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Not Knowing can be Dangerous and Fun! Part 2: Second Bauble

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2012 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

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Part 2: Second Bauble

My wife rode up and down, very slowly, very sensually enjoying the feeling of me pressed deeply into her belly while she smiled broadly, knowing. My wife was holding what looked just like two balls of silly puddy in one of her hands while her other hand rested on my chest giving her balance while she moved her body over mine, eyes closed tight. She seemed to be trying to experience every feeling, like she was going to be leaving on a long trip and was afraid she might forget what it felt like. If I had only known what she had known I might have been paying better attention to the sensations also. She was not going on any long trips, but we soon would be trying to remember what it felt like.

As I came closer to my orgasm, I could see her loosing the concentration she was trying so hard to muster, and sure enough when I came she came with me, and crashed down panting on my chest. After a short cool down she sat back up, still impaled on my morning wood. She lifted up my left arm and took my hand in hers. Sparing no time for explanation she took my wedding band off of my hand and started kneading it inside of one of the flesh colored balls. When she was done and it was once again fairly ball shaped she set it down on the bed and did the same with her wedding band placing that ball next to mine. Then she pressed the two balls together so they stuck to one another. She rolled off of me spilling a little of our mixed juices on me but she seemed fully unconcerned. She finished her roll on her back and grabbed up the puddy. Without any hesitation she took both of our rings, covered in the puddy, and placed them into her wet pussy so that the two balls where now sharing space with a mixture of our fluids. My wife then laid back and closed her legs tight crossing her ankles.

“Umm.. what are you doing… exactly?” I asked.

She looked at me only momentarily to shhhh me. “I need to concentrate, something tells me that a little concentration and some sex magic and my gift to us might be permanent.”

Then she just laid back into a rested position on her back while she pressed down on her stomach with both of her hands and squeezed her eyes in concentration. After a few bewildering minutes she opened her eyes and relaxed her hands and body. “I think they are done. When I saw the puddy balls in the bath tub, something deep in my mind told me that if I incubated them inside of me, with both of our sexual powers that I could make the effect last longer, maybe even permanently. I can’t wait to try them!”

My wife sat on the edge of the bed and pushed our balled up rings out of her. The flesh colored balls where now more of a cobalt blue color and they seemed to pulsate and radiate as she held them out for me to see. She held one in her hand and squeezed it hard, when she opened her hand there was no ball material left, just a clean golden wedding band. She repeated the process with the other ball in her other hand and was rewarded with the other clean ring. She held them both up and compared them then handed me the larger of the two rings. Instinctively I put it on my ring finger and I felt its power pulsing for a short time as I felt it drawing a small amount of energy from me.

“Ok now give me your ring,” my wife said as she handed me her ring, “let’s put them on at the same time.” She added. We each placed our fingers into each other’s rings simultaneously. Her ring was way too small for me but as I pulled the ring on I noticed that the ring was growing to accommodate my finger. I looked up at my wife and almost passed out with shock. My wife was not sitting in front of me anymore….. I was…

“WOW,” my wife said in my voice from my body as she inspected her new form, “look at yourself!” I looked down to find another shock, I had breasts, and my cock was missing! It didn’t take long for it to dawn on me. I was now in my wife’s body! I got up to look in the mirror to verify. I found that I was fully accustomed to the body and already knew how to use it, another part of the magic I suppose.

“What the fuck! And you wanted this to be permanent?!?” I yelled, looking at my reflection in disgust.

“Honey, please calm down! The effect on the rings is permanent, not the effect on your body, just take my ring off!”

Something seemed weird about what she had said, I had expected to hear my voice, I looked over to the bed and there was my wife again, fully female. I looked back at the mirror again and pulled off the ring, slowly, and watched my body change right in front of my eyes. Pausing with the ring half way off I felt a little taller, my breasts and hips had shrunk and my shoulders where growing. It also felt VERY weird to have both a pussy and a cock. I moved the ring slightly on and off a couple of times, but soon realized it was making me VERY nauseous, so I took the ring off completely, finding myself looking back at me in the mirror.

