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Four Corners 3: Neil/Nell

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; transformed; M2f; F/m; D/s; bar; tease; femdom; oral; denial; slave; sbm; cuffs; spreadeagle; gag; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Part 3: Neil/Nell

Settling into a booth, Neil was glad of his choice of clothing. Though tight, the black leather pants were supple enough to allow freedom of movement. He wasn't sure about the zipper, which went all the way to the waistband in back, but it wasn't really a big concern.

The sleeveless top, however, he was less sure about. The collar fastened together with two snaps, while three snaps held the bottom together. Between these was a large circular opening that showed entirely too much of his new female chest. Neil still wasn't sure why he'd chosen this particular top, but now he was stuck with it.

Deciding on something different, he ordered red wine. Sipping, he wondered how his friends were doing. At the memory of Steve mincing through the door, struggling to keep his short dress from riding up, Neil had to smile. Even as he did, he caught sight of a short, husky man who seemed to be slowly approaching.

Watching him, Neil decided that women might find him somewhat attractive. Not that I do, he thought quickly, even if I am stuck in a woman's body at the moment. Still, there was something about him that seemed familiar. Seeing what looked like a questioning look in the man's eyes, Neil impulsively nodded. At this, the man smiled and stepped up to the table.

"I wasn't sure if you would want to see me again," he said softly.

"Sit down, James," Neil replied, surprised to find he knew the man's name. Holding up his glass, he added, "You can buy me another drink." If he had to be a woman tonight, Neil thought, at least he could get some free drinks out of it.

"Of course," James said, signalling for the waitress as he dropped into the booth. After Neil's drink had been delivered, they sat silently for several moments. Finally, in a soft voice, James said, "I've missed you."

Neil's eyebrow rose. "Oh, you have? And how long have you been missing me?"

"All week. I came in tonight hoping you'd be here."

Interesting, Neil thought. Obviously, this change included something with James, something Neil wasn't sure he wanted to know the details of. Not sex, he was sure of that. If they'd had sex, James would be staring at the opening in Neil's top, ogling the ample display of breast. Instead, he sat staring at the top of the table.

Impulsively, he asked, "And how much have you missed me?"

"Terribly," James replied. He paused, then added, "May I show you how much I've missed you?"

Curious, Neil nodded. To his surprise, James immediately vanished beneath the table. Almost immediately, he felt fingers at his crotch, undoing the zipper of his pants. To his surprise, Neil felt his ass lift, allowing the zipper to be fully undone. A nudge between his knees caused them to part.

Neil was stunned. He was, he knew exposed completely now. He opened his mouth to protest, only to freeze as he felt what could only be a tongue run across his mound. James was licking him! He reached down to push James away, only to feel his hands press against the back of the man's head, pushing his face closer. His legs lifted, draping across James' shoulders, holding him firmly in place.

Neil glanced around, wondering if anyone realized what was going on under his table. A man, he thought, somewhat dazedly. A man is licking me. And I like it!

As James' tongue explored the softness between Neil's thighs, Neil felt pleasure building within him. He could feel his nipples hardening, his breasts seeming to swell until they threatened to burst from their confinement. He'd never felt anything like this, and he wasn't entirely sure he wanted it to stop.

After several minutes, James' tongue slowed, finally stopping. At this, Neil nearly moaned with disappointment. Strangely reluctant, he released his hold on James, allowing the man to pop up from beneath the table. Seeing James lick his lips sent another shiver of pleasure through Neil's body.

"James?" At this James glanced up. "You forgot to zip me."

James' eyes widened. "Oh!" He vanished beneath the table once more. Again, Neil felt his ass lift, allowing James to work the zipper. Finished, James appeared once more.

Neil was astounded by the intensity of the sensations he'd just felt. Still, he was more than ready to forgo any further attention to that part of his body. He opened his mouth to ask James to leave, but was stunned at what actually came out.

"So," he heard himself say, "is that all? Didn't you miss me more than that?"

James shook his head. "Oh, no, I missed you much more. It's just that I can't show you more here."

Neil felt himself sliding from the booth. "In that case," he heard himself say as he rose to his feet, "you may take me someplace where you can show me properly."

With a bright smile, James turned and led the way from the bar. Neil followed, not entirely sure what he was doing. Outside, he let James usher him into the back seat of a car. As James pulled out of the bar's lot, Neil could only gaze out the window, wondering what he was getting himself into.

James drove to a comfortable looking house near the edge of town. Exiting the car, he ran around and opened Neil's door, holding it while Neil rose to his feet. Closing the door, he led the way into the house, then upstairs, finally pausing in front of a closed door.

"I've done some work on the guest room since last weekend," he said proudly. "I hope you like it." With a flourish, he opened the door and gestured for Neil to enter.

The room, Neil discovered, had minimal furnishings. In fact, all it had was a bed with a sturdy looking iron frame. Otherwise, the only noticeable things in the room were a large number of metal rings that seemed to be attached to walls and floor. Even the ceiling boasted its own number of rings.

"It's still not much, I know," he heard James say, "but I can't afford to do too much at once. I promise it will get better in time."

Behind him, Neil heard the door close, followed by the sound of cloth rustling. When James stepped in front of him, he was stunned to see that the man was completely naked. Even as he stared, James dropped to his knees.

"Thank you, Mistress Nell," he said softly, "for allowing me to serve you before. May I continue to serve you now?"

Neil had absolutely no idea what to say. "How," he finally asked, "do you intend to serve me?"

Instead of replying, James reached for Neil's waist. Too surprised to move, Neil watched as his pants were once more unzipped, exposing sensitive flesh to the cool air. Immediately, James' face was once again pressed to the opening, his tongue running across the soft mound beneath.

