned her attention to the rest of her head. Her ears were there but the holes were missing, they were sealed up a centimetre or so into the ear canal. Whilst she hadn't noticed at first, her world was quieter. Not completely silent. She could hear, just not much. She was partially deaf and mute. She wasn't sure why but this turned her on a little, she felt really horny at her predicament.

Her nose was present and thankfully functioning so she could breathe.

She wondered how her father had intended Maya to eat and drink; poking around her lips there was a tiny hole, and on the transformation pad next to her was a long tube and a syringe. She gathered she would need a liquid diet from now on.

It didn't end there. The transformation had rendered her new body without clothes so she quickly realised some other changes. What the fuck had her father done to Maya's template in the system?

She felt between her legs and there was literally nothing, it would appear she had no pussy. Or anything in fact. She stroked and poked and prodded but nothing. He'd deleted her fucking pussy! Where would she piss from? Presumably he'd played around with her insides and rerouted that somehow.

How would she fuck, how would she cum? She was sexless. Neither male or female. Maya's pussy would have been amazing, why the fuck didn't she have it between her fucking legs to explore.

She felt so fucking horny, but there was nothing to do about it, as she was as smooth as a Barbie doll. She rubbed and rubbed at her crotch in desperation. She felt behind and her arse seemed intact, in fact it appeared her anus had been stretched and was gaping. She touched it with her hand and there was sensation but otherwise nothing sexual to be gained, as far as she could tell. It was desensitized.

She looked at her hands and noticed another annoyance, they looked realistic, but her fingers and thumb had been fused together, like a doll's hands. She formed a fist, but otherwise couldn't use her digits individually. Similarly, her feet looked perfect, but her toes were one fused mass.

As she stared at herself in the mirror, she realised her father had created the template of a human Barbie doll. Her eyes looked like Maya's, but wider, and she realised she had eye makeup and eyeshadow permanently applied. There was also a similar effect permanently applied to her lips. She was made up forever. Her hair was beautiful but over the top, like a wig, but attached. She studied her skin and noticed it had an ever so slightly plastic or silicone sheen to it.

She spun round in the mirror and noticed she had a string coming out of her back and a loop dangling on the end. Surely fucking not, she thought. He's replaced her mouth and voice box with some mechanical thing? She gently pulled on it and out of nowhere was Maya's voice, a little machine-like, like coming from an old record player, and the voice carried her thoughts. Chloe thought "Fucking great! I can speak!" and Maya's voice said "Yes, I can speak," removing the swearing. Hmm, it edits my stream of consciousness, weird. Oh well, at least I can speak.

She had had enough of being doll Maya, and went back to the computer. Clicking around she looked for her pattern but couldn't locate it. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit she thought. That error message! Overwriting my pattern. Literally, I've just taken a one way trip into the body of a fucking human Barbie doll! Chloe was frantic. Fuckkkkkkkk she thought. She knew she could transform into anything else on the screen, but she'd fucking lost her own body forever! What a fucking idiot!

Figuring that doll Maya was better for now than selecting an inanimate object, the family pet or her mother or father's pattern, she went and grabbed some clothes from her room and got dressed. Prancing around naked like a fucking human mannequin wasn't her scene.

She heard her parents come home, and if she could have, she would have gulped. She went downstairs and shot her parents a look. Steve said "Hey Maya, what are you doing here?" Chloe said nothing. She held up her hand and wiggled her fused fingers. She blushed red, embarrassed, then pulled the cord on her back with a flourish, feeling like a fucking idiot, and thought "It's Chloe, I tried your machine upstairs, and ended up like this." Translated, she said "It's Chloe, I found a pattern on your machine, I chose one I really liked." Chloe thought fuckkkk it's filtering my words and twisting them! What the actual fuck!

Steve looked at Maya then said to Jen "Looks like Chloe's turned herself into my edited Maya doll. It was literally something I was playing around with when perfecting the editing software, I never meant for it to be used."

Again she pulled her cord, thought then spoke. "I accidentally overwrote my pattern and I don't know how to change back." Filtered, Moya actually said "I decided to overwrite my pattern when I saw I could become a Maya doll, and I now feel complete like this." Fucking hell, that is NOT true she thought. How do I get out of this!