“Wow…..” I said trailing off. My wife had joined me at the mirror and had her arms around me. She took her ring from me and slipped mine back onto my ring finger. I felt the familiar momentary drawing sensation as it pulled a little bit of energy from my body, and then everything was back to normal.

“Let’s go have breakfast and talk about what happened and what we can do with it. Just do me a favor and don’t play with your ring until I’ve explained everything.” We both got dressed in day clothes and headed downstairs.

Over breakfast she explained to me that she went into the bathtub intent on focusing only on what she wanted from the marble. She wanted a way for us to change bodies and/or change sex, individually. She did not want to actually swap bodies; she wanted us to be able to change forms. She imagined our wedding rings being the catalyst. My wife told me that she had focused on the rings being able to change our form to each other’s looks, feelings, sexual urges, sex drive and experience. She made note that when she changed form she didn’t feel weird in her new form at all, and that she had actually had found me sexy in her body. I told her that I had also felt normal in her body, but I apologized for being too distracted to have noticed her in my body.

She told me that she had also focused all of her will on our rings being able to change our sex. She said that if her bathtub concentration had worked we would be able to take our own ring off, turn it three times, put it back on, and we would change into what we would look like if we had been born of the opposite sex. She remembered me saying years ago that I had always wondered what I would have looked like if I had been born as a girl. I had always said that the only way to ever know what you look like to the opposite sex would be to see an exactly equivalent opposite sex version of yourself, or swap bodies with someone of the opposite persuasion.

She hoped that I would be happy with our rings new powers. When I asked her about the permanent “sex magic” she had been talking about she simply said that in the tub she had been praying that the effect on the rings would last forever, not just the 12 hours the store owner had mentioned. When she saw the puddy in the tub she just instinctively knew that some freshly collected sex energies from our sex would be powerful enough to compress the spell into something more permanent.

My wife asked if we could spend the day as each other, apart, just to get a feel for the new bodies and I agreed. She suggested that it would be best for us to both stay home and that I should spend most of my time in the bedroom. Following her lead, I suggested that she spend most of her time in my body in my computer room. After finishing our breakfasts, we kissed each other “goodbye” and handed each other our rings. She smiled at me as we pressed each others’ rings to our fingers, I suddenly felt funny wearing men’s underwear and clothes that were way too small for my sexy female body.

My wife, now in my body, looked a little more uncomfortable than I felt. I could see her looking down at her body and realizing just how stupid she looked as a man wearing an entirely too small sun dress. Without any hesitation whatsoever she simply stripped out of the dress and handed it to me, bent down some and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a surprisingly pleasant pat on the ass and walked off smiling. I walked to the bathroom feeling strangely baggy, my shoes where too large, the underwear was bunching up on me and my pants where practically falling down. When I got into the bathroom I stripped down to my wife’s birthday suite, admired my body in the mirror for a moment, then put on the sun dress. Its silky texture felt amazing against my now stiffening nipples and as the cloth settled I could feel it lightly caressing my newly sensitive skin. It felt naughty to be wearing a dress with no bra and panties, thought it felt completely normal to wear a dress; at least in this female form.

2.1 His Experience

When I left the bathroom and went upstairs to our bedroom I expected to go straight for the toy drawer and play with whatever I found in there, but instead I found myself drawn to the closet. I remembered back to what my wife said about the rings changing our “looks, feelings, sexual urges, sex drive and experience” and realized that I should just give in to these new urges. It felt good to touch all of my wife’s clothes in her body. My new dainty soft hands skimmed the clothing on her side of the closet and I reveled at the textures and sensations that were new to me. When I saw her shoes I had a sudden urge to try them all on, but I could only do one thing at once so I was going to try on some clothing.

Slipping the dress off of my body, with the smooth silky texture of the material caressing me I had a difficult time putting it down, but I had more interesting things to try on now. I tried on a few of my wife’s sexiest bras and panties but they all just seemed ‘restrictive’. I felt that I would really enjoy trying on the rest of the clothes without the burden of underwear. Next I tried on some more dresses, but none of them seemed to touch me the as sensually as the silk one. I guess it’s true that women never forget their first… so to say.

