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Change of Perspective

by earlofnexus

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Continues from

Chapter 4

Jen (the new version based on Princess) hadn't done any transformation for a while and she had been thinking about some of the friends she had learned about and how she might enjoy the power the machine offered. She wanted to bring some of them down a peg or two for fun. She could have some real fun with them if she put her mind to it!


Jen decided to invite Jen's best friend Jane round for a drink one evening. She was a beautiful blonde woman, with amazing eyes and she always accented them with the most amazing eye makeup. At college she always managed to pull the boys with her huge sparkling smile and athletic body.

Jen had read her old diary and it seemed she didn't really like Jane and their friendship was a bit superficial.

They caught up and talked about what they had been up to lately and drank wine until Jane was tipsy. Jen engineered a conversation about "What if you could be anything… in the bedroom… what would you choose?". They were giggling and Jane said "If anything was possible, I'd want to try being a condom. Imagine that first hand perspective. It would be amazing! Rolled onto someone's cock and plunged deep inside someone…"

Jen had a smirk on her lips, she was going to trick Jane into the machine. "Come with me, I have a virtual reality machine, you could see what it would look like!" Jane, half drunk, didn't question it, and followed Jen to the machine. "Here. Stand here." Jen tapped at the computer, selecting a condom from the inventory or scanned items. She scanned Jane's pattern first then said "If you look ahead you should start to see something…"

Jen pressed the button to proceed with the transformation and Jane felt an electric-like current, her limbs tingling, then suddenly with a look of uncertainty on her beautiful face, she shrank rapidly and melted into a latex condom wrapped in a foil wrapper.

"There we go, just as you wanted." Jen picked up Jane and slipped her into her back pocket, and went on the hunt for Steve so she could put Jane to good use.

"Hey Steve. I've just turned that airhead Jane into a condom by tricking her into the machine." Steve chuckled "Really? Did she choose that?" he replied. "Oddly enough, I asked her what her fantasy was if she could be anything sexual at all and that's what she came up with."

Steve said "Let's put her to good use then!" leading Jen to the bedroom. She took Jane out of her back pocket and held her up, her packet shining in the light. The packet label read "Extra strong latex condom" and the logo read "Janex".

"She's so insignificant! Quite the comedown from the Prom Queen and her high flying lifestyle," Jen said.

The pair stripped naked and Steve pulled out his cock which was fully erect.

Jane was failing to comprehend how this was possible. Her field of view saw a naked Jen and her naked husband. She felt her packet being gripped and suddenly a tearing feeling as she was ripped open. It wasn't painful, in fact quite pleasurable. As Jen pulled out the condom Jane saw Jen hold her up to her face. "This ain't no virtual reality, hun. You're now a rubber latex condom for real." Jane could only wonder how it was even possible.

She was soon brought back to reality when Jen placed Jane onto the tip of Steve's cock and rolled her down to the base. Jane was now wrapped around his throbbing cock. She could see Jen laid spread eagle on the bed and Steve advanced, shoving his cock (and Jane) deep into Jen's moist hole. As Jane plunged in, her world went dark and suddenly she was aware she was buried very deep in her friend's pussy.

Steve rammed her in and out for a good ten minutes and then decided to change holes. Spinning Jen around he slowly inserted his cock into her waiting tight ass. It gripped condom Jane tightly as he slipped deep inside her. Pumping her ass Jane was surrounded by her best friend's shit and was reeling at what was happening to her. Eventually he shot his load inside Jane, filling her teat with hot semen. He stayed inside Jen for a short while basking in the afterglow and how it must feel for Jane to be sandwiched between is cock, Jen's pussy, and be filled from the inside with his sticky cum.

Steve withdrew and his cock started to shrink, Jane hung limply off the end. With little care, he pulled her off and tossed her into the nearby waste basket in their bedroom where she sat next to her discarded wrapper. Over the next few minutes she cooled until she was a cold latex sack of cum on the inside, and Jen's juices on the outside. She lost track of time, but she noticed she had dried out on the outside. She was aware of her smell which as time passed got worse, covered head to toe in sex juices.

There she laid for what must have been days when Jen came over and tipped her and the other contents of the basket into a waste bag. "Into the trash you go like the trashy bitch you are."

Jen then threw the waste bag into the trash can on the sidewalk. Before putting the lid down she said "Waste collection is this afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your life at the dump." Then a loud clang and Jane's fate was sealed.

Jen felt powerful. One friend down, two to go.


She called Debbie and invited her for drinks that evening. It seemed to be a winning formula.

Debbie was always the life and soul of the party, everybody loved her. She was petite, had a perfect figure, a cute smile and sweet puppy-dog eyes that seemed to melt whoever she talked to - especially the men. She was also a bit kinky, so Jen was led to believe.

She arrived and they headed to the garden to drink and eat snacks under the moonlight. They talked about many things and eventually, once Debbie was tipsy, Jen used the same tactic as she had on Jane.

"Sooooo, if you could be turned into anything … kinky … imagine it was possible, what might you be?" They laughed and joked a bit and having mulled various things, she said "I'd love to be a life sized sex doll. Literally with my body, my face, reasonably looking like me if not entirely realistic, I'd totally dig that." She then messed up her hair and feigned an O-shaped mouth and fingerless hands.

