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Four Corners 4: Taylor/Taylor

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2014 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

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Part 4: Taylor/Taylor

Sliding into a booth, Taylor nervously smoothed his gown across his hips. Glancing around as if to make sure his friend couldn't see him, he ordered a glass of wine. He'd never really been fond of beer, he admitted to himself, drinking it only because his friends preferred it. Now, secure in his privacy, he sipped the drink he'd always loved.

As he drank, Taylor glanced around the bar. Ever the model, his eyes repeatedly turned downward, checking his own appearance as if to ensure he remained suitable for viewing. Unfortunately, these glances only emphasized to him the gentle swell of his smallish breasts beneath the gown, and he found himself regretting not wearing anything beneath. To his eyes, his nipples seemed to poke out far too much, making the feminine nature of this body undeniable.

"Taylor?" Startled to hear his name, Taylor glanced up to see a handsome, slender man standing by his booth. "You are Taylor, right? The model?"

Taylor nodded. This, at least, was familiar ground. He'd long since grown accustomed to people greeting him, having seen his picture in some magazine. At his nod, the man smiled.

"I'm Trevor," he said, "I model too. I've seen your work, and it's fantastic. Mind if I join you?"

Pleased by the flattery, Taylor nodded again. He was surprised to find himself watching admiringly as Trevor slid lithely into the booth, coming to rest beside him. For a moment, Taylor felt a surge of discomfort at Trevor's closeness, but the chance to spend an evening talking to a fellow model quickly overcame that.

As they talked, Taylor began to realize that Trevor had posed for many of the same photographers he had, making him wonder why they'd never met before. Still, the modelling world was a large one, and the two of them could easily have spent their entire careers without meeting. Eagerly, he lost himself in the conversation, enjoying himself so much that it came as almost a shock when Trevor glanced at his watch and began to slide from the booth.

"Taylor," he said as he rose to his feet, "I'm really glad we met. I've enjoyed this a lot, but I have a firm rule. I never stay out too late, so I'm afraid I have to go."

"Really?" Taylor was surprised at the slightly pouting tone to his voice. Still, he'd really been enjoying himself, and he didn't want it to end. "Can't you stay just a bit longer?"

Trevor smiled. "I'd love that," he replied, "but I can't let myself start breaking my rules. And by my rules, it's time for me to go home."

"In that case," Taylor was stunned to hear himself say, "why don't I go with you? We can talk some more, and then I can catch a cab home."

Trevor looked at him silently, and, for a second, Taylor felt a strange fear that he would refuse. Finally, though, he nodded. "I guess that would be alright," he said.

Eagerly, Taylor surged to his feet, following Trevor from the bar. Outside, he was not a bit surprised to see Trevor open the door of a small sports car, ushering him onto the soft leather seat. Once behind the wheel, Trevor worked the small car's gears with the ease of long practice, piloting the car to an expensive looking apartment complex. After a silent elevator ride from the garage to the fifth floor, Trevor opened the door to an apartment, ushering Taylor inside with a grand gesture.

"Wine?" Taylor nodded absently, looking around him. The apartment was large, expensively furnished. Obviously, the modelling world had been more than kind to his host. When Trevor returned with two glasses of wine, Taylor accepted his with a smile, sipping it and finding the taste to be excellent.

Glass in hand, he sank onto a comfortable looking couch, not in the least surprised when Trevor took a seat beside him. Sipping their wine, the two once more lost themselves in conversation.

As they talked, the glasses soon emptied. Trevor immediately went for refills. As they resumed their talk, Taylor noticed that Trevor now sat slightly closer. This was repeated with the second refill. After the third, they sat with their legs firmly pressed together. Strangely, this contact didn't bother Taylor. In fact, it felt rather good.

As their glasses once more began to show the need for a refill, Trevor smiled. "I have an idea," he said. "Instead of just telling you what I've done, why don't I show you my portfolio."

Taylor laughed, realizing as he did that the wine had made him more than a little tipsy. "Trevor, please," he said teasingly, "that's the oldest line in the business. If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to seduce me."

"I would never," Trevor replied seriously, "think of insulting you with a line like that. If I wanted to seduce you, I promise, I'd use a different method."

"Oh?" Taylor suddenly found himself curious. "And what method would you use?"

"This one," Trevor said, leaning forward and pressing his lips against Taylor's. Surprised, Taylor tried to say something, but that only allowed Trevor's tongue to slip between his parted lips. As the tongue invaded his mouth, Taylor found himself leaning forward, deepening the kiss.

Taylor couldn't believe it. He was being kissed by a man, and he was kissing back! Vaguely, he felt himself being drawn to his feet. The cloth of his gown suddenly loosened, and he realized Trevor must have unzipped the back. Still, he couldn't bring himself to pull back from that kiss, even as he felt the gown slip from his shoulders, falling to pool around his feet. Hands grasped the backs of his thighs, and Taylor felt his legs lift, wrapping themselves around Trevor's waist.

Finally, Trevor broke the kiss, leaning his head back and looking at Taylor. To his surprise, Taylor found his own head moving forward, pressing his lips once more against Trevor's. As they kissed again, he could feel Trevor moving, though he had no idea where he was being taken.

Again, Trevor broke the kiss, this time turning his head slightly to avoid Taylor's attempt to start a third. Instead, he lightly patted Taylor's ass.

"Down." At this, Taylor's legs straightened, placing the heels of his shoes once more on the floor. As Trevor stepped back, Taylor glanced around to find himself in a comfortably furnished bedroom, standing beside a large bed. In front of him, Trevor stepped back and swiftly removed his own clothing.