Naked once again I started trying on some of her stockings and ended up settling into a pair of thigh high black silk stockings held up with a matching silky black garter. At this point I felt the need for some shoes and poking around behind my wife’s shoe rack I found a box of shoes that looked brand new and un-used. They were a pair of sexy strappy black very high heel shoes with a peculiarly large loop at the back end above the heel. I put these on, hoping that this would not piss off my wife. Once I had these heels on I expected to have a difficult time wearing them but it seemed that this new body was fully versed in very high heel walking and they were surprisingly comfortable, more surprisingly they made me feel really sexy and… and… something else… It was strange though how the weird loops seemed to be somehow missing something, but I could not put a finger on it. I continued to search behind her shoe rack and found a few more shoe boxes, but when I opened them I found that they did not contain shoes.

Pulling a dog collar out of one of the boxes I found it peculiar that I wanted to put it on, and even more peculiar that it fit well, and again I felt that unfamiliar feeling now percolating in my blood. I could tell that the collar had been worn before, maybe a few times, but it otherwise looked new. With the collar on I kept digging into the silk and satin bags within these shoe boxes. I found a tube of something called “Liquid V” and read it to find that it was a liquid clitoral stimulator, and I set it aside, not feeling ‘ready’ for it yet. In the same pink velvet bag as the Liquid V I found a butterfly shaped vibrator with a remote control that looked like it had been… altered. The butterfly had straps coming off of it and I could tell that it would hold tight against me if I wore it like panties. I set the butterfly with the Liquid V and continued on. In another box I found a bra that I had never seen my wife wear. It seemed to be missing some parts; it was like a normal bra with no bra cups, or more like ½ bra cups. I put this bra on and I could now see my breasts held up sexily with my nipples exposed, and I thought to myself that they just seemed to be begging to be kissed.

In the same box as the bra I found a weird eyedropper thingy with some tiny rubber bands. Instinctively when I picked it up and put one of the smallest rubber bands on the end of it and pinched one of my nipples. Once my nipple was hard I sucked my nipple into the oversized eyedropper and pulled the rubber band down onto my nipple and retracted the eye dropper. I was surprised to see that my nipple now stood resolutely out like an eraser in sharp contrast to my other currently un-hardened nipple. Enjoying the binding feeing I did the same to my other nipple to make a set.

The last few things I found in the final box I just set aside in the growing pile of unused discoveries. There were four small padlocks I had not seen before; all of the keys were missing. There was a silky black blind fold that matched what I was wearing well, a gag with a short clear rubber penis as the gag, and a strange silver tube with a ring on one side and a pin that went in the other side with its own ring.

Not knowing what I was doing I picked up the pile of unused parts at my side, leaving behind the unidentified silver cylinder. I walked into the bedroom and placed everything on the bed, and walked to my dresser. Surprised that my wife’s body would want something from my dresser I submitted my will to see what would happen. It felt kind of nice to let my new body run the show, and the more I let go the more that … unknown feeling I felt when I put on the collar crept up inside of me. Now I was starting to feel my new pussy getting wet. Surprised that I still had not played with myself I let my body continue to open our toy drawer. I pulled out two sets of ankle/wrist leather cuffs with purple fuzz on the inside, a couple pieces of rope, and one more padlock leaving the key behind.

When I arrived back at the bed my body just seemed to have stopped doing things on its own. I looked around at all the parts on the bed and I just didn’t know what they could all be for. I mean it was obvious that it was for bondage, but how did some of the other stuff fit in. I focused again on the peculating feeling in my gut and just let go some more, it was getting easier and easier to submit to the whims of my new body. As the feeling rose in my body I found myself attaching the ankle cuffs to my ankles, and suddenly knew why the shoes were built this way, the ankle cuffs fit right through the shoes binding them on. Once fitted comfortably I locked the cuffs on and started working on the wrist cuffs.