Jen said "Come with me, I have a virtual reality machine that can give you an experience…" Debbie smiled a sex kitten smile and followed Jen. Jen asked her to step on the machine where she was scanned. "Won't be a moment, just making some changes to the settings". Really, she was taking the scan of Debbie and turning her into vinyl plastic and hollowing out her insides. She was also making some changes to her various features.

"Ready?" Jen asked.


Moments later Debbie gasped, and in the blink of an eye she crumpled into a pile of pink-coloured PVC plastic. Debbie could overwhelmingly smell PVC, a strong plastic smell. She could no longer move. Her face was folded into her body at this point and she couldn't see.

Jen walked over and picked her up. She found a valve somewhere above her arsecrack and proceeded to inflate her. Debbie felt herself fill out and after a few minutes her insides were filled with Jen's breath, the only thing giving her substance.

Jen propped her up, standing in front of her. "Well well, promiscuous Debbie. Now you can look forward to a life where your sole purpose is a sex aid to men who can't get any."

Jen held up a mirror and Debbie was shocked to see she was a plasticised version of herself, with an O-shaped mouth and big wide eyes. Her body even had her tattoos and an approximation of her pussy.

Jen shoved a finger into her pussy hole then into her arsehole and finally shoved her hand into her mouth which resembled a mouth sack. "You have three entrances! Lucky you. However, you've been such a local bike that I think the best thing for you is to spend the rest of your existence with your air removed, folded up in my bottom drawer."

With that she deflated Debbie and folded her face into her own body and folded her neatly into a square. She filed her in the bottom drawer of her dresser underneath some old clothes.

"Two down, two more to go!"


Jen called her next friend Elizabeth and invited her for lunch the next day. Elizabeth was only ever interested in Jen when she wanted something. This was a friend she could do without in her life.

The next day arrived and the front doorbell rang.

"Oh, hi Jen! I've not seen you forever! How are you?" said Elizabeth as she walked into the house. Jen went through the pleasantries and plied Elizabeth with alcohol.

Earlier, Jen had been to the pet store and had bought a hamster cage. After a while Jen pointed towards it and said she was wanting a hamster for her new cage.

Leading the conversation she mused what it might be like to be a hamster without a care in the world. Elizabeth half jokingly said it would certainly be an interesting experience to see life from such a small vantage point.

"My husband has a virtual reality machine. Fancy trying it?" Elizabeth was a little tipsy and thought it might be fun. While Elizabeth used the rest-room Jen put sawdust in the cage, filled a bowl with seeds and attached a tiny water bottle. There was a wheel inside and she spun it and smiled.

"Where's this VR machine then?" called Elizabeth. Jen led her upstairs and carried the cage with her. Operating in plain sight when nobody knew transformation machines existed was easy.

"Stand on that pad and look forward." Jen typed commands into the computer. "Do your best hamster impression," Jen mocked and Elizabeth squinted her eyes, puffed her cheeks and did a goofy smile. "So realistic! Here goes."

Jen hit a button and in a glow of light Elizabeth shrank and shrank until she was hamster sized and in moments turned into a small hamster. Before she could run away Jen scooped her into the cage and locked the cage door. "There we go! Enjoy your new life. I'll be donating you to the local school tomorrow."

Jen chuckled to herself.


Lastly she thought about the worst bitch on her friend list. The one who bitched about her when her back was turned and thought she was so prim and proper. Jen had a good one lined up here. She called Michelle and suggested she come over for a slap up meal with her and Steve.

Plans afoot, Michelle turned up and was dressed for the occasion. Cocktail dress, full makeup, and ready for an evening of excess.

Jen plied Michelle with drink and food and eventually asked if she would like to try her machine out. Jen said she could try on any number of clothes or bits of jewellery virtually and that it was the next big shopping sensation. Unable to resist, she followed Jen to the machine room, oblivious.

Jen programmed the machine and warned Michelle that it was about to begin. Smiling from ear to ear and expecting to be wrapped in virtual Gucci and high end fashion instead she glowed brightly and rapidly shrunk to the size of a paperclip. From there she reformed into pure gold and took on the shape of a clit stud.

Jen dropped her skirt and revealed her bald shaven pussy and pierced clit that was dripping with excitement. She removed her original clit piercing, the one she had scanned, and picking up Michelle and holding her up to her face, she said, "Welcome to the rest of your life bitch."

She held Michelle in front of a mirror and Michelle's mind reeled. "What the fuck, I'm a fucking piece of clit jewellery! No this can't be! Jen, no!"

Of course Jen couldn't hear Michelle, and in front of the mirror, she parted her pussy flaps and fed Michelle right through her clit piercing. She flicked her a little bit and she glinted in the light. Michelle could see her new outlook and it went dark when Jen stopped holding her flaps open and let them close.

Lastly, to avoid suspicion, she turned the original clit stud back into Michelle, including all her brain patterns. Jen said the VR machine had malfunctioned and to come and join her for the rest of the meal.

Fake Michelle continued with her life, while real Michelle lived the rest of her life attached between her former friend's lady parts. The only time she saw daylight was when Jen took a piss, showered or got dressed. With no choice in the matter and over a number of months and years she learned to love her new situation. Either that or go mad.

Jen was satisfied she had given payback to all the friends in her life who had crossed her and contemplated what would be next for the transformation machine…


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