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Change of Perspective

by earlofnexus

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Storycodes: MF/f; transform; dog; collar; electro; cage; bodymod; cons; nc; X

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Chapter 3

Jen and Steve had seen their daughter and her best friend dollified a few weeks earlier and Jen was desperate for a transformation. She'd been thinking through what she wanted to try and thought that an animal might be fun. She talked it through with Steve and they settled on a family pet dog. Jen thought this would be wild as unlike a solid object she could still do things, and she'd have a whole new perspective on things for a bit.

Steve suggested they visit the local dog rehoming centre with the scanner to scan a dog she liked the look of becoming. When they visited there was a huge range. Steve joked maybe she'd like to be the big slobbery Boxer bitch he'd spotted, which she wasn't keen on, but he scanned anyway. She picked out a golden Labrador bitch, the coat colour matched her hair and it looked like a sweet dog. Steve went to the counter and made some enquiries, Jen wasn't sure why as they were just browsing.

They headed home and Steve ordered a heap of dog stuff off Amazon. Jen joined in picking things like her water bowl and feeding bowl, which as a girl dog she wanted a pink tag with her name on it. It read "JEN" on the front and had Steve as her owner on the back along with their address. They ordered a big comfortable bed, a large secure dog cage to keep her in and some toys. The idea of being caged had her pussy dripping. Being lowered to dog level in the house had her horny. She was a bit of a submissive and this hit all the right notes.

They ordered a month's supply of tinned dog food. She wasn't keen on swapping human food for dog food but Steve said she should have the full experience. Jen had let Steve decide how long the transformation would be. He hadn't shared with her if it would be more or less than a month as he could always extend it she supposed.

Steve kept a few items back. He'd added a strong shock collar to make sure she was quiet and behaved and a muzzle so that she wouldn't gnaw or chew things or bite him in disagreement.

What he hadn't told her was he'd arranged to bring home the boxer bitch separately. He had a plan there too. One being that it would give him authentic dog adoption papers and unlike the Labrador, the young Boxer needed a heap of vet appointments. It needed to be spayed to prevent pregnancies, have all its inoculations, and get microchipped so if she got lost she could be scanned and would show as Steve being her owner. An experience Jen would surely enjoy, he grinned to himself. The rest would become clear soon enough.

Once all the dog stuff had arrived, Jen helped set up the cage, arrange her new bed, and get everything just right. She dragged Steve to the room with the transformation machine in and told him to get on with it. She'd waited days for this. The transformation was always electric.

She stripped off and stood on the platform, knowing the machine would just destroy her clothes anyway. Steve selected the pattern on the screen and started the procedure. 

Just as the machine whirred to life he held up her adoption papers and said, "You're officially my adopted dog. Cool huh!"

Jen looked confused about what he meant then was bathed in light she felt herself shrink then drop onto all fours. Moments later her head felt different, with ears on top and her mouth and tongue were elongated in front of her eyes, her cheeks now feeling like big flaps of furry skin. Her eyes moved further apart. Fur sprouted all over her body and her manicured fingers formed into paws and her arms and legs shortened. Her bones fused into dog legs and she could no longer stand upright. A small stumpy tail grew from her tailbone on her undercarriage; her two generous human tits shrank to just the teats, then split into six. She felt her insides rearrange a bit.

As the glow faded she looked at her new world and realised it was in black and white. She forgot dogs didn't see like humans. She could smell much more clearly too, smells she had never noticed before. Her hearing was also improved. She unsteadily walked off the platform, getting used to her four legged nature. Something seemed a little off as drool dripped from her mouth. Steve held a mirror out and the fucker had turned her into the Boxer bitch. She didn't suddenly feel as attractive but guessed dogs were dogs if she was going for the experience.

Steve attached her "JEN" tag to her new collar and held it up to her. She tried to read the tag and it said "£&!". What did that mean? She then realised she couldn't read any more. She realised also that the collar had a fucking shock function, before she could recoil Steve strapped it on tight. He explained as long as she kept quiet it wouldn't activate, except all she heard was white noise and vague patterns of sound. It wasn't English. This was going to be difficult, her brain patterns had been transplanted into a dog brain, she wondered what else would be different. As Steve spoke she tilted her head in confusion and drooled a bit. Steve thought she must be just playing the part.

She tried to say something and a bark came out. She was sure she tried to say "I can't understand" and it came out as "Bark bark bark". Then the collar shocked her. She howled in pain and it shocked her again. This went on for a minute or so until she calmed down and realised she really should just shut up.