After locking them on I stood up and put some Liquid V on my clit, and it had no result whatsoever, I got immense pleasure from touching myself for the first time, but the Liquid V seemed to do little more than lubricate me more. Picking up the butterfly I pulled it up like panties and pressed it into my sex. Now this had an effect, it was a pleasant pressure on my sex and it had these little antennae things that slipped under my hood and rested on my clit quite nicely. Every time I moved at all I could feel these antennae lightly teasing me.

Next I got onto the bed enjoying the butterfly pressing harder into my sex and tied the ropes to the four bed posts and one to the headboard right between our pillows. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail and pulled the tail all the way to the top of my head instead of the back. It was when I started tying my ankles to the bed that I started to feel the effect of the Liquid V. The feeling had snuck up on me thanks to my concentration on what I was doing, suddenly my clit felt warm and tingly and there was a fake pressure there like someone was fingering my clit lightly. Momentarily distracted by this new pleasure, and not really paying attention to what I was doing, I found myself moments later lying on my back with my legs tied spread wide and one of my arms tied above my head. I tried to look down at my handwork but my hair was caught on something. I reached up with my free hand and found that I had tied my long pony tail into a knot around a rope attached to the headboard.

Groping around the bed I found the penis gag, and with much difficulty managed to get it strapped to my head before I realized that this was the first ‘penis’ ever in my mouth but oddly it felt at home there. I started to feel the need to be filled with something. I could feel the butterfly on my pussy and the Liquid V working like mad on my clit, but I wanted something IN me… scratch that, I wanted someONE in me. Refocusing on my task at ‘hand’ I found the blind fold and added that again with some difficulty with the strap with only one hand. Then suddenly I realized I was in full control of my body again. That same strange new feeling was still boiling up inside of me, the desire to do submit to my body’s whims, but now my body seemed to have completely run out of things to do.

With my newfound mental “freedom” I explored my bondage as best I could. With my eyes covered the feelings of helplessness and being tightly bound to the bed seemed stronger. I felt my face, and caressed myself behind the ear the way I would have done to my wife in my normal form.  I traced my fingers along the silky smooth neck, fully exploring the skin on all sides, enjoying my own touch. Then, not able to resist much longer I began circling my breasts and teasing my nipples. This only managed to remind me of the pressure of the tiny rubber bands holding my nipples out. I felt cool goose bumps all over my body as I touch softly along my sides, moving down to my stomach and then mound. Pausing only for the briefest of moments I dove into my new pussy with earnest.

With the Liquid V at work and the constant pressure of the butterfly on my sex I was already really worked up and it didn’t take me long to realize I was climbing towards a huge orgasm, so I slowed down some. I dove my fingers in and explored the new found feelings and I found that my fingers just came up short of ‘filling’ me. That feeling of wanted to be fucked to have someone inside of me RIGHT NOW surfaced again and without warning, just before the peak and my first orgasm I reached over and turned on the remote control, throwing it between my knees on the bed. Totally out of my control my arm reached up with the last lock and secured my final wrist to the bedpost, and I screamed in protest into my penis gag.

Expecting to come on the spot with the vibrator now turned on I was shocked to find that the vibrator was not on, though the Liquid V was still working wonders. I started gyrating my hips trying so hard to get that final rub I needed from the antennae of the butterfly on my clit, but they just were not cutting it. Frustrated and beyond horny I fucked the air over and over, feeling the fleeting orgasm slowly fade leaving me with only a rolling pleasure far below where I needed to be to get my release.

Unable to do much else I enjoyed the intense feelings that welled up inside of me when I struggled to get free of my bonds. The feeling of helplessness and submission… that was that feeling was all along… submission. I had never felt that as a man, not truly, not like this. I seemed that it was one thing to follow a leader, and another thing completely to submit yourself to the control of another. I suddenly felt the desire to submit myself to my lover, to beg him for his cock in me, to plead for my sexual release. And I suddenly realized that this is what this was all about, I was not going to get my release any other way, it had to be him/her. Knowing that he/she, my wife in my form was not going to hear me from the bedroom all the way to the office/man cave, I submitted myself further to the predicament I was in.

