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Four Corners 5: Andrew/Andrea

by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2015 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

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Part 5: Andrew/Andrea

Rather than hiding in a booth, Andrew settled onto a stool at the bar. He felt extremely self-conscious in this body, and felt he could best hide himself in the middle of the crowd. He also decided to splurge with a hefty snifter of brandy, which he sipped slowly.

Glancing around, he watched the swirl of humanity, men and women in constant motion. He wondered what they would say if they knew that he was both. A woman physically, but still a man on the inside, in spite of actions he couldn't deny were feminine. Seeing what the others wore made him less uncomfortable about his own dress, until the light, soft feel of the cloth against his skin felt almost natural.

"Hello, Andrea." Hearing the familiar voice, Andrew looked up, not really surprised to recognize the woman from the clubhouse. He watched as she slid onto the stool next to his.

"Are you enjoying your lesson?"

Andrew shook his head. "No," he replied, "I'm not. I don't belong like this."

"No," the woman said, "you don't." Smiling at the surprise on Andrew's face, she continued. "You and your friends," she said softly, "are here for reasons that are different for each of you. They have important things to learn. You, on the other hand, have important things to remember."

"I don't understand," Andrew said.

"You and your friends," the woman explained, "have all travelled down a path best not taken. You have travelled together, and yet stand in different places along that path. Steve has nearly reached the point of being completely beyond redemption, and Neil stands not far behind him. Taylor..." She shrugged. "Taylor is so busy denying himself, he barely knows where he stands on the path. And then there's you."

For a moment, she simply gazed at him. "Tell me, what do you think of your friends?" she finally asked.

For a moment, all the old responses welled up. Then, looking into her eyes, Andrew found himself shrugging. "They're assholes," he said simply.

"Assholes." The woman nodded. "Assholes who have teased and insulted you since all of you were children, as if it were the price of admission into their group. Oh, they've grown less harsh over the years, more accepting, but the barb is always there, ready to sting. Tell me, why do you stay with them?"

"Because they're my friends," Andrew replied. "They can be mean sometimes, but any one of them would do anything in the world for me if I needed it. Their hearts are in the right places." He smiled wryly. "It's not their fault their hearts talk through their asses."

The woman smiled. "Loyalty," she said, "a very strong and honorable trait. I see much honor in you, much that has been repressed or forgotten over the years. Your friends have much to learn. You have much to remember."

For a moment, the two sat quietly. "My name," the woman finally said, "is Lucinda."

"Hello, Lucinda, I'm Andrea." Andrew shook his head. "At least, I am now, thanks to you. Is this ever going to end?"

"It will end soon enough," Lucinda replied, sliding from the stool. Grasping Andrew's hand, she drew him to his feet. "But for now," she said, "allow me to show you that there is also good in this."

Andrew glanced around himself, puzzled. Instead of the parking lot, he seemed to have stepped from the bar into a small, dimly lit space that looked a lot like a cave. Cushions covered the floor, while a fire in a small hearth both lighted and warmed the space. Beside him, he could sense Lucinda following his gaze.

"My home," she said with pride. "It may not seem much to you, but I have lived here for longer than you can imagine. And in that time, very few others have seen it." She laughed softly. "So maybe you should consider yourself lucky to be here."

Andrew smiled in spite of himself. "Come into my parlor," he said half jokingly, his words making Lucinda laugh.

"Oh, dear," she said lightly, "I have no intention of eating you." Pausing, she smiled strangely before adding, "Well, not all of you, at any rate."

Suddenly nervous, Andrew asked, "What does that mean?"

Lucinda shrugged slightly. As she did, her dress seemed to fall from her body, pooling on the floor at her feet. Andrew's breath caught as he saw the almost impossible beauty of her naked form. Staring, he stood absolutely still as Lucinda reached up, slipping the straps of his own dress off his shoulders and letting it, too, slide to the floor.

"I have no intention of eating you," she said again, pressing herself against him, "but there are parts of you I would very much like to taste." With this, she pressed her lips lightly to his.

Surprised by this turn of events, Andrew nevertheless felt his body respond. His arms wrapped around Lucinda, holding her tightly to him. His tongue touched her lips, feeling them part easily for him. Slipping his tongue within her mouth, he heard a soft, growling moan that, somehow, he also felt throughout his body.

For long moments, the two stood in tight embrace, their kiss steadily deepening into something far more than Andrew had ever experienced before. This, he knew without thinking, was the kiss he would dream about for the rest of his life. It seemed all too soon that it ended, Lucinda drawing her head back to look into his eyes.

"You have a gentle kiss," she said softly. "And a caring one. In what other ways are you gentle and caring?"

Instead of answering, Andrew reached up and drew her head toward him. Again, the two stood silently, this time with Lucinda's head resting against Andrew's shoulder. Glancing down, he watched the play of firelight on her back, marvelling at how different this felt.

Before, if he'd held her like this, his cock would have been stiff as iron, a solid bulge pressed between them. Now, he felt Lucinda's breasts pressed against his own, her nipples hardening along with his. Lower down, he felt the soft tickle of her hair brushing his. There was no urgency in what he felt, no breathless sexual drive, but that didn't stop this moment from being the most sensual thing he'd ever experienced. He was almost sad when Lucinda lifted her head to look once more into his eyes.