Again, Neil reached to push James away, and, again, found his hands instead holding the man's head pressed against him. This time, however, James didn't settle for licking. Neil's eyes widened as he felt the man's tongue begin to press into him.

For several moments, Jame's tongue thrust into him, sending pleasure rushing through Neil's body. When the tongue withdrew, he once again found himself reluctant to release James' head. Slowly, his hands moved away, allowing James to rise to his feet.

"I've also been practicing," James said eagerly. "May I show you?" Neil nodded slowly, still a bit dazed by what had just happened. "Thank you, Mistress," James said, turning and dropping to his knees beside the bed, pulling out a large, flat case.

Opening the case, James began to remove what, to Neil, looked like a tangle of leather and metal. James first removed a metal ring. Turning to face Neil, he stroked his erection once before snapping the ring closed around the base. Next, he pushed the penis shape of a gag between his lips, fastening the straps tightly. Leather cuffs encircled each wrist and ankle, small padlocks holding them closed. Three leather straps were wrapped around his legs, at ankle and just above and below the knees, holding his legs securely together.

Hopping, James turned and fell onto the bed, pulling himself around until he lay on his back in the center. He carefully sat up and pulled something toward himself. Looking, Neil saw a slender cable leading beneath the end of the bed. James attached the hook on the end of the cable to his ankle cuffs, then lay back, reaching over his head. He drew two more cables out, attaching one to each wrist cuff.

Next, James fumbled beneath the pillow, pulling out a plastic box with two buttons on it. A wire led from the box to somewhere beneath the head of the bed. When he thumbed one of the buttons, an electric whine sounded from beneath the bed.

A winch, Neil realized, watching at the cables drew taut, pulling James' feet toward the foot of the bed and drawing his wrists toward the upper corners. By the time he released the button, James lay stretched along the length of the bed. With a flick of his wrist, he tossed the box off the end of the bed, far out of his now extremely limited reach.

Slowly, Neil approached the bed, unable to stop staring at the naked man now bound and helpless in front of him. His eyes were drawn to James' erection which seemed to throb softly.

"You want this?" James nodded eagerly. "You want to be completely helpless, completely under my control?" Seeing another nod, Neil felt a strange surge of pleasure wash through him. "You want to be my slave, my toy?" Again, James nodded.

Neil was stunned. He'd never thought to find himself in a situation like this, and had no idea what he should do. He really wasn't sure exactly what he wanted to do, whether to take James up on his offer or leave. His body, however, knew exactly what it wanted.

Neil watched as his hand reached down to grasp James' erection. Hearing him moan only caused Neil's fingers to tighten, holding the bound man's hardness firmly. His other hand began lightly pinching James' nipples, drawing another moan from behind the gag.

What next? Again, Neil's body provided the answer, sliding onto the bed and moving to straddle the bound man. He was surprised to feel his hips sink until the length of James' erection was pressed against him. Slowly, his hips began to rock, sliding his crotch along Jame's length. Neil moaned, feeling the hard shaft slip between his lips. For several minutes, his hips continued to rock, until, to his own surprise, Neil found himself wanting to feel more.

Raising his hips, he reached down and positioned James' carefully. Then, slowly, he lowered himself, moaning loudly as he felt himself impaled on the hard shaft. Slowly, he continued to descend, until he sat firmly atop James, the bound man's hardness filling him in a way he'd never before dreamed.

So this is why women love this part, he thought, rocking his hips. This is glorious. Slowly, he began to raise and lower his hips, thrusting James into him with steady strokes. His arousal, already ignited by James' tongue, fanned quickly into a blaze that threatened to overwhelm him.

As his hips began to increase their pace, Neil's hands reached up, popping loose the snaps on his top and allowing his breasts to burst from their confinement. With both hands, he began to squeeze the firm globes, moaning as he pinched his nipples. Beneath him, he could feel James writhe in his bonds, struggling to push his hips up to meet each descending thrust, but that no longer mattered. For Neil, James no longer existed as a person. All that mattered was his arousal, his need, and that glorious hardness filling him with each downward plunge of his hips.

Suddenly, his whole body tensed, wave after wave of an almost painfully intense pleasure crashing through him. He could feel his muscles clench, squeezing James with a grip almost too tight to allow his hips to continue. Slowly, the waves receded, allowing Neil's body to relax. Nearly limp, he fell forward onto James, his mind reeling from what he'd just felt.

Gradually, he became aware of James' hips still rocking, still struggling to push more deeply into him. Sitting up, he gazed down into the bound man's glazed eyes as he fought for his own release.

It was the ring, he realized, keeping James from his own orgasm. With this realization, a sudden thought made Neil smile wickedly.

"That was fun," he whispered, lifting himself from James' body. Rising to his feet, he watched as James' body continued to writhe, hips bucking upwards as far as his bonds would allow. Casually, he stripped off his clothes, stretching his naked body in front of James' glazed, nearly unseeing eyes.

"You were good," he said, his words drawing a long moan from behind the gag. "But I think you could be better." Smiling, he turned away from the bed. "I think I'm going to see if I can find something to eat. Afterwards, if you're lucky, maybe we'll see how else you can serve your Mistress."

Stepping from the room, Neil smiled at the sound of continued moans behind him. This, he thought, was definitely not what he'd had in mind for the evening. Still, all things considered, he had absolutely no regrets for what he'd done.

Or what I will do, he thought, softly stroking between his thighs. With any luck, I'll be a man again soon, so I might as well enjoy this while I can. Enjoy my slave, he added, feeling a wash of pleasure at the thought. Smiling, he went in search of the kitchen, his mind already racing with ideas for how his slave could serve him next.

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