Jen said to Steve "Fuck, she deleted her own pattern? How stupid was that! Can you get it back?" Steve shook his head "No, it's why I always take a scan before a transformation, she must have overridden it. At least she meant to do it I suppose."

Steve and Jen knew how amazing the machine felt when transforming and didn't think what Chloe was saying was unbelievable. There was an emotional high involved. However he forgot he'd fucked about with her pull-string voice-box to make sure whoever became Moya doll would always speak positively about the experience, never swear or be rude, and want to be the best doll.

Of course she knew it was fruitless but she tried anyway: "Please dad, I don't want to be stuck like this, pulling a fucking cord to talk like a total idiot," which came out of Maya as "I'm so lucky to be stuck like this. I love my pull cord and my robotic Maya voice, I feel sexy." Chloe just felt defeated. Steve seemed pleased with his Maya pattern and was pleased Chloe was so enamoured with it.

She was hungry and thirsty, she again pulled her cord and thought "How do I eat and drink?" and for once it wasn't filtered by the voice box. Steve said "Oh, that's easy. The hole in your lips is a solid tube that runs down to your stomach. Just use the syringe and tube the machine made, fill it with water, and squirt it into the hole. Any food you ingest, make sure you wash it down with water, as you can't swallow. Your digestive system is simplified too. I removed 90% of it, so once your stomach has digested, it'll come out nearly straight away. You might need to wear a diaper as your arse was edited to be wide open. Sorry about that, it was all mindless editing. Just like I've rerouted your bladder and urethra, everything comes out of your arse now, I thought it was more efficient."

Maya wanted to cry, but presumably he'd deleted her tear ducts as it wasn't happening. She also realised her face was almost welded into a permanently happy face; she couldn't make it sad for some reason, or negative. Her resting face had a very slight smile to it at all times and her eyes had a permanent happy sparkle to them. Fuck, she thought, I literally can't express how annoyed I am right now! Just like a fucking Barbie is permanently fucking happy. Maya was never this happy all the time.

She pulled her cord and thought "Steve, I cannot stay this way, this is all one big accident and I want a proper body back, even if it's someone else's!" The voice box translated as her face looked at Steve with a happy glow "Steve, I'm so happy with this new body. It's a shame about my old body but I think this is for the best. Don't worry about finding me another body, this one is perfect." Steve and Jen seemed content that Chloe was so happy with her choice, even though it was fucked up.

"And you're happy that I deleted your pussy and mouth?" Steve asked

Chloe was inwardly screaming. Of course she fucking wasn’t. One last try. She pulled her cord and thought, "No, my fucking pussy is missing, I can never orgasm again in this body, and everything I say is filtered by this fucking voice box. Could you make me any more fucking plastic and useless? I'm an 18 year old stuck as a life-size child's toy." Translated, the voice box said, "I used to masturbate far too much and periods are an inconvenience, I'm glad to be rid of that pussy and the temptation it brings. I like my new voice box, it makes me think hard about what I want before I pull the cord, without making rushed decisions I haven't thought through. It stops me saying things I might regret. If only I could be more plastic that would make me feel complete. Ever since I was little I wished I could be a Barbie doll." Fucking hell. She tried to grab a pen and paper to write her thoughts down but her hands didn't have the dexterity with her fused fingers to write any more.

Steve said, "Well, I can edit the template a little further and make your outer skin a hard plastic. You'd be ‘wipe clean’ and low maintenance, and completely smooth."

Stuck in an impossible situation, she knew if she pulled her cord her voice box would make the decision. Fuck it, she thought, I guess I'm in for the long haul here.

She pulled her cord and thought, "Yes please, I'd love to be plastic, and have a smooth body where I no longer need to shave. Could you please give me bigger breasts and a pussy hole back?" The voice box translated "Yes please, I'd love to be plastic, and have a smooth body where I no longer need to shave." Hmmm, Chloe thought, clearly it repeats where it agrees! "...and I would like bigger breasts. I would also like my smooth pussy to look more like a pussy but to still be solid plastic with no feeling at all." Ah, there's the sting, Chloe thought.

Steve edited the template of Maya and made the required changes. He asked if there was anything else. Chloe sighed through her nose, resigned to her fate, and stood on the platform. She pulled her cord, this time letting the voice box run on its own without her own input, thinking it might offer some further fucked up creativity. "Please would you fuse my hands and feet together fully so I cannot bend them and limit the motion of my arms, legs and neck to that of a real Barbie doll? I want to only be able to move like a doll." She wasn't sure why, but again, this all felt very sexy, if not what she'd have chosen.