I pulled on my bonds and tried pressing my sex down into the butterfly, but I was too tightly bound to affect much pleasure upon myself… then WHAMM the vibrator kicked on… It was pure bliss; I could feel myself leaking all over the bed as my pussy muscles clamped down on the growing pleasure. Building, climbing, turning, burning inside of me, but it was not to be. Almost as soon as it started the vibrations stopped. Well not stopped, now the vibrator was hitting me with light staccato tickles of vibration, these managed to keep me on the edge and I was compelled to submit further to the pleasure. Compelled to let myself enjoy what was given to me and no longer to try to take the pleasure I so wanted.

After many minutes of this devilish toy changing modes and turning off whenever it damb well pleased I was pretty much just there in the moment. I still wanted to be fucked, but I no longer desired my pleasure, my pleasure was now left to the control of someone else. I enjoyed my close encounters with my very first orgasm but no longer regretted its passing me by over and over again. Another long time passed and I was sweating and still breathing hard but my body was too tired to do much more than lay there and enjoy what pleasure I was given.

That’s when I felt him touch me.

Part 2.2: Second Bauble - Her Experience

I found it strange that I didn’t mind being completely naked. As a woman I had always wanted to wear something, some kind of adornment, even if it was just a sexy necklace, but now as a man I could care less. After handing my husband his dress, that would fit him so sexily now that he was in my body, I headed off to the computer room as he suggested. On the way out of the room I tried not to look at his sexy little female body, dressed so oddly in oversized man’s clothing.  I knew that I would be experiencing all of my husband’s “looks, feelings, sexual urges, sex drive and experience” thanks to the changes the ring had effected upon me.

Upon arrival in the computer room, I put on some music and sat down at the computer. My mouse just seemed to know where to go, it took me a little time to get some control over the direction that my hands were taking me and it felt good to be in control. I felt distinctly different, the feeling of dominance, of posture, of knowing what you wanted and going after it.

Once I had gotten  used to controlling this body while still letting it show me some new stuff that I didn’t know was there I was shocked at my reactions to some of the content I was viewing. My first instinct had been to go to the photos on my husband’s hard drive but I found that most of the photos bored me. Like they had already been “collected”. There was one folder though that peaked my interest; the “best” folder was filled with photos of situations that turned me on, and I found that I had the first boner of my life in only seconds. Within this “best” folder was a “best of the best” folder and here is where I found some real gems. There had been photos of women bound in so many ways in all the other folders but the ones in the folder were top notch, high quality, and stunningly beautiful. There were other photos and drawings in here that were not done so well and were not visually appealing but they portrayed situations and scenes that were mentally enticing.  And within the “best of the best” folder was one last folder called “stones”. I had no idea what this meant, but I had the feeling I would understand soon enough. I looked through the “stones” folder and was surprised to find that not all of the pictures were not all that sexy at first glance, though there was ‘something’ about them that attracted me to them.

A couple examples were a picture of a woman lying on the beach with huge fake tits and a perfect body, where the photo angle was taken from her point of view looking through her breasts at her sunbathing body, I had the sudden desire to be her, to feel the sun on my oversized breasts and to feel the suntan oil baking into my perfect skin. Another photo was of a woman being fucked by an oversized gargoyle who had his hands tightly around her tiny waist. She was held up in the air impaled on his cock unable to move because he had seen the sun and turned back into stone. After really looking at this picture I wanted to be her, to experience what it would feel like to have a huge cock in my tight pussy and not be able to escape it.

One other photo was so simple, it was a woman, fairly attractive laying on a bed on a slightly strange position on her back, with one arm and her legs spread hanging off the bed, and it seemed as though she was peacefully unconscious. After examining this picture I was surprised that I didn’t want to feel what it would be like to be her, so calm and exposed, I wanted to enter the picture from the side and caress her body, to take her, to use her body, make her cum even though she was asleep. I realized after looking at a few of the photos that most of the photos in this “stones” folder told a story, and I wanted to partake in each of them in different ways. Some photos I felt the desire to experience in more than one way, sometimes I wanted to get both points of view. Imagine being that gargoyle unable to finish, so close to orgasm, feeling this tiny woman writing on my cock trying to get into a comfortable position all day, then turning back to flesh and ravishing her until she was delirious with pleasure.