Steve led her to her cage which was in view of the machine and she laid inside. He patted her head and locked the door. Jen laid there licking her chops trying to clear the drool away and realising it was going to be a constant annoyance.

Steve returned a few moments later with another dog, a Boxer. She wondered what he was up to. He took off its collar and stood it on the platform. She couldn't see the screen on the machine but he was going to transform it. Steve began the transformation and in a reverse version of her own change, the drooling ugly Boxer grew taller, moved onto two feet, it's paws turning into hands, it's head shaping into a human head, its fur receded and blonde hair fell from its head as its face formed. Jen thought to herself surely not. As the glow faded the Boxer dog stepped off the platform as Jen. She looked a little vacant and confused. She held her hands to her face, and wiggled her fingers. She licked her lips in an over exaggerated way much like a dog would. Steve grabbed the clothes the real Jen discarded moments before and dressed the new Jen. Eventually it spoke. It was limited. But Jen assumed the human brain now holding the dog consciousness was translating dog thoughts into English automatically. "Hello. I'm Princess. I was Princess. What happened?"

Steve explained he had turned Princess the Boxer dog into his wife, as his wife had wanted to become Princess the Boxer dog. He talked in simple terms, unsure how bright the dog's consciousness was.

 "You used the machine to make me human instead of dog? I am now no longer a caged animal?"

Steve nodded "That's right. You're now a human with all the benefits that brings. No more cages or being treated like a dog."

Princess Jen smiled. She understood. She was now in control. She looked over at Jen in her cage "Why did she want to be an animal? She will have no free will."

Steve explained that his wife wanted to experience what being a dog was like more than anything." 

"I see. Then between us we shall make that come true. If she has my brain then she will not understand a word we are saying and she will not be able to read. This will be new to her. She will need to be taught commands otherwise anything you say will be meaningless".

Jen, in her cage looking out, couldn't understand the conversation. She knew they were pointing at her. She gathered that her replacement could speak and hold a conversation. But all context was lost. She was inwardly cursing Steve; what if he didn't put things right in weeks and months ahead? She would be stuck as a drooling dog while the imposter from the rescue centre lived her life. Okay, she thought, that is a pretty hot thought to have the tables turned, but still, not the simple couple of weeks vacation in a dog’s body she had looked forward to!

She wanted to bark to say, "Hey I'm here. Let me out." But she knew she would trigger the collar. It was already conditioning her.

Steve explained to Princess that Jen had an appointment shortly at the vets. The procedure would be to remove her womb to prevent puppies and that she needed to be chipped and inoculated too. Princess looked sad and said that that is the powerless feeling and lack of control she didn't like as a dog. Such treatment benefited humans for convenience. She didn't agree with it. Yet. 

She suggested everything else was okay as it kept her safe and healthy but instead how about breeding Jen? It would make her dog experience complete and Princess could explore her new human form for much longer, and control Jen for longer. She really liked her new form.

"I wonder what going from superior human with the power to do anything you want to being controlled by your adopted dog in your original human form feels like".

Jen was in her cage oblivious to the detail but seething at her imposter a little. She couldn't do anything about it so just started licking her privates and bum hole, not realising the habit she had inherited until she realised what she was doing.

A little time passed and Princess brought Jen a bowl of dog food. It was the tinned stuff they'd ordered. She slid it into the cage. Princess turned her nose up at it a bit, but instinctively Jen went to the bowl and speedily lapped it all up. It tasted amazing. "So meaty and so much gravy. OMG I have been missing out on this!"

After a minute the bowl was clean and Princess patted Jen on the head for being a good girl. Bizarrely she liked the praise, feeling a loyalty to Princess she couldn't explain. But wait, she has my body. That shouldn't be right. But she couldn't shake the instinct to be loyal to the one looking after her. Princess on the other hand was losing her dog perspective and was looking at Jen as just a pet with no human qualities.

Steve was horny and suggested Princess might like to come to the bedroom for some fun. Jen was jealous but in her position he was hardly going to fuck her. She could hear the sound of passionate sex from the other room. She fell asleep in her cage for a time wishing it was her.

Princess appeared and knocked on the cage some time later. She was holding a lead and it looked like she wanted to take Jen for a walk. Princess opened the cage and Jen walked out. From behind her Princess took a muzzle and strapped it onto Jen's face. Jen shook her head and pawed at her face but the muzzle was fitted snugly. She growled a little and triggered her collar which zapped her into submission. 