Steve tapped at the computer. "Done." After a flash of light, Chloe felt herself harden, her joints stiffened. She left the platform and creakily walked, like a robot, learning how to use her new plasticised extremities. In the mirror she saw her pussy had returned in shape if not form. Merely an embellishment to indicate her gender and nothing else. Her hands were now solid and fused into a permanent hard grabbing shape. Her feet were solid. She moved her head and it only rotated left and right, up and down. Fine movement was gone. Her arms had limited range.

She tapped her stomach and it sounded like the tip tap of hard plastic. She reached behind her and pulled her cord. "Thank you, I love my new body so much." Steve looked pleased, and he passed her a large rubber plug for her arse. "Perhaps rather than diapers, you can block your waste hole up with this, just empty it when you need to." She fumbled with it but the rubber bung eventually sealed her hole. With that she went to her bedroom, crawled under her sheets and, on the inside at least, cried herself to sleep.

Jen said to Steve, "I can't believe she's happy with her new life. But she seemed to be. She might be plastic now, but at least she looks human enough to still be able to pass for normal, even if she can't speak. She'd probably have to stay indoors though."

Steve added a password to the machine, so other people couldn't just transform without him being around to guide them. His daughter was lucky her accident was a happy one. So he thought. Perhaps in time she would want a proper human body again, now her own was lost forever.

The next day, Chloe thought about her new life. She couldn't really spend it as a human in her current form. She thought hard and pulled her cord as she approached her parents in the kitchen, hoping her voice box would agree. She thought, "Please would you reduce my size to that of an actual Barbie doll, and buy me some Barbie clothes, a house, car, and some other accessories, and miniaturise some home comforts like a TV?" Her voice box parroted her exact request, simply adding "It would make me so happy to live that way."

Steve nodded, "Shouldn't be a problem!" He edited the Maya template and reduced its size by 95%. "Stand on the platform, we'll change you, and I'll head to Walmart and grab the Barbie stuff for you."

Standing there, she felt she was again spiralling into a situation she couldn't extract herself from, but at least this way, she could be a doll in a doll's world. She pulled her cord "Make sure when my little cousin visits she comes and plays with me won't you."

Steve nodded "Sure, of course honey." With that she felt the glow, and after a few moments, she was the size of a real doll. She wandered off the platform, and Steve picked her up, which was disconcerting, and he placed her on the table.

Chloe felt like there was something on her arse but she couldn't see, then remembered her new doll joints meant she could spin her head and most limbs 360 degrees. She looked at her bum and exclaimed inwardly, "Fucking hell, I've been branded." On her right arse cheek Steve had stamped "Mayadoll. Copyright Steve and Jen 2002." She assumed it was meant to be an amusing link to her birth year, permanently melted into her derriere.

A couple of hours later, after his trip to Walmart, he unpacked a handful of Barbie house things and accessories, and a whole load of clothing. "If you're this big now, you won't need your old room, I can turn it into a study, so I've decided we can throw out all your old stuff as you won't need it, and you can just go in this display cabinet over here. I hope that's okay."

Chloe pulled her cord, "Do I have to? I'll be like a pet in a cage, and that's my old life! You can't just delete me!" Translated, it came out as, "That's fine, it makes perfect sense to me, and it means I can't get up to mischief. My old life is meaningless to me now and I can't be Chloe any more. Maybe to be safe, so nobody steals me and so I can't be found out, you can put a lock on the cabinet too?" Chloe was incensed. FUCKING VOICEBOX! I don't want to be locked away!

"Yes honey, I can do that, I'm glad you understand. You were always my little princess, even though you now look like a miniature plastic Maya." With that, he placed all the Barbie things into the glass cabinet, along with the miniature wardrobe of clothes, and a shrunken TV. He picked up the miniature Maya and dropped her inside. He also included an empty Barbie box she could be displayed in if she wanted, with a flap on the front.

"There you go honey. At the last transformation I made you 100% plastic, so no need to eat or drink or expel waste, I thought it would make it easier for you at this size. Also means once you're in there I don't need to worry about you, you'll be self sufficient."