I found that most of these fantasies in the “stones” folder involved some sort of dominance and some sort of submission, but it was nice to see that my husband’s body was almost always concerned with pleasuring the woman in the photos and drawings. It was also nice to see that the stuff that really turned this body on was not just fucking hot blonds, it was about a story, a scene, and mutual pleasure.

I had never understood my husband’s infatuation with downloading porn but now I was starting to appreciate the subtle mental aspect of the porn; it was not just a bunch of photos of women that he wanted instead of me.

Finally getting bored with the limited number of photos that had made the “best” or better cut, I moved on to porn movies he had kept. Again I found that he had a limited number of movies in the “best” folder nested within the movies folder. One movie was of a girl, probably only 18, fucking a bedpost until she came. Another was a very cute soft-core one of a small Asian girl climbing all over a giant teddy bear. Another was of a girl who was kneeling on the rug pulling a string of pearls through her pussy lips from front to back and I wondered why I had never thought of doing that. I could just imagine the pearls lightly stroking her clit and wondered what it would feel like. (Then I suddenly wondered if that wondering was coming from my own mind or my husbands, maybe both.) A curious video had a hot porn slut bent over an ottoman flicking her clit, then suddently her snatch starts ringing and vibrating and she comes to an amazing climax, at the end she press a cell phone out of her and “takes the call”.

There was a video of a woman wearing a sexy blue dress. She slowly and seductively stripped it off, then her silky blue bra and panties. Once naked she sat on a chair in the background and started pressing the clothing into her sex. First her panties, then her bra, then amazingly her entire silk dress disappeared into her. Soon she was masturbating to an orgasm and when she was done she took all the clothing back out and put it all back on. I’m not sure how I would have felt about this video as a woman, probably indifferent but as a man I found it somehow mildly arousing and curious. Another video was of a woman tied spread eagle to a bed being fucked by a little ‘possesed’ teddy bear with a strap on.

Some of the videos involved mind control, others fucking machines, oil covered lesbians, oversized toys shoved into the smallest framed girls, but the ones that really got me going were the ones of the women bound one way or another being fucked hard by their lovers/captors etc. This seemed to turn me on double as my husband’s body responded to them as my own desire for this kind of action added to the effect. I found myself absentmindedly stroking my cock lightly and enjoying the sensations immensely. 

I looked through the drawers in the man cave, expecting to find some sex toys, lubricant or something, maybe even a latex vagina, because I had the undeniable urge to stick my cock in something, it almost didn’t seem to matter what it was. I took my cock in hand and let my body show me how to pleasure myself. After all I knew that this body had experience with self pleasure, doesn’t everyone?

I was surprised to find that simply placing my hand on my cock tightly around the base and sliding it up and down pulling the skin along with me allowed me to experience pleasure without the expected pain of chafing that I had thought would happen. It seemed that as I pulled up the foreskin would cover my now oversensitive head and allow my hand to pass over it without discomfort. Soon I got into a rhythm but found that I was really having a difficult time getting off. I was really horny I wanted to experience my first orgasm NOW. Diving a little deeper into my new body’s “feelings” I realized that I needed some context, content, or story to masturbate to. So I went back to my current favorite video. A woman is on a job site and she has gained the disapproval of some guy there. He manhandles her, and though he is a little rough she does not fully object since he is not hurting her. He forces her to the ground and strips her of her clothing. Soon he has her tied spread eagle standing up in a wooden frame and he begins adding bricks and mortar next to her building a wall out of her. Not too much time passes and she finds herself tied up and PART of a brick wall. He touches her and she whimpers but she still does not object. She seems to have totally submitted to his will by now.