"So," she said softly, "you begin to forget the lessons of your friends and remember yourself." Reaching up, she softly squeezed one breast. "This," she said, "is simply a shell. It does not and cannot change what you are in the center of you. Your friends have long since forgotten what lies in the heart of them, so long have they denied themselves. Your heart, however, is not quite so hidden that I could not see traces of who you are showing through."

Taking his hand, Lucinda led him to a low mound of cushions near the hearth, guiding him down, then stretching herself out against him. Again, they kissed, slowly, deeply, and this time, Andrew could feel arousal beginning to grow within him.

"Now," Lucinda whispered, gently breaking the kiss, "let me show you how a woman likes to feel." Lowering her head, she began to nuzzle the side of Andrew's neck.

Andrew moaned softly. Already, he felt things he'd never thought possible. And feeling Lucinda's lips trail down his throat onto his chest, he found himself looking forward to whatever else there was to feel.

Lucinda, though, seemed determined to make him wait, rising until she knelt astraddle his body. Seeing the proud thrust of her breasts, Andrew reached for them, only to feel Lucinda grasp his hands, returning them to his sides.

"Later," she whispered. "You can play with them later. For now, all you need do is feel."

Reaching down, she gently squeezed both of Andrew's breasts. Surprised by the strength of the sensations her hands sent through him, he moaned softly. Smiling, Lucinda continued to squeeze and knead the soft mounds, finally brushing her fingers lightly across the hardened buds at their tips. Andrew moaned again as an even stronger jolt of pleasure rushed through him.

Smiling, Lucinda slid down his body slightly, leaning forward and taking one nipple between her lips, biting it gently. Andrew felt his nipple harden even more, a condition soon shared by its twin as Lucinda changed the focus of her attention. With both nipples hardened to an almost painful sensitivity, she began to slowly kiss her way down along Andrew's stomach. When her lips reached the juncture of his thighs, his legs parted willingly, and he moaned as Lucinda traced her tongue slowly the length of his mound.

"This, too," she whispered, "I very much want to taste." So saying, she began slowly lapping at Andrew's mound, each pass of her tongue pressing down just a bit more than the last, finally finding its way between the lips and exploring what lay beneath.

As she licked him, Lucinda reached up with both hands, cupping and squeezing his breasts. Andrew soon found it impossible to keep his arms still, one hand going to the back of her head, the other reaching up to squeeze her hands more tightly around first one breast, then the other.

His arousal continued to grow, but not nearly as fast as he now desperately wished it to. Lucinda, he realized, was deliberately holding back, slowly building him toward a peak he now wanted to reach more than anything he'd ever wanted before. Under her touch, his whole body began to writhe slowly, long, undulating motions as he pressed first against her hands, then against her mouth.

Suddenly, Lucinda raised her head, drawing a deep moan from Andrew's lips. Again, her lips began working their way along his body, this time upwards, until they met his in yet another deep kiss. Lucinda's body pressed against his, her hips rocking to grind her own mound against his. Andrew's hips quickly mirrored hers, his arousal growing ever stronger. When Lucinda lifted herself from him, his moans took on a panting, pleading sound that made her smile.

"Not yet, dear," she said, her own voice panting and husky. "There is still one more thing a woman feels, one more thing you have yet to feel."

Opening eyes he hadn't even realized were closed, Andrew watched Lucinda fasten straps around her waist. Another strap passed between her legs, to be attached in back. At the sight of what dangled from those straps, Andrew moaned once, long and low, his eyes closing even as his hips rocked upwards in invitation.

He gasped at the first touch, his gasp becoming a deep, breathless moan as Lucinda slowly thrust into him. His arms wrapped around her, drawing her to him as she began to move her hips with a slow, steady rhythm. His panting moans quickened, growing into soft cries as his arousal grew and then peaked.

Wrapping his legs around Lucinda, he held her to him, feeling her own body shudder. Together, they rode seemingly endless waves of pleasure that only slowly passed, leaving them huddled limply together.

Slowly, Andrew opened his eyes to find Lucinda smiling down at him. "This," she said with a gentle kiss, "is how a woman can feel, how she wants to feel."

Andrew smiled weakly. "I can see why," he whispered, his voice still husky. At a sudden thought, his eyes narrowed. "What about my friends?" he asked. "Are they experiencing this too?"

Lucinda laughed softly. "Yes and no," she replied. "Your friends, each in their own way, are being introduced to their innermost selves."

"And me? Is my innermost self a woman?"

Lucinda shook her head. "Your innermost self," she replied, kissing him again, "is gentle, kind and loving, needing only the right partner to bring those things to light."

"The right partner. As in you?"

Lucinda smiled sadly. "No," she said slowly, "not me, much as I might wish it were otherwise. No, in time, you will find the partner I speak of." She smiled wryly. "And if you take too long," she added, "maybe I'll find her for you."

"In time," Andrew whispered, watching as Lucinda nodded. "But not now."

"Not now," Lucinda said in reply.

"In that case," Andrew said slowly, "I have a request."

"Oh?" Lucinda looked puzzled. Her eyes widened as she felt Andrew's fingers at the straps around her waist.

"Take this thing off," Andrew said softly, "and show me how to put it on." Reaching up, he kissed her slowly. "So I can return the favor," he concluded, his breathing already beginning to deepen.

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