He also asked if he could show her something else with her new body. She nodded. He picked her up and proceeded to remove all her limbs and her head from her body. Each one came apart with a plop. He placed them all back down along the top of the nearby table. Chloe didn't know how to process this. She tried to move and each limb flinched but ultimately it was fruitless. He went out of the room for a minute saying nothing.

While he was gone Jen came in and found the Maya doll in pieces. "Oh I bet that is fun for you! Look how helpless you are! So tiny and so broken up!" Steve returned and asked how it felt.

Realising Chloe couldn't pull her cord, he did it for her, and she thought, "Please put me back together I feel paralysed!" which filtered out as "It feels amazing to be so helpless, if being a tiny piece of moulded plastic wasn't helpless enough." Chloe inwardly cursed but thankfully Steve didn't see the point of leaving her this way and popped her back into one piece.

Placing her back in the display case, he closed the lid of the display case. He couldn't find a padlock so he used screws to seal the cabinet shut.

Chloe looked out of the cabinet at her father and mother, who seemed to have forgotten about their daughter already, now she had chosen, or rather been coerced by her voice box, into a new form.

She was still naked from the last transformation, so she went over to her new collection of miniature Barbie clothes and put on an outfit. Damn, these were childish, and being so small and made by human hand, really quite rudimentary. No pockets. No zippers. Ah, never mind, she thought.

Jen looked at the miniature Maya and snapped a photograph of her, sending it on to the real Maya. Jen said it had been a little project Chloe was working on, there was a doll of each of them (which was a lie), and she thought she would like to see. Maya replied "OMG that mini me is so cute! Love it."

Jen held her phone up to the cabinet to show Chloe, who pulled her cord and thought "Fucking hell I want to crawl over there and die with embarrassment now," translating to, "Aw mom that's awesome. Have her come see me sometime." Hmmmm, Chloe thought.

She opened the front door of her Barbie mansion and started a ‘Netflix and chill’ session. Once she'd binged on some shows, she looked over at the Barbie box, which was empty. She wanted to feel what it would be like to be packaged up on display properly. Steve had arranged the display cabinet so people would see the box and he'd secured it so it wouldn't topple.

She walked over to it, the extent of her world now reduced from her entire life was before her the world her oyster, to a 0.5 metre by 1.5 metre perspex cabinet. Her sunlight was a lamp in the corner set on a timer.

She lifted the flap of the box and heaved it open, like the cover of a book, and inside was a clear plastic vacuum formed sheet with the hollow shape of a Barbie, with similar hollows for her accessories. Steve had customised the box with his machine to say Maya and it included a picture of her.

She wondered how to climb in. She undid the bottom flap and was able to force herself in between the plastic sheets. The hollow area was shaped like she had her arms and legs spread. She squeezed into the hollow and assumed the same pose. As she did, her head, arms, legs and torso all popped into place and she was held in place rigidly. The plastic sheets formed a layer sandwiching her. She laid in position looking out of her box into the room. Hours passed and nobody came. Her lamp turned off and she was in darkness, falling into a slumber. She woke as the morning sun came into the room and lit her up. She stretched and would have yawned if she could. She decided some box time was good for thinking, but she wanted to get back to her mansion.

She heaved and pushed and tried with all her might to escape the plastic sheets but they held her fast. Oh no, she thought. Had she trapped herself in an even greater confined space?

She tried every now and again to free herself and after what must have been days, she managed to get an arm outside of her vacuum formed prison, this allowed some air to enter and for her to force the layers apart. It took the best part of that day to escape the box, but at least she knew she could do it if she had to.

Pulling her cord she looked out at the room around her new cage to see what her voice box would say. "I love my new life. It's perfect." Whilst she couldn't 100% agree, she did like her new simpler care-free life. If only she could orgasm. She still fingered her plastic mound and played with her nipples but they were numb.

She pulled her cord again. More for entertainment than anything else. "You'll get what you wish for if you accept your new life fully." Chloe wondered what that cryptic message meant. She pulled her cord again. "When what you think is what I say, pleasure will be yours." Okay, so is it telling me that if I can bring myself to fully accept my fate I can orgasm?

This was hardly a state of mind she could switch on and off at will, so over a number of weeks she worked hard on accepting her new life. She did her best to accept she was now plastic, an object, and that she deserved her new life as it was what she wanted deep down. She thought all her niggles were ironed out, and then she pulled her cord for the first time in weeks.