That first part of the video only intrigued me. What really turned me on was the final scene. He has pulled her out of her wall and placed her doggy style in a wooden box with built in stocks for her head, wrists and waist. As he closes up the box you can see her head sticking out of the front of the box, her hands sticking out on the sides, and her ass and legs sticking out of the back. He finishes the box off with a lid and starts pouring what looks like wet quick-set concrete into the box. The sudden flood of feelings into my mind and body making made me want to masturbate faster but I didn’t want to pop until I saw what was going to happen to her. I’m really getting close to cumming now and I slow down some to finish out the movie. I know that as a woman I would have found that extremely sexy, to be bound helpless like that, but something else is welling up inside of my male body. The feeling of dominance of objectifying this woman as nothing more than a fuck toy almost put me over the edge. Soon enough you see him come back and pull the wooden box off her of revealing the now set concrete still wet, but solid enough to hold her tight.

After revealing his new cement clad fuck toy, he forces her to suck him off then takes her from behind and fucks her hard, making her cum. Masturbating harder wanting to pop, I hear the man in the video tell her that he will be leaving her there for the morning crew, and that idea puts me over the edge. The mixture of my own woman’s unspoken desire to be fucked by strangers, to be helpless and wanted, mixed with my man’s body’s desire to fuck a submissive, and to dominate a woman press me into an intense orgasm, one like nothing I’ve ever felt before. So sudden and intense yet over so quickly leaving my mind numb and reeling for a few moments while I hold my cock tightly in my hand. I look down surprised to see that there is no mess of cum all over like I expected, only a tiny drip hanging off the head of my cock as I stand up to fold a tissue in half with my other hand. I hold my cock out over the tissue and let go of my tight grip on my cock letting my cum spill out onto it. A couple presses of my muscles and I clear out all of the cum and I have the sudden desire to pee.

As I go to the bathroom I hear some moaning from upstairs and get a smile on my face that my husband is enjoying my body as much as I’m enjoying his. I’ll have to go upstairs in a bit and find out what he did in my body as I suddenly wish I had set up a video camera in the bedroom. That would have been a sight to see.

Kind of bored now, I perused some more photos and videos but found that I was totally indifferent to the photos that didn’t have stories to them and only a tiny bit interested in photos that had any kind of story to them. So I decided to read some of his stories. I know that my husband had written a lot of adult stories under a pen name, but I had only read a few of them. I think he was a little embarrassed by some of his stories so he never pressed me to read them all and I had never really had the desire until now, in his body. It seemed that my faster reading skills were still with me even though I was in his body and I was able to blow through a few stories before I ran into one that made me understand why there was a “stones” folder.

This particular story was of a man who found a magic stone that allowed him to experience any photo from any point of view he liked when he dropped this stone on it. In a later chapter he begins taking his wife into these stories with him and they get to live out fantasy after mind blowingly impossible-in-real-life fantasy. With a new understanding of the “stones” folder I went back to it to peruse again.

After getting bored of looking at porn, not being horny and all, and not knowing what to do with myself now, I sat down and wrote this very story you are reading, I wanted to get it all down while it was still fresh. I’ll have to make him write a similar story of his time in my body as well.

Wondering who should cook and starting to feel fully unsexy in this body I took off his ring and transformed back into myself; I mean come on, once you’ve experienced them both, a woman’s body is so much more relaxing for the daily average chores. So I made dinner and decided to go check on his progress. I knew if he was having as much fun with my body as I did as a young girl that he would be exhausted and famished by now.

When I walked into the bedroom I found the most shocking thing. I walked around the bed, examining his work. My husband, now transformed into my body had rigged himself up as I sometimes do when he is away for the day, spread eagle on the bed, dressed exactly as I liked to dress, held at the verge of orgasm. Needless to say, this was one of my deepest fantasies and I had never shared it with him, so it was a huge shock to walk in on “myself” performing my favorite scene. For one it was weird to see my own body lying on the bed, exposed, sweaty and obviously majorly turned on. It was another thing to feel myself getting wet looking at my own body. I mean if I was in my husband’s body right now I would expect to get a hard on, but to get wet at the sight of my own fantasy… how weird. I was also embarrassed to know that he had discovered my secret. I was jealous that he had been ‘caught’ before I had. I had always fantasized about being caught by him or someone else when I did my self-bondage sessions. AND he was wearing my bondage shoes and all my secret stash. My body must have given away all my secrets.


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