In spite of himself, Taylor felt his eyes drawn to the juncture of Trevor's thighs. At the sight of what stood there proudly, he felt a strange surge of pleasure wash through him, bringing with it an old, familiar, sensation.

Through the years, he'd seen his three closest friends naked many times. From showering after gym class to showering after a swim at the pool or the beach, to changing clothes in each others' rooms. And each time, he'd been careful to hide where his attention always lay, feeling ashamed by what he felt.

Now, presented with Trevor's naked body, his attention centered on the juncture of the man's thighs, watching it bob as Trevor stepped closer. The feel of Trevor's hand touching his head somehow caused Taylor's legs to buckle, dropping him to his knees. This put Trevor's erection right in front of his eyes, and he couldn't help but stare at the soft, veined surface. At its tip, a single drop of moisture appeared before his eyes.

Once again, he felt a touch to his head. As if in response, he leaned forward, his lips brushing against the surprisingly soft skin. Without conscious thought, his tongue snaked out, licking the soft skin. Feeling it twitch, he ran his tongue higher, licking the drop of moisture from the tip.

Feeling the touch to his head become a soft nudge, Taylor opened his mouth, letting Trevor's hardness slip between his lips. Slowly, he lowered his head, taking more and more into his mouth, until he felt about to choke, his tongue swirling across the soft skin.

Taylor couldn't believe what was happening. He was actually sucking a man's cock. This thought, along with the feel and taste of Trevor within his mouth, sent a sudden surge of pleasure through him. His head began bobbing up and down, the feel of soft skin sliding across his lips sending bolts of pleasure through him. When Trevor stepped back, he moaned softly, leaning forward to recapture what had been withdrawn from his lips.

Instead, he felt himself pulled to his feet and guided onto the bed. Looking up, he watched as Trevor sat beside him. Slowly, gently, he began running his hands over Taylor's body, sending ripples of pleasure through him. Slowly, his attention began to center on the slight swell of Taylor's breasts, drawing out soft moans as he stroked and gently squeezed the sensitive flesh. The first touch to his hardened nipples sent a bolt of pleasure through Taylor, making his whole body jump.

"You like that, don't you?"

"Oh hell yes," Taylor gasped, only to feel his body jump again as Trevor leaned down and captured a nipple between his lips, sucking it and nipping gently with his teeth. His hand, meanwhile, continued to softly pinch the other nipple. Taylor's arms snaked up, wrapping around Trevor's head and pushing his face firmly against Taylor's breast.

Taylor had never felt anything like the pleasure that washed through him. It was like nothing he had ever even dreamed of feeling. When Trevor's head lifted, he moaned his disappointment, struggling to hold those lips in place. Instead, Trevor raised himself up, smiling down.

"Want more?"

Taylor couldn't understand why he even needed to ask. His whole body was shivering, moans he'd long since stopped trying to hold back filling the room. Unable to find words, he simply stared up pleadingly.

His eyes widened as Trevor twisted his body, leaning forward until his head hovered over the juncture of Taylor's thighs. His tongue speared out, and at the first touch, Taylor's body jumped, legs parting. Without a pause, Trevor's tongue speared into him, a single, strong thrust that drew a long, loud moan from Taylor's parted lips.

For long moments, the tongue continued to work him, alternating between deep thrusts and gentle licking. By the time Trevor lifted himself once more to a seated position, Taylor's whole body was squirming uncontrollably.

"Please," he heard himself gasp, "don't stop." Smiling, Trevor positioned himself over Taylor's body. Glancing down, Taylor watched as Trevor's hips lowered. At the first hint of penetration, Taylor's hips surged upwards, meeting Trevor's thrust, feeling his weight press him down onto the mattress.

Quickly, Trevor began thrusting in a smooth, steady rhythm, just as quickly matched by upward thrusts of Taylor's hips. Taylor's legs rose, wrapping themselves around Trevor's waist and pulling them more tightly together with each thrust. His arms wrapped around Trevor, lifting him until their lips crashed together in a deep, passionate kiss.

Taylor's mind whirled. Not only had he actually sucked a man's cock, that same cock was now thrusting deep inside him. With each thrust, he felt incredibly filled, only to feel equally empty each time Trevor withdrew for another thrust. He felt his leg muscles tighten, as if seeking to keep Trevor as deeply within him as possible.

A man is fucking me, he thought dazedly. A man is fucking my pussy and I love it.

Quickly, Taylor's pleasure grew until he thought he couldn't stand any more. Gradually, he felt Trevor thickening, signalling the man's approaching orgasm. Desperately, Taylor tightened his legs even more, struggling to drive Trevor that one little bit deeper, that one bit harder. Suddenly, he felt Trevor spasm, felt something hot shoot deep within him.

At this, Taylor felt his own pleasure explode through him. His heels dug into Trevor's back, holding him deeply inside muscles that clenched madly around him. Taylor's head twisted, loud, panting cries echoing from the walls as he drowned in waves of pleasure that only slowly receded, leaving him limp.

Vaguely, he felt Trevor's softening cock withdraw, felt his weight shift and fall onto the mattress beside him. For long moments, the two lay pressed together, panting from the aftermath. Finally, Taylor turned his head, kissing Trevor gently.

"Wow," he whispered, then smiled. "So that's what it feels like."

"What what feels like?" Trevor looked puzzled.

"You. I've been wondering how you'd feel all night." Even as he spoke, Taylor realized how true his words were, a thought that no longer bothered him in the least. One other thought, however, did bother him.

"Are you sleepy?" Seeing Trevor shake his head, Taylor smiled, reaching down to gently grasp him. "Good," he said softly, his hand beginning to stroke softly. "I've had a taste, before, but I want more. I want to taste it all." He grinned. "Every single last drop."

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