"I am Maya doll, I'm plastic and I love it. I will never age, never die, and I'm so pleased that the temptation of my pussy has been removed. I love my new home, and I love my simple life. I just hope one day I am played with, or owned by someone more interested in me than my parents." The voice box said nothing other than "I agree. Tell yourself that each night and you will be satisfied." Then the most amazing orgasm washed over her, she had no penetration, touching herself still did nothing, but emanating from her voice box was a warm glow. She felt the orgasm building. It was slow but after a month like this oh so strong. She'd never felt anything like it, it was like one long orgasm. The more she told herself that she loved being a doll, the stronger it got. Eventually after about thirty minutes of bliss she completed her orgasm. She wanted to scream with passion but couldn't as she had no mouth ... she pulled her cord and thought her orgasm and the voicebox let it all all out for her.

She expected to be hot and sweaty, but of course plastic doesn't sweat. She laid there for the first time with a genuine smile on her face. She felt more alive than when she was Chloe.

At that moment the door to the room opened and Jen came in. She had Maya with her, and had explained a few things to her by the looks of it. Chloe laid still not sure if Maya knew of her true predicament.

"Hey, Chlo, your mum told me what happened. That is one amazing trip! As if you accidentally turned yourself into a doll of me. That's so sweet but so you. But also so bizarre and weird. Come on, I want to see you. Talk to me." Chloe stood up and waved at Maya. She'd have blushed except that she no longer felt embarrassed. She was happy with her new status.

Chloe pulled her string "Hey Maya, lovely to see you. Yes it's a strange story, but after a few weeks in here getting used to my predicament I'm happy with my new life."

Maya smiled, "You are a really cute mini me. Your mum says I can have you if I want. So I'm going to have your dad ship this display case to my bedroom at home. I never had a doll as a kid but I guess that'll change now. I'll look after you I promise"

Chloe pulled her string. "I'd love you to be my owner. I will climb into my box and keep myself safe for you," Those words made her horny as hell. She climbed into the box and sealed herself into the plastic layers. Steve unscrewed the lid and tucked the box flap back in, and shut the flap on the front, sealing Chloe in.

He handed it to Maya. "Look after her. She may now be plastic but she's your best friend too. Just now in doll form." Maya held her mini me closely. She asked if she could use the bathroom before leaving. In there, she opened the box and took out Chloe. She asked her if she was truly happy, and whether she could be a doll too.

She pulled Chloe's cord and Chloe replied, "OMG that would be so amazing. Two of us. And we would keep each other company forever." Chloe told Maya how the quicker she accepted her fate the better, perhaps labelling herself as a slutty masturbator would help her voice-box offer orgasms quicker as she accepts her fate.

Maya was so horny thinking about her helpless friend, over which she had total power, but also how she too could feel powerless and exist as a mere object. No voice except her filtered version, which Chloe said would filter her every thought until she accepted her fate. She fingered herself there and then to orgasm, before flushing the toilet and putting Chloe back in her box. Fuck, she wanted this so badly. To be a living object. To be controlled by her own voice. To be helpless and plastic.

Exiting the bathroom she asked Steve whether what she'd asked Chloe would be possible. He nodded, and asked if they'd now both be staying in the display case. She said they would.

"I want to be the same as Chloe, but give me different coloured eyes, and as I'll only get one shot at this transformation, I'd like you to stamp into my plastic butt ‘Dirty slut’ on one cheek, and ‘Massive Whore’ onto the other. I want to pay for my masturbating ways. I then want you to stamp across my forehead ‘Wanker’. I want to be the imperfect version of my friend in this box. I also want you to remove my pussy, no fake, just a smooth mound. Also place a permanent grin on my face. I want to be happy forever."

Steve wasn't sure but thought, fuck it, it's her life. He and his wife had spent weeks in her dirty mouth as retainers so perhaps this is penance.

Maya stood on the transformation pad and Steve asked a couple of final questions. "Chloe is stuck, as she deleted her own pattern. Yours is still here. Do you ever want to be yourself again?" Maya replied that she didn't. She was happy to become a doll forever.

Steve then checked if she was sure, once transformed she'd be a simple toy, albeit a moving one, covered in graffiti and forever without a pussy, permanently grinning at her situation.