Princess clipped the lead on Jen's collar and took her outside for a walk. Princess was talking to Jen during the walk but she couldn't understand a word. Jen spotted another dog and she instinctively sniffed its butt. She didn't learn much from it, and then thought how disgusting that was. She really needed a dump and thought nothing of squatting and dropping a load on the pavement. She then took a massive leak. Princess patted her on the head, picked up the turd, and deposited it in a nearby bin. When they returned to the house Jen saw Steve and ran up to him and pawed him. Steve patted her head and threw her a chew toy. Jen chased after it and contented herself to play with it.

Princess and Steve talked about Jen and as Princess started to like her new position of power and felt less precious over dog rights, amazed how quickly she'd swapped roles from this morning, she suggested perhaps it was best to have Jen spayed after all. She couldn't be bothered to deal with puppies and dog periods so given they had the power, why not have the vet do the work. Jen was just a dog after all.

Steve had kept the appointment he'd booked for the next day at the vets, so they would take her then. Princess stroked Jen and led her back to her cage. "Good girl," she said. Jen sniffed Princess' hand affectionately. Roles completely reversed now.

Jen slept well and was awoken when Princess clipped a lead and her muzzle to her. She led her to the car with Steve and Jen saw he had a pile of papers in his hand. Gobbledygook to her dog eyes, but they were consent forms for the operation she was about to have.

Arriving at the vets Jen was wary. She knew she'd likely be chipped and vaccinated but something felt off. They met the vet and sure enough, the first thing they did was jab her with a vaccine, she recognised the needles, and then a gun-like device injected a microchip under her neck skin. The vet scanned it and programmed "JEN" into it along with Steve's details. Next she was led into a cage and Steve and Jen walked away. Where were they going? The vet appeared again and made nonsensical talk at her. Then she appeared to sedate her and her world went dark.

Some hours passed and Jen awoke, groggy. She had a cone on her head and her tummy felt really sore. What had they done to her? She saw a lot of stitches on her underneath and she felt emotionally uneasy. Had they just removed her reproductive organs? She felt violated. "What the fuck" she thought and wondered where her owners had gone. The vet made noises at her and she just laid there feeling sorry for herself for the next couple of days. Steve and Princess returned to collect her and take her home and Jen had to suffer the cone on her head for a couple of weeks. She didn't eat much and just wanted to lay in her cage. Eventually she felt better and started to pay more notice to her surroundings again.

Jen didn't have much awareness of time but she did know weeks must have passed. Steve showed little interest in her and seemed to be getting on amazingly with Princess in her old body. She didn't know how to feel about this given Princess surely couldn't be that bright, but it seemed her dog brain had been upgraded in the dog to human transformation. Jen had similarly been dumbed down. She knew everything still but life seemed simpler.

Then the kicker came one day when Princess had a bunch of Jen's documents in her hand and took her on another car journey. This time to the rescue centre she and Steve had visited a couple of months earlier. Princess pointed at Jen and handed over her paperwork and was talking and shaking her head and looked sad. Then a kennel hand came out and took Jen away. 

Jen felt incensed. "What the fuck. The body stealing bitch was returning me!" She barked but quickly regretted it and ended up being placed in a small stone kennel round the back. The kennel hand took her collar off and placed a different one on with a new tag that read "??#". She couldn't read it. But she had been renamed and placed for adoption.

Princess returned home and told Steve what she'd done, and he was a bit pissed at her for doing it without talking to him first, and he went to go and get her back. 

Unfortunately a woman came to look at Jen almost straight away, and seemed smitten to have found her. Jen recognised the woman and it was someone from her high school days who really hated Jen when she was younger. She'd bully her and make fun of her. No way did she want to be in her care. But she had no choice and the woman signed some papers and was now Jen's legal owner. Great, she thought, owned by a dog then owned by a bitch from high school. This month gets better and better.

Steve arrived just in time to see Jen being led out of the rehoming centre. Princess followed and told Steve it was for the best and that she'd be happy as a dog. Surely it was what she wanted if she agreed to the transformation in the first place.

Steve still had a wife, one with only recent memories given the transformation, but perhaps with the recent loss of Chloe that might not be a bad thing.

Jen spent many of her dog years with her high school bitch and came to love her. Unlike with humans, she seemed to have a soft spot for her slobbery breed and treated her well. She tried to be the very best dog she could, pleasing her owner and being very well behaved. She came to enjoy it and rarely gave a second thought to her previous life.

Princess Jen meanwhile had enrolled in night classes to get her human brain up to speed. She was determined to make the most of her new human form. She studied Jen's Facebook to learn of her friends, talked to Steve at length about her past, and it took a while but eventually she was a convincing Jen.


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