Maya paused, "Yes, but can I finger myself one last final time and have you transform me as I scream out in ecstasy?" He nodded, watching her rub her nubbin, losing herself in the moment, after only a minute, he could see she was about to go. He was poised on the button, just as she shouted out, "Oh yes. Oh fuck yes. Nearly there. Nearly there. Oh fuck me I'm going to be a slutty sexless doll for all eternity. Oh fuckkkkk I'm such a dirty girl, I deserve it, I deserve to lose my pussy for abusing it like this, yes! Yes! YESSSS!" but as she was a nanosecond from squirting, face contorted and teeth beared with the blissful crescendo of an orgasm, Steve hit the button and she transformed into hard plastic, just like Chloe, shrinking until she was little more than 20cm tall, a sexless little slut, driven by her pussy, denied that one last human orgasm. Edged in the most twisted of ways.

Maya stood on the platform a fraction of her former self. Robbed of her orgasm she was fizzing with energy. In her mind she was cursing, Fuck no. No, no, no. No way!

Steve picked her up and showed her the screen with her pattern on. He pulled her cord and asked if she wanted to proceed.

"Fuck no, turn me back!" but her voice box just said "Do it."

"Here we go. Bye bye human Maya!" He hit delete and her only chance of human form was gone forever. There were the edited versions missing key features like her goddam pussy but never would she be herself again.

He pulled her cord, and her voice box did the same, filtering as Chloe's did. She was so fucking pissed with Steve for stealing her orgasm. "You fucking dick! I wanted one last send off!" which translated to "Thank you for my transformation. I am pleased you ruined my orgasm!" as she stared at him through her permanent smile and sparkling eyes. Her forehead was etched with "Wanker" and her butt cheeks were marked as she'd asked. He'd even added some slutty makeup and some tattoos to her body. She looked like a badass doll.

He put her in the display case and removed Chloe from her box. Chloe looked at Maya and wondered what the new look was about including the forehead etching. Nevertheless she now had her best friend and hugged her hard plastic body.

Maya instantly had regrets but of course couldn't express them. It would take her time to come to terms with her new life. Chloe, now in agreement with her voice box, spoke truthfully ...Maya on the other hand had some way to go.

Maya thought, "Fucking idiot what have I done. I'm a fucking 20cm tall piece of plastic with painted makeup, no pussy, I'm trapped in this case, I can't orgasm, and I've permanently branded myself a wanker, a slut and a whore. I've got a permanent fucking idiot grin on my face and my limbs barely move and my hands don't fucking work. Oh and my voice is controlled! OMG it felt so right when I was turned on and approaching orgasm but now it feels so wrong!" but her voice box insisted she was loving every moment of it and was happy to be celebate, with her sexy hard plastic body forever reminding her of her choices.

Chloe, now accepting of her fate, orgasmed blissfully every few days. Maya watched on and hoped one day she'd get there. But unfortunately as she'd chosen to have her pussy removed as requested, unlike Chloe who had an approximation of one, there was no way for her voice box to stimulate her, she forever had a smooth functionless mound. She had all the frustration of being turned on but never a way to let it out.

The two friends had their disagreements about the situation but the voice boxes kept everything civil. Never a negative word was spoken.

Their owners came and went over the years. Chloe's parents sold them to a private collector eventually when they became worried they were too old to care for the dolls. The machine her father used lasted for fifteen or twenty years but eventually stopped working. Steve had always intended to scan another girl's body from far afield and offer it to Chloe as a transformation, but she seemed so happy in her new form he didn't bother.

They spent many years on private display, as curios, many people thinking they were simply small robots, not 18 year old girls trapped forever in tiny plastic bodies.

Chloe pulled her cord many times just to hear her voice box and it's reassurance. "I'm living my best life." "I'd not look this good after fifty years as a human." "I never miss my pussy, it's nothing compared to the orgasms I have now." "Plastic is fantastic."

Maya on the other hand rarely pulled her cord, her voice box so out of tune with her state of mind, it ground on her. "I love my life in plastic" (I fucking hate my life). "Pussy is for humans. Dolls only need their smooth shiny mound." (I wish I could get some cock in my missing fucking pussy).

They would exist as dolls until the end of time, or at least, until their plastic degraded... or someone destroyed them... one girl forever regretful of her choice made in the heat of hornyness, the other enjoying every moment and her new life to the full.


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